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  • UmbreonRocks11

    Welcome, This is just a story about one of my charactors.

    there isnt gonna be reapings or chariot rides, at first its gonna be what his old life was like then it will be the games, there will be some swearing dont be alerted.

    Lucien's family hated the piecekeepers and the hunger games, they lived in district 2, Lucien would usualy go to school but today everyone had the day off, he was sitting at his wooden desk drinking a herbal tea and he saw something disturbing outside his window, there was a piecekeeper around and lucien was watching, suddenly the piecekeeper started arguing with luciens father, Jack delango and his mom sara delango, lucien wasnt really named lucien his actual name was zake, he kept watching the piecekeeper and his pare…

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  • UmbreonRocks11

    hello this is mah first games so dun judge, if i do something wrong or something doesnt seem right just tell me so i can edit it.

    Note: the reapings wont be in there points of view, the rest will though.

    • you can make reserves but they last for 24 hours or so
    • can make up to 5 tributes
    • may sponsor a tribute of choosing.

    Dustin nobleton stood on the golden horn-shaped cornucopia holding his wooden bow, obviously hand made, just then he saw jake veralis the tribute from district 1, dustin needed to go home to see his family, he aimed his wooded hand crafted bow at jake and was ready to pull back when he felt a stinging in his side, he saw there was a knive in it his side dripping with velvet colored blood. he aimed his bow and arrow at jake and the…

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