Welcome to the 251st Annual Hunger Games! This year we will offer up two tributes from all 13 districts and the capitol!! They shall fight to the death like all the other years! This will not be a quarter quell!!!


1. No being mad when/if your tribute dies.

2. No being rude to one another.

3. Always be on top of the game (Post Your Advice When Needed) unless you have a Issue in Life (then just tell me).

4. Be Happy and Create a Tribute!!!


So, you want to make a tribute! That's good! Just follow the form below!!





Weapon: ( 1 or 2)

Strength: (1 or 2)

Weaknesses: (1 or 2)


Looks: (Lunaii because I'll be making a gallery!)

Token: (Optional)

So... Make a tribute Now!!!


Name District and Gender Weapon Strength Weakness User
One Boy
Reserved One Girl For Dedejacob ------------- -------------
Sammy Rewtro - 17 Two Boy Falcata Running and Strength. Hiding. Ashermizzou
Marlene Van Der Fite - 18 Two Girl MMM and Flying Gulliotine. Stealth and Aim. Killing under 13 and Swimming. Aquastar4infinity
Raden Harvestmoon-12 Three Boy Spear and Sword. Agility and Plants. Climbing and Speed. A Wikia Contributor
Newle Harvestmoon - 12 Three Girl Wire and Kinfe Stealth and Plants Trauma and Speed. A Wikia Contributor
Four Boy
Abbey Hanover - 17 Four Girl Blowgun Aim in Shooting and Fast. Can't control herself when she's mad. Mistymolla
Five Boy
Five Girl
Six Boy

Carella Ivory - 16

Six Girl Sword Running and Climbing Trees Swimming Cloveismywife
Seven Boy
Hollister Parish - 14 Seven Girl Axe (both Kinds) and Spear (Better with Axe). Aim and Plant knowledge. Easily Scared and Fear of Death. Aquastar4infinity
Eight Boy
Eight Girl
Nine boy
------- Nine Girl -------- Reserved For Dedejacob
Ten Boy
Ten Girl
Eleven Boy
Eleven Girl
Twelve Boy
Twelve Girl
Thirteen Boy
Thirteen Girl
Capitol Boy
Romette Secondsdale-18 Capitol Girl Scythe Agility and Aim Low pain threshold and plant knowledge Aquastar4infinity

Tribute Gallery

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