In front of a large audience of 100,000 Capitolians, an ocean of brightly colored people watched, as President Rain walked up to her podium, waving she hand, air thin, to the crowd. A diminutive, air thin woman. The same black hair, hazel eyes, and pale skin as her father; the late President Hails. 

"Greetings!" she boomed, and with that the audience cheered. In the Districts, people were sitting in their houses, some hiding videograms- holding their children- waiting for whatever method of torturing that the Capitol had. Somewhere standing in the town square, holding their precious family members hand. 

It was that time again: the Hunger Games Quarter Quell. Everyone in the Capitol looked forward to it, while the lower Capitolians were worried for the Districts. The Districts, were as worried as they always were this time of year. Mothers holding their babies, brothers holding their sisters hands, twins thinking of ways to do a switcharoo if they get reaped, fathers hands on their oldest shoulders. 

It didn't take long to find out this years Quarter Quell's topic. President Rain signaled behind her, and a sweet looking young girl stepped up carrying a wooden box. The President smiled down at the girl in a way that made the Capitol citizens cheer silently in their heads and took a sheet of folded paper out of the box. She cleared her throat before reading the small paper aloud— acting as if she hadn't already known of the twist. Of course she had made it, this was her first year, and she got to make the forth Quell twist.

"On the fourth Quarter Quell and anniversary, that this shall be the year, to show the districts that not even a small seed of dissension will be allowed, and that the Capitol strikes back hard against rebels, the male and female tributes will be reaped from the existing pool of lawbreakers and their extended families. Good luck, and may the odds be EVER in your favor." She smiled brightly, putting down the card, and walked off stage. Immediately, a buzz begins among the audience as they begin speculating nervously about what would happen. 

Tribute Form









Open to romance?:  


Crime they/family committed:  

Any strategy planned for games or leading up to games:  

Anything else: 


This idea is kind of a stretch from what would normally find as an Arena. So basically the areas you can go to have many creepy things about them. I figured that one area can be a field of graves with the dead tributes names on the from previous hunger games, if a tribute searches close enough through the graves, they will find that their name is written on an empty grave in-front of an empty coffin. Another area could be a forest of dead trees, the good thing about this though is that there is small vegetation growing there despite the trees being dead. As for water, there could be a river or a pond filled with bones of dead people. The center piece to this is that there is a catacomb that tributes can go to for shelter without having to build anything... but there maybe something lurking in it. The arena is in a kind of an eternal-twilight state making the sky red and giving the moon an eerie glow.

Tribute List

District 1

Male: Reserved

Female: Reserved

District 2

Male: Clos Silver, 17, (Attack Peacekeepers) 

Female: Kaly Younging, 14, (Killed parents and stole goods.)

District 3

Male: Calvex "Vex" Chopperhead, 13, (Stole important papers)

Female: Brooke Nile, 13, (Stolen Goods)

District 4

Male: Callaghan Chrysler (May be called Cal by friends or allies), 16, (Volunteered.)

Female: Jenna Sky, 17, (Parents Rebels)

District 5

Male: Reserved

Female: Maria Solar, 15, (Stole Food)

District 6

Male: Titus Andronicus, 16, (Wondering out into the woods)

Female: Skylar Andronicus, 12, (Wondering out into the woods)

District 7 


Female: Reserved

District 8

Male: Aden Hanran, 18, (Assumed Rebel Leader)

Female: Colleen Hanran, 17, (Gave Birth To Assumed Rebel Leaders Child)

District 9

Male: Rye Kuna, 14, (-_-)

Female: Reserved

District 10

Male: Tanner Mustang, 15, (Prostitution)

Female: Reese Cattle, 17, (Rebel Leader)

District 11


Female: Autumn Harvester, 14, -_-

District 12

Male: Marcus "Mu" Soot, 13, (Black Market Dealer.)

Female: Serena "Omega" Coal, 13, (Gave information to rebels.)


District 3

Brooke Nile, 13

The smell of baked goods filled the air, as the baker carried a fresh loaf of pumpernickel in the bakery. Two kids- the older one had dark chocolate-brown hair while the other one had short amber brown hair. The older one carefully opened the door, grabbing her younger brother. The baker saw their reflection through the metal pans, smiling. Laying the bread on the counter he walked away from them, acting as if he never saw the two. Brooke- as she was more commonly known, frowned. Throwing a small glare she quickly snatched up the bread and grabbed her brother's hand.

"Bookie?" Calico asked his eyes eying the bread loaf.

"Shush." she glared, as the two made their way into an empty alley way. Brooke smiled, picking her younger brother up and placing him on the dumpster. She looked around, making sure that they weren't be watched by any Peacekeepers or any spying brats. After reassuring herself, she pulled the bread in two and handed a piece to her brother.

