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  • TributeBoy

    In the book, the industries for Districts 5, 6 and 9 are never revealed.

    Something I have wondered is how much do the districts know about each other? What if the only time the districts get to see and learn about each other is during the victory tour broadcasts?

    If that is the case, could that mean District 5, 6 and 9 never won a Hunger Games during Katniss's lifespan? If none of those districts won, Katniss might not think or know about what they do, which is why so little is revealed in the book.

    It would make sense because with the exception of Foxface, none of the tributes from those districts did well in the games. It would not be hard to believe that none of those districts won since at least the 61st Hunger Games, as three years old w…

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  • TributeBoy

    Hi everyone. Last year I wrote a series of blogs about the Hunger Games victors. This week Capitol Couture released the names of three former victors. This news is quite telling.

    Firstly, these releases reveal the podiums with the victor names from last film are not canon. Neither Porter Millicent Tripp nor Augustus Braun is featured on these podiums although they are official victors.

    Additionally, people who claimed Mags won the 9th Hunger Games and Wiress won the 38th Hunger Games are wrong. Capitol Couture confirmed Mags won the 11th Hunger Games and Porter won the 38th Hunger Games.

    I hope Capitol Couture continues to release victor names even if only one victor per district. Also, does anyone think Porter is the female tribute from District…

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  • TributeBoy

    I would love to see the casting call sheet for the actors and actresses who played victors in the Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

    Why did they choose younger actors for certain districts and older actors for others? What were they exactly looking for in the victors?

    The filmmakers seem to have their own ideas when it comes to the character. For example, they seemed to have envisioned Lyme as a blonde. Both actresses who portray the character are blonde.

    Age might be a hint to the backstory the filmmakers are trying to create. Below, I have compiled a list of the actors’ ages and the games their character might have won, assuming their character is the same age as the actor.

    The Hunger Games: Catching Fire began filming in 2012. Bruno Gunn was 44 …

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  • TributeBoy

    A hot topic on the Wiki is when did the victors win. I reread the chapters in Catching Fire where we learn about the victors before the Games. Here is what I have learned.

    Despite Capitol Couture’s confirmation, the book never states Enobaria won the 62nd Hunger Games. The only clue is Chapter 16 when Katniss said she, "looks to be about 30."

    I think the fact Enobaria won the 62nd Hunger Games is now canon shows the influence this Wiki has on researchers. We need to be cautious in what we post.

    Cecelia is described in the exact same words as Enobaria (“looks to be about 30”). This could suggest she won about the time Enobaria won -- possibly even consecutive games.

    The fact Enobaria allegedly killed Cecelia fuels my fire for this theory.

    In Cha…

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  • TributeBoy

    The rumor Mags won the Ninth Hunger Games began on The Hunger Games: Australia website. The website began a fan project in December to name all of the victors.

    One poster wrote a French magazine called Cinemaniac interviewed Suzanne Collins. In the interview, Collins said Mags won the Ninth Hunger Games and was the first victor from district four.

    Curious, I searched for the article and the magazine. I took one year of French in high school and figured I could comprehend pieces of it.

    The problem was no magazine named Cinemaniac existed.

    I study web and graphic design in college. This might sound like a wild accusation, but I know how easy it is to digitally fabricate a magazine cover if you have the proper equipment.

    Something else made me suspici…

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