I would love to see the casting call sheet for the actors and actresses who played victors in the Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Why did they choose younger actors for certain districts and older actors for others? What were they exactly looking for in the victors?

The filmmakers seem to have their own ideas when it comes to the character. For example, they seemed to have envisioned Lyme as a blonde. Both actresses who portray the character are blonde.

Age might be a hint to the backstory the filmmakers are trying to create. Below, I have compiled a list of the actors’ ages and the games their character might have won, assuming their character is the same age as the actor.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire began filming in 2012. Bruno Gunn was 44 at the time of filming. If his character, Brutus, was the same age then he would have won the 46th to 49th Hunger Games (assuming the youngest victor beside Finnick was 15).

Lily Rabe was 30 during the filming of Catching Fire and 31 when she was cast as Lyme for Mockingjay Part I. If the character is the same age (which I doubt because the books describe her as middle-aged), she could have won the 59th to 63rd Games.

Gwendoline Christie replaced Rabe and is four years older. This version of Lyme could have won the 55th to 59th Hunger Games. Interesting, Meta Golding, 41, is closer to Lyme’s age, and Rabe and Christie are closer to Enobaria’s age.

Jeffrey Wright was 47 when he began filming as Beetee in 2012. His games would be between the 43rd and 46th.

His district partner, Amanda Plummer, was 55. Her games would be between 35th and 38th (which are conveniently the unconfirmed dates of Wiress and Beetee’s victories on the Wiki).

However, Wiress is compared to Ms. Everdeen’s age in the books. If you use Paula Malcolmson’s age (42) instead, the character would have won between the 48th and 51st Games.

Lynn Cohen as Mags could not be more dead-on. Lynn and Mags are the same age! Unless Mags shares Finnick’s title as youngest victor to win like fans seem to believe, her win would have happened between the 10th and 13th Games.

James Logan (District 5 male) shares the same age as Ms. Everdeen. Therefore, his win would have happened between the 48th and 51st Games.

The only thing I know about Ivette Li-Sanchez’s (District 5 female) age is she was born during the year of the horse. I suspect that year to be 1978. If so, she was 34 the year the movie was filmed and in real life, she would have won the 56th to 59th Hunger Games.

You might not have guessed because of his morphling addiction, but District 6 male victor Justin Hix is one of the younger victors at 26 during filming. His actor might have won between the 64th and 67th Games, but the character is much older as behind-the-scenes photos of Mockingjay his district partner was the younger of the two.

This is odd because Megan Hayes is a whole six years older than him! The actress was 32 during filming and would have won the 58th to 61st Hunger Games.

I came across a public records website once that said Bobby Jordan was 35 when the film was filmed. Blight might have won the 55th to 58th Hunger Games.

The only person who can keep his age a better secret than Stephanie Leigh Sclund is John Casino who played Woof. I have absolutely no clue how old he may be.

Cecelia is another one of the actors who have been aged for her role. Although gymnast Elena Sanchez was 26 at the time and could have viably won the 64th to 67th Hunger Games, her character is described as “about 30” in the books.

Daniel Bernhardt was 47 like his fellow tribute Jeffrey, but it is apparent the action star’s character uses brawn over brain. He would have (quite likely if you have seen his stunt work) won the 43rd to 46th Games.

On the same site I found Bobby Jordan’s age, I found Marian Green was 53 years old. That would put her games between 37th and 40th.

A fun fact about District 10 male tribute Jackson Spidell is he was Sam Claflin’s stunt double. He also shared the actor’s age, 26, during filming putting his victory between the 64th and 67th if he does indeed share the age of his character.

Surprise! Another 26-year-old. Tiffany Waxler shared her partner’s (and basically half of the tributes in this film) age on set giving her the same victory range.

After a little bit a math, I found Maria Howell’s (Seeder) age. I read she graduated college when she was 21 in 1983. That would make her birth year 1962. The same as my mom’s. She was 50 during filming -- ten years younger than her character! If Howell was a real victor, her games would have been between the 40th and 43rd.

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