Calico smiled, taking a bite out of the bread. "Thank woo, Bookie."

"Your welcome." she responded, slowly chewing her piece. Her ears perked up as she heard heavy footsteps. Frowning to herself, she put her brother on the floor and pushed the bread in his hands.

"Go back to the orphanage. I'll be there later." As always, her brother listened and ran the other way, knowing what the footsteps meant.

The strangers footsteps got louder as he got into view. Brooke glared, she knew who the man was, Ash Collins stood out with his jet black hair, 'glowing' skin, and piercing brown eyes. He 'ran' the orphanage that the siblings went too. Ash didn't own the place, but according to him, and the fact that he could knock a Career down with a single glare, everyone was aware that he was a king. He liked the fact of his overgrown statue, intimidating eyes, and seductive body. Needless to say, you'd have to be blind to not notice him. Sadly, Brooke wished she was so she'd never have to see his face again.

"Well hello," he said, in his oh so seductive voice. She inwardly gagged, hoping he didn't see it. Luckily he didn't, as he placed a hand on her waist. "I saw you and Calico running out of the bakery with some bread a minute ago. Do you have any of it with you now?"

"No." she glared, trying to show as much hatred and intimidation as she could. "Calico and I already ate all the bread."

Ash glared, "Do you really take me for a common District 12 fool? I saw the boy running with the bread." his tone was menacing, as Brooke couldn't help but gulp. "You know what the punishment for lying me is, right my little stream?"

Brooke bit her lip, dropping her head, as he placed both of his hands on her waist. A tear escaped her eye, as she waited for him to do whatever new punishment he cam up with.

A smirk came on the man's face, as he began to unbutton her shirt. Brooke gasped, scared of what his mind thought of. His punishments were usually, them having to take off their clothes and get pushed into the water, or him touching you as he held you down stripping you of anything you wanted to keep until marriage. She never had many of his usual punishments, it may be because she was only thirteen while Ash was a twenty-nine-year old, hers was usual let him caress her skin, or she stand nude while he examine her.

"This is a new punishment, my little stream. Tell me if you like it."

Brooke Nile, 13

After her punishment was over with the young girl ran to the orphanage, her shirt barely covering herself. When she arrived, nearly all the younger kids ran to her, asking what Ash had done to her. Calico ran over to his sister, and wrapped himself in her arms.

"Bookie? Awe you wight?" his eyes still filled with innocence. She muttered a yes, before running to her and everyone's else room, crying onto her bed.

"Bookie?" her brother called, opening the door to see her brother holding the piece of bread from earlier. "Do you still want it?"

"No." she shook her head, "You can eat it."

Calico shrugged, taking a bite from the bread. "When's daddy coming home, Bookie?"

Brooke glared at her younger brother, her fist turning red. "He's not." her voice couldn't of been deadlier. "He's never coming back! EVER!" Her brother looked at her, his eyes tearing up. Her heart dropped, she immediately regretted saying that.

"Calico.." she said softly, picked her younger brother up. Placing him in her "I-I didn't mean it."

Calico wiped his eyes, "It's okay, Brooke. But when's daddy coming home though?"

She leaned in, kissing her brother's head. "Daddy's not coming home for a while." In her head see was saying, "Daddy's too dead to come home." or even "The Capitol people were too cheap to help daddy." Their father had died two years ago when a mining cart on an elevator cage hit an oil pipe and electricity lines, with the resulting fire trapping her father along with most of the other workers that went down there. Due to them not having any other family they were forced to live in the orphanage. Where nearly next to none ever got adopted.

"Why not?" Calico asked.

"He-," she was cut off by an older girl- Nelly. "T-the reaping is in ten minutes, and Mother Hills wants all of us to go together. So um.. get ready.."

Nelly left the room, leaving the siblings to get ready.

Brooke Nile, 13

"Is everyone ready?" Mother Hills asked.

They nodded, saying a polite "Yes ma'am" and "Yes Mother Hills". Many of the kids grabbed their siblings hands or were picked up. Brook grabbed her brother's hand and ran out the door. Not bothering to wait for Mother Hills or the other kids.

When the two reached the center Brooke kissed her brother's head and told him to wait for the other to show up. She dropped his hand, and walked over to the tables. Holding her hand out, she grudging told her name, waiting for the woman to pick her hand.

"Miss Brooke Nile, may the odds be in your favor." she said, sarcasm in her tone.

Brooke rolled her eyes, a year ago (she'd only be in the reaping once.) Brooke freaked because she said had originally thought that she'd been through enough and didn't need to be in the reaping. They had grabbed her, and sedated her. Mostly because she bite a Peacekeeper and kicked one in the crotch. The escort Sabrina, had then had a melt down, probably because they had lost a good twenty minutes of the reaping.

