Unknown Citizen, District Nine, Around 198 AMJ

Key: 'AMJ'= After Mockingjay

Everyone eyes are glued to their TV screens, the area that is showcased before us is the end of the rebellion, Katniss Everdeen, the girl on fire, stands tall, her arm tied on a standing post with straps around her, not a sign of fear in her eyes. Ceaser Flickerman is broadcasting it all, The Capitol people really make me sick to the stomach, they all think this is a game, they think our lives are a TV show, without real consequences. The crowd cheers with anticipation as President Snow walks on the balcony.

This when complete silence takes over Panem, President Snow looks at the camera before speaking "Welcome, welcome to this New Panem" President Snow says, he eyes look deeply into our souls, "as the consequences of Katniss Everdeen and her minions, we've lost many citizens, many our brothers, and sisters, and for that, we'll execute them! Now, on live TV."

A women, her dark black hair sleek back in a ponytail and in a black and blue outfit appears on the screen, you can her pull out a gun and aim it Katniss, then it cuts to Katniss's face, Katniss stares straight back at the girl in a heroic face, she was truly the girl on fire, the screen goes back to President Snow as the bullet is sounded.

The smile President Snow has on made me sick to the stomach, how can he be this sick, how can anyone support this wicked man! I shake these thoughts knowing that it'll just drive me crazy. President Snow starts talking "more execution will be placed for anyone who had part of the 75th Annual Hunger Games, and with the consequences of that, the treaty between District Thirteen and The Capitol is abolished and District Thirteen will be rebuilt and take place in the Seventy-sixth Annual Hunger Games, The Hunger Games, will not end, they will never, it is apart Panem's history, it's what makes Panem thrive. The Seventy-sixth Annual Hunger Games will be a reminder of that." President Snow says as more gunshots are sounded and the screen changes into Panem's flag with Panem's anthem

The Hunger Games continued for almost hundred years, the district thirteen female; Iris Abyss won the seventy-sixth annual hunger games, she was praised and loved by the capitol, people almost forgot that she used to live under ground and was planning to end the games. Soon followed her victory President Snow was found dead, people thought he was murdered, many conspiracy theories later, it was revealed he died of natural causes, a month later The Capitol held election, and the man who won was extremely vicious and heartless; President.

Soon after his victory as president, Radius  introduced three new Districts. District Fourteen, District Fifteen and District Zero, The Capitol was using a large island west of District Four as a place to put muttation's they weren't using, and later creating them there, it wasn't until the population soon grew and Radius made it into a District and industry was Muttation's, District Fourteen became a Career District, becoming lethal killers in a matter of years. District Fifteen is a chain of islands south of District Eleven and eastern District Ten, District Fifteen provided Medical and Science research, District Fifteen came about after a disease wreaked havoc across Panem, President Radius ordered for healthy citizens, scientists and doctors to be sent to the islands south of District Eleven  and come up with a cure. When Panem's population started to drop dramatically the people of District Fifteen found a serum that would cure the disease. But the people of District Fifteen did not want to return to Panem, after awhile of resisting, a war broke out, it only lasted three months. The Capitol soon came on top and as punishment made District Fifteen official and forcing them to participate in the Games.

While District Fifteen was working on the cure, District Zero that existed in early Panem, but The Capitol believed funding District Zero in their research of astrology and meteorology was useless. The District managed to survive and thrive for the long period of time without the support of The Capitol, during the long period of time they still studied astrology and meteorology, the District was north of District Seven, it was also a cold District, usually blanketed with snow. During the time of the widespread disease that infected Panem, it made its way through to District Zero, the disease almost wiped out their entire population, but it still refused the cure District Fifteen managed to make, the disease soon died out, leaving  a small amount of District Zero population alive, now it was forced to join Panem and become an official District. After District Zero joined into Panem, President Radius passed away at the age of ninety, he was President of Panem for seventy years, after his death an election was in placed again, and the winner was a woman named Trinity. Trinity kept the promise on continuing the games.

Panem is much different to the one when The Mockingjay lived in, The Capitol is stronger, they are prepared for another rebellion, making stronger soldiers in District Two, making strong and lethal Mutts in District Fourteen.

Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favour!

The Tributes

Name Age District Weapon Training Score Fate
Coco Levinson 16 C Bow and Arrow 9 Deceased
Romulus Krouse 18 C Sword 11 Alive
Luxia Diamond 17 1 Spiked Mace 10 Alive
Gleam Howard 18 1 Sword, Dagger 10 Alive
Terra Marbet 16 2 Knife 10 Alive
Hercules Hadely 17 2 Hand-To-Hand-Combat 11 Alive
Volta Rose 15 3 Electricity 5 Deceased
Tech Byte 13 3 Land-Mines, Knife 6 Deceased
Delta Salmond 17 4 Trident, Sword 11 Alive
Arno Hyberts 16 4 Net, Machete 12 Alive
Maxeen Howitt 15 5 Knife 9 Alive
Wattson Sparks 15 5 Scythe, Knife 4 Deceased
Sterling Tripp 12 6 Knife 7 Alive
Metro Tripp 15 6 Strength 9 Alive
Petal Styan 17 7 Axe, Knife 5 Deceased
Root Forest 14 7 Throwing Axe 7 Alive
Angora Weaver 16 8 Throwing Knife 8 Alive
Silk Aldrich 15 8 Knife 7 Deceased
Zea Iverson 18 9 Shield, Knife 9 Deceased
Bran Askew 14 9 Staff 5 Deceased
Beka Uger 17 10 Sword 9 Alive
Lathen Dale 17 10 Hand-To-Hand-Combat 6 Deceased
Soya Renyolds 16 11 Net, Dagger 7 Deceased
Oxford Flander 17 11 Sword 8 Alive
Ember Dowell 15 12 Knife 9 Alive
Pheonix Flint 18 12 Dagger, Sickle 11 Alive
Nina Vaile 16 13 Land-Mines 10 Alive
Hugo Sankale 13 13 Stealth 10 Alive

