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  • Urbarber

    Here we go.

    Marvel runs to the Cornucopia to battle for supplies, grabbing a kukri on the way there. He is attacked by the District 8 male who tries to beat him and steal his kukri, but he is unbalanced because of his broken leg and cast. Marvel slashed his throat, making him fall on his side and stun him. He stabs him 7 times to make sure he's dead. He grabs a backpack and axe. He maneuvers around the scene where Glimmer stabs "Tamora", and tries to axe the District 10 male, but gets dodged. He strips the backpack away from "Cherry", just as she steals it from the District 3 male, then bumps into the D3 male, who tries to grasp his axe. Marvel shoves his backpack into the District 3 male's face, sending him sprawling to the ground, and los…

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