"As to you, bitch." Suddenly a large Peacekeeper came over and jabbed Brooke with his gun. Rolling her eyes, she walked to her station- the thirteen-year-old.

Sabrina came onto the stage, she had glittery smokey blue eyes, light blue eyes, was her usual outfit, but this year she had purple glitter sprinkled around her eyes, her usual light blue eyes now a fusion of violet and fuchsia. She looked like a pile of shiny purple rocks.

"Hello, District 12!" she yelled, a cough came from the crowd. "I can see the excitement buzzing around the District!"

Brooke rolled her eyes, eying the bowl of names. She thought of how many of them had her name in it. Of course Mother Hill didn't want any of them to take tesserae out. But Brooke couldn't survive on stolen bread and cheese. Well she could, but she didn't want to try it.

"Now that the video is over with-" Brooke's eyes widened, did she miss the video already? Was she really staring at the bowl and thinking- "Brooke Nile! Oh Miss Brooke Nile? Where are you? Come on don't be shy."

The girl stood in silence, she couldn't- no she wouldn't. Her name was not called. The woman just couldn't read it right. Maybe it was Brooke Miles. She and Miles got their names mixed up all the time. But sadly, the Peacekeepers didn't think that, and carried her up to the stage. Brooke screamed that the woman actually called Brooke Miles, not her. They didn't believe her and threw her onto the stage.

Brooke Nile, 13

Brooke sat in the Justice Building, her eyes were red from her extensive crying. Now, she refused to cry. That would show weakness especially if Ash or the other orphans saw her cry, they'd walk all over her. But, would they act like that now? She is going into the games, would they give her some slack and let her cry? She hoped that they'd just leave her alone, and let her cry until her small heart gives out.


She snapped her head up, to see Calico running towards her. His cheeks were stained with tears, and his nose was obviously covered in snot. Brooke got up and hugged her brother, whispering in his ear that everything was alright.

"I don't want woo to go!" Calico cried grabbing her shirt, holding it as if it was the only thing keeping them apart. "Dow't go! I pwomise to be good! I'll give you the bwead that we stow eawly! Please don't go!"

Brooke's eyes teared up. Could they really do this to them? They already lost their father, now Calico's going to be alone. How could they freaking do this, Brooke though.

The Peacekeepers in, causing Calico to scream and cry for his older sister. Brooke screamed, "Don't worry Calico!" Of course, the door was slammed shut before she could yell out, "I love you!"

Goodbye Calico, she thought before the men came back, and dragged her to the train.

District 9

Rye Kuna, 14

"Your so pathetic, Bread-boy!" Crust taunted, holding the collar of Rye's shirt, with his over-sized fist. Crust pulled him up to his height, Rye was a rough 5'6, while Crust was a good 6'1, 6'2, Rye's feet were a good four inches of the ground. He laughed, as he threw him on the ground. "Come back, when you're not so pathetic!"

"Jerk.." he spat, wiping the blood from Rye's mouth. He either ignored him or hear him, either way he was gone before the guy could turn around. After several minutes of running aimlessly around, he ended up back to where he had orignally started. After a few seconds of debating whether to return to Rye's house or to Rye's sister's grave.

Sighing, Rye walked quickly to his house, being careful not to let Crust nor Hallah see him. He quietly, went into the kitchen looking at the bread that layed on the table. Picking them up quickly and quietly, he slipped them into a basket. It was average basket, brown with a red ribbon on the side.

"Rye, what are you doing sweety?" A voice said from behind him. He turned around to see his 'mother.' She had a pale complexion, and short wavy auburn hair. Her forest green eyes, wondered to his light black eyes, and his cut lip the courtesy of his awesome older brother.

"What happened to your eye and lip, Rye?" She asked, grabbing Rye's chin. He scowled, Rye had always hated physical contact, to the point of a few times he admits he screamed.

"Rye's poor baby." She said, taking random washcloth from nowhere, as she leaned forward slightly to wipe it across Rye's face to get the blood spots off.

"Get off please." he mumbled, Rye's answer coming out muffled from behind the cloth.

"Such a messy troublesome boy." 'Mother' joked, taking the cloth away. She kissed Rye's forehead, parting Rye's messy long black hair.

"Aw, did mommy's little boy get a boo-boo?" Crust teased, coming from the door frame. His dull blonde hair layed over his hazel eyes, smirking as he flipped his hair. Rye grumbled a few words, before clutching the basket.

Mother glared at them both, stepping in front of them. "Rye be nice." She advised, turning her attention to Crust. "Don't be mean to your brother. Now go upstairs, and get ready for the reaping." He rolled his eye, mouthing, 'yes ma'am,' and 'mama's boy.' Before he left to go to the cemertary.

