en Introduction

The mockingjay didn't survive the rebellion, and President Snow just got stronger. When he died, his grandson took of the games. Now there bigger then they ever have been.


President Snow III walks out on stage.

"Hello Citizens of Panem, as you know, 250 years ago from this date, the districts rebelled against the oh mighty capitol, but they didn't win. 175 years ago they tried again, they put up a fight, but didn't win once again. Now the games are worse, involving District 13 also. As you may all now, this year is a quarter quell. The quarter quell always has a twist. The twist this year is... Capitol Citizens participate. Also, four tributes will be reaped in to the games. But that's not all, there will be four different arena's. Once the tributes are reaped, we'll sort them then. 14 people in each arena. When 9 tributes die from each arena, the remaining five will be taken back to the capitol and put into another arena. The final living tribute will be the victor. Have a good night Panem, and Happy Hunger Games!"


1. This is a big games, so your allowed 6 tributes, but they must be in different districts.

2. When or if your tribute dies, do not freak out on me.

3. There will be no cursing.

4. There may be relationships, but you cannot form them (unless they were in a relationship in there home district).

5. Reservations will last for a week.

6. Make a tribute, now!


To make a tribute, just follow this format. You can have up to 6 tributes but they must be in different districts.


District and Gender:






Apperance: (Write or Lunaii).


Name District and Age Weapons Skills Weaknesses
Lion Scrapes One Boy - 18 Mace Knows a lot about plants, a good swimmer. Daydreams a lot, likes pretty girls.
? One Boy - 13 Scythe Good at Swimming Sucks at Climbing.
Starburst Infinity One Girl - 16 Bow and Arrow, Mace Beauty, Strength, Climbing, Swimming. Falling for boys, guilt, fears of deaths.
Rosalinda Shimmer One Girl - 15 Sword and Bow and Arrow. Stealth, Shoot an arrow no matter what circumstance, Run super fast and uses her beauty to her advantages. Can not last a day without being properley fed.
Bryce Kent Two Boy - 16 Any kind of Sword, Knife, or Dagger. Speed, Punching, Being a Career. ?
Justin Sunholme. Two Boy - 18 Sword/Axe. Physically Strong, Great Swimmer and Climber, Great Hunter. Somewhat of a temper, cocky, over sensitive about his sexual orientation.
Nova Star Two Girl - 16 Throwing Knives Knows Poisonus Berries, Great with Throwing Knives Horrible with Spears.
Shermaine Wilson Two Girl - 18 Double Swords, Crossbow

Speed in fight/running, H-H Combat and edible plants.

Stubborn, Brute Strength, Gets really mad if set off.
Angus Madren Three Boy - 17 Wire and Mace. Climbing (Weapons to the left). Camouflaging
Matthew Sparks Three Boy - 16 ? Machines and learns Quickly. Isn't Very Strong.
Jess Flockharte Three Girl - 17 Wires, Electricity, Technology. Extremely intelligent, Trap Construction, Swift on her feet, Decent in Camouflage. Not a very good hunter, swimmer, and not amazing on One on One H-H Combat.
Grae Starr Three Girl - 17 Axes, Throwing Knives, Other Blades. Swift, Flexible, moving through obsticales with Ease, Great Navigator, Fast Reactor, Handy with killing. Starting a trap of fire and spears and tridents.
Thomas Quince Four Boy - 15 Trident and Net, Spear Very Good with Trident and Spear, Climb and Jumping. Afraid of Lighting and doesn;t like insects.
Wes Quince Four Boy - 15 Trident and Net, Throwing Knives.

Hiding and Camouflage,Very strong and fast.

Afraid of spiders, bad swimmer, He is very fast, thirsty and hungry, but he is not fat.
Nichole List Four Girl - 17 Throwing Knives, Bow and Arrows, Running, Swimming, Strength, Flexible, H-H Combat Bossy, Short tempered.
Raquelle 'Rockie' Winston Four Girl - 18

Katana and Poison Darts.

Gymnastics, singing, Hunting, Plant Knowledge and Coordination. Strengths, thunderstorms, and cute guys.
Maxus Durbin Five Boy - 15 Swords and Wire Wires and Swords It's hard for him to kill people and he is a horrible swimmer.
Allan Raye Five Boy - 13 Knives Parents were Geologists, making fires, knows a lot about the environment. Climbing and Swimming. He easily Catches a cold.
Jane Skye Five Girl- 15 Sword and Hiding. Like A Ninja. Stealthy and Speed. Won't kill anyone and can't swim.
Verynne Merrick Five Girl - 16 Dagger in Each Hand or Throwing Knives. Very Good Aim, Very Good Tracker, Decent Swimmer, Amazing Hunter. Doesn't posses much endurance. Not the best at climbing, Somewhat tempermental.
Brann Clatch Six Boy - 16 Swords Smart, Good With Swords Bad Swimmer, A little scared of the dark.
Finnick O'dair III Six Boy - 18 Sword and Trident Swimming and weapons to the left. Talking and Making Allies.
Jasmine Richards Six Girl - 18 Tridents, Axes, Throwing Knives, Katana H-H Combat, strength, running, climbing
Misty Thurman Six Girl - 16 Bow and Arrows Stealth, Speed, Stamina, and Survival Skills. Swimming, Arrogant, Easily Scared.
Ricky Atlas Seven Boy - 15 Axe Plant Knowledge, Climbing, Martial Arts. ?
Ari Packard -Beauregard. Seven Boy - 16 Axe, Throwing Axe, Bow. Aim, Outdoor Survival, Hunting, Camouflaging. Swimming, Climbing, not much Endurance.
Eileen Shade Seven Girl - 16 Knives for throwing and Close combat. Trap Making, Climbing, edible plants, and survival skills. Social, Making people like her, trust and swimming.
Peyton Krei Seven Girl - 16 Throwing Axes, Kives, Axes Climbing, Running, Survival, H-H Combat. Sensitive, Trusts people to easily.
Gunner Time Eight Boy - 16 ? Wire and Time, Making Traps. Not a People person and Not a capitol favorite.
Malakai Zayne Eight Boy - 16 Sword, Spear, and Mace. Swift and Quiet, Good Hider and Amazing Navigator. Starting a Fire or Swimming.
Alyss Shepherd Eight Girl - 15 Whip, Spear, and words.



Anaylsing people and situations.

