• Benny
  • Maysie
  • Rory
  • Malley
  • Dimitri
  • Aria
  • Rackard
  • Maya
  • Russel
  • Eloise
  • Rodent
  • Ratter
  • Atlas
  • Lorra
  • Kazuo
  • Holli
  • Eli
  • Ella
  • Temet
  • Nick
  • Bethany
  • Brianna
Hello, welcome to the 57th annual games and may the odds be ever in your favor!


you need the

  • name
  • district
  • age
  • strength/weapon
  • weakness
  • interview angle
  • appearance
  • gender

to post a tribute. If you can, make a lunaii.


age district gender strength weakness ts angle status/money appearance
Benny Oakling 12 1 m darts, climbing, camo freezes, not good at killing, scared of loud noises 5 shy, quiet Dead Brown hair to shoulders, bright freckles, green eyes
Maysie Henshaw 15 1 f knives, love, flexibility insonmiac 11 determined,calm,elusive VICTOR!!! Blond hair with bangs, straight, medium height, brown eyes
Rory Lemner 17 2 m sword, h2h, sly fear of water, slow 7 mean, moody Dead short brown and blonde hair, green eyes, pale skin, black tattoo
Malley Tan 14 2 f knives, flexibility,smart swimming,too nice 9 smart, sweet, trusting Dead wavy red hair, short, chocolate brown eyes
Dimitri Bens 16 3 m trident, axe throwing trusts everyone 4 humble, kind, happy Dead close cropped brown hair, green eyes, tattoo
Aria Camelliston 17 3 f bow and arrow, careers heights, tight spaces, hurt family 8 sweet, fun, funny(when happy) when angry- rude, thoughtless Dead brown hair w/ blond and copper higlights, blue eyes, tan skin, thin
Rackard Relise 18 4 m snares, knives, dodging attacks, fast thin, not strong 10 nice, sweet (on outside), angry, mean (really) Dead dark turqoise hair, sly purple eyes, gaunt
Maya Sykes 17 4 f trident, swimming slow, climbing 12 charming, herself Dead wavy black hair in ponytail, turqoise sly eyes, big lips
Russel Murphey 14 5 m h2h, climbing, sneaking around distracting backfires sometimes 7 arrogant, sensitive Dead tatoo on cheecks, brown/blond wavy hair,arched eyebrows, green eyes
Eloise Snitzel 12 5 f sneaky, stealth, b/a sword, swimming, trusts to easily 4 smart Dead red hair, blue eyes
Rodent Resonburger 18 6 m pencil everything, mental problems 0 he can only say unicorns and powerpuff girls Dead black/neon green bair, yellow eyes, rodent like, freckles, heavy makeup
Ratter Resonburger 18 6 f paper everything, her mental problems 0 she only can say swiss cheese, so she doesn't have that much of an angle Dead black hair with pink steaks, yellow eyes, mouse like, freckles, heavy makeup
Atlas Dunnin 16 7 m axes, hand to hand swimming 6 cocky Dead black messy hair,green eyes
Lorra Renee 17 7 f strong, axe shy, swimming, climbing, running 3 quiet, dignietish Dead red sly eyes, brown long wavy hair
Kazuo Kherson 17 8 m knive, good reactions swimming, noisy 3 himself, relaxed Dead red hair, sly green eyes
Holli Montague 18 8 f bow and arrow, fast, agile swimming 5 funny, rapporty Dead bright green eyes, choc brown hair, red lips, pale

Eli Fitzergald




mace, sword



dangerous, vicious


red hair with strands of black, gray eyes

Ella Fitzergald




spear, agility



scared, weak


red hair with strands of black, gray eyes

Hami Slaughter







funny, outgoing


black hair, blue eyes

Temet Rosefly




bow/a, silence, smart

trances, slow


fast talking, smart


brown hair, small blue eyes

Nick Thunderhart




stealthy, quiet, sword

unable to go without water for a long time


shy, but humorous


brown skin, black hair, brown eyes

Bethany Wakeling




nature, blowgun





olive skin, dark brown hair, gray eyes

Chase Elik

Brianna Tyler








pickaxe, camo, silent


scared super easily







seam look

brown hair, pruple eues, freckles


Each tribute will start off with 100 dollars. The owner of this blog (Bella) will send the tribute what they need to live. There will be prizes too .The most liked chariot gets 200 dollars, 2nd 150, and 3rd 100. that will go for interviews too. one kill will be 50 dollars. in the top ten, a kill will be 100 dollars, in the top 5, 150, top 3-250, and top 2- 500! You can also get money by someone saying "I donate to blah blah" and the tribute will automatically get 25$


