Hello my name is Tothedoom and this is my first games so please dont judge me.Welcome to the 79th Hunger games. We will do Private training, Reapings ( I will create these), and interviews. There will be no mentors or stylist or Chariots.

Tribute Signup (2 Tributes)

  • Name
  • District
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Weapon
  • Alliance
  • Bloodbath Straegy
  • Appearance
  • Weakness(only if you want to add this)


District Gender Name Age Weapon/Skills Alliance Bloodbath Strategy Appearance/Weakness
1 Male Jacob Smarts 16

knife bow and arrow

Carees Stay with Careers Blonde hair; gren eyes; very handsome
1 Female Chloe Bridgewater 16 Dagger, throwing knives Careers Fight Sweet, friendly, open-minded, reliable, heart-warming blond hair Green eyes
2 Male James Wil 12 Spear and Slingshot Camouflage, hiding Careers

fight alongside allies/careers

thenToo dependent on allies, ditch them when stakes get high

Personality: friendly, likeable, fun, bubbly

Appearance: blue eyes, blond hair

Weakness: scared of the dark, and too trusting with allies

2 Female Caraline Killiman 17 Axe or Mace Careers Fight Blond hair, Blue eyes
3 Male Delain Curo 14 Mace,knives, sword hand to hand combat. with careers leaves them in the night, and goes to disrict 11 and takes all the suplies he can, plus hides the food., he as a crush on the girl kill anyone, except district 11 and grab any supplies possible Appearance: blond hair, green eyes, strong build. very smart, cunning and stealthy. Weakness: bad at climbing, and has a low treshold for pain
3 Female Vanilie Copua 15 knives, sword, mase,spear,axe dangerous. good at hand to hand combat district 3 boy, any careers. ring leader Run in and kill anyone you can

Weakness: is not light on her feet. and has no natural abiltys to survie in the world

Appearance: Brown hair Brown eyes

4 Male Arthur Seayon 14 Long distant weapons (bow,Blowgun) Careers Fight Red hair blue eyes
4 Female Alisha Marina 14 Trident Careers Grab as many Tridents as possible red hair, blue eyes
5 Male Jake Odair 16

weapon: knife, trident, sword, traps, bow + arrows

abilities: basic survival skills, extremely smart, swimming, climbing, can make weapons

Lone wolf Picks a tribute and hunts them down and doesn't stop until their dead. Appears quite unprepared and weak. Would never join the careers. Trys not to get into many fights. Appearance: long bronze hair with blonde streaks, big sea green eyes, fairly small, thin, but a bit muscular and very healthy
5 Female

Melissa Riche

14 Katana District 6 Evade the bloodbath then return when there are little competitors and collect supplies Blue eyes and Brown hair
6 Male Brann Clatch 16

Skills: Strength and good with all kind of swords. And he is very smart.

Maybe with one or two other tributes, except the Careers. Try to get a sword Appearance: Brown hair with brown eyes and a very nice smile. Has many muscles and is tall. He has strong legs
Weakness: Is a very bad swimmer and a little bit scared in the dark.
Personality: Helpful and smart.
6 Female Opal Ferris 17 Weapon: Katana, knife, throwing axe. None Takes a weapon and runs.

Appearance: Light skin, brown eyes. Long sleek black hair. Has an evil looking smile. 5'7

Weaknesses: Alliances, bad swimming. Fire.

7 Male Jacob Gibson 12 Bow and Arrow, Throwing Knives 3 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 get a weapon and run short blond hair aqua eyes
7 Female Jenna Winters 16 Knife, bow and arrow none Sneak her way into the cornucopia Red hair brown eyes
8 Male Ivan Reid 16

Hand to hand combat and swimming Throwing Knives

Careers Go in and attack with the careers.

Appearance: He has glasses, dark brown hair, dark brown eyes and muscular.

