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The 200th Hunger Games

Utkar22 September 8, 2015 User blog:Utkar22

Hello guys and welcome to my second(first?) hunger games. I will not use or create tributes, instead they all will be unnamed.


This year, instead of 2 tributes, each district will send 10 tributes! This means 120 tributes!


1. I am not going to use real tributes. 2. Don't be rude. Constructive criticism is fine, and completely needed. 3. Please send advice for better games.


The arena is a lush green place with the cornucopia is the center. The place will be divided into 12 parts for the first day. The bloodbath is on day 2!



I couldn't get any sleep this night. I see all the other 9 tributes in the lift who are going to die. Will I make it?

"Allies?" [8F4] asks

"Aren't we all 10 allies?" [8M5] says

"We all are [8M5]" 8F1 says, as if we all can victor......


Why are they taking all 10 of us in the same hovercraft? What's up with them?

We all board the hovercraft.

"Allies?" I say, and all of them agree. Having allies is the best and worst thing in the hunger games.

Day 1


They release us all on the same spot. There's no cornucopia here. What does it mean?


Releasing us together means some blood for me. There's that [6F5]. She's gonna die. I leap forward and fall onto her. I hold her neck and


But then I feel some pain on my face and it blacks out...



My first kill. Should I feel happy or sad. After all, I am a murderer, but these are the hunger games, kill or be killed.

I see [6F2] and [6F3] fighting with each other. [6F2] gains an advantage and snaps the other girls neck. I lunge forward and hit [6F2] hard on her spine. This must be the final moment for both the girls.

BOOM! BOOM! 4 down 115 more.


I climbed up this tree. I don't want to fight with them. But I brought a rock

Death Chart

Rank District Tribute Day Killed by Assisted by Location
120th 6 6F5 1 6M3 N/A District 6 part
119th 6 6M3 1 6M4 N/A District 6 part

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