District 1 (Oct. 17)

Male - Freets Sims

Female - Marta Strife

District 2 (Oct. 18)

Male - Carlius Namour

Female - Hamin Woodstock

District 3 (Oct. 19)

Male - Sam Elec

Female - Valentine Verough

Distirct 4 (Oct. 20)

Male - Niko Lineord

Female - Sallia Dingy

District 5 (Oct. 21)

Male - Xavier Bejalinne

Female - Beruka Smithens

District 6

Male - Harry Ponipolle

Female - Chasity Ore

District 7

Male - Adam Yow

Female - Lillian Blooms

District 8

Male - Fin Tunna

Female - Lucy Neva

District 9

Male - Fisher King

Female - Trin Cruise

District 10

Male - Owen Guppy

Female - Li Fish

District 11

Male - Peter Callet

Female - Scarlett Row

District 12

Male - Dellark O'Harris -- Winner!!!

Female - Rae Strepp

The Tributes of the Fallen Challenge

Winner: District 5

Cereal Killer Challenge Winner: Dellark (Distrct 12)

"Ladies and Gentalmen, let the 1st Annual Hunger Games begin!" --Claudius Templesmith

Day 1

The gong bangs and everyone steps onto the cornacopia at the same time. Everyone tribute looks around and the 1st Hunger Games is a Tropical envirment with 50ft. trees. Sallia and Chasity are the first to reach the weapons. Both of the girls reach at the same time and they both fight for it. Chasity gets a hold of a knife and stabs Sallia in the mouth. The body of Sallia falls over the mouth of the cornacopia taking a few weapons with her. Valentine stags a few weapons and jolts in the forest with Sam. Sadly, after witnessing the killing of his clan mate, Niko grabs Harry by the throat and snaps his nect with two or three attempts. Everyone is clearing now and the careers are forming together. Two people are about to run in the forest with a handfull of weapons until Carlius takes three knives out of the pile and throws them in the direction of Trin and Xavier. They die once the knives peirce their temples. Alliances are now being formed. The careers with only five tributes. There is also one other alliance made with the tributes of, 3, 11, and 8. They are all together and plotting to destroy the careers. They are located by the very edge of the arena six miles away from the cornacopia. All the other tributes that still have a clan mate left is allied. The four tributes that had lost their tributes mates had formed and alliance. The rest of the day was uneventful, but the failed attack of the careers and the tributes from District 12. But they failed and in the process lost a ally mate which was, Freet. Rae had killed him with a cross bow. The anthem plays and shows the tributes that have been killed. Everyone sleeps with one eye open.


24. Sallia (District 4 Female), Killed by Chasity (District 6)

23. Harry (District 6 Male), Killed by Niko (District 4)

22. Xavier (District 5 Male), Killed by Carlius (Distrct 2)

21. Trin (District 9 Female), Killed by Carlius (Distrct 2)

20. Freet (Distrct 1 Male), Killed by Rae (District 12 )

Day 2

The day starts as the the "sun" rises from the east of the arena. The alliance made with the tributes of 3, 8, and 11 have decided to call there selves the Forgotten since the capitol has reaped them. The Forgotten had gone up east a bit to find the four tributes that have lost the tribute mates. The 4 tributes had been attacked by the Forgotten and only 1 died of that attack. The story happens like this: Sam Elec finds a spear and plants it into a tree that is inches away from Fisher. After this Fisher is frozen of fear. Valentine's hand quickly finds a knife in her side pocket and is about to throw it when a voice booms in the arena. Excuse me tributes, but our first announcement is taking place. The first two tributes that die from a District will have the same amount of Fame and Riches for their family. One other thing, the person who kills the most will also have the same prize as the winner and the fallen tributes that had died first for their District. Good luck.

Immediately Valentine follow through's with her throw and strikes Berkuwa in the side of her stomach. She drowns in her own blood. The Forgotten flees before anything gets out of control. District 5 is the winner of our tributes of the fallen challenge.

Now in the forest way off the careers have a fight about killing the most. Carlius stabs Niko in the eye and Marta in the throat the obviously die instantly. It is only him and his District parter. There is only a matter of time before they fight each other.

Night falls and a loud announcement booms over the arena. Ladies and Gentlemen, currently first in the The Cereal Killer challenge is.. Carlius of District 2. Tied for Second is.. Valentine of District 3, Rae of District 12, and Chasity of District 6. Remember, the night is still at motion, so I would sleep with one eye open... Everyone settles, but Carlius is roaming in the night...


19. Berkuwa (District 5), Killed by Valentine (District 3)

18. Niko (District 4), Killed by Carlius (District 2)

17. Marta (District 1), Killed by Carlius (District 2)

Day 3

Everyone is awake except Hamin. She is sleeping in a hamik the careers had made together the first one day and a half they were together. Carlius finds the Forgotten but is unseen. The first thing he throws is a knife. He has no idea where it is going until it finds Valentines finger top. Valentine removes that knife and returns it to Carlius which finds he vocal cords. Carlius falls out of the tree he is in and has spazzems on the ground until his cannon fires. It is about 5:00 is the morning and everyone is roaming about except Hamin. Everyone finds nothing for a few hours. It is almost night until the 3 tributes find Hamin. Still sleeping in her hamik. She wakes up as her tribute mate shows up on the projecter screen. Hamin stands up and is about to cry until Fisher ends her life with a spear. The rest of the night is uneventful. Congradualtions. Valentine of District 3 is winning the Cereal Killer challenge since Carius is dead, and the 2nd place remains the same except Fisher is now in the competition. Good Night Everyone. And remember, the night is still in motion, so sleep with 1 eye open.