Weakness: Small

Personality: Arrogant

8 Female Simone Villa-Soleil 18 Spear Anyone Grab a pack, run, avoid fights. green eyes brown hair
9 Female Olivandra Io 18 Spear, Axe District 9 partner Get a weapon White hair Black eyes
9 Male Channing Lo 12 Spear, Axe District 9 Partner Get a back pack

Black and white hair Black eyes

10 Male Tyler Thorne 13 Weapon: Land mines, mace (maybe) District 10s Kill as many as possible.

Appearance: Dark skin. bald. green eyes. 4'8

Weaknesses: Heights, the careers

10 Female Claudia Gerhart 15

Weapons: Throwing Knives, Bow and Arrow

Strengths: Fast, Crafter, Seductive

District ten partner get a weapon and a backpack

Height: 5'6
Apperence: Long blonde hair, amber eyes.

Weakness: Bossy

11 Male Dimitri Bens 16

Weapons: Trident, throwing axes
Skills: Dimitri is a very fast runner, and handy with a trident.


Get a Tridentand run

Appearance: Looks like Rory. Close-cropped brown hair, bright green eyes, a tattoo on his face
11 Female Blair Hier 16 throwing axes , bow and arrow yes get weapons and supplies and run away with her allies Appearance: green eyes , olive skin , long brown hairs with black highlights
12 Male Rackard Relise 18 Weapons: knives
Skills: As well as being nefty with knives and snares, Rackard is spectacular as dodging attacks and weapons and is very fast.
Careers Run as fast as he can and get a knife

Appearance: Rackard has dark turquoise hair and strange purple eyes that many think are contacts when they're real. He's dangerously gaunt for his age, but he doesn't care.

Weaknesses: Because he's so thin, Rackard isn't very strong, but is very fast.

12 Female Mistia "misty" Calliden 17

Weapons: bow and arrow, knives, spear, throwing knives

Strengths: swimming, climbing, hunting, fighting, hiding, fishing, she's used to being hungry, can crawl through small holes, strong, knows edible plants

careers try to get the good stuff and hopefully ally with careers

Weaknesses: claustrophobic and afraid of huge snakes.

Appearance: silky golden brown hair in large curls, gleaming happy ocean blue eyes, tan, pink lips, thin, petite, lean, strong, on the short side, beautiful



  • Axe
  • Blowgun
  • Bow and arrow
  • Dagger
  • Katana
  • Knife
  • Land mines
  • Mace
  • Net
  • Rocks
  • Slingshot
  • Spear
  • Sword
  • Throwing Axe
  • Throwing Knives
  • Trident
  • Whip



District 1

Chloe Bridgewater POV

"Today is reaping day. My mom gets me and my older brother ready and we went to the square. Everyone was there except one kid."

"Our excort finally came in a purple outfit with crazy purple hair. I laughed so hard and so did everyone else. She showed us the same video we see every year and finally she went to the bowl."

"Ladies first" She said.

"I volunteer" I shouted out.

I went up and she asked for my name and i told her.

"Next the boys"

She was interupted when the peacekeepers draged a boy into the square.

He was pulled onto the stage and the peacekeepers wispered into our escorts ear.

She went to the mic and said "Our boy tribute will be Jacob Smarts because he was training in the training center."

Our tributes for District 1 Chloe Bridgewater and Jacob Smarts.


District 2

James Wil POV

We all arived at the square and everyone was waiting. I gave my mom a hug and went to the Twelve year old station. our escort came and said the usual stuff.

Finally she said ladies first and moved her hand around in the bowl.

Ari............ I volunteer a girl shouts out. She ran up to thhe stage with confidence.

She said her name Caraline Killiman.

She then went to the boys boel and pulled out a name "James Wil"

Nooooooooooooooooooooooo my mom cried out. i Went up to the stage with confidence.

Our tributes for district 2 James Wil and Caraline Killiman


District 3

Vanilie Copua POV

I woke up at 11:30 and the reapings started at 12:00

I hurried up and ran to the town square.

When i got there they just started the video. They also showed us what happened to the District 1 boy.

I just kept telling myself im glad that I got here on time.

Finally our escort went to the girls bowl and pulled out a name.

