How it will work

I thought this idea for an arena might be fun..I hope you don't think I am some weirdo for doing these types of games.

The way these games will work is the tributes don't have to kill eachother. There will be something killing them. There will be two arenas, half of the tributes will go in one the other half will go in the other.

The one arena will be a beach house on an island with sharks living in the water. Only they don't know it.

The other arena will be a lake house with a pyshco killer with an axe.

Once 4 tributes remain on each arena they will be taken to the final arena which is a haunted house.

More info soon!

If you have any questions put it on my talk page...and tell your friends! Please sumbit

District 1 boy Ryan Hilford Shark Arena iluvgale

District 1 girl

Sparkle Rose Killer Arena iluvgale
District 2 boy George Gold Shark Arena Brony12
District 2 girl Miley Gold Killer Arena Brony12
District 3 boy Crick Storm Killer Arena Rueflower
District 3 girl Liliana Jones Shark Arena 18th Rueflower
District 4 boy Logan Blue Shark Arena Nate777
District 4 girl Misty Blue Killer Arena Nate777
District 5 boy Jake Ice Killer Arena 19th Moon beam
District 5 girl Leena Moon Shark Arena Moon beam
District 6 boy Seth Arc Killer Arena Necterine411
District 6 girl Carrie Hover Shark Arena Necterine411
District 7 boy Ethan Mason SHark Arena 22nd QuinnQuinn
District 7 girl Taytum Mason Killer Arena QuinnQuinn
Distric 8 boy Robin Vigo Killer Arena 23rd skyandbray
District 8 girl Maryam Mote Shark Arena skyandbray
DIstrict 9 boy Tod Omack Shark Arena 20th QuinnQuinn
District 9 girl Jenette Brich Killer Arena 24th QuinnQuinn
District 10 boy Kevin Potter Killer Arena ilovepeeta
District 10 girl Darlene Jobes Shark Arena ilovepeeta
DIstrict 11 boy Sam Blah Shark Arena 21st Rueflower
District 11 girl Blue Ghost Killer Arena Rueflower
DIstrict 12 boy Jay Wayland Shark Arena Necterine411
District 12 girl Irene Seam Killer Arena Necterine411

Killer Arena: D1 Sparkle,D2 Miley, D3 Crick,D4 Misty,D5 Jake, D6 Seth, D7 Taytum, D8 Robin<strike>,D9 Jenette,</strike> D10 Kevin, D11 Blue, D12 Irene

Shark Arnea: D1 Ryan, D2 George, D3 Liliana, D4 Logan,D5 Lenna,D6 Carrie,D7 Ethan,D8 Maryam, D9 Tod, D10 Darlene, D11, Sam, D12 Jay

Day 1 at the Shark Arena

Leena Moon POV

When I got to the hunger games I was shocked. It was paradise! Me and about 6 other tributes were relaxed at an island. There was a house, a dock and a beach. It was perfect. The only down part was that we all wore bathing suits. Also I didn't see my district partner. But there were no weapons. We all ran around looking for some but there was none to be found when the announcer said:

Hello tributes. We have split up your districts! Half of you are in this arena the other half is in another arena! These games will be different. You will not kill eachother. Your goal is to stay alive the longest. The 4 tributes left will move on to the final arena. So no killing involved at all. Have fun at your island paradise! Also you will find a boat nearby! Good luck

ONce he said this I watched as all the tributes ran into the water.I didn't something was wrong here. I didn't know what is was though. I walked over to see a dog barking at the water. I screamed with joy! I had always wanted a dog. I ran over and hugged it then looked into the water to see what it was barking at. There was nothing in the water. Then I saw a movment in the water. I smiled thinking it was a tribute. The beach was on the one side of the island while the dock was on the other. So they couldn't have gotten over to where I was. I ran away picking up the dog and running to the house.

George Gold POV

We all swam in the water having a blast. The girls had found beach balls and we were throwing them around. We were all partying when we found the boat.

"Guys! Check it out, lets ride this baby!" Ryan Shouted

"Totally!" Liliana said with a smile.

We all jumped into the boat (except for Leena) Ryan started it and we rode out far from the island. Once about 2 miles from the island we stopped. We drifted out at sea listening to music and partying. We ate snacks and it was awesome. We did this the whole day.