Hand to Hand Combat, and Brute Strength.
Katelyn Ross Eight Girl - 15 Throwing Knives and Poison. Weaving, Swimming, Strength and Aim. Coordination and Speed.
Kevin Quince Nine Boy - 12 Trident and Net, Ying Yang Swords. Good with his weapons, can swim and run fast. Claustrophobic,gets crazy when brother is hurt.
Wesley Greene Nine Boy- 16 Sword and Crossbow Long Distance Fighting, Aim. Close Combat
Lyn Alexander Nine Girl - 13 Blowgun Hiding, Climbing, Swimming. Not Strong
Lia Mainwaring Nine Girl - 15 Bow and Arrow Amazing Sprinter, Edible Plants, ecscaping and climbing. H-H Combat, and Killing 12 Year Olds. Isn't very coldhearted.
Kendrick Buxton Ten Boy - 17 Blowgun Survival, Stealing Things. ?
Jonah Fields Ten Boy - 14 Spear Strong Doesn't Feel Ready to Kill.
Ariannah Justice Ten Girl - 15 Sword Can tell edible plants and poison plants. Loves Nature a little to much.
Echo Lavyathin Ten Girl - 16 Knife, Body (Nails and Teeth). Really Strong, Stealth, Pretty, Good Tracker, Communication with wolves. Not the best socially, Doesn't understand the games and doesn't realize it's the capitols fault, she only see's the tributes trying to kill her.
Jaxon Keller Eleven Boy - 17 Knife, Spear, Sword. Strong, Fighting, Handsome, Friendly, Loyal, good at making Friends, Know's when something is to risky, but isn't overly careful. Shy, Opinonated, Doesn't have the best aim, Sleeps A lot! Need of Revenge could get in the way of things.
Mark Grain Eleven Boy- 18 Cycle Can Identify Plants, Fast. Not Very Strong.
Demi Corres Eleven Girl - 17 Throwing Knives, Blowgun, Slingshot. Running, Quite Strong, Survival Skills, Plants and Climbing. Swimming and Sensitive.
Palma Yu Eleven Girl - 17 Machete or Club. Physically Strong, camouflage Skills, very good at outdoor survival, Collected and Smart. Not very good Tracker, Sensitive to Cold and Heat. Becomes Scared Easily.
Seth Gold Twelve Boy - 18 ? Spears, Nets, Throwing Knives, and Climbing. Not very familiar with Edible Plants.
Peeta Mellark JR. Twelve Boy - 12 Bow and Arrows Camouflage and Swimming (Bow and Arrows) Killing People, Especially his Crush, Kaylona.
Natasha Grey Twelve Girl - 15 Throwing Knife Sneaking, Stealing, being un-noticed. Brute Strength, Not Sociable (Won't make allies unless they ask her.). Not wanting to kill twelve year olds.
Kaylona Reed Twelve Girl - 12 Spears Good with plants and great with spears. Really Fast. Healer. Dodging Attacks.
Ryan Blue Thirteen Boy - 18 Knife Smart and Strategic Not Strong or Fast!
Nickolas Dlas Thirteen Boy - 18 Katana, Whip Knows how to use a Katana, Making Fires. Finding Food.
Megan Jones Thirteen Girl - 15 Throwing Knives, Bow and Arrow, Sword. Strong, Good Climber, Fast, H-H Combat. Short Tempered, Plants.
Maysilee Lamipe Thirteen Girl - 14 Mace and Scythe Agility, Limbo, coordination and Aim. Strength, Swimming, and Speed.
Cyan Matsumuto Capitol Boy - 18 Whip Swinging a whip hitting a man at 15 mph. Over Confident.
Max Flatter Capitol Boy - 17 Spears and Knives. Can throw Far, Fast.

There hasn't been a day without food, Making Fires.

America Spirit Capitol Girl - 17 Baton Can twirl a baton and hit people in pressure points. She is hated because she honors America not Panem.
Leemona Jackson Capitol Girl - 18

Swimming, Climbing, ThrowingKnives.

Killing Machine (Weapons to the left). Making Allies, Soft Sport for 12 Year Olds.

Let the Games Begin!

Arena One

The tributes going into the first arena are going on a tropical paradise. It's on an exotic island with nice beaches, they'll forget they have to kill others. The only thing is, all the natural food sources are poison. You have to get food from the cornucopia or your many sponsers.

Tributes in Arena One

Name District And Age
Shermaine Wilsone Two Female - 18
Nichole List Four Female - 17
Alyss Shepard Eight Female - 15
Kevin Quince Nine Male - 12
Cyan Matsumuto Capitol Male - 18
Nova Star Two Female - 16
Maxus Durbin Five Male - 15
Leemona Jackson Capitol Female - 18
Angus Madren Three Male - 17
Finnick O'Dair III Six Male - 18
Jane Skye Five Female - 15
Matthew Sparks Three Male - 16
Palma Yu Eleven Female - 17
Justin Sunholme Two Male - 18

Arena Two

The odds of the tributes going into the second arena aren't that good. The arena is a flatland, where there's no places to hide. There's only a cornucopia right in the middle. Miles and miles in grass, grass, and more grass. The fighting should all be done on Day 1.

Tributes Going into Arena Two

Name District and Age
Thomas Quince Four Male - 15
Brann Clatch Six Male - 16
Peyton Krei Seven Female - 16
Lia Mainwaring Nine Female - 15
Natasha Grey Twelve Female - 15
Megan Jones Thirteen Female - 15
Lyn Alexander Nine Female - 13
Echo Lavyathin Ten Female - 16
Ricky Atlas Seven Male - 15
Gunner Time Eight Male - 16
Grae Starr Three Female - 17
Ryan Blue Thirteen Male - 18
Max Flatter Capitol Male - 17
Malakai Zayne Eight Male - 16

Arena Three

The tributes in here have to have a warm heart, because there going to need it. It's a frozen solid mountain with lots of snow. It's very slippery and tributes will feel like there on a big slide. The days may last longer then 2, but it will most likely be more brutal.

Tributes going into Arena Three

Name District And Age
Lion Scrapes One Male - 18
Raquelle 'Rockie' Winston Four Female - 18
Jasmine Richards Six Female - 18
Starburst Infinity One Female - 16
America Spirit Capitol Female - 17
Bryce Kent Two Male - 16
Kendrick Buxton Ten Male - 17
Katelyn Ross Eight Female - 15
Seth Gold Twelve Male - 18
Verrynne Merrick Five Female - 16
Ari Packard - Beauregard Seven Male - 18
Nickolas Dlas Thirteen Male - 18
? One Male - 13
Wesley Greene Nine Male - 16

Arena Four

Arena Four is my favorite Arena this year. Marking the 250th anniversary of the first rebellion, we will be celebrating with a battlefield, so the tributes won't be the only one's fighting, others will be too. Although they aren't a part of the games, they still may hurt the tributes in anyway possible.