Vanilie Copua

I walked up and waited for the boys name.

Delain Curo

Hey i know that boy we went to school together but i havent seen him since i was 9.

i looked at him and he was kind of cute with his blonde hair.

Our tributes Delain Curo and Vanilie Copua.


District 4

Alisha Marina POV

Today was a horrible day because in about 2 hours it was reaping day.

I was fishing with my friend Arthur Seayon.

People always think we are twins because were 14 and have red hair and blue eyes.

We fished for an hour and finally we both had to leave.

My mom already had my dress ready for me and we went to the town square.

when we got there i said hi to Arthur and we both went to our section.

Our escort came out and did the usual stuff and then went to the bowl.

She reached in and pilled out a name Alisha Marina. I walked up with pride.

She went to the other bowl and pulled out a name Arthur Seayon.

Great not only am i gonna have to fight other kids, Im gonna have to fight my own friend.

Our tributes Alisha Marina and Arthur Seayon.


District 5

Jake Odair POV

"This is my year to win i know it."

I am ready to win i tell myself.

I am strong, can make my own weapons, and im great with a lot of weapons.

I get ready and head to the square and see the girl i hate Melissa Riche.

She thinks she is better than me but she only uses Katanas.

Our escort comes out and says the same thing she always says.

She then goes to the girls bowl and pulls out a name that says Melissa Riche.

Then she goes to the boys bowl and when she pulls out the name i shout I volunteer.

I know if I join these games i could finally kill her.

Our tributes Melissa Riche and Jake Odair


District 6

Opal Ferris POV

I wake up and do my usual routine.

I get my little brother a bowl of cereal get him ready and head to the town square.

I take him to his area and we head to our spots.

Our escort comes out and says the same thing she does every year.

Finally she finishes and head to the girls bowl.

She reaches in and pulls out a name Opal Ferris.

I look at my brother and he starts crying.

Our escort goes to the other bowl and pulls out a name that says Omar Ferris.

Wow me and my brother both Got pi....... "I volunteer" says a kid.

He walks up to the stage and says his name.

I ask him why and he says, "I can't see you and your brother die."

Our tributes' Opal Ferris and Bran Clatch.


District 7

Jacob Gibson POV

Great its another reaping day already.

I always thought what happened in the riot would end these games.I was wrong.

I got ready and head to the square.

When i got there i saw a fight between two boys.I hope one of them gets picked so we could actually win.

Our escort came out and said some things.

Then she went to the girls bowl andd pulled out Jenna Winters. She tried to run but was stopped.

Everyone laughed then our escort went to the boys bowl and picked out my name.

I was happy cause district 7 might actually win.

Our tributes Jacob Gibson and Jenna Winters.


District 8

Simone Villa-Soleil POV

Are you ready i ask my friend.

She just hopes that her sister isn't picked.

We both head to the square nad go to the 18 year old section.

Both of our names are in there 56 times.

Our escort goes to the boys bowl first and picks out a nam that says Ivan Reid.

I know that kid thats my brothers best friend.

Then they go to the girls bowl and pull out Simone Villa-Soleil.

Now Im gonna have to face my brothers best friend.

Our tributes Simone Villa-Soeil and Ivan Reid.


District 9

Channing Lo POV

Me and my 4 other siblings are getting ready.

Our three older ones Have to take care of me and my Sister since it both of ours first year.

We all head to the square nad go to our sides.

Our escort comes out and says some cool things(remember first year).

Then she goes to the girls bowl and pulls out a name that says Olivandra Lo.

No no no i keep sayin thats my sister.

Next she goes to the boys bowl and pulls out my name.

I look at mu brother but he doesnt do a thing.

Our tribute Olivandro Lo and Channing Lo.


District 10

Claudia Gerhart POV

Im at the town square waiting for the reaping.

Our escort comes out and skips the normal routine.

Everyone was cheering cause the boring part was over.

She went to the girls bowl and pulled out my name.

i walked nad was actually happy.

I never liked my family so was happy to leave.

