Chapter 4 part 1
We all ignore the scream and Tam, just like Tam can only do, grills me for awnsers. "How could you not have seen that note?? What does it mean 5 days? Day 5, or 5 days from now????" She storms into the cave and heads into the tent. Johanna follows. I just stand there absorbing everything i just read. That note couldn't of possibly been there yesterday. I checked every inch of the pack 3 times over. Im lost in thought as we hear the second scream, closer this time, much closer. I call out to Tam, but she refuses to come out, so i ask Johanna. Reluctently, she comes out. I get Chris and we grab our wepons. Johanna her axe, me my knifes, Chris his spear, and we head out. Five minutes running in the jungle and we see a boulder smeared with blood. The blood leads away, as if something dragging backs its prey after it escaped. No sooner then i work this out i hear a scream in the other direction. My god, its Tam. Without thinking about Johanna or Chris, i sprint back for the cave. If anyone put a finger on her, i'll gut them. When i burst into the clearing, i cant stop myself and crash into the cave. Johanna and Chris come threw the jungle about a minute later. I see Tam's sword in the cave. What makes it distrubing is that there's blood on it, all over it.

Chapter 4 part 2
I can't stop myself as i scream out her name. "TAAAAAAM!!!!!!!" It's a long, dragging out sound that makes Chris cover his ears and birds fly out of their tree's. Johanna has to slap me in the face for me to listen to her. "Look, a note!" She says as she points on a tree by the clearing. I run over to it and read it outloud. "Bring all the food that you can carry to the cornicopia by the anthem or we kill her." Johanna lets out a gasp of disbelief and Chris has to pick his jaw off the floor. We sit like this for ten, thirty minutes, mabye an hour. I finnaly break the silence. "Ok, this is what we're gonna do. It's not fancy, but it'll get Tam..." I cant finish the sentence. Johanna and Chris don't ask for me to continue. Instead, they guide me to the cave and sit me down. It is at this point that i cry. Cry and cry and cry. I don't stop until i hear Johanna scream and a cannon go off. Oh no......this can't happen. But, i can't summon the strength to get up. So, it's a shock to see Johanna come back with a backpack. "I.....I killed him....." is all she can get out before she runs past me and into the tent. Fully out of my stuper, i ask Chris what happened. "A....A kid came out of the bush...and he had a bow and fired at Johanna. He ran, but Johanna followed and threw her axe at him. She came back with the backpack and threw her axe and the bow in the lake." I can't believe this. Johanna kill someone? That is so out of character for Johanna. But this thought disappears as i think of what to do to get Tam back. They really got us, now didnt they? My God, it took me maybe like an hour to think of something that would work. Finnaly, i get my plan. It's simple. Once we get to the Careers camp, who im sure took Tam, we split up, surrounding them. Johanna uses the bow from the boy she...killed, and takes out one of the careers. While they head towards her, me and Chris run down and get tam, maybe taking out one or two or all of the Careers. I tell JOhanna and Chris the plan and they agree. Johanna fishes her Axe and newly won bow and arrows out of the lake and dries them off. Chris gets his spear ready. I take 5 knifes out of my pack, not wanting to waste all of them on the Careers. But then something accures to me. I have no idea where the Career camp is. Tam's dead for sure. I search around the camp, looking for some clue to what direction the camp is. Then a thought acurres to me. What if the Careers camp is in the direction of where the blood stained rock is? What if one of them made that stain? With this, i jog back to the rock, where there is still a blood stain. I dig threw the brush and thick jungle ahead of the rock for about 10 minutes. It opens into a clearing. And in that clearing is Tam, tied to a tree thats guarded by all of the Careers. Disregarding the plan i made with Johanna and Chris, i walk right into the clearing, knifes blazing...To Be Continued

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