The Chariot Rides

Coco Levinson, The Capitol, Avenue of Tributes

“Ah, Coco you look so beautiful” My stylist Susanne said with a big smile on her face, my prep team didn’t have to do a lot of work on me for the Chariot Rides. They curled my hair, my muddy brown hair is now cascading down my shoulders and back, my baby blue eyes are decorated with black eyeshadow and eyeliner, my lips are coated with a glossy lipstick, my figure is showcased in a long gold gown, the ones that brides to be wear. I turn over to my other stylists, Sith and Priya.

Both Priya and Sith were modified to the Capitol expectations. Sith’s hair is a nice gold shade is curled, his arms and neck are decorated with tattoo’s, while Priya midnight blue hair falls down her lower back, her body is painted in a metallic colour. I stare at myself in the mirror one more time, a smile grows onto my face, “Thank you, thank you for everything” I say smiling, Susanne puts her brown hair out of her face and looks to me with a big smile, "Show the Capitol their female Tribute" Susanne says placing her hand onto my shoulder, Susanne was one of my favourites during all of this chaos, my mentors Cleo and Apollo both too cheery about me fighting to the death. I remember when Apollo won his game, probably a decade ago; Apollo was a charming young man, won all of the sponsors and when it was his final kill, he cheered and laughed holding the bloody knife.

On the other hand, Cleo was everyone's sweetheart; her blonde curls are now a light pink, she usually has it all pinned up. She won by seducing the Career's boys to turn against each other and killed the girls while they slept. After she won the game she started to drink but stopped as soon she had a child: Vivian is around my age probably even older.

Susanne guides me to the Training Centre.I notice all the other tributes are already out there, Romulus is wearing a golden suit with glitter on it. Romulus is standing with The Careers. The District One pair stand close together, Luxia’s blonde hair is now in a messy braid, her face is covered in glamorous makeup,Luxia is wearing a diamond-covered corset, and a matching black skirt. Gleam is wearing a bejewelled jumpsuit, resembling Luxia’s corset. Gleam’s blonde hair is spiked.

I walk up to them, holding the long fabric at the end of my dress, "guys this is my district partner Coco" Romulus introduces me, I smile at them. The District Two pair smile back but I knew that the girl wanted to rip my throat out.Terra stood arms crossed, her mousy brown hair that  reached her shoulders is tucked behind her ears, she’s was pretty. She had a small beauty spot on her right cheek, her eyebrows were coloured in making her eyebrows high arched, she is wearing a black crop top with a black and gold striped skirt. Her Partner is Hercules, he is wearing a peacekeeper costume but it's black and gold stripped as well.

Next was the girl from District Four, her partner decided not to join the Career . Delta is wearing a long sea blue dress, her brown hair now has blonde streaks running through it, she is finished with a shell tiara.

"What happened to your partner, Delta?" I ask "Arno? I don't know... told me that he didn't want to a part of a murder club" Delta replied, I hear a scoff coming for Romulus. Terra smiles looking at Romulus “to bad for him, right?” Luxia puts on a sadden face on.

"Tributes Mount Up" The robotic voice spoke, I look up to Romulus and then back to the others "I guess we need to go," Luxia said "see you guys at training" She added.I walked to our chariot with Romulus, "how do you like this year's Career Pack?" I ask "good," he says. Romulus helps me up the Chariot, "I don't think the girl from Two likes me," I say "I don't think she likes anyone" Romulus laughs, I weakly smile. I see the big doors start to open up, "Good luck" I say.

Arno Hyberts, District 4, Avenue of Tributes

I latch onto my trident  I feel my palms getting sweaty, I notice Delta is looking at me "don't be nervous Arno, they're gonna love us" Delta tells me, the rest of her sentence is cut off from the roaring crowd of the Capitol.

I watch the District Three pair who are shining Green, Blue, Red and Yellow start rolling. It's not long till a dark sea blue horses start to march forward, my Mentor: Aruna told me to wave and smile at the crowd, easy way to get sponsors.

I start to wave and smile at the crowd, I notice District Five is so far the favourite, Maxeen dress is just plain black but the white dots are eye catching but so is her evil glare, It's not long till District Six takes over, siblings and the girl is only twelve years old.

Sterling, the young girl is wearing a simple white dress, stating her innocence, her brother is wearing a simple white jumpsuit with a hat, possibly representing a mechanic. I turn to see Delta, she has a big white cheery smile, she seems to be holding a rose, high in the sky.

That gives me an idea, I lift my hand with the trident and scream District Four, that makes the crowd go wild. They still continued for District Seven, The boy and girl both wearing plants, the girl is wearing a dress entirely made of plants, flowers decorate her hair.