Then she went to the boys bowl and pulled out Tyler Thorne.

He walked up and was really small.

But at the same time we both said Alliance.

Our tributes Claudia Gerhart and Tyler Thorne.


District 11

Blair Hier POV

I cant believe i was just reaped.

Now we wait for the boy to be picked.

the Escort walks up to the bowl.

I volunteer says a boy. He walked up and stood next to me.

I asked him Why and he told me he wants to bring me home.

I kiss him on the cheek.

Our tributes Blair Hier and Demitri Bens


District 12

Rackard Relise POV

Were almost gone from District 12.

Me and Misty are trying to get away fast.

We were almost gone when Misty tripped.

I ran for her then the peacekeepers found us.

They dragged us to the square and put us on stage.

They then said we were the tributes.

I was mad at Misty because of it wasnt for her we would both be gone.

I only ran because i was already reaped.

Our tributes Rackard Relise and Mistia "misty" Calliden


Tributes score

Tribute Score

Jacob Smats 1

Chloe Bridgewater 1 3

James Wil 2

Caraline Killiman 2 3
Delain Curo 3 9

Vanilie Copua 3


Alisha Marina 4


Arthur Seayon 4

Jake Odair 5 11
Melissa Riche 5 9
Bran Clatch 6 9
Opal Ferris 6 8
Jacob Gibson 7 9
Jenna Winters 7 3
Ivan Reid 8 3
Simone Villa-Soeil 8 3
Channing Lo 9 7

Olivandro Lo 9

Tyler Thorne 10 6
Claudia Gerhart 10 3

Blair Hier 11

Demitri Bens 11



Rackard Relise 12 3
Mistia "misty" Calliden 12





All dead

Mistia's Alliance aka (careers 2)

All dead

10 Alliance

All Dead

9 Alliance

All dead

2 man Alliance

Melissa Riche (5)




The Arena Is split up into 4 parts.

The Forest is good for hiding in but has little food and alot of water and mutts.

The Desert is really hot but has a river flowing between but has no food.

The beach is perfect for catching fish and water but be careful for the sharks.

The wheat field is good for getting food but there is no water there.

And the Cornicopia is in the middle of it all



Name Place Killer How
James Wil (2) 24 None Stepped off pedestal
Tyler Thorne (10) 23 Chloe Bridgewater (1) Stabbed in gut
Dimitri Bens (11) 22 Jacob Smarts (1) Arrow through neck
Jacob Smarts (1) 21 Simone Villa-Soleil (8) Spear through head
Opal Ferris (6) 20 Ivan Reid (8) Mace IN face
Jenna Winters (7) 19 Melissa Riche (5) DECAPITATION
Claudia Gerhart (10) 18 Careers Slaughtered by careers
Arthur Seayon (4) 17 Misty Calliden (12) Stabbed in neck
Olivandra Lo (9) 16 Blair Hier (11) Throat slit
Rackard Relise (12) 15 Channing Lo (9) Spear in heart
Channing Lo (9) 14 Chloe Bridgewater (1) Throwing knife in neck
Jacob Gibson(7) 13 Jake Odair(5) Trident in Neck
Jake Odair (5) 12 Jacob Gibson(7) Knife In stomach
Simone Villa-Soleil(8) 11 Delain Curo(3) Throat slit
Blair Heir(11) 10 Delain Curo (3) Sword in throat
Vanilie Copua(3) 9 Ivan Reid (8) Stabbed in the back
Caraline Killiman(2) 8 Ivan Reid(8) Sword in back
Brann Clatch (6) 7 Chloe Bridgewater Stabbed
Alisha Marina (4) 6 Mistia Calliden(12) Stabbed
Chloe Bridgewater(1) 5 Ivan Reid(8) Stabbed

Delain Curo(3)

Mistia Calliden (12)



Mistia Calliden(12)

Ivan Reid (8)

Spear in side

Mace in head

Ivan Reid(8) 2 Melissa Riche(5) Katana in throat
Melissa Riche (5) Victor none none

Let The 79th Hunger games Begin (Bloodbath)

Chloe Bridgewater POV

I am raised from my pedestal, and I see the arena. Its split into 4 quadrants. 10.....9.....8.....7.... I am ready to win.....4.....3....2.... Boom! There went James Wil(2). He stepped off too early. His cannon goes off. 1. I ran to the cornacopia and grabbed a dagger, and stabbed Tyler Thorne(10) in the gut. BOOM!

