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    12th Quarter Quell

    November 25, 2013 by Tundra Killstrum
    1. This is the 12th Quarter Quell. This year each Districts 1-13 must send the number of tributes equal to their district number ( district 1=1 1 tribute, 2=2 tributes, district 3=3 tribues.... district 13=13 tributes). since there will be 91 tributes we will let 2 win. Also, there will be 5 Cornucopias. 1 big one with backpacks, no weapons. the other 4 will be tinier and scattered around the arena. these mini ones will have weapons.



    District Age Sex
    Aaron Burst 1 14 male
    Adam Aurum 2 15 male
    Anastasia Molybdenum 2 16 female
    Carol Ann Harley 3 16 female
    Ella Totem 3 15 female
    Taylin Copp 3 14 female
    Odair Williams 4 17 male
    Thalia Hook 4 14 female
    Kodai Hitogoroshi 4 14 male
    Corbon White 4 16 male
    Natalie Karent 5 16 female
    Sorcera Spectrus 5 …

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