Hi everyone. Last year I wrote a series of blogs about the Hunger Games victors. This week Capitol Couture released the names of three former victors. This news is quite telling.

Firstly, these releases reveal the podiums with the victor names from last film are not canon. Neither Porter Millicent Tripp nor Augustus Braun is featured on these podiums although they are official victors.

Additionally, people who claimed Mags won the 9th Hunger Games and Wiress won the 38th Hunger Games are wrong. Capitol Couture confirmed Mags won the 11th Hunger Games and Porter won the 38th Hunger Games.

I hope Capitol Couture continues to release victor names even if only one victor per district. Also, does anyone think Porter is the female tribute from District 5 in the 75th Hunger Games?

The model could pass as a younger version of Ivette Li Sanchez. The actress’s interview dress is similar to the blue dress featured in the victory tour poster.

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