• Trackerjacker

    The Terror Games

    January 14, 2012 by Trackerjacker

    I thought this idea for an arena might be fun..I hope you don't think I am some weirdo for doing these types of games.

    The way these games will work is the tributes don't have to kill eachother. There will be something killing them. There will be two arenas, half of the tributes will go in one the other half will go in the other.

    The one arena will be a beach house on an island with sharks living in the water. Only they don't know it.

    The other arena will be a lake house with a pyshco killer with an axe.

    Once 4 tributes remain on each arena they will be taken to the final arena which is a haunted house.

    More info soon!

    If you have any questions put it on my talk page...and tell your friends! Please sumbit

    District 1 boy Ryan Hilford Shark Arena

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