"Good idea" I hear Delta whisper to me "thanks" I look at her smiling. Delta was my friend even although she's going with The Careers and I'm not, we're still close. We've been friends at District Four her family lives on the same street and I trained with her older brother and sister. Delta's sister only won six or seven years ago, her name escapes my tongue.

District Eight is always the Capitol's favourite even Hundred years ago during the Second Rebellion. This year the boy and girl are wearing a silk robe with different colours and patterns, I'm guessing silk is all the craze in The Capitol and what's so ironic is that the male tribute is named Silk.

District Nine, Ten and Eleven all pass getting moderate cheering, District Twelve is next the Medicine/Mining District, the girl is wearing a black lace dress that covers her neck, her canary black hair is braided going down her bare dark skin, and the boy in a black lace unitard his black is spiked, he gives a small wave to the audience.

Next was District Thirteen the crowd stops all of a sudden, why wouldn't they, they're were horrible or what Lysander Fairbanks would say.

They were wearing a dirty green jumpsuit with District Thirteen on the back, no makeup, no glam.

I see Capitol and District One stop, soon followed by Two, Three and us. Our Chariot is placed next to Three and Five, I look over to Six, Sterling is holding onto her brother's hand like someone is going to grab him and take him away.

President Vana Enikk walks onto the stage, her skin is pale as snow, her hair is endless void of black, so is her eyes. When you look at her you get chills, she talks about how lucky to be picked and be in the 170th Annual Hunger Games and like she has been doing for so many years saying "May the odds be ever in your favour."

Our chariot is taken back to the Tribute Centre, Anure and Bellix are standing there "you guys were great!" Anure my mentor says "yeah, great touch with that Trident of ours Arno" Bellix says "why don't we go back to our room and talk about our tributes" Teal our Escort says.

The Training

Nina Valie, District 13, Training Centre

I stand next to Hugo, my partner. I'm thankful to my stylist King, we weren't dressed up as something dumb; military. Our chariot spoke the strongest showing that we don't want to be here, that the spirit of The Mockingjay is still here.

Cosmia Zinx the head trainer start to walk up to the Tributes, she then yells for everyone to come to her so she could tell everyone the rules, her dark green hair is let loose and wild, she is tall and athletic. She talks about the games, how that most of us will die during the first few hours and that we need to learn survival, but that doesn't matter when she dismisses us most of the tributes go to the deadliest weapons. 

I turn to Hugo "what do you want to do?" I ask, even tho Hugo is younger than me, his smart and he knows what his doing; we were talking to the District Twelve pair, Ember and Phoenix both look like they haven't had a meal in a year, Hugo brought up an idea of an alliance named The Anti-Careers, It's been done before: During the 156th Annual Hunger Games, that wasn't really successful the anti-career were all killed during a building collapsing. We were all down for it, we wanted to get some others in on it before they go off to the Careers. So far it looks like the girl from District Ten is recruited, her brown pixie cut hair is spiked and face is decorated with freckles, she was strong; growing up on the farm.

"Lathen, the boy from my district he would like to join," Beka says, "that's great," Ember says smiling "the more the merrier" she adds.

Beka and Lathen both from Ten were aboard. "So, who's going to be the leader?" I say, everyone looks up and looks at me "let's have a vote, I nominate Ember and Phoenix" Hugo says, "no I'm not going to be the leader but I do vote for Phoenix" Ember says, "same" Beka and I say, Lathen wanted to be the leader but Phoenix won the vote.After the voting Phoenix told us to train on a skill we didn't know; that was fire starting.

The girl from 7 was also at that station "I see there're two groups forming" Petal says, Petal hair is tied back into a ponytail, her dark green eyes are lighted by the fire, "what?" I say "The Careers and your alliance," she says, she was right tho, once the Capitol gets ahold of this information they're going to use it as a way to get more views 'Which side will win? The Careers and The Anti-Careers' automatically everyone will be cheering on the Careers, sending sponsors to the District 1 girl, cheering on when the Anti-Careers is picked off, one by one. 

In the corner of my eye, Baxter is listening deeply into Petal's and I conversation. "Why do you want to join?" I ask, "no are you joking that's a great way to kill myself," Petal says, "good luck tho," Petal says before blowing out the fire and walking away.

Petal seems to be doing the sexy angle, the usual one for The Career girls, Luxia is standing way too close to Romulus, probably trying to be his favourite, the District Two girl is beheading dozen of targets, the boy from 1 is cheering her on, Coco and Hercules are talking to Zea, another strong Tribute.

Zea's honey blonde hair is tucked behind her ears, her creamy skin and her dark red lips, of course, The Careers would want her as a teammate, they did lose one: Arno the boy from 4, that didn't really affect his game he's still the Capitol's favourite, whoever kills him is going to be The Capitol's worst player ever. His charming smile and golden blonde hair, District four tributes are always the best looking.

Gleam Howard, District 1, Training Centre

I watch the dummy's falls onto the floor with a thud, Terra was very impressive with her sword and knife skills, we both share the hatred of Romulus, I turn to over to the other careers. Romulus showing off his muscles to Luxia, Coco and Hercules trying to recruit more people, we did need more people on our side.

Apparently, people want to make another strong alliance, they call themselves the Anti-Careers, they are never successful in their mission: defeating the Careers.

The lunch bell goes off, I follow Terra into a room full of tables, at the back of the room is where the food. The food ranged from all Thirteen Districts and The Capitol. One table had a reserved sign, it was for the careers.