Blanket- 40 $

Sleeping Bag- 60 $

matches-25 $

wood- 50$

bag of fruits- 75$

Assorted breads- 80$


dinner for 4- 115$


Bow and arrow set- 95$

Slingshot- 15$

Spear- 80$

Sword- 75$

Knives- 85$

Nightlock berries- 125$


Deck of cards- 30$

Tv- 200$

Map of the arena- 100$


Jeep- 1500$

Tank- 225,000$

Private jet with pilots- 500,000

Hospital visit- 1500$

Tribute back to life- 10,000$

Edible fruits and plants dictionary- 400$


District One

Maysie's POV

Reaping Day, the best day of the year in my opinion. The only downside is that we have to wake up early.At ten thirty in the morning. I wake up and put on my red dress. It's strapless and goes to my knees. Sometimes I watch other district's reapings on our television, and the kids' outfits are so drab! I am so lucky I live here. I take our solar car to the square. It is painted gold for the occasion. My father, the mayor, is sitting on the stage. This year, he will help me volunteer. He bribed the announcer, Glisten, to pick me. I raised my hand as high as I could, as predicted, she (Glisten) called on me. I walked up waving and smiling my most riveting smile possible. Then they did the boys. This twelve year old wimp called Benny got reaped. No one dared volunteer. He would pound their stomach out. Glisten tells us to shake our hands, which we do. Then we're taken into custody by the Peacekeepers.

District Two

Rory's POV

Oh goody, reaping day, such fun. Why the heck do people volunteer anyways? Wanting to get a knife in the back or a slit throat. I know that someone will volunteer. That's what my mum says. But no one likes me. The say I'm mean and moody. I walk to the down square and the announcer already chose the girl. I'm guessing she volunteered. Her name is Malley Tan. Her father is a victor. Then our announcer puts her hand into the jar and pulls a name out. "Rory Lemner!" Those words now are my beggining and end.

District 3

Aria's POV

Finally, reaping day, I've been waiting for this day all year. I have the perfect plan. Kill the careers in their sleep. The best idea ever! I slip on a pink dress and run to the square. Our announcer, Elli, surpirisinglly picks the boy first, unusually. His name is Dimitri Bens. I stand on top of the person next to me and raise my hand. Elli picks me and we are taken into custody.

District 4

Rackard's POV

Me and my brother Ryan are getting ready for the reaping. I put on a blue tux and he puts on a turquoise tu. We take our private boat to the town square with my mum and father. Our announcer, she's wearing, a fish. Most of the girls eww and boo at her, but she doesn't seem to notice. "Ladies first" she yells. A girl named Maya volunteers. Ryan is reaped. At the top of my lungs i yell "I volunteer as tribute for the 57th annual hunger games!"\

District 5

Eloise's POV

I am so unhappy! I have a gigantic chance of dying today! My name is in here 99 times for each of my 9 siblings, me and my mum, 9 times. I run to the square and our announcer already picked the boy, Russel. Then she calls me, like i predicted. We are taken into custody then my family says their goodbyes.

District 6

Rodent's POV

Me and Ratter get off the street. Our parents took a long vacation underground away from us. They had heart shaped attacks. I dress up in a black garbage bag. Ratter chooses a white garbage bag. She wove her hair with dead flowers we found. The people in white suits carry us to the name calling ceremony. The people who get their name called either will or won't come back. the person with the blue hair calls someone. Since its a game, I raise my hand because i would like to play. I tell Ratter to raise her hand. I say Mrs. Blueberry, I don't understand what we have to do, "You. Make people go bye-bye forever on a long vacation underground." "Okay!"

District 7

Lorra's POV

I wake up with an axe in my hand. I was doing the night shift of cutting trees down. I realized it was reaping day, so I walked back to my house with my little sister, Laurren. It's Laurren's first reaping. We slip on some green dresses my dad got for us and walked to the town square. Our announcer, Cassia, was on the stage wearing a tree suit. And her skin was dyed brown. Branches are implanted in her head. Crazy capitol styles. I log in with Laurren, and Cassia picks the girl tribute. "Laurren Renee!" she shouts. Who is it. Oh no, Laurren got picked. On her first reaping. I stand up and yell "I voulunteer as tribute!". Then someone named Atlas is called, and we go into custody

I am so sorry, but i have no time to finish the reapings so i will give brief summaries

8- two best friends are called

9- mayors son and daughter are called

10- both volunteered

11- no announcer, names are on a tv

12- effie pulls out names while haymitch is vomiting on the stage



1-girl- always changing ballgown

boy- always changing tux- 3rd place


both- greek armor getup. boy holding golden sword, girl wearing golden shield


girl- lazer dress that shoots out fake lazer beams

boy- same as girl, but in suit form


both- in a water tank with cute little fish

girl- turqoise bikini with seastar accesories

boy- turqoise swim trunks

D6 chariot 57

d6 chariot kinda like this

they kiss in the middle. Capitol favorite


girl- fan hat, white dress

boy- fan hat, white tux


girl- in a window of a car

boy- in another window of the car


normal tree getup


golden robes- 4th place


gold, yellow, and silver gowns


wearing cow suits on a chariot with real cows


both- costumes that sprout flowers and apples, and fruit, etc- 2nd place


normal miner getup

Capitol Favorites

District amount of money given (per tribute)
4 $200
11 $150
1 $100
8 $50


i have like, no time so im gonna skip them. For the inconvenience, everytribute will gain 100 dollars.

