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    In this wiki there are a lot of speculated informations, like on the Tribute page and (specially) on the Hunger Games (event) page.

    These page provides this list of Hunger Games:

    Games Victor
    9th Mags
    17th Woof
    23rd Male Morphling
    27th Female Morphling
    33rd Seeder
    35th Beetee
    38th Wiress
    43rd Blight
    45th Chaff
    47th District 5 man
    48th Brutus
    50th Haymitch
    51st District 9 woman
    53rd District 9 man
    57th District 5 woman
    58th Cecelia
    59th District 10 man
    61st Lyme
    62nd Enobaria
    63rd Gloss
    64th Cashmere
    65th Finnick
    68th District 10 woman
    70th Annie
    71st Johanna
    74th Peeta & Katniss

    B = Confirmed informations.

    Most of the Hunger Games aren't just invented, they are also impossible. I think these informations should be deleted, but I don't manage to edit the two pages.

    Even though we …

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