Rye Kuna, 14

The cemetery is quiet at this time. The only sound is the wind whistling through the leaves. Sunlight filters through them, and the beams seem to crown Rye's sister's grave. The ground before him is cold, but when he bends at her tombstone, it's warm.

It's the perfect temperature of her skin.

Every time he's here, it seems like she's with Rye. Rye feels her hand slip through his and her laugh pepper the air. But when he leaves, that feeling disappears.

"Good morning Pepper. I brought you some bread.." he said, placing the basket next to her grave. He just sat there for a good twenty minutes, before he told her that he had to go to the reaping, and that he'd be back later. When he got back, Crust, Hallah, and 'mother' were in the living room.

"Rye, dear please go get ready." Mother said. He nodded, walking to the bathroom into the shower and wash off the run's sweat. When he's eventually clean, Rye walks to his room and get dressed in his Reaping clothes, before running a comb through his long black hair. His hair get's caught in several knots before, he finally gets it, to be perfect. Unlike other boys who, hate long hair he couldn't think of cutting it to a short length. Combing it, for the last time he tied his hair into a pigtail, before going back to the living room.

"What took you so long Bread-Boy?" Hallah asked. "Seriously you, still look at ugly as before."

Before his could send a glare or tell her off, mother stepped in. "Hallah! Today is not the day!" She grabbed her wrist, Crust's shoulder, and pushed him a bit. "Let's go sweety."

Rye Kuna, 14



"I hope he gets reaped!"

At this last comment, Rye can hear loud laughter, and the slap of hands as they high-five each other. Suddenly turning himself around and find himself toe to toe with the leader of the group. They look straight into his eyes, and put as much malice and hate into his glare as the four-teen-year old can. The leader suddenly breaks away, and he knew; he won. He mumbles something about being sorry before beckoning to his friends.

"Now, we shall send in the lucky male tribute!" She waits for applause, four minutes passed as no one did a thing. "And this lucky one is..." She took a minute. "Bree Kuna!"

"Woah that's Bread-Boy!"

"Bree!? I knew he was a girl!"


"It's Rye..." he muttered. His mind didn't even comprehend that it was his name they were calling. His eyes snap open. For a second he didn't believe what's happening… Then it hits him like a ton of bricks. It was his name that was called. He's going… He's going into the Hunger Games. As he walked slowly to the stage and stand there, seeking out in the crowd for mother, who was being restrained by a few older woman.

"Sorry Pepper.."

Rye Kuna, 14

Rye sighed as he was pushed in the Justice Building, of course he's been in here a few times, the times when he took out the tessera when he was thirteen to end his suffering (Only to get stopped by Wendy- who yelled at him and made sure that they erased all the names of the new extras.) and the other time when he was twelve to get his name in the bowl. That was the year when he lost all hope in ever being at peace.

Wendy ran into the room, her eyes were red from the obvious crying, and her cheeks stained from crying. She barely made a sound, as her lips were trembling. "R-rye.."

"It's alright mother, I know I won't be coming back, please don't lie and tell me I can." he said, pulling into a quick hug. When he did, the Peacekeepers came in and grabbed her. "Goodbye Mother."

Goodbye Jerk. Crust.

Goodbye Priss. Hallah.

Goodbye Pepper-Bell. Pepper.

District 10

Tanner Mustang, age 15

"Tanner.." Tanner opened his eyes to see a random shirtless girl laying on his chest, she began to slowly move her finger around his well-built. "So Tanner, since today is the reaping and everyone will be there how about we make the relationship, official?"

Oh bitch, you change your mind like a psycho, but the sex is good so I think I'll keep you around, Tanner thought, as he ran his hand through his hair. He gave her a smile, before leaning in for a kiss. It was a good eight minutes until they broke the kiss, she began to grin like crazy. She slowly wrapped her arms around his neck, placing her already warm body closer to his. Resting his hands on her waist he flipped them over, to where he was on top. His eyes scanned her bedroom for the door and his clothes. The door was currently a foot away, and his pants were causally laying on the floor.

"So.." Tanner said a few name quickly, honestly he didn't remember her name, something with a K. "How about you get me a drink and I'll get dressed for the reaping." he said, she nodded getting up grabbing his jacket, throwing it over her tiny frame.

He jumped up off her bed, grabbing his boxers, pants, shoes, socks, and his undershirt. Taking a minute to tie his shoes, he jumped out her window. Her window was four feet off the ground, so his perfect body won't be scraped.

Walking over back to his house, it took him awhile as he flirted with a few girls on the way. When he reached home he saw Mom and Dad fighting. Mom is yelling at Dad again. Looks like Dad was flirting with yet another woman. Tanner thought, rolling his hazel eyes.