16. Carlius (District 2) Killed By Valentine (District 3)

15. Hamin (District 2) Killed By Fisher (District 9)

Day 4

The Forgotten has traveled all around the arena and could not find any tribute except the one around her. They have made it all around the arena and back to the cornacopia. But little did they know Rae and Dellark were hopping across trees around them all day. When they finally got settled for the day, Dellark takes the crossbow out of Rae's hand and shoots it. All the group was hudled together, but it his one person. That person was, Valentine. It was not a fatal shot, but when Rae takes the crossbow back and reloads before any of them can look around, the arrow flies in the eye of Scarlett. She died instantly. Rae and Dellark flee the seen before the Forgotten can spot the murderous teenagers.


14. Scarlett (District 11) Killed By Rae (District 12)

Day 6

The annoucment booms over the arena and Claudius Templesmith says, Good Morning tributes. Only 13 of you left, it might be a little difficult for you to find each other now. There is a cabin hidden in the woods that has locks all over it. It is made out of steel so none of you can kill one another. It has passage ways all throughout the arena. It can hold up to about 5+ Tributes. First one to find it gets too stay in it for 2 days. Hurry and find it trivutes. Immidiatley a steel cabin rises under ground where the District 12 tributes are. They hide in it before anybody can see them. The cabin sinks under ground and nothing else happens at all for the day.

No Deaths

Day 7

Rae and Dellark snickers almost every hour of the day. 2 more days before they have to go out in the wilderness. They wake up and they have a video of there families. Rae looks at hers first and it is her mom. Her mom says, "Rae, I know you can do this. You HAVE to do this. For me. You and Dellark better be nice to each other and once one of you come out of that arena, I know that one of you will be very close to me until the day I die. I will never forgive myself if either of you do not come out of that arena alive." Dellarks mother shows up on the screen too and says, "The one thing I dread is letting you go out in that god-forsken Hunger Games. But I know you can do this. Rae or you can do this, and I know in my heart that one of you will come out of there alive. I love you too." Rae and Dellark cry over the videos and kiss the screens where there mothers lips are suppose to be.

Not Deaths

Day 8

The day starts out as the arena makes a loud creeking noise. The forgotten has formed a club house in the mouth of the cornacopia. They have a watchmen, Sam, and a shooter, Valentine. Valentine has seen some motion in the west part of the arena and it is Owen and Li. They have been moving all around the arena. Owen has spotted Valentine and Valentine has spotted Owen. One of them will die. No dought. Owen is quicker than Valentine and Owen shoots at Valentine. Instead, it misses Valentine and hits Sam in the riht cheek. The loss of blood within two minutes kills him. Valentine shoots and arrow at Li, but misses. Li picks up a axe and hruls it over to Valentine. It again misses her and ripps the sheets of the little house and into Fins temple. Ofcourse, he died almost instantaneously. Everybody else is now settled for the night. The anoucemnt go over the competition and the fallen tributes of the previous day.


13. Sam (District 3) Killed By Owen (District 10)

12. Fin (Distrct 8) Killed By Li (District 10)

Day 9

Adam and Lillian travel down from the small hills to the camp of the tributes that have lost there clan mates. The fight was not long Lillian had thrown a spear at Chasity and it took a few mintues for her to choke on blood, but she finnaly died. A few weapons were thrown at the Distrct 7 tributes, but known were on target. Everybody stops traveling around the arena and settles for the night. The annoucements occur and Claudius Templesmith points out that.. The seatting in The Cereal Challenge is now..

1st Place -- Valentine (District 3) -- Rae (Distrct 12)

2nd Place -- Fisher (District 9) -- Li (Distrct 10) -- Owen (District 10) -- Lillian (Distrct 7)


11. Chasity (Distrct 6) Killed By Lillian (Distrct 7)

Day 10

The District 12 tributes are forced out of there protecting cabin. They start up a tree because they were chased by small foxes that had a sick green color. When they got up to the tree Rae had got stuck by a poisanous vine. She died after a few hours of screaming in pain. The Forgotten had heard the screams, and header toward the three that was about 1000 ft out where they were. When the got to the area Dellark is in, Dellark threw 6 spears down at the Forgotten and it hit Valentine, Lucy, and Peter some where around their chest. A few minutes of crying and bleeding they finally die. The 3 cannons boom. The rest of the day is unevenful. A shift in the cereal Killer challenge has accured. Dellark is in first while half of them is knocked out!


10. Rae (Distrct 12) Killed by vine

9. Lucy (District 8), Killed By Dellark (District 12)

8. Valentine (Distrct 3), Killed By Dellark (District 12)

7. Peter (Distrct 11), Killed By Dellark (Distrct 12)

Day 11

During this day the Distrct 7 tributes had fallen into a put of pine needles. They were barley stuck, but when they got out they felt dizzy. They both were knocked out and they both never woke up. Their cannon booms. The rest of the day is unevenful.

6. Adam (District 7), Killed By Pine needles

5. Lucy (Distrct 7), Killed By Pine needles

Day 12

The last day of the Hunger Games ends with the fight between Dellark, Fisher, and the Distrct 10 tributes. Owen kills Fisher with a mace he found in a tree that was previousley owned by Sam Elec. Li was killed by Dellark with a cross bow. And Owen was killed by Dellark that was killed with a spear. The spacecraft came and picked up Dellark and repaired the head damage that occured in the Final Flight and Fight. "Ladies and Gentelmen. Let us present the winner of our 1st Annual hunger Games!! Dellark O'Harris, The 16 year old boy of Distrct 12!!"

4. Fisher (Distrct 9), Killed By Owen (Distrct 10)

3. Li (Distrct 10), Killed By Dellark (District 12)

2. Owen (Distrct 10) Killed By Dellark (Distrct 12)

Dellark is the winner!!

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