Tributes Going into Arena Four

Name District and Age
Rosalinda Shimmer One Female - 15
Wes Quince Four Male - 15
Eileen Shade Seven Female - 16
Demi Corres Eleven Female - 17
Kaylona Reed Twelve Female - 12
Ariannah Justice Ten Female - 15
Jaxon Keller Eleven Male - 17
Misty Thurman Six Female - 16
Maysilee Lamipe Thirteen Female - 14
Peeta Mellark JR. Twelve Male - 12
Allan Raye Five Male - 13
Jess Flockharte Three Female - 17
Jonah Fields Ten Male - 14
Mark Grain Eleven Male - 18

Training Scores and Odds of Winning

Name and District Training Score Odds of Winning
Lion Scrapes - 1 10 5-1
? - 1 8 8-1
Starburst Infinity - 1 11 4-1
Rosalinda Shimmer - 1 9 6-1
Bryce Kent - 2 8 9-1
Justin Sunholme - 2 11 4-1
Nova Star - 2 8 10-1
Shermaine Wilson - 2 9 7-1
Angus Madren - 3 5 24-1
Matthew Sparks - 3 6 24-1
Jess Flockharte - 3 7 22-1
Grae Starr - 3 4 25-1
Thomas Quince - 4 8 12-1
Wes Quince - 4 7 14-1
Nichole List - 4 8 10-1
Raquelle 'Rockie' Winston - 4 9 9-1
Maxus Durbin - 5 6 23-1
Allan Raye - 5 4 30-1
Jane Skye - 5 7 18-1
Verynne Merrick - 5 5 26-1
Brann Clatch - 6 7 22-1
Finnick O'Dair III - 6 7 27-1
Jasmine Richards - 6 8 12-1
Misty Thurman - 6 11 3-1
Ricky Atlas - 7 3 25-1
Ari Packard - Beauregard - 7 8 16-1
Eileen Shade - 7 9 12-1
Payton Krei - 7 5 23-1
Gunner Time - 8 4 24-1
Malakai Zayne - 8 6 20-1
Alyss Shepard - 8 6 19-1
Katelyn Ross - 8 8 15-1
Kevin Quince - 9 10 5-1
Wesley Greene - 9 8 6-1
Lyn Alexander - 9 7 25-1
Lia Mainwaring - 9 5 30 - 1
Kendrick Buxton - 10 8 23-1
Jonah Fields - 10 7 20-1
Ariannah Justice - 10 5 26-1
Echo Layvathin - 10 6 17-1
Jaxon Keller - 11 7 20-1
Mark Grain - 11 5 28-1
Demi Corres - 11 7 16-1
Palma Yu - 11 11 3-1
Seth Gold - 12 5 19-1
Peeta Mellark JR. - 12 7 25-1
Kaylonna Reed - 12 4 32-1
Natasha Grey - 12 5 29-1
Ryan Blue - 13 7 20-1
Nickolas Dlas - 13 6 22-1
Maysilee Limpe - 13 10 4-1
Megan Jones - 13 6 18-1
Cyan Matsumuto - (C) 7 12-1
Max Flatter - (C) 8 10-1
America Spirit 2 (Rigged By Capitol) Gamemaker = 7 45-1 (Rigged By Capitol) Gamemaker = 19-1
Leemona Jackson 9 8-1

Current Status

Name and District Where They Are
Justin Sunholme - 2 Victor Home:)
Echo Lavyathin - 10 Victor Home:)

Arena 1: Day 1

Nova Star (2)

The elevators bring us into the arena. 60...59...58...57... It's an island, they actually made a good arena this year. Shermaine (2) is to my right. She winks to me, I guess I'm in the careers. Great, now I have to be with idiots. But whatever. I know I'm going to have to kill her, but I'll save her until the second arena. 45...44...43...42...

Palma Yu (11)

I look around to see a nice, fresh ocean. But it's all salt water, we can't drink that. 30...29...28...27...26... All I want to do is be at home, in District 11. I need to get back. I need to help my parents. I just need to... 15...14...13...12...

Matthew Sparks (3)

It's almost time to run, to come to our deaths. 5...4...3...2...1... BONGGGGGGG I run to a bag on the outskirts of the cornucopia. I hear screams all around but I try to zone it out. A knife is on the bag I grab. I run away to a large tropical forest to the left of the cornucopia when an axe comes right toward me, I turn around to see Leemona Jackson (C) standing twenty feet away from me. "You got lucky three!" I take my knife and throw at her, hitting her skull and killing her. BOOM. "Well, you didn't."

Angus Madren (3)

I'm still on my pedestal in shock that I'm in the games. I finally moved when a spear came flying at my face. I just dodged it. I run to a blue backpack that looks decent. I grab and run, I don't know where yet, but not in the cornucopia.

Justin Sunholme (2)

I run over to Nova and Shermaine and scream "What's the deal". "Just go get a sword and start killing!" Nova stated. In which I exactly did. I run up to Nichole List (4) and swing at her. "I'm a career!" Nichole (4) screams. "Not for long!" I take my sword and jab her in the stomach. She falls to the ground and screams for help. Everyone's so wrapped up in getting supplies no one helps. The tears come down her face and her hands turn blue. BOOM.

Jane Skye (5)

I'm fighting with Shermaine Wilson (2) until Finnick O'Dair III (6) comes up behind me and starts choking me. I take my sword and shove it threw his skull. BOOM. "Wow, you did good! Want to join the careers?" Shermaine (2) asks me. I think, and think, and think when finally I decide. I take my sword and decapitate her head. BOOM. "I guess that's a no".

Maxus Durbin (5)

I'm running all around, trying to find a Wire. I keep running so no one can kill me until a feel a sharp pain in my back. "HA, MY FIRST KILL." Screams Alyss (8). I can feel my body slowly starting to shut down. With the last bit of energy in me, I grab the arrow in my back and throw it in her back. She falls to the ground with blood spurting everywhere. BOOM. "Mine too!" I say. Everything is getting darker and I can't lift my arms. I slowly start to see nothing... I'm de..... BOOM.

(By the way, he gets cut off short when he says Dead, that's why there is only de).

