Tris Prior

  • I live in Somewhere where everything is awesome, nice, and funny. The wiki kinda fits. :P Dauntless, Abnegation, and District One
  • I was born on May 1
  • My occupation is Rebel Dauntless Fighter, District Four Mentor, Victor
  • I am Awesome.
  • Tris Prior

    Hi. I won't be here anymore for a month or two. Turns out my dad wanted me to get caught up because we're moving. To canada. I'm pretty sure that place dosen't have an beaches year round. My dad got a job offer and we're going to Quebec. That's pretty fun, cause I know English, and French fluently. So yeah. Bye guys. I'm leaving in 4 days. packing up my desktop after this.

    You're just an Apprentice. You don't think.

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  • Tris Prior

    OH YEAH!

    February 8, 2012 by Tris Prior

    In Australia, The Hunger Games comes out A DAY earlier!

    I have no idea why I'm so excited ovr htis.  :P

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  • Tris Prior


    February 8, 2012 by Tris Prior

    Hey! So for French class, I have to write and article on something Quebec Related. Any article ideas?

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  • Tris Prior

    I stink.

    February 3, 2012 by Tris Prior

    ....hey Its like 1pm now. and I was listening to One Direction and reading...multitasker here. :P Anyways, before the holidays I was like a B+ student. Bad enough my dad expects Straight A's my best friend has staright A's go figure. So I'm kinda off this website and other social thingys until I get at least an 88% average. That will be a couple of months. So yeah...but I'll be back (I hope)

    I'm part of the user games:Season one and Five Tasks, Six Users...I was wondering if my friend could replace me? I didn't ask her yet, but she owes me. She just created an account, LilyRoseEverdeen? Everdeen, I'm so so so sorry for leaving, but I have like 6 more minutes here before my dad bans it. BubblestheLlama? Sorry too!

    So if my friend co…

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  • Tris Prior

    Creative Writing Class

    January 31, 2012 by Tris Prior

    For Creative Writing Class at school, we have to write a book. Yup. This is why you shouldn't have a gym teacher as you writing teacher. Long story short. Language teacher broke her leg standing on a chair, no takers cause salary was to low and the gym teacher was stuck with the job. Go figure. So this is what I wrote, kinda like the bad blurb.

    "I'd follow you anywhere" Will says and grabs my hand. "Come on. If your going into the volcano, I'm coming with you."

    Hesitantly, I reach out and stare into Will's dark brown eyes. Their dark. Like ashy coals mixed with the oak trees.

    "Are you sure?" I ask.

    "I'm sure, Leven." He smiles. "I'd follow you anywhere.

    SUMMARY, LIKE BACK OF THE BOOK Fourteen year old Leven Harrington sees it as a death sentenc…

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