I take a seat next to Luxia, I wasn't really in the mood to eat, the others, they were already up to their seconds, you would think us The Careers would already have enough food. "Romulus, I'll like to address The Anti-Careers" Terra says, "what about them?" Romulus says with food in his mouth, "don't you think they'll be a threat?" Delta chimes in "no, they're weak have you seen them" Romulus laughs.

I felt my blood boil, Luxia knew so. Why was he the leader! I would be making up plans to sabotage and get rid of The Anti-Careers so one of us could have a chance of surviving and winning.

"It's ok Gleam, we'll think of a plan" Luxia says whispering into my ear. "Also what do you guys think about Arno and Angora," Luxia says smiling, "Arno and Angora are not going to be a threat to us, we should just leave them alone," Hercules says, "I agree," I say.

I look over to Zea, who's eating her food quietly, "anyways besides all of that, welcome Zea" I say, Zea looks up at me and smiles "thank you for inviting me to The Careers"

It wasn't soon till the Lunch bell goes off and everyone hurries off for another hour of training, I decide to go to the axe station where the boy from 7 was, Root. Root had fiery red hair he seemed strong for his age; only being Fourteen.

"Hey, " I say, Root looked at me "oh, hi" Root says nervously "it's alright I'm not like Romulus, I thought your skills were, cool." I say, Root laughed slightly "that's why we want yo to join the Careers," I say, "yeah, sure," Root says smiling.

I knew inviting Root to the alliance was going to make Romulus angry.

Day 2

Phoenix Flint, District 12, Training Centre 

It was early in the morning when Xan was slamming on my door, another day of training. I hated this whole thing, fighting to the death. The Districts learnt our lesson! Are they just going to keep it going? Well, it already has been 170 years. 

I slip out of my bed and into the shower, after the shower, I got in my training clothes; a black jumpsuit with red, like all the other districts. Ember was already sitting in the dining room, her muddy brown hair is let down, she's just staring at the distance.

"Missing home?" I say walking in, making her jump "yeah, wouldn't trade it for here, even though everyone is starving to death, this place doesn't seem like home." Ember says moving her gaze to the window, "we should go, we're late." I say. I  tap the button and then we're shooting down towards the training centre. 


Terra Marbet, District 2, Training Centre

"And why aren't you going, missus?" Fawn says rolling her eyes "because it's useless! All I'm doing is flaunting my skill to make the others scared of me" I raise my voice, Fawn looks at me with wide eyes "don't you dare raise your voice! I am your mentor, you will respect me and follow what I say" Fawn says her nostrils blaring.

Fawn was around early 30's, annoying, know it all, overall a bitch. I didn't like her, so didn't Hercules even our escort had a bad taste of her. Fawn hair is in her typical bun, with a pin going through it. I roll my eyes, "whatever you say bossy boots" I say annoyingly.

Fawn stands up fast, she pushes my against the wall "listen here! You may not bloody like me, but I'm your only hope to survive in that arena, and if you want to be a disgrace to our home and then be it because I will tell them everything you been doing. Smoking, drinking and what else?" Fawn's is bright red, steam is almost coming out of her ears.

I push Fawn off me, I can tell Fawn lost her footing. I storm out of my room, pushing Zainin out of my way and going straight to the elevator. I didn't bother fixing my look. I was fighting back tears, I'm going to be a disgrace to District Two, Fawn is going to ruin my family's name.


I walk out the elevator and walk straight to the hand-to-hand combat station. The District 13 girl is there already, she looks at me with a smirk "Two! Versus me?" She says I smile back "my pleasure" I retort back.

"Okay here the rules, once the person says stop you stop, don't kill each other, also no weapons."Got it" Me and the girl says.

I throw the first punch, she falls back but she comes back quickly with another punch, after a few hits, the anger with Fawn fires up again, the fury burns deep inside, I throw stronger punches, I then grab her by the hair and start to knee her in the face before she starts to scream stop.

I throw her onto the ground. I see her nose is starting to bleed, I turn around to see I have a crowd of shocked kids, but then there are my team members who are clapping and laughing.

Maxeen Howitt, District 5, Training Centre

I watch on as Terra beats up Nina in a station, I stand there along with the rest of my competitors in amaze. Well, I really wasn't I just didn't want to seem like a bore to the others. Today was the last day of learning new tricks and then trying to impress the game-makers.

I'm starting to get really good at with my knife skills and my hunting skills. 

The bell rings, we all are sent into a small room with Twenty-Eight Chairs. Coco sits at the front and then the boy from Thirteen is last.

I sit next to Wattson, we really haven't talked. Maybe small chit-chat at the dinner table, but not that much of in depth. I don't want to, it will the last thing to get emotionally attached to someone in this place, you will end up doing something like risking your life.

I laugh at that, so many dumb girls 'fall in love' and end up killing the selves but then moments later their boyfriends are killed by the careers.

One, Two, Three, Four. 

"Maxeen Howitt report immediately to Training," The Robotic voice says.

I look over to Wattson to give a weak smile, "good luck" Wattson says, I stand up smiling at Wattson.

Walking down that hallway was dreadful, but what was more dreadful was the door sliding open and to see the Game-Makers all sitting there, their eyes piercing me causing my soul to tremble.

I walk over to the tree climbing station, I was alright this. I missed a few ropes causing me to fall but I ended finishing it.