Kevin Quince (9)

Tears are flying out of my face. I just want to find Thomas and Wes. Oh no. They may not be in this arena. I break down on the ground and start to cry. Then Justin (2) picks me up and takes me to the cornucopia. "PLEASE DON'T KILL ME..." I scream. "Relax, I'm not going to. Your a career, right? There's two boys with your last name right?" He replies. "Yea. I guess I am.".

Angus Madren (3)

I received a couple of wires in my package, just enough to make a contraption. I start to attach the wires to make a device to shock the other tributes. When I finally attach all the wires, I put them in a pond about 25 feet away from the cornucopia, where all the other tributes are still fighting. I place it in the water and run back to my camp. I take a match I also got in my bag and light it. I put it on the end of the wire and I watch as the fire travels through the wire. The fire starts to erupt and it shoots toward the cornucopia and I see the tributes faces, I see the fear in there eyes, I see the shock. I run away to the back more and I hear all the cannons.








It starts to rain and I see the fire go away. I look at all the tributes burnt bodies. I see a hovercraft take them away. I can't believe it, I'm the last living tribute in Arena 1.

"Congratulations Angus Madren, One of the Male Tributes From 3, you have survived Arena 1! Now that you all now, we need at least 5 tributes from each arena to go to the final arena. As you can see, Angus is only one. We will fix up all of the dead bodies and get them back to life, they will have a second chance . So don't fret parents of these brave hearted children, they will fight once again. Goodnight and May The Odds Be Ever in Your Favor!"

Jackson Templesmith (Cladius' grandson) word's go through my mind, they all have a second chance, I'm not officially a winner, yet.

  • Thank You for Reading:) The Arena 1 tributes battle will be after Arena 4.

Arena 2: Day 1

Lyn Alexander (9)

So this is it, this is what being in the games feels like. 59...58...57...56...55... I look around and watch all the tributes faces, how scared they look. Except the careers, there crazy. Why do they like the games? Why oh Why?

Echo Lavyathin (10)

I want to know the concept of the games. Like, what do we have to do. 30...29...28..27...26...25...24...23... What do we have to do when the countdown hits one? 10....9... What am I supposed to do? 2...1... BONGGGGGGG. I look around in shock to see everyone running towards the middle of the arena. I run. I see the boy from seven and I ask him "What are we supposed to do?". "This!", He grabs a knife and tries to stab me. "Hey, watch it punk!" I grab the knife out of his hand and throw it in his face. BOOM.

Gunner Time (8)

I grab a knife and a bag and start running away. I know theres no where to go, but if I go to the edge of the arena, the other tributes won't find me. I run about two miles and stop. I see a small figure running up aside me. It's a boy, the boy from Thirteen. I think his name is Ryan Blue. He comes up to me with a small dagger and tries to stab me, which it did. I fall to the ground and he kneels over me to make sure I die. I take my small wire and wrap it around his neck. I start to here him choke. I can't see anything else. I feel blood dripping from his mouth going on to my leg. But then the feeling stops. BOOM. BOOM.

Malakai Zayne (8)

I was the fastest tribute in arena 2, I bolted right into the center of the cornucopia. I grab a sword and some knives and sit in the back, waiting to kill some tributes. I hear the voice of Natasha Grey (12) coming to the back. I take a knives and throw it, killing her. BOOM. I hear more tributes come so I crawl to Natasha and grab the knife. I hear Max Flatter (C) now, with a small voice in the background. "I think there's someone right her." Max states. Max (C) and Brann (6) come up to me and look at the knife in my hand. I take it and shove it in Max's thigh, nowing Brann will kill me now. BOOM. Brann takes a Sword and swings at my had with it. Goodbye crucial world. BOOM.

Thomas Quince (4)

I keep looking around to find Kevin. He's no where... No where at all! In the back of my mind I keep thinking the he died already. But he couldn't. I see tributes bodies stuck on the ground and I realized I just wasted time waiting to find Kevin when I could've started killing tributes. I pick up a trident and start swinging it everywhere. It connects with Megan Jones(13) first. BOOM. Then I pull it out and shove it in Peyton Krei's(7) back. BOOM. I need to get to Kevin, I need to see him!

Lia Mainwaring (9)

I look around and count how many more tributes are left, six! One more has to die. I run up to Lyn since were from the same district and ask "Who should we kill". "Echo, she doesn't know what this is at all." "Alright" I say. I grab a Bow and one arrow. I load it in and wish for the best. She looks straight in my eye as I let go. I start crying with victory when I realize she's coming toward me, with the arrow. "Why'd you try to kill me?" Echo asks. "Because that's what were supposed to do!" I reply. "Oh, alright!" Now I'm looking in her eye when I feel a sharp pain go through my stomach. Goodnight. BOOM.

"Congratulations to the final five tributes! Thomas Quince of Four, Brann Clatch of six, Lyn Alexander of Nine, Echo Lavyathin of Ten, and Grae Starr of Three! Please wait while the hovercraft takes you back to the capitol!"

Arena 3: Day 1

Unknown Name Boy (1)

I'm looking at all the great supplies in the mouth of the cornucopia. 59...58...57...56...55...54... I'm getting so eager to start the games. The gong must ring. IT MUST RING.... 40...39...38...37.... My left eye is going crazy! I must get those supplies. I hear the bong. But no one else is running!! I WILL GET THERE FIRST. I hop of my plate and take three steps before I'm gone. BOOM.

Starburst Infinity (1)

I look in awe as one of my district partners just blew up... Seriously, I thought we were careers. 15...14...13...12..11... I look at a nice and shiny Bow right in the middle, It's amazing. There's a sheath of Arrows right next to it also. I count 15 arrows. Enough for me to kill. 5...4...3...2..1... BONGGGGGG.

America Spirit (C)

After I realize I'm in the games, I run up to a spear and use it as a baton. I see Nickolas Dlas from thirteen and I start to spin it toward him, hitting his pressure point on the shoulder. He passes out but he's not dead. I take the spear and shove it through his throat. BOOM. I run up to a nice big coat that I could use and I run towards the mountain, hoping to find some caves.

Ari Packard - Beauregard (7)

I try to walk toward's the cornucopia. The ice is so slippery, I'm falling everywhere I go. I get back up one more time and start to run. I slip and this time I hit my head on a nice sharp rock. BOOM.

