President Seline Polish Staggers on stage with her teeth gritted,her 10 year old daughter Rose carries a crate with pink envelopes inside. "Good Evening Ladies & Gentlemen,Wow,It's been 1000 years! Well,We must carry on.Lets see what this years Quater Quell will be,shall we?" She walks towards the crate,she rips out an envelope and walks back to the microphone.She gives the audience a big smile."Hurry Up!" yells a little girl.She open the envelope and she then takes a gulp and speaks "Every tribute reaped will have to bring someone related to them,only if they are between 12 and 18.And,If the tribute does not have someone related to them thats not in that age group,they will pick another tribute untill someone has a relation." The crowd cheer,President Seline Polish grabs Rose by the hand and they walk off stage and enter a limo.

hey guys :D hope u like it so far,heres the tribute template:




Sibling coming with them (age and name only):





Bloodbath Strategy:

Games Strategy:



Thanks (: Please send in your tributes! You can have up to 4 tributes.

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