Dimitri Bens POV

As I saw James Wil's guts all over the ground, I realized that this was for real. I grabbed a trident and started to run to the beach with my alliance, when suddenly an arrow pierced my neck. As everything faded to black, I knew it was over. BOOM!

Jacob Smarts POV

I killed the boy from District 11. Thats when I grabbed my knife and headed into battle. I stabbed Jake(5) in the in the arm, but I aimed for his heart. Thats when he chopped off my arm. I fell to the ground in pain, as he ran away. Simone(8) stabbed a spear in my head. BOOM!

Ivan Reid POV

I was able to get a mace without dying, and saw Opal Ferris(6) running towards me with a knife. I quickly swang my mace into her face, smashing her face. 'BOOM!' 'There was my first kill. I hope it wont be me next.

Melissa Riche POV

As I was sneaking my way into the cornacopia, Jenna Winters(7) had the same idea. So, I took a katana, and took a swing at her. She ducked under it and wrestled me to the ground. She started choking me, but I grabbed my katana and took off her head with one clean strike. BOOM! I ran away into the forest to hide.


Day 2

Alisha Marina POV

We woke up today, after sleeping in the cornacopia. We are getting our weapons ready to go hunting for tributes. We decided not to go to the beach, as there would probably be shark mutts there. We headed to the desert except for Ivan Reid (8) and Arthur Seayon (4). They stayed at the cornacopia to watch our supplies. We hunted in the desert, trying to find someone to kill. We found Claudia Gerhart (10), and slaughtered her. BOOM!

BOOM! We ran back to the cornacopia, to find Arthur's corpse, Ivan gone, and our supplies gone. We decided to hunt down Ivan, to kill him in revenge. Our alliance split up. Me and Chloe Bridgewater (1) went to the wheat fields. The other three went to the forest.

Ivan Reid POV

When the others left for the desert, Arthur and I guarded the supplies. Before I had any time to put land mines around them, the other large alliance came. We tried fighting them off, but there were too many. Misty (12) grabbed Arthur and stabbed him in the neck. BOOM! I realized now that I had no chance against the alliance, so I grabbed some supplies and ran as fast as I could into the forest. I climbed a tall tree and hid for a while.

I could see the other careers coming. I knew they wanted to kill me. They didn't see me. They walked onward into the dark forest.

Blair Hier POV

After we killed the boy from District 4, we stole all of their supplies and headed into the wheat fields. We didnt want to build a structure with the supplies, cause we knew that some other tributes would find us, and slaughter us in our sleep. We saw two tributes coming toward us. It was night now, and we couldnt see their faces. They couldnt even see us! So I snuck up behind them and slit one of their throats. BOOM! The other one stabbed Rackard Relise (12) in the heart. BOOM! The other one ran away in the direction of the desert. Then we realized the person we killed was Olivandro Lo (9). We knew that the other one was Channing Lo (9). Channing alone is too weak to do anything. Someone else would kill him soon.

Day 3

Chloe Bridgewater POV

Me and Alisha were on our way back to the cornacopia when the head gamemaker said that today at noon there was going to be a feast, and in those bags were something all of us needed. But if we took any other bag, we would blow up. We were on our way, when we saw Channing Lo (9) running through the wheat. I took out a throwing knife and threw it at his neck.BOOM! When we got back, we told the rest of the careers that we didnt find Ivan, but we killed Channing. It was 15 minutes till noon, and we all camped at the cornacopia, waiting for tributes to come.

