hello this is mah first games so dun judge, if i do something wrong or something doesnt seem right just tell me so i can edit it.

Note: the reapings wont be in there points of view, the rest will though.


  • you can make reserves but they last for 24 hours or so
  • can make up to 5 tributes
  • may sponsor a tribute of choosing.

Part of last games

Dustin nobleton stood on the golden horn-shaped cornucopia holding his wooden bow, obviously hand made, just then he saw jake veralis the tribute from district 1, dustin needed to go home to see his family, he aimed his wooded hand crafted bow at jake and was ready to pull back when he felt a stinging in his side, he saw there was a knive in it his side dripping with velvet colored blood. he aimed his bow and arrow at jake and the arrow wizzed from the bow and flew into jakes heart, falling to the ground dripping blood, dustin hopped off and didnt hear the boom of the cannon, and walked to jake grabbing the bloody knive and stabbed through jakes throat to end the games and twisted the knive, then took the knive out and dropped it to the ground along with his bow, standing near the cornucopia waiting to be lifted into the hovercraft, finnaly hearing the cannon and several minutes later he is lifed into the hovercraft.










Name Age District Strengths Weaknesses user
Jay Nighton 17 1

speed Strenght

Arachnaphobia me
Shimmer Backstab 18 1

Climbing swimming




Daniel Rider 17 2 running climbing ones cared about dieing me
Ann Reed 12 2 Hiding killing Part Deaf Kayleigh rockstar
Cerita Arrows 14 3 strenght running


Zealot Midnight 17 3 clever strong killed by mutts me
Thalia keene 18 4

Swimming running

doesnt handle death well brynn1999
Gage Pearl 18 4 Running climbing falling thunder/lightning brynn1999
Bella Woods 15 5

strength fast runner

mines kayleigh rockstar
Cruz polceck 13 7

survival swimming

wanted by gamemakers brynn1999
Bella Woods 15 7 Strength fast runner mines kayleigh rockstar
not in for quell
not in for quell
not in for quell
not in for quell
Eve daliah 15 11 climbing plants heavy weapons swimming vda99
Pepper Glace 17 12 climbing running not very strong brynn1999


the arena composed of a large island and several smaller islands, the main island has the cornucopia, and it has small hills surrounding the edge, little rivers flowing into it containing fish and several trees around the cornucopia. the island next to it is a desert island with sand doons and cacti. it often gets very hot there and has little to no food. the next island is a jungle island, it has very trall trees and edible plants and animals. the last island is a mountanous island, many small caves with little amounts of food, often the only food there is animals able to cope with the rough terrain.


ahh yes the mutts there are many mutts, all different but very strong.

jungle mutts:

bird mutts: large beaks, and large claw things, able to sink into flesh and rip it.

leapord mutts: extrememly fast, sharp teeth and sharp claws both able to rip flesh as if it were butter.

monkey mutts: strong nails and and loud shreaks forcing you to the ground, strong teeth able to rip flesh.

mountain mutts:

mountain lions: large claws and sharp teeth able to rip and tear into flesh.

bats: loud screams and they thirst for blood.

sandy mutts:

scorpions: strong stingers, poison is strong and kicks in instantly, if no treatment is found, you die after 5 hours of injection, antidote is found in jungle but guarded by bird mutts

vulcher: strong beaks ands strong claws, fast flight


Placing Tribute District Killer District Means of death


District 1:


