This is exactly what it says on the virtual tin, so enjoy!

Chapter One: Armageddon

21st December, 2152

Humankind has evolved drastically, making huge advances, with the first settlers already colonising the moon. Russia, the USA, and China, the superpowers for the last two centuries, are now all allied in the name of the United Nations. Then, the storm came. Thousands of meteors rained down upon the Earth, wiping making the Great British Union a giant crater and Asia a burning hellhole. Of the 12 billion humans alive, only five billion even made it through the first barrage. Then the Earth undertook a seismic shift that saw millions literally fall into the crust of the Earth as land disintegrated and rocked about. The world's cities fell, the survivors left in anarchy. The few hundred million lucky survivors were never prepared for what came next. Waves a kilometer high swallowed up what we know as India, Bangladesh, Australia, Indonesia and countless more countries. The ice sheets of the globe collapsed, and two thirds of all the land on the Earth went underwater.

Then, the floodwaters receeded, leaving most of the USA, Mexico and parts of Canada still intact. Of the 12 billion people alive on the 21st of December, 2152, only three million still remaind alive, two of these living in the ruins of the great cities of the Earth. The other million survivors inhabited what was once known as North America. The world as we knew it had ended. The colonists on the moon were quickly wiped out as well, as their oxygen supplies ran out and they died a slow, asphyxiating death.

1st January, 2164 2168

One hundred thousand survivors living in the USA joined up after being a dozen nomadic tribes, scavenging for food across the continent. They met up somewhere around the rocky mountains, and with what electrical equiped that remained that could be used, sent out a call to all survivors to come to them. Over eight hundred thousand came, and with the fossil fuels of the Earth a distant memory and the evolution of technology pushed back sixty years, the lead humans began building up a city. This city was first built of wood, until a portion of the survivors called to the city proved their worth as builders. The buildings then needed entertainment, and a portion of the survivors began building new televisions and electrical equipment to satisfy the needs of those who called them and saved them in their time of need. These survivors split up into their own groups of thirteen districts, each of which specialised in one single item the main city, which was now known as the Capitol, required. The Capitol President, who was also officially in control of the entire population of this new country, called it Panem. "Panem Day" was held across the new country with much jubiliation, but nothing would prepare the joyous districts for the pain they would suffer.

15th July, 2342

Panem was now almost two hundred years old, and the needs of the Capitol grew in those years. First, it was a slightly higher demand on resources for the same amount of pay, then it became that all workers had to work overtime in the districts, until the districts became slaves to the Capitol. In preparation for a possible uprising, the Capitol gave many gifts to Districts 1, 2 and 4, in the hope that they would ally with the Capitol and halt any uprising. The uprising came on the 15th July, 2342. Of the three million citizens of Panem that once were, three-quarters of a million died during the uprising, 300,000 of those the Capitol and District 2, the only ally that held off the temptation to join the rebellion, and 450,000 of those the rebels. One of the main rebels was a man named Marcus Cale, a District-13 man with a tough personality.

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