"Guys its almost midnight, should we go back?" said Carrie

"I have a better Idea lets party all night! Right out here at sea!" Cheered Tod

"Totally!" we all cheered.

How foolish we were.

Announcer POV

This is end of day. To our tributes out at sea have fun and party hard! To our tribute back at the house...Maybe you should relax more! Anyway goodluck for tomorrow tributes out at sea. You will need it. Goodnight.

End of day 1 for Shark Arena group.

Night 1 at the Killer Arena

Jenette Brich POV

After we all heard about the annoucment we all stood there confused. I had looked forawrd to killing others but I guess I wasn't. I stormed into the lake house. I stared out the window as watched some of them take a walk through the woods. Then a girl walked in. Her name was Taytum I had guessed.

"Whats wrong?"

"Just bored, can you maybe leave me alone."

But she didn't instead she walked over grabbed my wrist and pulled me outside. As we left the house I noticed a crack in the wall. Once Taytum let me go I ran back.

"What is it?"

"Hand me that shovel."

Taytum reached down and handed it to me. I quickly jammed it through the crack and broke out a chunck of the wall. What i saw scared me. The sign read

Beware of the Killer with an Axe, for reading this he will most likely get you back.

"What is it!" Taytum asked.

I had blocked her way of seeing it.


I grabbed her wrist and together we strolled outside. As nightfell I had noticed nobody had returned.

"Whoa! Look at the lake! It's sparkling!"

Together we ran toward the dock. Nervous I looked at the lake. And for a second I felt calm. Then it happened. The dock split in half. I fell into the water along with Taytum only foor me to be grabbed around the neck. I turned to see a man with a sack over his head and a axe. I let out a scream. I watched as Taytum ran back to the house. Then I felt a blast of pain. An axe lay in my back. I fell into the lake and watched as it turned red. Then the axe was taken out of my back and the killer left. The games really had begun

Jenette Brich cannon

Crick Storm POV

As i walked throught the woods with Misty, Sparkle, and Blue we heard a loud scream. Then a cannon fired. There were two answers 1. A tribute decided to kill everybody else or 2. there was something killing us. All 4 of us ran back to the lake house. We bumped into Irene, Robin and Seth.

"Did you guys hear it?" Irene asked.

"Yeah what was it?" questinoed Sparkle.

Misty ran over to the lake only to let out a scream. We found Jenette dead in the water. We all let out a gasp. I then noticed footprints leading to behind a tree near us.

"Everybody get in the water!" I screamed.

Just as I said that a guy with an axe and bag over his head popped out. I watched in horror as he swung his axe down on Robin.

"NOO!" Seth screamed.

Robin Vigo Cannon

We all quickly scrambled into the lake. Misty swam the fastest. By the time we had gotten to the other side she had all ready run into the woods. We turned to see that the two dead bodies had been removed. We were safe for now.

Announcer POV

Good luck now tributes. Watch out for you know who, oh! And by the way for the next several days there will be few light. It will always be dark HAHAHAAHHA!

Day 2 at the Shark Arena

Maryam Mote POV

I awoke with a smile on my face. We had all slept out at sea on the boat. I awoke to see Liliana and Darlene giggling about something. I walked to the end of the boat. Ryan and George were in the water playing. I looked out into the distance. I could hardly see the island. I smiled, it really was paradise. Then Sam wheeled his wheelchair next to me.

"Its great isn't it?"


I watched as Carrie and a few other girls jumped into the water with them. They looked like they were having a blast. I turned to Sam i felt terrible. He was stuck in a wheelchair. He couldn't go in the water.

"You ok?"

"Yeah I am.."

Sam stopped in the middle of his sentence. He pointed i screamed. We watched as a shark swam up and grabbed Ethan the boy from 7. He tried to swim away but the shark carried him deep underwater. All of the tributes scrambled to get out of the water. More sharks quickly arrived. Jay quickly ran to the wheel and started the engine.

Ethan Mason Cannon

In the water: Ryan, George, Logan, Carrie, and Tod.

On the boat: Maryam, Jay, Liliana, Darlene and Sam.

