Joseph is in District 2. Abby is in District 12. How can they make ends meet.. love edition?

One sunny day, Abby was going hunting. Hunting to catch a few eagles, and some rabbits if the odds were on her side.

Joseph, the same day, liked to dine with his family on whole bread and water, freshly purchased from the bakery due to his family's wealth.

One thing different about today, it was the day of the reaping. The day everything would change for the both of them. (For the worse.)

Joseph walked across the street, to his girlfriend Shirley's house. A girl Joseph didn't like at all. But Shirley really did.

Shirley was kind of.. well, in love with Joseph. It's like Joseph totally swept her off of her feet. But that wasn't the case for Joseph. Joseph didn't like Shirley, and he wanted to get rid of her..

Later that day, everyone from District 2 gathered 'round the stage located in the center of the district.

Shockingly, Joseph was reaped! He was tearing up, so emotional, he couldn't even handle that, yet somehow.. he was confident he was going to win, and defeat all in the Hunger Games.

Along with Joseph, a girl named Sally was reaped also. She was a busty girl, someone bigger than most, and people don't really know to appreciate that. No one volunteered for Joseph.. same case for Sally.

                                                                 The Games

Joseph walked into a tube, it was pretty much a blur. Joseph wonders how this happened to him. Since the very day of the reaping, Joseph has been quite depressed. Now this will just make him.. absolutely pissed. Countdown.. 3..2..1.. The cornucopia was basically a big golden thing, Joseph couldn't think straight. He stood on his circle for a bit, until he came to his senses. He saw a girl.. the girl was quite attractive in his opinion, with black platform boots and a high blonde ponytail hanging from her head.

Fascinated, of course Joseph was.. but he had no time to mess around. This was the games. The LEGIT games. There wasn't a single even.. smallest smile on anybody's face.. this was serious..

Joseph grabbed a small pack. In it was a small jug of water and a jacket. With that, Joseph ran deep into the woods. That night, he looked up into the sky. There were 10 tributes dead. Luckily, the cute girl wasn't dead.. neither was Sally from his own district.

A week later, there were 6 tributes. Joseph, Sally, Aiden from 9 and Hunter from 4 were in along with the cute girl named Shirley, actually. and some guy from 11 was also.

All Joseph knew was this just got dead serious.

Later that day, Joseph was searching for food when he heard a cannon almost shatter his eardrum. He was scared.. could it be Sally? Or the girl?

Either way, he was.. well, mixed emotions.

About 30 minutes later, Joseph was in trouble.. with Aiden. Joseph noticed he was equipped with a sharp knife, never been used.

Joseph gulped down as he brought out the knife. He saw Shirley in the corner of his eye, as Aiden brought him down the the ground, face to face with the knife. Joseph closed his eyes, to get ready for the pain, but there was none.

He opened his eyes, and there Joseph was.. alive! Saved by.. Shirley? She pulled Joseph up, and gave him a sloppy kiss on the lips.

Joseph's eyes widened, and his knees got weak.

"I-I like you.." Shirley whispered. Why did she whisper? Someone stabbed her in the back. And along with that, Joseph felt a sharp pain in his stomach. He looked quickly to the left.. Hunter.. killed him..

The last thing Joseph heard was Hunter's sharp laugh, and he fell onto Shirley, them dead.. together.

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