"You have a family! And yet you go after women as if you don't have a loving, caring wife and a perfect son!" Dad sees him walking inside and gives him a small smirk before he goes and apologizes to her.

"Honey, honey. I have feelings for you and only you. All these other women, they mean nothing to me. Nothing! I care about you and only you." Dad looks over and winks at him. As usual, he's got Mom in the palm of his hand, Tanner thought.

Mom smiled at him, leaning on his well-bit chest. "Oh honey~!" He rolled his eyes, walking up the stairs to his room. Taking a quick shower, he threw on a white shirt and black pants, before walking back downstairs where his parents both left.

Great, so it'll be just me again, he thought, as always..

Tanner Mustang, age 15

Did you know it takes eight girls to blush, four to get a nosebleed, three to drop their morphing, and one old woman to drop a bucket of water over him to get to the square? Sometimes Tanner couldn't get over how sexy he is. One girl even fainted when she saw him. He felt totally flattered. When he reached the square, Tanner saw his friend, Ford, talking to a wide group of girls, he looked at him loosing his smile. Note to self; Beat him up later.

After he got checked in, Tanner went over to the fifteen section waiting for the Capitol idiot woman to talk so he could leave.

"Hello, hello!" Candy Cane, the escort yelled. She was rather unique. By her name and by her dress. Her dress was made out of waffles, ice cream cones and, the most unbelievable part of it, chocolate! Her dress had chocolate on it. It looked so satisfying. Her hair was the thing that caught Tanner's attention next. It looked like a bright blue fluff ball with sprinkles all over it. She looked delicious.

"Now let's sssssssssssstart, with ladiesssssssssssss firssssssssssssst!" her voice was high-pitched to the point, of if she went nearly glass she would break it. Sweetly, walking over to female's bowl, she grabbed the top one. "And our firsssssssssssssst lucky tribute girl issssssssssssss," her hissing was the same sound of a rattlesnake striking. "Oh, what a pretty little name! Missssssssssssss Reese Cattle!"

Tanner heard a gasp as an older girl was dragged to the stage. Pathetic. Tanner rolled his eyes, she was cute, but he hated weak and pathetic girls.

"And for the boyssssssssssss, we'll have…Angusssssssssssss Roy!" A strong-looking, handsome boy probably around eighteen walked on the stage, a few girls blushing as he winked. Tanner growled under his breath, no one in the district was allowed to flirt with the females in this district, expect him. These were all his play things. His.

"I VOLUNTEER!" Tanner yelled, his voice was strong. He walked up to the stage, confidently. He stared down the boy on the stage, making him look even better. "My name is Tanner Mustang. District 10's new victor!"

Candy Cane clapped, exclaiming: "Oh my! Oh my! I thought there would never be a volunteer in thisssssssssss awful district. I thought you were all a bunch of cry babiesssssssss, but now! Oh gosssssssssssh, you have brought back my joy of forcing kidsssssssssss to go to the Capital and kill each other."

District 8

Colleen Hanran and Aden Hanran, 17 and 18

The air is cold and the smell of snow dances through the icy breezes. Warm clothes and thick scarves barely kept anyone warm, as this time of year the heaters usually gave out from pure exhaustion. The families cried out, hoping someone would care and help. Rarely was their cries heard, as other families cried louder and harder.

Colleen had nightmares about that ever happening to her family. Especially since she and Aden had gotten pregnant and had their first child; Adeline. She dreaded waking up one morning and finding out that she would lose everything. Perhaps that was her only fear. To lose everything she had worked so hard to get.

"Cols?" The sound of Aden's voice snapped the blond girl into reality. "You okay?"

She smiled, his voice was calm and caring. As always. "Nothing dear." she whispered, laying her head back on his chest. He wrapped his arm around her, kissing the top of her hair. Smiling softly, she returned his kiss.

"Mama? Dada?" A small red-headed girl asked, her sea-green eyes innocently flicked. Aden smiled, slightly pushing Colleen off him, he picked her up, placing the child of his chest. "Dada!" She giggled, reaching for the older man's hair. Laughing, he let Adeline play with his fierce red hair. Giggling, she hugged the older man. Colleen smiled, lifting the little girl onto her lap.

"Hello my beautiful little angel." Colleen cooed, kissing the small child's head.

"Mama!" Adeline giggled, hugging her mother's neck. Colleen smiled, taking the pure innocence of her two-year old in, hoping that it would never fade. She wouldn't know what she would do if anything happened to her. "Mama?" Adeline asked, watching as her mother began to tear up.

"Cols? You alright?" Aden asked, taking Adeline from Colleen- who nodded, wiping the tears that were threatening to fall. Aden lightly smiled, taking the child in the main room- which was the only other room besides the room Aden and Colleen shared.