I watched as Ryan and George climbed on the ladder pushing everybody else out of the way. They quickly scrambled onto the boat. Logan and Todd clung to the ladders only for Carrie to push them out of the way. Then the boat started.

"Hold on everybody!" Jay screamed

The boat started to fast causing Sam's wheelchair to fly forawrd.

"NOO!" I screamed.

I watched as Sam flew off the boat into the shark infested waters.

Sam Blah Cannon

Logan Blue POV

I clung to the ladder as the boat sped across the water realizing what might happen. I had married a girl named Misty, she was in another arena, and for all I new she could be dead. Before we had entered she told me she might be pregnant. And now I was so close to death because I was foolish enough to go swimming. I started to climb up the ladder only for Carrie to not let me get on the boat.

"Carrie! move I need to get on!"

"No! I need to win."

She grabbed me and pushed me. I clung to the ladder even harder.

"You don't understand! I have a family I need to go to!"

"Awww, how sad!"

I turned to see that we were a few miles away from the island. When Carrie pushed me off the ladder I feel into the water. Then I screamed. I looked to see a giant great white shark under the boat. I watched as it flung up biting the boat splitting it in half. I saw a few tributes fly up into the air. Then I saw the great white attack Todd.

Tod Omack Cannon

It pulled him underwater. Blood was everywhere. In seconds the tributes were surronded. The sharks went for them leaving me not to worry. I was a fast swimmer so I swam to the island with out any sharks. When I got there I was greeted by Leena. I explained everything to her. Then I realized that it was the end of day 2. I had only hear Tod's cannon fire. SO the rest of the tributes were still stuck out at sea.

Announcer POV

WHat a crazy day! Good luck to the tributes out at sea! And now all tributes from District 9 are dead. Good luck, and I would say be careful of the sharks.

Night 2 at the Killer Arena

Miley Gold POV

I knew it was Day 2 except the sun hadn't come up at all. That was the problem with this arena, it was always night. So i guess it's more like Night 2. Anyway I walked through the woods with Jake and Kevin. We had heard plenty of screams but we didnt dare go toward the noise. As we got further away I noticed muddy footsteps. Then I saw a shed.

"Miley! Don't you dare! You don't know what is in there!" Jake warned.

I ignored him though. I walked into the shed only two fall. I fell into a 10 foot deep whole. Kevin quickly joined me.

"Are you coming Jake?"

Jake quickly ran off.

"What a baby!"

Kevin and I quickly walked through the tunnels. After a few miles I saw a map. Kevin and I were walking in a underground tunnel that lead everywhere. On the corner of the map there were pictures of all the tributes. Two pictures were crossed out. Jenette and Robin. Then I realized what was going on.

"Oh gawd Kevin we have to get out of here!"

'What is it?"

"The screams, the map, the announcer saying not to kill eachother. There is something killing us! I saw this in a movie, there was a guy with like a chainsaw."

"How about an axe?"

"What do you mean."

Kevin pointed behind me and ran. I turned to see a guy with a sack over his head and an axe. He held two dead bodies.

"Kevin! Help!" I manged to say.

I quickly did the first thing that came to mind. I kicked him in his..well..a place he wouldn't want to be kicked.

"Take that!"

He fell to the ground dropping the bodies and the axe. I quickly ran away from him. I had no idea where i was going but I knew I had to get away from him. As I raced through the dirt tunnel billion of thoughts ran through my head:

I wonder if George is still alive? Oh my gosh did I really just do that! Wow I just did that! Hey I wonder what my friends would say! Eww this place is gross..I wonder if the lake house has cupcakes?

But all of it stopped when I found a dead end. But this wasn't just any dead end. There was a shrine. I realized the killer was putting the bodies here. But who was the shrine for. I looked up to see a picture of ME! Under it read:

Beloved Sister

Could it be George? No, impossible. Is it possible that I just look so much like her. I guess that was it, I looked to much like this killer's sister. Was this a good thing or a bad thing? I turned around to see newspapers all over the wall. They all talked about her missing:

Teenage girl missing. Officers say that she had been chained to a wall in a shed by her brother. Brother says this was to protect her. He says he was taking care of her. She has been reported missing and they still haven't found her.

Then I turned to see chains. They had dried up blood on them. Then in a flash I was picked up. I turned to see the phsyco killer.

