A hot topic on the Wiki is when did the victors win. I reread the chapters in Catching Fire where we learn about the victors before the Games. Here is what I have learned.

Despite Capitol Couture’s confirmation, the book never states Enobaria won the 62nd Hunger Games. The only clue is Chapter 16 when Katniss said she, "looks to be about 30."

I think the fact Enobaria won the 62nd Hunger Games is now canon shows the influence this Wiki has on researchers. We need to be cautious in what we post.

Cecelia is described in the exact same words as Enobaria (“looks to be about 30”). This could suggest she won about the time Enobaria won -- possibly even consecutive games.

The fact Enobaria allegedly killed Cecelia fuels my fire for this theory.

In Chapter 14 when Katniss saw her mom in the 50th Hunger Games footage, she said, "I catch a glimpse of my mother at my age."

Katniss was 17 at the time. Depending on how literal she was when she referred to her mom as her age, Ms. Everdeen could be 42.

I thought this was noteworthy because later on in Chapter 16, she describes Wiress as "probably around my mother's age."

While Katniss does not speak affirmingly, this note does hint that Wiress is somewhere in her early 40s and won around the time Haymitch won.

In the same chapter, Katniss (hilariously) describes Woof as, "a really old guy." Fans have wrote on the Wiki Woof is in his 70s.

While I agree anyone who is in his or her 70s is "really old," the phrase is ultimately subjective. The Woof page may need editing.

The book does not mention Johanna’s age, but Suzanne Collins once mentioned in an interview with Time that Johanna is 21 and the youngest competitor after Katniss and Peeta. I put a link to the article under Trivia on the Johanna page.

There is no logical basis in this theory, but I think Brutus and Chaff are the same age. Brutus is described by Katniss in Chapter 14 as "at least 40." She also said in Chapter 15 that Chaff won thirty years ago.

Age-wise, their Games would have happened around the same time. And they are grouped up together at least twice in the books: once, during training and again when Brutus kills Chaff.

Everyone seems to vividly remember Seeder was described as "at least 60."

However, the book says nothing about how old the man from five or the morphlings are. At all.

TributeBoy (talk) 08:47, July 4, 2014 (UTC)

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