Jay sat at his mahogony desk drinking a fine tea. he quite liked tea, he was wearing his fanciest clothing for the reaping. before drinking his tea he was training with tyler, as always. they were planning to watch the games together. he looked at his clock and saw it was time for the reapings and headed to the square of town first finishing his tea and then walked out, not telling his parents or alex. he got to the table and they pricked his finger and he patted down his finger. then walked to his area, standing near tyler. there districts escort walked out, jay didnt really here his name, not really caring. then the video started and they watched, after that he went to the reaping balls. now now ladies and gentleman time to pick two coragous young men and woman for the 700th anual hunger games he swirled his hand around in the boys one first and grabbed one with a smooth yet firm grip and said tyler jackson. jay wanted to volunteer knowing it was tyler his friend and because he trained for this, he raised his hand and said i volunteer as tribute! the escort told him to come up and jay walked up swiftly and stood up there. then the escort asked whats ur name young man? and jay answered with jay nighton and then it was the girls turns dropped his hand in and picked out a name but before he could answer 3 girls volunteered and pointed at a girl and she said her name was shimmer backstab she walked up and they shaked hands and walked into the justice building.


Shimmer got up from her bed and got dressed up in her white dress for reapings, letting her hair flow. she ate some bread and headed to the square and got her finger pricked and patted it down, then headed to the girls area, stood at the edge in the front, the video played and then ended, then there escourt picked a boys name, his name was tyler jackson and then someone volunteered, she didnt know if it was because they were friends or if he was just volunteering, she didnt really care and then he walked up, then the escort said ok time for the girls and shimmer volunteered before 2 other girls could and  there escort pointed at shimmer and asked her name shimmer replied shimmer backstab and walked up. ok you two shake hands, congratulations for getting the honor of being district 1's tributes and happy hunger games shimmer and jay shaked hands and walked into the justice building, hearing the doors close.

District 2:


Daniel layed in  his fine bed feeling a tug on his arm, he got up to see his little sister alice was the one tugging his arm and said yay daniel ur awake and then hugged him. daniel got up and held her tightly hoping they would see echother again. daniel your not gonna volunteer are you? and daniel responded with alice you know i have to, but dont worry we will see echother again, i promice and then he put her down, he already ate and headed to train abit more before, but realised it was already time to so he headed out and got his finger pricked and stood with the boys. there districts escort walked out with a pink dress and a pink wig, daniel thought she looked like a clown but pink. the video played and then after a minute or so it ended. now time for me to pick 1 coragous boy and girl for the honor of representing district 2 in the annual hunger games, and first the boys she reached her nimble fingers into the bowl and daniel raised his hand and volunteered before she could read the name. she asked his name and he responded daniel rider and walked up there with a smile and looked into the croud. then a girl raised her hand and volunteered and didnt care to listen to the name. they shook hands and walked into the justice building


Ann threw a knive into a dummy, just barely missing where a tributes heart would be and saw the clock said it was 12:00 time for reapings, she went to the reaping and her finger was pricked, she stood with the girls, and the video played, she saw it tons of times as it got annoying. there escort looked like a clown with a pink wig. she said now its time for me to pick 1 coragous boy and girl for the honor of representing district 2 in the annual hunger games, and first the boys she reached into the bowl and a boy raised his hand and she heared his name was daniel rider and then ann raised her hand, 'whats ur name young lady? and ann replied with ann reed they shook hands and walked into the justice building.

District 3:


Zealot got up from his wooden desk, and put his wires and scrap metal down, he was making another invention, as usual and checked his clock 11:30. he got up and had some bread and some small bits of cheese for breakfast and by that time it was 11:40. he then bathed and then, he got his fanciest clothing on for the reapings. he got his brother jack and they walked to the center of town, talking about things, like zealots latest invention and about things happening at school. they got there just in time, and they got there fingers pricked and stoon in the boys section seperate. there districts escort walked out with an orange wig and an orange polkadotted dress. she was skinny, but she looked obviously well fed being from the capitol. the video started and after awhile ended. time to pick 1 coragous boy and girl for the honor of representing district 3 in the annual hunger games, first the boys and she reached her nimble fingers into the bowl and picked out a name, jack  midnight. and zealot volunteered my names zealot... zealot midnight. and she said i bet my hat that was your brother zealot said yes and while he walked up there a few girls cried, he chuckled about them crying, not knowing who they were then a girl was picked. they shook hands and went into the justice building

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