Hi guys...I'm new here and I was just browsing through the wiki actvity. I read some games...they are really really good. Anyways...since its summer holiday I'm going to write my own games. So yeah...submit yourself as a user. I'm not really sure how to do this but...District One-Twelve? Male and Female user each.

  • Annie
  • Janelle
  • Jack
  • Anna

District One:

Female: QuinnQuinn (Quinn)

Male: Limaheights (?)

District Two:

Female: Necterine411 (Katherine)


Distirct Three:

Male: Moviepopcorn123 (Frankie)

Female: Moon Beam (Kaitlin)

Distirct Four:

Male: Mikalmt (Micheal)

Female: iluvgale (Annie)

District Five:

Female: Clove1001 (Cloveh)


District Six:

Male: Hungergamesrock (Charlie)

Female: Rose Hathaway (Rose)

Distirct Seven:

Male: Nate777 (Nate)

Female: Everdeen (Janelle)

District Eight:


Female: Finnick999 (Rev)

District Nine:

Male: KwanKwan44 (Ben)

Female: Clove1999 (Ariana)

District Ten:


Female: ~ilovepeeta~ (Leslie)

Distirct Eleven:

Male: HeavyWeaponsGuy (Jack)

Female: PiGirl (Emma)

District Twelve:


Female: Team Peeta Anna (Anna)


District One

District Two

Distirct Three

District Four

District Five

District Six

Distirct Seven: Janelle

My dark brown eyes survey the crowd of potential tributes. Nervously, I turn and glance at Nate. His tan skin, and dark hair, with the beautiful brown eyes and blinding smile makes me want to melt. He catches my eyes and winks.

Smiling, I turn back to see our escort cross the stage and grab the mic. “Welcome, Welcome to the 52th annual Hunger Games. We are so excited to have you here.” She crosses the podium and hovers over the glass ball with the girls names in it.

Please don’t be me. Don’t be me. Please don’t be me.

The escort smoothes the piece of paper and smiles brightly at the crowd. “Our Female, District Seven tribute, Lily Burns!” A small, 12 year old girl is dragged up the podium. She tries to struggle, her parents try to defend her.


Her parents fall down, dead and bleeding. Her little sister begins to cry, and so does she. Blinking back the tears, I hear the escort ask for volunteers.

She can’t go to the games. She’s lost to much.

My heart splits open. Tears, slowly drop down my face, but slowly, just slowly I lift my hand up. “I v-v-olunteer.” It comes out as a timid squeak.

“I VOLUNTEER!” I run up stairs, proud, or at least looking proud and swipe at my cheek. “I’m Janelle Bliss.”

I look at the crowd and see Nate, his mouth forming a perfect O. Grimly Smiling, I wave at him. The escort regains her confidence and picks out a boys name. “Mi---“ she gets cut off. Nate runs on stage and joins me. Introducing himself.

“Ladies and gentlemen, our District Seven tributes, Janelle Bliss and Nate Harvester!”

She claps and smiles at us. I let the tears slowly drip down my face as I hug Nate.




I reach out to hug him. One of us can get out. I got us in, I’ll make sure Nate gets out.

District Eight

District Nine

Distirct Ten

Distirct Eleven

District Twelve

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