Jake Odair POV

I heard that today was the feast. So, I decided to find an alliance, so that it would be easier for me to get my backpack. I went to Mistia's alliance, but when I got there, they chased me. They caught up to me, and Jacob Gibson (7) stabbed me. Everything started to fade, but I took my trident, and put it in his throat with the strength I had left. BOOM! BOOM!

Melissa Riche POV

I was on my way to the feast, when I saw Mistia's alliance making their way to the feast.I knew that if they fought i could make it into the cornacopia and grab my pack.I saw Simone(8) run in and get her pack but on the way out her throat was slit by Delain Curo(3) BOOM! The alliances begin to fight but luckily i was able to get my pack and run. Inside the pack was rope.

Delain Curo POV

I was able to kill the girl from 8 but the one from 5 got away. Mistia's alliance came closer and I swung my sword at Blair She dodged it and sent a knife in my direction.I pulled her arm and took the knife from her and put it in her throat. BOOM! Another one dead I ran to kill them when Ivan stabbed Vanilie Copua(3) BOOM! He then ran and grabbed his pack and took off. Mistia and Bran took their pack and got away.

Day 4

Caraline Killiman POV

We were at camp, looking at the supplies that we all got fromt he bags. We got food, water, medicine, a spear, and a knife. It was a horrible knife though, and would be a horrible knife to defend with. We all got up because we heard a noise coming from the forest. Three of us scouted it out, but I stayed back. I was looking out, when I heard a noise behind me. I turned around, and it was Ivan. I pulled out my personal knife, and he had his sword. I charged, and took a swing. It grazed his shoulder, but by da time I got my second swing, his sword went into my back.BOOM!

Chloe Bridgewater POV

We heard the cannon go off so we decided to head back to camp. On the way we ran into Mistia's alliance. I laughed because there is two of them and three of us. I knew we could at least kill one of them and get away. I ran in and stabbed Brann(6) BOOM! Then misty got angry and went in and stabbed Alisha Marina(4) BOOM! Then misty just took off running to the wheat field. because she is now all alone.

Ivan Reid POV

I killed Caraline and took there supplies and ran into the forest. I was running as fast as i can when i ran into the careers they chased me for a long time into the desert and was stopped by the river. I turned and the other two were rite there. i pulled out my knife and then they charged me and i punched one of them and threw the other one to the ground. I started to punch Delain when chloe kicked me off. She charged me and i stabbed her. Boom! I took off in the other direction and ran as fast as i could to the beach.

Day 5 (Final 4)

Delain Curo POV

I wake up and started to head to the wheat field for food. When i got there i saw our supplies. i ran towards it when Mistia had a pear on the edge of my neck. She told me to stand up so i did and she asked for an alliance. I was a little bit confused but she said we could both kill the other two and it will be just us. I liked the idea so we both started to look for the other two. I was walking when i had a pain in my side. I looked and there was a spear in my side. She tricked me and now im seeing black.I fell to the ground and closed my eyes. BOOM!

Mistia Calliden POV

I tricked the boy from three. Now i am on my way to the cornacopia to wait for other tributes. When i got there Ivan was waiting there for someone. He probably had the same idea as me. I Shot a couple arrows but he dogged them. Then we both at each other with our weapons in hand. I threw my Spear and it hit his arm. He screamed in pain but still ran at me. He then hit my arm with a mace. I fell to the Ground in pain. He then raised his Mace and hit my head with it. BOOM!

Melissa Riche POV

I just finished Building my boat and pushe it into the sea. I heard another cannon go off and i knew it was me and one more person. The sharks started to come but i just kept killing them. Then suddenly the sea started to become rough and pushed me all the way to the cornacopia. Stupis gamemakers i knew it was them trying to push me into the final battle. When i got there i saw Ivan waiting for me. He looked at me and we both charged. I took my Katan and swung it at is head but he ducked. He then hit my arm with his mace and i fell to the ground. He then raised his mace but i took my katana and put it in his throat. BOOM! Thats it I won yes.

Thanks eveyone for playing and Melissa Riche and her Mentor Katniss Jane Mellark for winning the 79th Hunger Games

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