I walk over to the knife throwing station. This is the one I have to go good at, they don't care if I can climb trees, they want to know if I can kill. I hold a knife in my hand, and send it towards my target, it didn't even hit close to the bullseye. I tried again but this time, it falls to the ground, the metal clings against the floor.

The Game-Makers chuckle. No this can't be. I grab another knife and send it straight at the bullseye. I don't look back at the Game-Makers or wait to be dismissed.

Metro Tripp, District 6, Tribute House

"Guys it's starting!" Wonda says, eating popcorn. I walk slowly towards the coach, my stomach feels sick, I have a pounding headache, I just want to see what score I got so I can go to sleep and study for the Interviews.

Lysander Fairbanks comes up with a cheerful smile, the piece of papers in her hands, containing my score. Her ivory white hair is now straightened and her dress shines all different colours from the rainbow. Lysander seemed like a mother during the interviews, her motherly physique and voice calms the tributes nerves during this time by saying that she is proud of us even tho we would get a score of 4.

"Let us begin with The Capitol!"

"Coco with a score of 9.... Romulus with a score of 11."


"District 1."

Luxia's face shone on the screen, long blonde hair cascading in blonde curls, her bright toothy smile, she was the definition of natural beauty, well to me. People say Coco is the most beautiful girl around, but she's all fake, plastic. Luxia ended up scoring a 10, so with her partner Gleam.

"District 2."

District 2 was a couple I feared, Terra fought that girl from 13 in a heartbeat, and finished it quickly. Her brown hair is usually in a ponytail, the loose straps of her go against her tanned skin, Hercules was the 2nd biggest boy, His height and amount of muscle astonish me, I'm pretty sure Hercules and Romulus are made out of pure muscle. The number 10 flashes passed Terra's face, and sooned followed by the number 11.

I don't pay attention to District 3, I liked to listen to the Careers, and picturing them jumping and down on their score they got.

"District 4"

I liked District 4, Arno not teaming up with The Career's amazed me, but The Capitol loved it, someone from a Power-House District became a major underdog, and teaming up with the girl from 8. His tanned skin made his bright blue eyes pop, his bleached blonde had a messy look, looks like he didn't bother to fix his bed hair. On the other hand, Delta was the complete sweetheart of the Capitol. She had a pure innocent look, her brown hair had blonde highlights, her skin was a bit lighter then Arno, maybe she didn't spend as much time in the water. Both were tall and strong.

Delta's score showed up on the screen, an 11. I applaud her. Next was Arno, everyone in the Capitol wanted to know what the most wanted winner had scored, and without a doubt, a 12.

"District 5."

Maxeen's pale skin and sunken eyes were next, dark bags sit under her eyes. I don't blame, who sleeps during The Hunger Games. I was a bit surprised to see that she scored a 9. Next was Wattson, he seemed weird during training, not bothering talking to any of the other tributes. Wattson's face appears big and bright than the number 4 flashed across his face. 

Here's the dreadful moment of them announcing my score, an embarrassment?


"Sterling with a score of 7, and Metro with a score of 9."

I get up in a jump and turn to Sterling and hug her "congrats guys!" Wonda says patting my back with a bright smile.

The Training Score and Odds

Name District Score Odds
Coco Levinson C 9 9-1
Romulus Krouse C 11 4-1
Luxia Diamond 1 10 5-1
Gleam Howard 1 10 7-1
Terra Marbet 2 10 6-1
Hercules Hadely 2 11 6-1
Volta Rose 3 5 27-1
Tech Byte 3 6 29-1
Delta Salmond 4 11 4-1
Arno Hynberts 4 12 2-1
Maxeen Howitt 5 9 16-1
Wattson Sparks 5 4 20-1
Sterling Tripp 6 7 54-1
Metro Tripp 6 9 34-1
Petal Styan 7 5 16-1
Root Forest 7 7 19-1
Angora Weaver 8 8 18-1
Silk Aldrich 8 7 13-1
Zea Iverson 9 9 15-1
Bran Askew 9 5 16-1
Beka Uger 10 9 14-1
Lathen Dale 10 6 7-1
Soya Renyolds 11 7 18-1
Oxford Flander 11 8 8-1
Ember Dowell 12 9 23-1
Pheonix Flint 12 11 17-1
Nina Vaile 13 10 30-1
Hugo Sankale 13 10 34-1

The Arena

  • The Cornucopia
  • The Monkey Mutt
  • Major storm's that may occur.
  • Quick-Sand which is placed close to Cornucopia.
  • Overview of the Arena
  • Large snake found deep in the Jungle.

Arena Clothing

The Arena Clothing will be black cargo pants for all, a long sleeved black shirt, and a waterproof jacket, this jacket helps warm the tribute during the cold nights. The jackets at the back will have the District Seal and will be colour coded. 

These will be the District Colours:

The Capitol

District One

District Two

District Three

District Four

District Five

District Six

District Seven

District Eight

District Nine

District Ten

District Eleven

District Twelve

District Thirteen

The Interviews

Angora Weaver, District 8, Tribute Centre

I stare at myself in the mirror, completely naked, makes me shiver. Roxie comes walking into the room with a big bright smile "Angie, you will look lovely in this outfit" Roxie smiles, Roxie gave me the nickname Angie, she said she liked Angie better but to me, I think she couldn't pronounce my name. "Close your eyes dear" Roxie orders me.

I obey her and close my eyes. I hear the door open, high heels clicking on the marble floor, It was probably Bell, one of my prep team here to help Roxie. I feel the fabric slipping onto my body and Bell fixing my hair.