Raquelle 'Rockie' Winston (4)

I found this boots in the mouth of the cornucopia that when I walk, I don't slip. So I'm running around watching all the other tributes fall. I take a nice large Katana and I try to find my first victim. I start of with Jasmine Richards from Six. I take my Katana and shove it straight through her stomach. BOOM. BOOM. Two cannons? I look around to see the other kill when I realize Jasmine was back to back with Verrynne Merrick from five. I got two kills. At the same time. Well, I am a career.

Wesley Greene (9)

So far I heard five cannons, Four left. I find a nice crossbow and I load it with an arrow. I look at Katelyn Ross from 8. She is the only tribute not looking at me. I take my crossbow and shoot her, right in the back. She falls to the ground screaming. She's not dead yet. I walk across the icy field toward Katelyn and take the arrow out of her back. I shove it straight through her head. BOOM. That makes three.

Seth Gold (12)

I'm falling around everywhere I just want to give up, but I can't get home if I give up. I crawl over to a small spear and throw it in the air. Which I don't think was a good id.... BOOM.

Bryce Kent (2)

I'm looking around and I count six more kids. Only one more kid needs to die. I look around and find Starburst. I grab a sword and walk over to starburst. "I'm sorry about this but you need to die.". "What, I'm a career." She replies. I take my sword and pull it over my head. I'm about to swing down when I fall back. Lion from 1 stabbed me. "Never ever kill another career, especially one from one" he states. Everything starts to turn white. BOOM.

Kendrick Buxton (10)

I'm getting more excited. There's only five kids left!! I made it. But they didn't say anything yet. They must've put it on a delay I guess. Well that's okay, I'm already in the final five. I sit on the ground because I'm getting tired of waiting. I start to relax when Starburst takes her Bow and loads it. "What are you doing?" I ask. "THIS!". She releases her bow and it goes straight through my eye. BOOM.

"Congratulations to the final five tributes!! Lion Scrapes of One, Raquelle Winston of Four, Starburst Infinity of One, Wesley Greene of Nine, and America Spirit from the one and the only, amazing, yet beautiful, CAPITOL!!! Please wait while the hovercraft comes and gets you."

  • The reason I made such a long statement next to America is because the capitol citizens are very cocky, I guess.

Arena 4 Day 1

Misty Thurman (6)

So it's finally, here. The dreaded Hunger Games. Whatever, I hunt, it's not that different... 59...58...57..56...55... They did a nice job on this arena, finally. I can't wait to just finish this thing. I mean, I think I have a decent chance of winning. 40...39...38...37...36...

Kaylona Reed (12)

I'm waiting for the countdown to finish! I see a nice Spear over to the side a little bit. 25...24...23...22...21....20... I lived in District 12, where we know nothing going into the games. People from eight can use swords as needles, people from 11 know plants, people from seven can swing axes and other large weapons with ease, and district 12 can do absolutely nothing. 10...9...8...7...

Peeta Mellark JR. (12)

My great grandparents are the reason why were still in these games. 3...2...1... It's off and running. They have men and women shooting of bombs everywhere. It's like a war zone. I run and pick up a bow and load it with a arrow. I turn around and see Ariannah Justice from 10. She's the closet to me. I close my eyes tight and shoot. I hear a squeal and then... BOOM. But she's still standing, it's Allan Raye of 5 that I hit. I run to get some more arrows. I run right away from that bloodbath. The only thing is, a bomb is three feet in front of me.. Uh oh. BOOM.

Jess Flockharte (3)

I'm running around trying to find a place to head when I just decided to go in the battle field. There I can dodge everyone. It's a good idea. I take the knife in my pocket out for protection when I see Jonah Fields of 11 chasing me. I take the knife and throw toward him. He catches it but cuts his hand, deeply. He falls to the ground while I laugh. He takes the knife and throws it at me. I don't think he can hit me because he's losing to much blood until I feel the pain in my leg. Great, I'm dead. BOOM. BOOM.

Mark Grain (11)

Rosalinda Shimmer (1) and I are fighting over a nice and sharp sword. She kicks my knee and pushes me to the ground. I take a knife and stab her leg. She falls and now were just fighting on the ground. We both get up at the same time. I take her hair when a strand of it comes out. "It's extensions." She snarks. She pushes me to the ground once more with the sword. I guess it belongs to her now. I take my knife and chuck it at her leg. I broke through her leg. BOOM. She falls to the ground with the sword pointed down, on me. Man, I though I could've won. BOOM.

Ariannah Justice (10)

I see eight tributes left. I look around to see who I can kill. I see Wes Quince on the ground digging through swords. "I can't find the right one!" he says. I take my sword and throw it at his neck, decapitating his head. BOOM. "Is that the one" I say. Two left.

Eileen Shade (7)

I look around trying to figure out who's going to die now. All of a sudden I see Kaylona taking off her tribute token and throwing it at Jaxon Keller's eye. He falls to the ground screaming in agony. Kaylona walks over to him and takes out her spear. She shoves it through his mouth. Blood flies everywhere. BOOM.

Maysilee Lamip (13)

No body wants to kill anybody right now. We're all looking around trying to see who's going to kill the other, but no one is willing to. Misty Thurman of Six is now walking around, then suddenly she just sits. "Someone has to die, and it's not going to be me." Misty states. We all look in shock when a bomb drops right behind her. No one says a thing, nothing at all. Then it happens.... BOOM. We all smile that we have made it to the finals. Then I feel something on my back. It's Misty's hand. Her hand is on me. "AHHHHHHHHHH." I scream. I lay down on the ground, twitching, and try to wake up from this awful nightmare.

"Congratulations to the final five tributes in Arena Four... Eileen Shade of seven. Demi Corres of Eleven. Kaylona Reed of Twelve. Ariannah Justice of Ten. and Maysilee Lamip of thirteen! Please wait while the Hovercraft picks up the other tributes!

Arena 1 "Dead" Tribute Battle

Jane Skye (5)

It's a miracle. I'm... Awake! It's amazing what the capitol can do, but it's there fault I'm here anyway. It doesn't matter, I get a second chance! There's no official countdown, we're all just laying in our hospital beds. It looks like I'm the only one awake. I guess there's some time to kill. I walk over to Cyan Matsumuto, the closest bed to mine, and I take my nail and I dig it through his eye. I take my finger and shove it down his eye socket and then, BOOM. But wait, he's still breathing. It's Shermaine Wilson who's dead. Justin Sunholme stabbed her throat. "SHHHH. We can kill them together." he says. "Okay, deal. Wait, where'd you get the sword." I reply. "Check for a present under your pillow". BOOM.

