In front of a large audience of forty-five thousand Capitolians, an ocean of brightly colored people watched, as President Rain walked up to her podium, waving her hands, air thin, to the crowd. A diminutive, air thin woman. The same black hair, hazel eyes, and pale skin as her mother; the late President Rain. 

"Greetings!" she exclaimed, and with that the audience cheered.

In the Districts, people were sitting in their houses, some hiding videogram holding their children waiting for whatever method of torturing that the Capitol had for them this year. Some where standing in the town square, holding their precious family members hand. It was that time again: the forth Quarter Quell. Nearly everyone in the Capitol looked forward to it, while the lower, rebellious Capitolians were worried for the Districts. The Districts, were as worried as they always were this time of year. Mothers holding their babies, brothers holding their sisters hands, twins thinking of ways to do a switcheroo if they get reaped, fathers hands on their oldest shoulders. 

The first Quarter Quell was a favorite for many; each district had to elect its own tributes. A small, 15-year old girl named Velvet De Lights from District 2 won the games by poisoning the Careers food and beheading her District partner, Villard Jets. She killed herself the night of the 32st Hunger Games after watching both her tributes die, jumping out of the District 1 penthouse window, falling in the middle of the road and getting hit by a car, ultimately killing her. 

In the second Quarter Quell, four tributes were chosen from each district instead of the usual two to remind the rebels that for each Capitol citizen killed, two rebels died. This put twice as many people in the arena and made it twice as brutal. Haymitch Abernathy from District 12 won in the second Quarter Quell after using the arena's force field as a weapon. He lasted till the 83rd Games. He died from 'falling' down a flight of stairs, after he consumed ten bottles of liquor, and smashed it into his face ultimately killing him. 

Quarter Quell number three was a favorite for none. The districts were forced to give up the mayors children and/or grandchild ages 12-20 and send them in. A 19-year old boy named, Sage Lana from District 11, won by choking the girl from 12 and snapping her neck in the process. Sage died a week after the 99th games, accidentally mixing morphing and alcohol together. 

It didn't take long to find out this years Quarter Quell's topic.

President Rain signaled behind her, and a sweet looking young girl stepped up carrying a wooden box. The President smiled down at the girl in a way that made the Capitol citizens cheer silently in their heads and took a sheet of folded paper out of the box. She cleared her throat before reading the small paper aloud — acting as if she hadn't already known of the twist. 

"On the fourth Quarter Quell anniversary, to show that without the Capitol, they would be nothing. This year, every tribute will be gifted with the choice of a strength. While others may choice strengths, others may chose to be more intelligent. The choice is theirs. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor." she smiled brightly, putting down the card, and walked off stage. Almost immediately, a buzz buzzes among the audience as they begin speculating about what would happen.

Interviews With Caeser

Two more interviews, Caesar thought to himself, two more until he can retire in piece and never have to interview another tribute or a traumatized victor. Two more.

"Five minutes until show time Mr. Flickerman," a tech said. 

Caesar waved him off, fixing his tie and collar. He looked at himself in the mirror, admiring his new suit. It is made of silk, in a rich purples shade that allows his thick violet-colored hair to be shown to best advantage, and edged with ribbon and lace that perfectly set off his purple eyes. Perfect. He smiled. 

"It's time to start Mr. Flickerman," the tech returned, "good luck." 

He smiled as he walked onto the stage. The crowed cheered as soon as they saw him, chanting his name. Caesar waved to a few, making sure that he looked straight at a few of the younger members. "Hello friends!" he laughed, smiling widely. He sat at his comfortable black arm-chair, crossing his legs.

"My, my, my what a turn out we have today! Much more than last year!" the crowd cheered, loudly. He made a simple gesture, "Well my friends, it's that time a year again. Time for the Hunger Games! And a Quarter Quell one at that!" the crowd cheered, again. "And this year, we have a special surprise for all of you! Yes my friends, the rumors were right! This year, Head Gamemaker Trinity Adams shall be our special guest for the evening!" 

The second later, a scrawny, hot pink dressed man came out from backstage and onto the stage. Caesar knew who he was of course, he knew just about everyone. Trinity Adams was the ex-spokes person for 'Pink I Is' since birth. Caesar could remember thinking how cool it was to wear Pink I Is' clothing. So naïve. He stood up, holding his hand out. Trinity's frowned slightly but nonetheless took his hand and sat down.

"Thank you for having me, Caesar." 

"Good to have you," Caesar smiled, "So Mister Adams, it's your first year as gamemaker is it not?" 

Trinity nodded slightly. "It is." 

"Have you enjoyed it so far?" he asked. 

"It's fine." and that's all Caesar got from him. Maybe a few "fine, yes, possibly," other than that; nothing. 

"So tell me Trinity," Caesar said, hoping he could get something out of the newly made gamemaker. "What can you tell me about the quarter quell this year?" 

"Why Caesar," Trinity laughed, "these games will be a battle of who picked the better choice. Because we all know that once you made your move; there's no turning back." 

"Very true." Caesar said. "What about the arena? What's the arena going to be?" Trinity stared at him. "That's against the rules." the crowd booed. 

"Aw." Caesar groaned, "C'mon Trinity, we're all dying to know what the arena is going to be. We promise we won't tell." he looked at the crowd, "I promise. Friends?" the crowd began to cheer, some even nodding their heads. "Well Trinity? You wouldn't make all of our friends wait four weeks, would you?" He sighed.

"I wouldn't." his face took a dark turn when he looked in the camera lens. "The arena is flat and large. Some places warm, others cold. Places you may hide, places you may die. For all you could know this may just be a lie." 

And for their sake, I hope it is.


Any mistakes? :P I tried my best to make sure that I didn't make any. Do you guys like the twist? I tried to be original, but I think everyone got the original ideas. 

Just to make sure you guys read this, in the form or in your review put in this password to see if you've read this is "Hello potential polite little psychotic stranger who could possibly kill my tributes." in the beginning of it please~!

The more you guys give out tributes the faster I get out the next update!  I'll try to update at-least every day or maybe once every couple days. I have a life. Career districts are 1 (some what, training is more of a hobby or a tradition to te older folk now.), 2, 4, 7, and 10. You may submit one - five tributes. :) No links to profile. P

lease beware that I changed some of the District industries. Five is medical, and Nine well, they make mutts. :) So, have fun with that. District 12 is destroyed and District 13 is also. Also, due to the Capitol's rebellious ways, they are forced to send in their own. Oh and District 8 has to send in two females and two males this year. Why? Because I like this District.



Name Weapon Place


District 1 Female UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
District 2 Female UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
District 3 Female UKNOWN UNKNOWN
District 3 Male Vyrus Bandaged Wires UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
District 4 Female UNKNOWN UKNOWN
District 5 Female UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
District 5 Male Patchouli "Patch" Levi Slingshot UNKNOWN UKNOWN
District 6 Female UKNOWN UNKNOWN
District 6 Male UKNOWN UNKNOWN
District 7 Female UKNOWN UNKNOWN
District 7 Male UKNOWN UNKNOWN
District 8 Female Adeline "Addie" Hanran Seducation UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
District 8 Female Velveeta "Velvet" Lisle Nails UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
District 8 Male Dante "Tate" Calicen Pocket Knife UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
District 8 Male Dimity Arachne Short Sword (Healer) UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
District 9 Female UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
District 10 Female UKNOWN UNKNOWN
District 10 Male Whispers Penn Club UNKNOWN UKNOWN
District 11 Female UNKNOWN UKNOWN
District 11 Male UNKNOWN UKNOWN


Careers: TBC

Anti-Careers: TBC

Younger Kid Alliance: TBC

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