*Disclaimer* 170th Annual Hunger Games is a personal story. 

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The 170th Annual Hunger Games: Unforgivable is part one of a three-part series set after The Second Rebellion.

Unknown Citizen, District Nine, 75 ADDEdit

Everyone eyes are glued on their TV screens, the area that is showcased before us is the end of the rebellion, Katniss Everdeen, the girl on fire, stands tall, her arm tied on a standing post with straps around her, not a sign of fear in her eyes. Ceaser Flickerman is broadcasting it all, The Capitol people really make me sick to the stomach, they all think this is a game, they think our lives are a TV show, without real consequences. The crowd cheers with anticipation as President Snow walks on the balcony.

This when complete silence takes over Panem, President Snow looks at the camera before speaking "Welcome, welcome to this New Panem," President Snow says, he eyes look deeply in our souls, "as the consequences of Katniss Everdeen and her minions, we've lost many citizens, many our brothers and sisters, and for that, we'll execute the criminals! Now, on live TV."

A woman, her dark black hair sleek back in a ponytail and in a white and blue outfit appears on the screen, she pulls out a gun and aims it Katniss, it cuts to Katniss's face, she stares straight back at the girl with an emotionless face, she was truly the Mockingjay, a symbol of the rebellion. The screen goes back to President Snow as the gun is fired

The President Snow's face makes me sick to the stomach, how can he be this sick, how can anyone support this wicked man! I shake these thoughts knowing that they'll just drive me crazy. President Snow starts talking "more executions will be placed for anyone who had part of the 75th Annual Hunger Games, and with the consequences of that, the treaty between District Thirteen and The Capitol is abolished and District Thirteen will be rebuilt and take place in the Seventy-sixth Annual Hunger Games, The Hunger Games, will not end, they will never, it is apart Panem's history, it's what makes Panem thrive. The Seventy-sixth Annual Hunger Games will be a reminder of that." President Snow says as more gunshots are sounded and the screen changes into Panem's flag with Panem's anthem.

The TributesEdit