Palma Yu (11)

I wake up from what feels like was a thousand years, wait, wasn't I dead. It doesn't matter, I'm alive right? I turn around to find Justin Sunholme and Jane Skye walking around. "What are you doing?" I say. "Do you want us to kill you or keep you alive?" Jane says. "I don't think you want to do, so go under your pillow and start killing.". I reach under my pillow to find a nice large machete. I walk over to Nichole List and slice her stomach open. BOOM. Matthew Sparks, who's next to Nichole, wakes up. "Hey, what are you doing?" "This" I reply. BOOM. My machete fits perfectly in his throat, now I just need to get it out.

Maxus Durbin (5)

I wake up to find Justin Sunholme over my head. "Holy crap, what's your problem." I say. "Nothing, but here's your's!" He replies. I feel a sharp pain on my neck, then it goes black. BOOM.

Kevin Quince (9)

"Get up! Wake up now!" Justin Sunholme says. "Wait, we're alive?" "Yea, come help us kill the others" He says. I don't wait one bit before I take my trident and get some revenge. I walk over to Nova Star, who was mean to me while in training. "This is for being rude." as I slice he neck open. BOOM. My next victim is Finnick O'Dair III. "This is for thinking your more popular then everyone else." I say as my trident goes through his skull. BOOM. "Slow it down Kevin, there's only two more tributes we have to kill."

Leemona Jackson (C)

Ohh, they started killing without me knowing, how rude! I grab the large and shiny Knife under my pillow and look at the tributes without blood on them, Alyss Shepard. I walk over and slit her throat. BOOM. How exciting!! "So, five left?" I say. "Yea, and your not making it to the next round" Jane from Five says. "How dare you say that to a capitol citizen, rude!". I take my knife and throw it at her skull. She falls to the ground and the other three tributes surround her. "Win for me, Palma, Justin, and Kevin! You guys can do this!! One of you must win!" She says. BOOM. "Yippe, we made it!" I scream. I try to start a group hug but they don't want one. "Alright negative nellies, it seems like you just lost an important thing!" I say. Palma comes running at me, but Kevin and Justin stop her. "Watch it girl, I don't like the attitude!".

"Congratulations to the final four tributes that have been awarded with a second chance! Justin Sunholme from 2, Kevin Quince from 9, Palma Yu from 11, and Leemona Jackson from the most amazing, great, place on this planet, THE CAPITOL! Please exit through the door all the way to the right, about fifty feet away from bed number 7."

Death Chart

Placing Name and District Who Killed Them Day an Arena
56th Ricky Atlas - 7 Echo Lavyathin Day 1 Arena 2
55th Ryan Blue - 13 Gunner Time Day 1 Arena 2
54th Gunner Time - 8 Ryan Blue Day 1 Arena 2
53rd Natasha Grey - 12 Malakai Zayne Day 1 Arena 2
52nd Max Flatter - C Malakai Zayne Day 1 Arena 2
51st Malakai Zayne - 6 Brann Clatch Day 1 Arena 2
50 Megan Jones - 13 Thomas Quince Day 1 Arena 2
49 Peyton Krei - 7 Thomas Quince Day 1 Arena 2
48 Lia Mainwaring Echo Lavyathin Day 1 Arena 2
47 Unknown Name Boy - 1 Himself Day 1 Arena 3
46 Nickolas Dlas - 13 America Spirit Day 1 Arena 3
45 Ari Packard - Beauregard - 7 Sharp Piece of Ice Day 1 Arena 3
44 Jasmine Richards - 6 Rockie Winston Day 1 Arena 3
43 Verrynne Merrick - 5 Rockie Winston Day 1 Arena 3
42 Katelyn Ross - 8 Wesley Greene Day 1 Arena 3
41 Seth Gold - 12 Seth Gold Day 1 Arena 3
40 Bryce Kent - 2 Lion Scrapes Day 1 Arena 3
39 Kendrick Buxton - 10 Starburst Infinity Day 1 Arena 3
38 Allan Raye - 5 Peeta Mellark JR, Day 1 Arena 4
37 Peeta Mellark JR - 12 Bomb Day 1 Arena 4
36 Jess Flockharte - 3 Jonah Fields Day 1 Arena 4
35 Jonah Fields - 10 Jess Flockharte Day 1 Arena 4
34 Rosalinda Shimmer - 1 Mark Grain Day 1 Arena 4
33 Mark Grain - 11 Rosalinda Shimmer Day 1 Arena 4
32 Wes Quince - 4 Ariannah Justice Day 1 Arena 4
31 Jaxon Keller - 11 Kaylona Reed Day 1 Arena 4
30 Misty Thurman - 6 Bomb Day 1 Arena 4
29 Shermaine Wilson - 2 Justin Sunholme Arena 1 Dead Tribute Battle
28 Cyan Matsumuto - C Jane Skye Arena 1 Dead Tribute Battle
27 Nichole List - 4 Palma Yu Arena 1 Dead Tribute Battle
26 Matthew Sparks - 3 Palma Yu Arena 1 Dead Tribute Battle
25 Maxus Durbin - 5 Justin Sunholme Arena 1 Dead Tribute Battle
24 Nova Star - 2 Kevin Quince Arena 1 Dead Tribute Battle
23 Finnick O'Dair III Kevin Quince Arena 1 Dead Tribute Battle
22 Alyss Shepard - 8 Leemona Jackson Arena 1 Dead Tribute Battle
21 Jane Skye - 5 Leemona Jackson Arena 1 Dead Tribute Battle
20 Starburst Infinity - 1 Demi Corres FINAL ARENA
19 America Spirit - (C) Lion Scrapes FINAL ARENA
18 Lion Scrapes - 1 Maysilee Lamip FINAL ARENA
17 Angus Madren - 3 Wesley Greene FINAL ARENA
16 Wesley Greene - 9 Angus Madren FINAL ARENA
15 Kaylona Reed - 12 Eileen Shade Final Arena
14 Leemona Jackson - C Jane Skye and Alyss Shepard FINAL ARENA?
13 Demi Corres - 11 Rockie Winston FINAL ARENA
12 Thomas Quince - 4 Brann Clatch FINAL ARENA
11 Maysilee Lamip - 13 Lyn Alexander FINAL ARENA
10 Palma Yu - 11 Kevin Quince FINAL ARENA
9 Ariannah Justice - 10 Echo Lavyathin FINAL ARENA
8 Brann Clatch - 6 Kevin Quince FINAL ARENA
7 Kevin Quince - 9 Eileen Shade FINAL ARENA
6 Eileen Shade - 7 Kevin Quince FINAL ARENA
5 Grae Starr - 3 Capitol FINAL ARENA
4 Lyn Alexander - 9 Echo Lavyathin FINAL ARENA
3 Rockie Winston - 4 Justin Sunholm FINAL ARENA
Victor! Justin Sunholme -2 CONGRATS CONGRATS
Victor! Echo Lavyathin - 10 CONGRATS CONGRATS

Tributes going into the Final Arena!