"Okay, open up now," Roxie orders, I open my eyes to see myself in a golden dress that puffs at the end, my hair is done up in a beautiful braided bun with flowers decorated in it. Darker gold high heels sit next to my feet. "Put these on and... We're off" Roxie chokes, It must sadden Roxie that District Eight hasn't had a victory in over two decades ago. And she probably doesn't see me or Silk coming out as victorious.

I slip onto the high-heels and step down the platform. Roxie leads me to where the Interviews are being held, there's a long row of a silver seat, most of the Tributes sat in their District order. Silk wasn't there he must be doing his finishing touches. 

I notice Arno sitting by himself, The Careers all stood together and that included Delta, and no way did The Careers want Delta to be near Arno. Arno and I formed an alliance during Training, he taught me how to fish and I taught him how to throw his trident. It was just us two, we made a plan for the games, it was to find it each other before heading to the bloodbath.

About thirteen died in last year's bloodbath, and the kill's were mainly by lonely tributes who lost their alliance or were trying to escape the Cornucopia. I slowly walk over to him "Arno" I say slightly smiling "Angora, you... you look pretty" Arno said, "you're not bad yourself" I giggle. Arno bleached blond hair were sleeked back, his body was fitted into a blue vest and navy pants. 

Our conversation was interrupting by high-heels clicking on the marble floors. "Well, isn't you Angora and Arno," Luxia say's grinning, "Arno you pick her over than The Careers?" Luxia say's looking me up and down, I knew as soon as I enter the Arena The Careers will be gunning for me, probably will make Arno watch as they behead me. "I will pick anything than to be with The Careers," Arno says raising his voice, I notice we get couple glances from the other Tributes.

"Arno calms down, she's not worth it," I say grabbing Arno and taking him to the far back where the District Twelve and Thirteen couples were. "The interviews are about to start, to you remember the plan?" I say trying to change the subject, "yes, I won't mention a word about our alliance" he says, "it might be hard, half the tributes already know and if The Game-Makers know because of Training then they will make Lysander seem like we're in cahoots" Arno adds.

"I know but if she doesn't mention it don't say anything about me," I say. The loud ding was sounded, it was the beginning of The Interviews.

Hugo Sankale, District 13, Tribute Centre

I take a seat next to Nina, Nina stares blankly at the wall in front of us "you alright Nina?" I ask, it takes awhile for her to respond, she turns over to me her black hair is let loose "just have those before interviews nervous feeling" Nina stutters "don't worry there's probably been worse, plus Lysander will probably try to keep the questions small, after our intro in the chariots" I say, Nina nods before turning her head to see Coco walking on the stage with her perky walk.

Coco's interview ended with a loud roar, soon followed by Romulus, Luxia, Gleam. I watched as Arno walked on the stage, the crowd going crazy, the girls swooning over him. Arno talked about his past life, all the boring stuff. The young girl from 6 walked onto the stage, she got a less quiet roar from the crowd, people adored her mostly, adored her and older brother.

7,8,9,10, all of these District seem to be playing strategy , the guy from 7 joined the Careers, he was a stronger one from the outlying districts, Angora kept her answers short, trying to change the subject about Arno and her's alliance. Lathen and Beka weren't keeping the idea of them in Anti-Career alliance hidden, Beka said: "she's proud to be in this alliance, she wants to get justice for all the poor souls who were taken from The Careers" of course this didn't fit well with the Audience as there a couple of gasps and boo's. 

It was to fast when Nina starts to walk on the stage, herblack  dress dragging across the floor there is a missing part on the back showing her bare back, her brown hair is curled and let out covering her back. Nina looks to me with a smile "wish me luck."

Nina Vaile, District 13, Tribute Centre

I walk onto the stage, sweat pouring out of my palms, my heart pounding, "and finally District Thirteen! Lets meet the Female representive of District Thirteen! Nina Valie." Lysander says in her loud mouth, I walk over to when Lysander was seated and take the seat where the Twenty-One other Tributes seated. Lysander looked at me with a smile "so Nina, about your chariot ride" Lysander says, "yes? What about it" I say back "I mean is your stylist trying to get you killed" Lysander laughs, "just kidding, it was a great way to show your mark in this years Annual Hunger Games"

I nod "I actually loved it, it felt super comfortable, I actually felt bad for the other Tributes who stylist had them dressed as ridiculous stuff." I say, Lysander nods in agreement "sometimes they do dress up the Tributes in ridiculous stuff" I can tell Lysander said that comment for pity, she probably hates my guts, so could the whole audience.

"Past that, your training score a Ten! How did you react to that" Lysander asks, "I was actually surprised, I thought everyone hated me" I say laughing, Lysander looks at me in wide eyes "of course not dear! Your District loves you."

The bell goes off for the end of the Interviews, thank god. That was horrible I say my goodbyes and leave soon as fast, I just wanted to go to my room and sleep. I walk past Hugo and hug him "good luck" I say "thank you" he responds before being ushered to the stage.

I don't bother watching his interview, I push the Thirteen button on the elevator.

The Games, The Bloodbath: Adiós mis amigos

Luxia Diamond, District 1, The Launch Tubes/ Arena

I sit on the red leather couch facing my mentor Farrah, Farrah looked at me with a broken smile "I remember when I was here," Farrah stops "sitting on that couch, fearing for my life" Farrah adds "I never thought I would come out victorious, but strange things happen in The Capitol", I stare at her blankly not trying to show her the fear that lays behind my eyes, the regret of volunteering. 