"Mama?" the child called, watching as her father carried her into the other room and left her mother to try to calm her self.

Colleen Hanran and Aden Hanran, 17 and 18

Snow began to dance heavily around the three, as Adeline kept picking up small handfuls of the snow and tossing it around. After Colleen scolded her about it, Adeline was forced to be carried. Not that Aden had any objections- she was warm.

Aden kissed his daughter temple, smiling as she shook saying, "brr". Colleen smiled, crossing her arms, trying to feel her fingers as the temperature dropped even farther. The two walked over to a girl who had a deep black jacket, and took Adeline out of Aden's arm.

"Thank you, Emmy." Colleen smiled, at her older sister. Who smiled back, and hugged her baby sister.

"Your welcome, now get going." Emilia said, pushing the two to the tables.

The couple walked over to a table. The Peacekeeper looked at the two, and scowled. "Names?" Aden answered, saying his and his wives name, before the Peacekeeper roughly stabbed them and then pressed their fingers to their individual sheets.

Before the duo split up to head to the seventeen-year old's section and the eighteen-year-old's section, the two kissed, before leaving each others.

The escort- Kari, smiled falsely at the district. You see a year ago, Kari had thrown a fit that a small child had gotten her dress dirty. Actually a child tripped and fell in a puddle that accidentally splashed on the bottom of her dress, the boy was whipped during the fall he broke his nose. And yet she still had the nerve to hate District 8. "Hello friends!" The crowd glared at her, "I'm so happy to be in a District that makes me want to vomit from the stench, and makes my skin break out." At least she was honest.

"It is now time to pick the male tribute for this pitiful excuse for a District!" She walked over to the bowl, "Aden Hanran."

Aden blinked. No, He thought, not now. Not when everything had seemed to be going so perfect. He'd already began walking to the stage, he stopped short when he heard Adeline yelling "Dada!". A single tear fell, as he took his place on the stage. His eyes scanned the crowd for his wife- who was standing their like she'd been shot. Tears running down her face, as

Kari smiled, a bit sadist. "Aden Hanran!" she yelled, "And now our whore shall be...Colleen Hanran!"

"Mama!" Adeline laughed, as Colleen walked to the stage, her eyes full of tears. "Mama!" she reaped, trying to get the attention of her mother- who had no desire to have her child see her cry twice in a day. "Mama!" Adeline cried, upset that she refused to turn around. Eyes were on the child, while others were on the tributes. A few sent pity glances, while Kari rolled her eyes.

"Aden and Colleen Hanran!" She yelled, quickly getting off the stage, as the couple was pushed off the stage and into their room.

Colleen Hanran and Aden Hanran, 17 and 18

"Mama? Dada?" Adeline asked, as Emmy walked in holding her. "Mama!" she exclaimed, lunging forward a bit. She took off her shaggy hat. "Wook I gwt snow in mwy hawr." Picking a few crumbs of it up, she tossed some at Aden- who smiled and picked her out of Emmy's arms.

They stood in silence for a good minute before Colleen hugged her sister, and kissed Adeline's head. "Addie, you know Mama and Dada love you very much, right?"

"Wes, I do, Mama." she said, her head laying on Aden's chest, thumb in mouth. "Awd, I wove you two, mama."

District 6

Skylar Andronicus and Titus Andronicus, 12 and 15

Blind, sightless, Skylar has lost one of her five senses and she will never be able to see again. It's not even her fault, actually she don't know whose fault it is. Skylar pretty sure, she was born with it. Though her brothers said, that Skylar had sight when the girl was four, but slowly lost it. Her father blames her mother for not taking care of me better, she blames the Capitol, she don't know this answer either. There's a lot of things she doesn't know. Why it rains, what her younger siblings look like, how a simple caterpillar can bloom into a magnificent butterfly. Sora, the youngest brother, likes to point out every color of everything. How yellow the sun is, how green the grass is, how brown his hair is. Skylar remembers what most colors are, like pink is a bright red, orange is a dark yellow, white is the lighter shade of black, things like that. She been told that her hair is a light mud puddle, her eyes are stones, and that her skin is a marshmallow. (That's light brown hair, gray eyes, and the pallor skin if you're wondering.)

"Skye? You up yet?" Skylar heard her older brother, Titus, ask. He didn't enter her room, Skylar was sure. No one was allowed to enter her room, without alerting her. It was a rule that Mom and Dad, said that they had to follow.

"Yes, can you help me get ready though?" Skylar asked, pulling herself up. He came into her room, grabbing her hand, before chuckling to himself. "What are you laughing at Titus?"

His chuckle stopped, only before he patted her head. "Did you by any chance have anyone helps you get dressed last night?"

Smiling brightly Skylar answered, "Nope! I did it all by herself! Did I do good?"