Name and District Original Arena
Thomas Quince - 4 2
Brann Clatch - 6 2
Lyn Alexander - 9 2
Echo Lavyathin - 10 2
Grae Starr - 3 2
Lion Scrapes - 1 3
Rockie Winston - 4 3
Starburst Infinity - 1 3
America Spirit - (C) 3
Wesley Greene - 9 3
Eileen Shade - 7 4
Demi Corres - 11 4
Kaylona Reed - 12 4
Ariannah Justice - 10 4
Maysilee Lamip - 13 4
Angus Madren - 3 1
Leemona Jackson - C 1
Palma Yu - 11 1
Justin Sunholme - 2 1
Kevin Quince - 9 1


"Hello Citizens of Panem! It is I, your president! You thought that there was no more twists, but you were wrong! Lets start with the first one... There will be no cornucopia bloodbath, all tributes shall be brought up into different sections of the arena. As to the arena, the arena shall be all first four arena's pieced together. It will be one of the largest arena's in the history of Hunger Games arenas! As for the third and final twist! There won't be one victor this year, actually, there won't be two either! There will be five! So only fifteen of these children need to die. Goodnight Panem!"

Final Arena: Day 1

Echo Lavyathin (10)

I come up on a tropical island, that's all burnt down. I wonder how it got burnt, oh wait, didn't one of the boys from three burn it. I think so. I start walking around when the boy from 2, Justin Sunholme, came up to me. "Do you want to ally, I gave up on the careers, now that five can win, I think it should be underdogs." Justin Says to me. "Okay, but what's an ally again?"

Starburst Infinity (1)

I come up and notice that I'm in a flat land, with nothing in it. I see Demi Corres (11) standing about fifty feet away from me. I see no cornucopia, nothing at all. I sneak up to Demi. She feels my breath against her back because she turns around and punches me in the noise! "HOW DARE YOU PUNCH ME!" I scream. "But it's okay if you choke me." She says as she runs up and starts pulling my hair. "If your gonna fight a career, you have to fight her right.". I grab her throat and throw her to the ground. "FINE!" She screams at me. The last thing I feel is her foot going into my throat. BOOM.

Maysilee Lamip (13)

I don't even stand on my pedestal, I just sit. I refuse to participate anymore. I don't even look up. "Get up thirteen!" I hear. I look up to find America Spirit (C) standing in front of me. "What do you want?" I reply. "I want an ally, and your the only one who looks reasonable enough to ally with.". "Okay, fine, but I don't see any other tributes. Where are they?". "We were all put up in different parts of the arena.". She says. "Okay, lets walk." I say to her. We walk about a mile until we find Lion the cornucopia, the same one I fought in before this arena.. "I... I can't go in." I say. "Oh it should be easy, you just need to find away with out disturbing Lion Scrapes. Um, so I think we should go behind the...." She gets cut short because Lion throws a knife at her skull. BOOM. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH" I scream. I run over to him and start punching him. I punch him when he falls. I punch when he dies. I don't stop punching until I hear BOOM.

Kaylona Reed (12)

I come up on a Icy mountain. It's beautiful, if I didn't have to kill a bunch of older kids. I hear screams and then... BOOM. BOOM. I run over to the dead bodies. It looks like Wesley Green (9) and Angus Madren (3) both slipped on the ice and cracked there skulls together. Looks like's Angus is good with fire, but not ice. I start to run away when I see it, the cornucopia. Only two more people are in it, Eileen Shade (7) and Grae Starr (3). When Eileen sees me though, she takes an axe and throws it at me, connecting with my skull. BOOM.

"Goodnight tributes, tomorrow at Dawn will be a large feast, all tributes are required to get there bag. If you do not get your bag, well, your in for a little surprise! We will announce again in the morning, we will give you five minutes to get to the center of all four arenas, then when everyone is there, we will announce one more little twist! Get a goodnight's rest tributes, your going to need it!"

Mentor instructions: You must write what will be in your tributes bags. A maximum of two items will be held. I will have to have one tribute to not go to the feast, I will choose via Have a goodnight, or day, whatever your timezone is:)

Final Arena: Day 2 (Feast)

Leemona Jackson (C)

So today is the feast, which I've decided I'm not going to. Like, the capitol can't do anything to me, I am the capitol. It doesn't matter though, I already have all the supplies I need. I go on with my normal tribute life when Ariannah Justice (10) walked by me. "Your making a mistake." I say. "No, you are.". I let her go with ease, because unlike me, she's going to get herself killed. About twenty minutes later, I look in the distance to see two tributes walking toward me. "You better stay back!" I scream. "It doesn't matter, we're already dead!" they reply. "Wait, who are you?". "Take a nice look, remember us?" both tributes say. Oh my gosh, it's Alyss and Jane. The two tributes I killed. "FINE! I'LL GO!" I scream with terror. "To late." they say. "Both there cold boney hands go around my throat. I fall to the ground and grab a knife. Jane grabs it out of my head and stabs me in the stomach. They both fall into the ground. Goodbye world. BOOM.

Gamemakers (C)

"Hello remaining tributes. It is I, your head gamemaker. Flendca Matre. One tribute has disobeyed my command, and they have been killed. As you all know, it is the feast. When I stop talking, you my get your bags. But I have one more thing to see. We have decided there will be 5 victors this year. But there not all victors, we will bring the five remaining tributes back to the capitol to fight in the training center. When there is two left, The Victors will be crowned! So yes, only two victors are permitted this year. Happy Hunger Games and May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor!"

Rockie Winston (4)

Really, the gamemakers are just confusing the tributes now. But it doesn't matter, I'm going to be one of those two. I run to go get my bag when Demi Corres from Eleven attacks me. "GET OFF!" I scream. "NO! I'M HAVE TO WIN THESE GAMES. I HAVE TO!!!!!" She screams. "SO DO I!" I scream. I punch her and she falls off of me. I run to my bag and grab the katana out of it. I take it and stab her. BOOM. Looks like you don't have to now!