I stand up, ignoring Farrah's daze, I take steady movements to the mirror that is plastered onto the wall. My face is bare from any make up, which seems strange, during my stay in The Capitol they had constantly putting on make-up on me. My hair falls down, Farrah did a braid at the back, saying it was a rembrance of her. I look my body up and down, my black cargo pants tightly fit my legs, my long black sleeve shirt is also a tight-fit, only one thing was missing. The baby pink jacket hangs on the green brick wall, I take it off the hook and slip it on. The baby pink jacket must be only for Gleam and I. On the sleeve's runs a white line and on the back is The District One seal. A female robotic announces that are 10 seconds till the launch, this makes my body shake in shiver, fear pulsating through my veins, I take one step on the metal platform before the glass slides shut, putting a barrier between me and my freedom.I look at Farrah one last time, she waves to me with a smile. I bet she think I will come out a winner.

We have exactly 60 seconds to examine the Arena and come up with a plan. I'm blind by the immediate sunlight, but when I gain my eyesight again I realise that I'm surrounded by water, I look in front of and a couple of metres on the shore is the Cornucopia, I look behind me to see the endless void of blue, palm trees all lined across the shore, behind the palm trees is a thick dense jungle. I can just barely see the mountains that surrounded us. The waves crash onto the podium soaking into my shoes.












I look to my left to see Wattson, and to my right to see Romulus. The salty breeze blew past blowing my hair, the waves moving along the wind, anything can happen after these sixty seconds, but for now it's just silence all you can hear is the robotic voice counting down, the waves crashing onto the shore and the birds chirping.






Us careers have all one common enemy 'The Anti-Careers' during training we made a plan to target them and try to kill most of them during the Bloodbath. I notice they stationed Terra next to Nina, of course, the Game-Makers would do that after what they saw what Terra did to Nina in training, all odds are against The Anti-Careers, the Game-Makers will try anything to kill them, as soon as the game starts they will probably send a wild beast after them all.



These 10 seconds countdown with my heartbeat, the adrenaline starts to pump through my veins, the nervous and butterflies feeling is now gone.






"Let The 170th Annual Hunger Games Begin!"

Metro Tripp, District 6, The Arena

The sudden shock of the games overwhelm me, I stand on my platform before I can respond what is happening. I watch as Romulus stabbing the boy from Nine multiple times blood splatting across him and the sand, then a sharp scream from Luxia as Silk grabs her hair, but what a mistake that was, Luxia easily overpowers him and start to dig her thumbs into his throat jugular. 

Crap! I have to stop watching the death that beholds in front of me, I need to find Sterling. I  splash into the water, the salty water only reaches my upper ankle, completely submerging my shoes. It doesn't take me awhile to reach the sand,  but that doesn't stop the death, Soya's lifeless head falls onto the sand in a loud thud, Volta's forehead is pierced by knife. And the person who's standing over her is Sterling.

I stand there in shock, did Sterling do this? Would Volta do this? Volta seemed nice in Training. I run to Sterling but I was fast enough, Wattson tackles Sterling to the floor. I had to be quick at this, my sister life could end now right in front of my eyes.

I grab Wattson by his red jacket and throw him onto the sand before punching him before I hear a crack I ignore the cries from Sterling.

"Metro! Stop his dead!" Sterling cries, I look up at Sterling "okay, grab a bag and we need to go now" I take the knife out of Volta's forehead and the bag she had on. I grab Sterling by the hand and run to the jungle.

Arno Hyberts, District 4, The Arena

Delta quickly throws the golden trident my way "take this and run" she yells before running out of the cornucopia with a sword. I pick up the trident along with a knife.

I leave the opening of The Cornucopia, I scan the area, so far I see five corpse's, I watch as the siblings from 6 run to the forest. Then I see Zea chasing Angora into the water, Zea was a recruitment from Training, a replacement for me probably, but now she's trying to show why she's worthy.

I sprint towards Angora and Zea, "Arno!" Angora screams, Zea turns around swiftly, but I send my trident through her stomach, she stares me up and down, blood coming out of her mouth "I'm sorry" Zea sighs. Zea collapse to the ground, I take my trident out of Zea's stomach "Arno are you alright?" Angora says, I just nod. I just ended an innocent girl's life. Now her family is grieving now that they lost a daughter.

Angora and I run to the jungle, picking up two bags and a knife for Angora. "Hold up!" The boy from 10 says, I turn around quickly.

Arno tackles me onto the ground, I'm winded, all I could breakout was for Angora to run. Lathen and I got in a scramble, he overpowered me and then I overpowered him.

The golden glint of my trident grabs my attention, would I risk getting my trident? I had to find out. I dive to the left and grabbing my trident before sending it flying to Lathen's chest, he falls onto the ground. As soon I know that he died I grab the trident and run in the direction of where Angora ran.

Hugo Sankale, District 13, The Arena

"Stop running Hugo!" Coco sang while firing her arrow's all missing me by inches. I try hard to duck and cover myself from the arrows. Last time I saw my alliance was when they were dragging a sobbing mess of Beka away from Lathen's corpse. I duck under a flying arrow, she has to finish the stock of arrows. I'm scared to turn around as it will probably make me slower and an easy kill.