"Close.." He laughed. "But you're wearing your shirt backwards, and your Pj pants are Cooper's.."

She felt her face warm up, as Skylar laughed nervously. "Oops.."

He sighed, patting her head again. "Its alright, Skye. Just make sure someone helps you next time, 'kay?"

Help. Skylar never liked the word. Help. Skylar heard it at least eight nine times a day. "Oh Skye, let me help you with pouring your water." "Let me help you, Skye!" "Skye, let me help you guide you to your shoe!" Does being blind make you automatically stupid? Before, Skylar had gotten this, blessing, as mom calls it, she was always helped with the little things. To be fair Skylar was four.

"What dress do you want?" He asked, going over to her open closet that held her dresses.

"Can't I wear a t-shirt?" Skylar asked, confused. Why did she need a dress? She rarely ever wore a dress, the last time was when dad got a big promotion, and we needed to go to a fancy dinner at the mayor's house.

"No, it's a special day and you need to wear something more formal." He answered. Titus' voice was nervous, then again it was usually nervous. He's usually nervous that Skylar cut herself with a piece of paper or even stab herself with a pencil.

"Alright then, may I have the blue one?" Skylar asked, reaching out for the dress. Honestly she don't know what the color is, but she's guessing it's blue. Blue is one of her favorite colors, not only does it mean sky, which means what her name means, it's the color that Skylar last saw. She could remember few things, like what Titus looks like, chopped dark brown hair, emerald eyes, and fair skin, what her mother's eyes where like, calm and caring, how black the trains were, an onyx black, how colorful the Capitol was, she rode the train with her father once and saw them, and the last thing she saw before Skylar lost her sight; the calm light sky blue. She think, that was it. Most of her memory had faded away, after losing her sight.

"Here." Titus said, placing the dress in her hands.

"Thank you. Now can you get out please?" Skylar bluntly said. He grunted a noise before leaving, while Skylar got dress. She quickly get dressed, or at least as quickly as a blind person can get dressed. When she's finished, Titus brushes her hair.

He carefully untangled the knots, and when he gets done brushing at she says, "Skylar I think that you should wear it down." As much as Skylar like her hair braided, she knew that leaving her hair down will make Titus happy and that's the least she can do for him after all that he has done for her not only this morning, but throughout the entire ten years. Skylar nod her head and smiles.

Skylar Andronicus and Titus Andronicus, 12 and 15

As they wait downstairs for their siblings to get ready, Skylar couldn't help but wonder what they look like. Did her oldest brother Cooper still have his natural good looks? Did Titus, have his brown hair? Or her parents. Did father have his scruffy face or did he now have a clean-cut? Did mother have her emerald eyes, or did she loose them and replace them with dull green eyes like father said she did. They were small question, ones that she will never know the answer.

"Copper!" They hear her little brother, Sora yelled. He came running down the stairs, making his steps louder and heavier than normal. Sora began to yell a few words to Copper who sat there, simply saying, hm? and really?. Titus walks over to his younger brother, and embraces him, telling him to be quiet. He crossed his arms, turning his face into an annoyed pout.

"Kids what's going up, down there?" Their Father yelled. Funny thing about Titus' parent is that you can hit his father over the head with a chair, and he won't wake up, but with his mother, all you have to do to is cough somewhere in space and she'll hear you.

"Nothing father! Go back to bed, didn't the doctor say for you not to get out of bed?" Titus yelled back. "Guys hungry?" He began to click and clash dishes together. Everyone accepted, sitting at the table.

They all ate quickly, not really saying a word. The atmosphere made the young girl worried. It was rare that they ever wore they suits and dresses, much less eat in total silence, and that Titus made food for everyone. Skylar couldn't place what was going on, but she knew; Something bad was going to happen.

After eating, everyone cleaned up their messes. When they finished, Cooper took eight-year-old Sora upstairs to say goodbye to Mom and Dad. Once the two came back, Titus grabbed his younger sister's hand and led her outside.

The chilly air instantly hits Titus, sending goose bumps that run down his bare skin. Annoyance of not wearing more layers bugs me as he begin to shiver from the cold. Ignoring his annoyance, Titus and Skyler walk to the square which seemed much livelier then what it usually is. Titus, gripped her hand tighter as he guided them to a table. Before she could ask Titus, what was going on she heard, "Give me your arm," and Titus saying, "You say that to all the guys, don't you girl?" After giving their blood and saying their names, Titus walked his baby sister over to her section making her promise to stay their until he or Cooper came.

"Let's get this over with?" Slate stated into the microphone, "Personally, this may very well be the best District in Panem. I'm highly honored to have been chosen as an Escort once again this year."

