Welcome, This is just a story about one of my charactors.


there isnt gonna be reapings or chariot rides, at first its gonna be what his old life was like then it will be the games, there will be some swearing dont be alerted.

Old Life

Lucien's family hated the piecekeepers and the hunger games, they lived in district 2, Lucien would usualy go to school but today everyone had the day off, he was sitting at his wooden desk drinking a herbal tea and he saw something disturbing outside his window, there was a piecekeeper around and lucien was watching, suddenly the piecekeeper started arguing with luciens father, Jack delango and his mom sara delango, lucien wasnt really named lucien his actual name was zake, he kept watching the piecekeeper and his parents argue , out of nowhere his father and his mother began punching the piecekeeper, then the piecekeeper fell to the ground, and more came and arrested them, zake freaked out and his tea dropped on the floor, the piecekeepers heared and headed up to where they heared the noise and saw zake, they arrested them hey let me go jackass! zake yelled and tried to shove them away and it didnt work, as soon as they got downstairs a piecekeeper smacked zakes head with a baton knocking him out with a WHACK! sound. 

Several hours later zake woke up, his parents were still argueing with a piecekeeper, zake thinks he was out for atleast 3 hours or so. he looked outside the walls of the jail. he thought he should sleep abit and when he awoke it was day, then 2 large piecekeepers grabbed his arms and brang him to the square.then the head piecekeeper for the district said ladies and gentleman, these three have been assaulting piecekeepers, we couldnt put up with it and descided to do a public shooting zake freaked out and then both his parents where shot in the head, he kneed one piecekeeper and elbowed another in the stomache, and ran off one he was at home he grabed his already packed bag with supplies he needs and headed out, but first grabbed his parents picture and put it in his cargo pants pocket and ran out into the woods. him and his father would practise survival skills sometimes, he knew how to survive, and headed outside the town gate, heh dumbasses forgot to turn them on. he was sad about his parents but thats not the focuse right now, the focuse is to leave district 2, get to district 12 and change his appearance. he started walking out, he realised he didnt know what way district 12 was, but then he realised he was looking east, wich was the way he needed to go, by the time he was far from the district he once called home it was atleast 9:00 he thought to sleep but first made some traps and check them in the morning, he got into some bushes and slept. when he woke up he checked his traps good i cought some rabbit. he picked the rabbit up and broke the traps. 

A month later...

he kept walking and saw a district, it mustve been district 12 because he got bread in every district on the way, and the last district was 11. he smiled and got there, first he dyed his hair black with the dye he got from his district. he ran into district 12 and changed his name, he couldnt think of anything but then picked the name lucien zaros. he just like the sound of it. once he got there, he didnt know what to do about a living situation, but then he fond a house that was obviously abandoned and put his stuff down in there. the house was fully functional. he found a upstairs bedroom and put his clothes in the dresser and food in  the kitchen fridge. but the bread in a bread basket. he was lucky to find a fully functional abandoned house. it was already night and he got into the bed and slept.

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