"Let me go bag head! I am not her! I am not her!"

He dropped the bodies on the shrine. Then he quickly chained me in.


He left leaving me chained and with two dead bodies. I let out a scream. Then I cried for hours because I knew that I may be stuck in here until I die, or go insane.

Taytum Mason POV

As I sat in the house I shivered. I was cold and scared. I had watched the killer attack Robin and watch tributes swim away, but me I was stuck in some house. I sat in the bathroom cold and scared when I heard a knock at the door. I opened the window and peeked out, it was Jake the boy from 5. I ran down the steps and opened the door.

"Jake! Jake come in quick."

I brought him into the house.

"Wait you left the lights on thats smart!"

I had decided to leave the lights on inside. It made me feel more calm.

"Hey, where is the bathroom?" Jake asked

"Its up stairs. I was just hiding in it." I said with a laugh.

Jake quickly walked up the stairs. Then the phone rang. I walked over and answered it.


"Hello Taytum." a low voice said.

"Oh my gosh, is this the killer?"

"No the killer doesn't talk. Its me the announcer I just wanted to let you know did you remeber to close the window up stairs?"

Jake Ice cannon

"Oh no! Is the killer in the house?"

"Remeber this Taytum, you can only turn all of the power off if your in the house."

Then the power went off.

In horror I realized that Jake was probably dead and the killer was in the house. I started walking toward the front door when I remebered something. I ran into the kitchen and felt around for the table. Once I found the table I felt for one of the table legs. Once I found one I quickly broke it off. Now I was armed. I held up the table leg like a bat. Then I remebered that all of the tributes had been given a cell phone in the beginning of the games. I had left it on the table. I felt around for it. I felt:

A key to a car, an apple, a pear, some plates, a pizza box, a hand holding an axe, a sweater

The hand quickly grabbed me. I screamed then slammed the table leg on the killer's head. I quickly slipped out of his grasp and ran into the woods. I turned around to see if he was following me but then I bumped into Kevin.

End of Night 2

Day 3 at Shark Arena

Darlene Jobes POV

I screamed when I saw the giant break in the boat. I clung to Liliana who I had been giggling with before the attack. All the other tributes were on the deck while we were under it so the shark firs went after us. It lunged onto the wooden floor its mouth trying to bite us. Liliana wuickly ran over to a flower vase and slammed it on the sharks head. We then quickly climbed up onto the deck.

Right half of broke ship: Liliana, Darlene, Carrie, Ryan

Left half of broken ship: Jay, George, Maryam

When we reatched the deck we saw that the other side was handling it better. Jay had ripped out the steering wheel and was noe hitting the sharks on the nose with it. As for us I saw Carrie pushing Ryan toward the sharks only for Ryan to ran behind her and push her in front. Together me and Liliana ran to the side of the ship we looked ver to see 2 lifeboats anda shark cage.

"Liliana qick! We can make it!" i cheered

"I have an idea we can jump over to the other ship side. They are having better chances of survival. We can jump there!" Liliana said cheerfully.

She then started running toward the end of our side of the ship.

"NOO!" I screamed.

In terror I watched as she jumped over a shark jumped up catching her in its mouth. I heard her screaming in pain but I couldn;t do anything. The shark dove back into the water. I watched as the boat became surroned with bloody water.

Liliana Jones cannon

Jay Wayland POV

I watched as the shark ate Liliana. I felt a bit of sorrow for her. Then I realized that this was my chance. I ra and jumped over the gap of water. I landed on the other boat side.I turned to George and Maryam scream as the boat sunk. I then ran over to Darlene and where the two lifeboats were. Then Carrie came over and saw them along with Ryan.

"Not on my watch!"

She quickly picked up a paddle and wacked the two of us. We were out cold in seconds.

10 minutes later

I awoke wearing an oxygen mask. I screamed when I saw where I was. Darlene turned to me and we both stared at eachother terrified. They had put us in the shark cage. We looked around for a way to exit b
Guadalupe Shark Diving 3
ut we knew that if we tried to the sharks would attack. For now we were stuck under water with oxygen masks that might run out soon and sharks attacking the cage. All thanks to Carrie and Ryan. Then I watched as a shark rammed into the cage making it shake.

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