No one clapped at this part, though as he analyzed the crowd, the grimace on his face grew larger. It was probably a shock that anyone in District 6 had any hope in winning. Since the 146th Games no one here won. Every year after that, morphing went up, and the population plus the depression went up. It was rare, to find a happy person other than the rich one and the optimistic.

"And now, for the Reaping ceremony itself. To choose which child will be ripped away from their home, a fate that I wish upon none of you." Slate stated sadly. "And now for the girls…," He called out, opening an envelope gingerly, yet quickly, "Skylar Andronicus!"

"Did someone call my name?" A high-pitched voice asked. He's sure that was Skylar. When the Peacekeepers went to grab her, two other teens nearly mauled them. A girl with light brown hair, tiny and chopped, was dragged. Confusion and desperation were on her face. He of course didn't know her, but can't he feel sad for her. Some of the women cried at the sight of her, and Slate saw men, the mayor included, with tears in their eyes.

Whispering a word of encouragement in Skylar's ear, Slate briefly embraced her before reading out the other slip; sealing the fate of another person, "And for the boys, we'll have- "I volunteer!" Slate was interrupted, as a large brown-haired boy ran to the stage, tears developing in his eyes. When the boy reached the stage he grabbed Skye's hand. "And what is your name?"

"Titus. Skylar's brother." Titus answered, looking at the younger girl.

He toke their hands and join them together. "The People of District 6. I give you your tributes." Nobody cheers. Nobody does anything.

And frankly Slate didn't blame them.

Skylar Andronicus, 12

"Titus?" Skylar called, touching the walls, looking for a doorknob. A loud click was heard, as her brother Cooper came in the room. "C-cooper?"

"It's ok, Skye." Cooper whispered, walking over to his little sister and engulfing her into a hug. "You'll be ok."

Skye titled her head, nervous of what he was saying. "C-cooper? W-what are you talking about? Where's Sora? I want Sora."

"Time's out." A Peacekeeper said, grabbing Cooper. But not before Skye could grab onto him, not letting her grip slip as another Peacekeeper came in. "Let go."

"No! Cooper! Make them go away!" Skye cried, hiding her face in his shirt. Cooper wrapped his arms around her, trying to shush her sobs.

"Your time is up." A gruff voice said, grabbing Skye and pulling her out of the room along with Cooper, while Skye screamed and kicked for Cooper.

Titus Andronicus, 15

"Well Ty, Mom would be proud." Titus said to himself.

He sat down, running a hand through his dirty brown hair. Chuckling to himself, Titus felt a tear go down his face. Was he crying? Why? He was only going into the games to save his sister, did it really matter if he himself died, protecting her? Of course his parents would be upset at the lose of their child, and if Skye won she would miss her older brother. Of course, there was the big possibility that Skye would die way before Titus, but he could at-least make sure his sister stays innocent.

Even if that meant he would go insane.

Or even more so.

Callaghan Chrysler, age 16

~Some year before~

"Mother?" the small spiky haired boy asked, "why'd yah say to that old man that he shouldn't be helping his gran kids train to be in the Hunger Games?"

His mother looked at him, a stern unmoving look was clear on her green eyes. "Because Callaghan, the Hunger Games aren't something to be happy about. Their horrible nasty, games that force children to give up their morals and act like salvage beast, then the Capitol are supposed to act like all they were just following rules wrote 163 years ago!" she went on saying remarks about how the Games were unfair and how someone needed to stop them.

Callaghan looked at his mother, were the talking about the same games? The older boys at school said that the Hunger Games were a great honor and anyone that was in it should be proud to represent their District. He had thought of even joining the Careers Academy a few times, but quickly lost that thought when his father and mother saw a letter from them saying they wanted Callaghan to enroll. He parents threw a fit and began to yell at poor nine year old Callaghan.

"Hey mom?" he spoke up. "Maybe the Hunger Games aren't all that bad.. The boys at my school say that the games are amazing, so yeah..."

The look on his mothers faces changed from irrational and stern to a 'you-little-bastard' look. It felt as if time stopped before his mother slapped him hard across the face. "H-how dare you!? The Hunger Games are certainly not awesome! Twenty three kids die every year because of it!" just like the speech on how bad it was, she began to swear and cuss at him, before a Peacekeeper saw them and began to walk over. She took one look at her son and said in her calmest voice, "You are heartless."

She walked off, leaving her son to stand there.


Callaghan Chrysler, age 16

~Twenty Minutes Ago~

"If you love the Capitol so much why don't you just volunteer for your precious District!?" his father yelled.

"Dad!" he yelled back, "I didn't mean I wanted to volunteer! I just thought-," his mother cut him off."You just thought how great and almighty the Capitol was!"

And it went on like this for about twenty minutes, before he finally agreed to volunteer. 

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