Thomas Quince (4)

"KEVIN? KEVIN?" I scream. "WHERE ARE YOU!" "Kevin come out!" I scream in horror. Brann Clatch (6) comes out instead. "Found him." He screams towards me. "WHERE?" I scream. "Turn around.". I turn around until I feel a sharp pain in my back. BOOM.

Lyn Alexander (9)

I run to my bag. "Nice" I say. My mentor sent me a blowgun and some instant relief. I take the blowgun when every tribute comes running at me. Not another bloodbath. I see Maysilee Lamip sitting on the ground by a tree. Her head in her knees crying. I grab my blowgun and blow a dart in her neck. BOOM.

Palma Yu (11)

I'm running around to try to find my bag, but I can't find it. I see the number eleven but I don't know if it's mine or Demi's. I don't care. I grab it when Kevin Quince comes up to me. He takes out a trident and throws it at me. "Watch it kid!" I scream. "No, you watch me." He says as he shoves it in my head. BOOM.

Echo Lavythin (10)

I don't know exactly what I'm supposed to be doing. I just run to find the number ten. I see two, but I don't know which one is mine. I grab both and throw one at Ariannah Justice. BOOM. Uh oh, a sword was in the bag....

Day 3: Final Arena

Brann Clatch (6)

Today is probably going to be the final day in this arena. I wouldn't be surprised if the gamemakers make another twist, but I hope they don't. I start to walk around to find a tribute to kill when I hear rumbling behind me, it's a tribute. "You killed my brother!" the icy voice whispers. "Yea, I did, and I'm going to kill you know." I reply. It was Kevin Quince from 9, a wimpy twelve year old. I turn around and see a trident flying into my head. I grab it, but it's already in my head. BOOM.

Eileen Shade (7)

I'm trying to find a cornucopia when I see a dead body. It belongs to Brann Clatch (6). There must be a tribute near here. It's nice and warm, so he died only a few minutes ago. I hunt for the other tribute when I hear footsteps behind me. I take out one of my knives and throw it backwards. I hear a scream, but feel a sharp pain. Uh-Oh. BOOM. BOOM.

"Congratulations Tributes! You are now the Final Five of the 250th Hunger Games! But don't celebrate yet, you'll be transported to the last arena. Now watch out, be sure to break your fall!"

*The tributes have just fallen into the last arena. To be revealed later, mentor advice is needed now.. Good Luck and May the Odds Ever in your Favor.

Final Five Battle

Echo Lavyathin (10)

So today is the last day... I finally realize the point of these games. There's only one boy left, Justin from 2. He's a career also. But he's been really nice to me, so I think I'll keep him around. Grae from 3 and Lyn from 9 start running away. Grae falls to the ground screaming. BOOM. "GRAE!!!! WHO KILLED HER?" Lyn screams. "No one, it was the forcefield, don't even try touching it, it's deadly." Rockie says. So, where's our weapons? I look down to find a knife. Oh, found it.

Rockie Winston (4)

So, the girl from three is down, two to go. I look down to find a katana. I grab it and see that everyone else has found there's too. It's hard to kill because we became so attached to all of us. It's hard to see four of us now, and only two can come out. Justin and I are both careers, so I won't kill him. The girl from 9 seems strong with her weapon, and the girl from 10 seems strong with strength. I decided to go after 10 first. "Hey 10! Watch out!!" I scream. "No, I think you should!" She screams back! "Girls, Boys, Ahhroooah!".. "What's that, some loser chant?" I scream. I laugh until a wolf comes straight at me. It jumps on Lyn from 9 first. BOOM. One Left.

Justin Sunholme (2)

It's only the three of us left. Rockie, Echo, and I. The wolves go away finally. "Nice one Echo!" I scream. "Thanks, I guess!". Rockie seems startled because she has a blank stare. I decide it's a good time for me to stab her. I take my sword and throw it at her head... BOOM. It's over... I won.

"Congratulations Echo Lavyathin from District 10 and Justin Sunholme from District 2! You will now be dropped into the interviews with Ceaser!"

Post Game Interviews

Ceaser: Hello Panem! I welcome to the stage, Echo Lavyathin from 10 and Justin Sunholme from 2! Congratulations!!!

Justin: Thanks Ceaser.

Echo: Ditto!

Ceaser: So, how was the games? Were they easy?

Echo: No not really. I didn't know what was happening until the FINAL ARENA. All the tributes were a lot of help.

Ceaser: I noticed that! So Justin, what was it like, dying then coming back alive? Now you won!

Justin: It was nice! It felt funny at first! But then I knew I would win when we were brought into the FINAL ARENA!

Ceaser: Yea, it must have been easier since you are from 2!

Justin: Well, I trained alot because as you may know, I am gay. But it doesn't matter! As long as you find love, your good! Love is a very hard thing to find, so when you find it, it's a blessing! I also trained much harder so I can show that it doesn't matter who you are, anyone can win!

Ceaser: That's true, but in our eyes, we don't care! You amazing just they way you are!

Echo: He is! Just to win these things are great!

beep beep beep

-Echo and Justin Jump-

Ceaser: Oh, so the games made you more alert, that's good! Well, I think that raps it up for the night! Congratulations Justin Sunholme from 2 and Echo Lavyathin from 10 for winning The 250th ANNUAL HUNGER GAMES!!!! Good night Panem!

10 Years Later

Justin Sunholme (2)

It has been ten years since I was crowned victor! A lot has happened since then. I'm not married yet but I found a boyfriend. He was the victor of the 247th Annual Hunger Games. Echo and I are still friends. Actually, I moved to District 10 so we could be neighbors. It's hard to just forget a person who you shared such a large and tragic experience with! We have mentored four victors together, we're basically unstoppable. I have such an amazing life, even though I killed other kids just ten years ago.

Echo Lavyathin (10)

Today is the ten year anniversary of the crowning of Justin and I. We both had a pretty good life. I got married to a boy from District 10 and our first daughter is on the way. We haven't decided on a name yet but we won't need to for another 2 months. Justin moved in next door so we can remember what happened, and try to forget. We became great friends over the years. If you didn't know, there has been four district 10 Victors since our games. So I think we know what we're doing! Sometimes it's hard to forget, but other times I don't want to.


Thank you guys for following these games for so long! It's been a pleasure! I hope you join my next games when I make them *the 251st Annual Hunger Games*!!!! Bye:):)


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