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88th Hunger Games!

This hunger games is based on Lottie Greece from District 7 in the arena.It is still a working process & I have organised to be doing this,I'm not a very good writer,but you could say I'm ok for my age which is 12.I Love the hunger games and i was dying to make one of these,This is also made up right off of the spot! The names,The Story,The deaths.Everything.Thankyou.By the way I'm doing this in random order,soon i will put up training,cheriots,interviews etc.

Hunger Games Story


District 1 Male: Aspen Willow

District 1 Female: Lucky Zepler

District 2 Male: Wairaki Newton

District 2 Female: Joy Anastasia

District 3 Male: Sodium Rein

District 3 Female: Zora Green

District 4 Male: Flame Cameron

District 4 Female: Silver Ellen

District 4 Male: Hayden Night

District 4 Female: May Torr

District 5 Male: Sage Rory

District 5 Female: Gloria Galaxy

District 6 Male: Jonn April

District 6 Female: Twissle Pennell

District 7 Male: Oak Williams

District 7 Female: Lottie Greece

District 8 Male: Kieran Daylight

District 8 Female: Hope Winters

District 9 Male: Kody Moon

District 9 Female: Melody McMath

District 10 Male: Manny Ray

District 10 Female: Nadia Lock

District 11 Male: Jordan Maple

District 11 Female: Sammi Greyson

District 12 Male: Ruben Day

District 12 Female: Richelle Petel

The Arena is an exotic forest with trees filled with white roses and Vines. '60 , 59 ' The 60second count down is starting , I look up and see pink sky with white doves hovering around above. Then I Get back into Focus and look Straight ahead, a Golden Cornucopia With Shiny Silver Weapons,I Spy an Axe,Which is What I Need.District 7 is My District.Lumber.'20,19,18' By The Axe is another Half a Dozen Axes , '5 , 4 , 3 , 2 ,1 ' The Gong has sounded.I Sprint To The Axes and a Knife comes my way,I Duck Then see Jordans Face. I Then Notice The Knife has Hit Gloria.I have reached the axes.I Pick up a Blue Backpack and And Put 3 Axes In The Bag,And Keep One in My Hand.When I Turn Around, Aspen,Lucky,Wairaki & Joy Have Teamed up as an alliance.I Then Run For The Forest & I see Richelle approaching me.Shes Weaponless But she is Very Strong,She takes a punch at me,I Duck,I dig the axe into her chest then yank it out, When I reached the woods,I Look Back and See Sodium,Jordan,& Hayden Lying Dead on the green grass, Gloria,Richelle,Sodium,Jordan & Hayden Dead. Then Zora Gets A Spear in Her chest,Now The Tributes Have scattered out. To Be Contiued

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