Death chart

Who was killed by whom and how distirict
Eli Maysie, land mines 9
Ella Maysie, land mines 9
Hami Maysie, land mines 10
Temet Maysie, land mines 10
Nick Malley, land mines 11
Bethany Malley, land mines 11
Chase Malley, land mines 12
Brianna Malley, land mines 12
Malley Lorra, axe 2


Kazuo, speared 1
Rory Kazuo, speared 2
Rackard Kazuo, speared 4
Holli herself, fell off a clif 8
Dimitri Russel, slit throat 3
Russel Eloise, knife in back 5
Kazuo Maya, trident 8
Lorra sharks 7
Eloise drowned 5
Maya Aria, slit throat 4
Aria Maysie, knife 3
Ratter Ratter, jumped off a cliff 6
Rodent Rodent, jumped off a cliff 6
Atlas Maysie, kissed and killed 7
Maysie Victor 1

Games (Day One)

3,2,1 Go! The gong sounds. Everyone is stunned by the arena. Its a canyon with three gigantic boulders. Maysie (1) and Malley (2) threw some landmines at the tributes from districts 9, 10, 11, and 12. 8 cannons shot, one for each of the tributes. The careers raced to the cornicopia while District 6 (ratter and rodent) stayed on their plates, wondering which game this was. Malley (2) got killed by Lorra (7) when Lorra threw an axe at her. BOOM. Lorra got killed by Rory (2), by slicing her head off with a sword. Kazuo (8) snuck up behind Rory, Benny, and Rackard, and speared them like a kabob. They (Benny, rory, and Rackard) died. Holli (8) fell of the cliff and into shark infested water. She died. BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM. Dimitri (3) got slit in the throat by Russel (5). Russel then got killed by his district partner Eloise (5) with aknife in the back. Kazuo (8) gets killed by Maya when she throws a trident in his direction. Lorra and Eloise realize that they have no chance of winning, so they jump into the shark infested water. BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM

Day 2 (3 am)

Aria (3) had a plan to kill Maysie, and Maya. Kill them in their sleep. She slit Maya's throat and a cannon shot. Maysie, who was believed to be sleeping "woke up". She saw a bloody knife in Aria's hand and stated "Well well, the diamond is in the necklace". "What the heck is that supposed to mean??" "It means I cought and will kill you." Aria said "we'll see who kills who" Maysie threw a knife and it hit Aria in the brain. BOOM!. "Like she could take me" Maysie whispered as she headed towards the Cornicopia

Meanwhile, Ratter and Rodent (6) were still on their plates. They didn't understand what game this is. Ratter oddly said "What happens if you jump off that". So they jumped off the cliff and died. BOOM!!BOOM!

Atlas (7) was silll on the middle boulder, right next to the Cornicopia. "This might be some type of record" he thought to himself. He just watched District 6 jump into shark infested water. He slowly counted the cannon shots he heard in the past two days. "There's only two of us left. Guess I'll see em tonight", Atlas murmured. "Hello there Atlas" said a dreamy voice behind him. It was Maysie from district 1. "You know, I've had my eyes on you" "um, okay?" Atlas replied. "I really like you." Maysie kissed Atlas "What the heck are you doing!" "Maysie kissed him again and Atlas gave in." Then she pinned him to the ground and slit his throat. BOOM! "WE HAVE OUR VICTOR, the lovely Maysie Henshaw!"

Thank You!

Thank you so so so much everyone for participating in my games! I am sorry the games were so short but here's the aftermath. And thank you AstonMoioLover for making a tribute worthy of a win. And thank you Totheofdoom for making a runner up even though you are new!


Head Gamemaker Likian Minile, was having a conversation with Snow. "Really short games, really short" Snow stated. "Next year, I think the stafff will be different. I think, somepeople will have gone underground in there cemetry housed", "I know what you're doing Snow! Try and kill me?"Minile took out a gun and pointed it at Snow. She pulled the trigger, but snow was wearing body armor. It bounced back and hit Minile in the heart.

The End!!!

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