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The New Hunger Games

The New Hunger Games is an upcoming Feature Fan Film.

Cast and Characters

Currently in Pre Production and not fully casted.

  • Nina is the main protagonist from District 12. District 12 has been forgotten by many and no longer has meaning.
  • Creek is the female Tribute from District 2. In the film D2 is the water District. She is the main Villain of the film. She is portrayed by Tenley Durden.
  • Lake is male tribute from District 2. Much like Clove he is highly skilled with Knives which proves to be a threat to Nina. He is portrayed by Reality TV star Tyson Jackson.
  • Shade is the girl from 1.
  • Shadow is the boy from 1.
  • Riff is from District 11. He is said to be highly crazy and enjoys killing his victims. He is also said to resemble Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


  • The film is currently set for a release October 25th.
  • Will have a twist ending and sequel.
  • Tyson's Twitter is @TysonJackson01.

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