I fall onto the ground as a sharp pain in my leg erupt's I look down to the arrow that has sunken into my leg. "Aw poor Hugo, none of your scum of alliance is here to help you" Coco smiles. Coco rips the arrow out of my right calf, I wince in pain "poor baby" Coco says in a baby face before taking her sword "wave goodbye" Coco says. I watch as she lowers the sword, I turn around to the left I look up to see the sword deep into the dirt. I manage to grab the strength to kick her over.

Coco falls onto her butt, "idiot" she says getting up, but I tackle her back onto the ground again, "just die!" She yells in anger "see sometimes stuff will not go your way" I say. I grab my knife from my jacket, I make sure she see's. I can feel her eyes open wide "please, please" Coco cries. I rise up the knife and drag it down into her throat, she lays there chocking, but it soon ends followed by ten cannons.

I turn Coco's corpse over to grab her bag. I take the knife that was in Coco's throat and clean it with my jacket, when I was running away from Coco, Ember was pointing to the further down the beack probably a meeting place, my best luck is to find them there.

I hold the knife tighly, staying aware of my sourrendings. I haven't heard any more cannons, maybe the killing has stopped.

The sun rays break through the ways and land onto the ground, the wind sways the trees. I start to see the palm trees and then the beach, I must be getting close. I wonder whats happening back in the Capitol, I wonder who they are rooting for, I wonder what they thought of me killing their sweetheart Coco.

"Hugo?" A familar voice calls out, I see Beka standing there with a Katanna "Hugo!" Nina jerks up, I sigh in relief I found my alliance.

I walk up to them and throw my bag onto the ground "why is there blood, are you injured?" Phoenix asks "no I'm fine, its Coco's" I say, they all stare back at me "Coco's was she the last cannon?" Beka ask "yeah, I killed her" I get a gasp from almost all of them, "we lost one from our side" Ember says biting her lip, I turn to Beka her cheeks is still stained from tears, "it will be alright" I hug her, "justice for him" I add "justice for him" they all reapt.

"I say we stay on the beach" Phoenix says "yeah but on the ridge so the tree's can hide us" Nina suggests. We pick all of our stuff and take it to a big tree, a couple more tree's still sourrended it, the sand was still there. "We better make a fire and Beka and I can hunt" Ember says, "okay, be safe" Nina says.

A couple of hours the beating sun starts to set and Ember and Beka came with two rabbits, the fire is all set up and Nina and Phoenix was going through the bags. "Okay so we have three water bottles, three ropes, six packets of dried ropes, five sleeping bags, and one water purifer" Nina sighs, "tonight we will feast with rabbit and dried fruit" I say to lighten them up, I get Phoenix to laugh.

I take my seat next to Nina who's eating the fruit, Phoenix is setting up the rabbit. I smile, I think the Anti-Careers have a chance this year.

The silence is broken after Panem anthem plays, the Capitol seal shows up, the arena is lit up by it. The seal fades away and then Coco face appears, her bright toothy smile is showedcased soon followed by Volta, Tech. Both from Three is out of the running, Wattson appears his freckled face is replaced by the beautiful Petal, I never got to see how she met her demise, she must've been killed when I was running through the forest, Petal is replaced by Silk, everyone thought he would survive longer, after Silk was Bran and then followed by Zea, Zea was the recruiment for The Careers, her and Root. I didnt expect her to die so soon. After Zea was Soya. After Soya the Capitol symbol fades back in before leaving, we're left looking in to the night sky which is black with hints of blue and violet.

27th- Bran Askew, District 9

26th- Silk Aldrich, District 8

25th- Soya Renyolds, District 11

24th- Volta Rose, District 3

23rd- Wattson Sparks, District 5

22nd- Zea Iverson, District 9

21st- Tech Byte, District 3

20th- Petal Styan, District 7

19th- Coco Levinson, The Capitol

Day 2: Then there were...

Hercules Hadley, District 2, The Arena

I watch the waves crash onto the shore and then wash up to my feet, Delta sat next to me, her sword dug in the sand "you know, I never understood these games" Delta broke the silence. I sat there in silence not responding to her statement "come on Hercules, you must get over the whole Career act you have going" Delta laughed, I must agree with her, acting like an emotionless killing machine gets overrated, "yeah I do, but what am I supposed to do? I was brought up to love The Hunger Games" I reply. Delta sat there playing in the sand "you know, hundred years ago The Career District's were one of the first ones to rebel against The Capitol alongside Katniss" Delta said, I stare there eye wide open.

"I thought that name was forbidden," I say, "yeah but what are they going to do to me in here? Don't you understand, they already picked a winner: Arno" Delta says, I must agree with her. A twelve in training and the odds of 2-1, the odds are defiantly in his favour.

"What are you two talking about?" Luxia says, walking up to us "just about our homes" Delta lies, "really, I always wanted to go to District's Four famous beaches" Luxia says "trust me they aren't too amazing."

We all turn our heads in shock from Romulus yelling at Terra, "what's going on with them to" I sigh. I get up from the sand and walk to the opening of the Cornucopia, "what do you mean you blame me!" Terra yells, "I blame you for Coco's death! You know that she couldn't win against Hugo" Romulus says "for god sakes his fourteen! And she's the twice the size of him" Terra argues.

"Guys, calm down, we will draw attention to ourselfs" I say, "yeah we don't want that" Terra throws her knife onto the sand before walking away.

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