In this wiki there are a lot of speculated informations, like on the Tribute page and (specially) on the Hunger Games (event) page.

These page provides this list of Hunger Games:

Games Victor
9th Mags
17th Woof
23rd Male Morphling
27th Female Morphling
33rd Seeder
35th Beetee
38th Wiress
43rd Blight
45th Chaff
47th District 5 man
48th Brutus
50th Haymitch
51st District 9 woman
53rd District 9 man
57th District 5 woman
58th Cecelia
59th District 10 man
61st Lyme
62nd Enobaria
63rd Gloss
64th Cashmere
65th Finnick
68th District 10 woman
70th Annie
71st Johanna
74th Peeta & Katniss

B = Confirmed informations.

Most of the Hunger Games aren't just invented, they are also impossible. I think these informations should be deleted, but I don't manage to edit the two pages.

Speculating Real Hunger Games

Even though we are not able to know all the years of victory of each tribute, we can speculate them, but remember that these are JUST SPECULATIONS.

About Lyme, she cannot have won the 61st Hunger Games. In Mockingjay, Katniss said that Lyme was middle-aged (40's) and that she won around a generation ago (25 years ago). This means that Lyme won around the 2nd Quarter Quell. She and Haymitch could have won in consecutive years. I think that people wrote she won so late, just because her actresses were 30 (Lily Rabe) and 34 (Gwendoline Christie), but an actror's age don't always match with the character's age.

In Catching Fire, Katniss described Enobaria, telling she "must be about 30". Afterwards, Katniss described Cecelia in the same way as Enobaria. We know that Enobaria won the 62nd Hunger Games, but according to the wiki, Cecelia won the 58th Hunger Games, 5 years before Enobaria's Games. I think that Cecelia won around Enobaria's time, at least the 60th Hunger Games.

Wiress cannot have won the 38th Hunger Games, she was supposed to have won around 10 years later. In the second book, Katniss clearly stated that Wiress was around Mrs. Everdeen's age (who was 42). This means that Wiress was in her 40's and won around the 50th Hunger Games.

In spite of I completely agree with people who think that Beetee was in his 50's, we can't fix his age, since Katniss just said that he was older than Wiress, so he should have been in his 60's, too.

Seeder "must be around sixty, but she still looks strong, and there’s no sign she’s turned to liquor or morphling or any form of chemical escape over the years". Seeder probably won 30 years before Enobaria (about 30) did.

Katniss described Seeder, just after she talked about the Morphlings and the sentence "there’s no sign she’s turned to liquor or morphling or any form of chemical escape over the years" makes me think that the Morphlings had Seeder's same age. Another clue of this was found later: Katniss said that out of the oldest victors, few of them were still strong, like Seeder and Brutus. This means that the Morphlings were in their 60's. Maybe both of them won in consecutive years with Seeder... Maybe, the Male Morphling won the 31st Hunger Games, Seeder won the 32nd Hunger Games and the Female Morphling won the 33rd Hunger Games.

Like I previously said, Katniss stated out of the oldest victors, few of them were stil strong and weren't alcoholics or morphlings, like Brutus and Seeder. This means that all the alcoholics had at least Brutus' age. Chaff, who was alcoholic, won the 45th Hunger Games, making him in his late 40's. Because of this, I think that Brutus was around in his late 40's, too. The District 5 man (being an alcoholic), should be at least in his late 40s, since was an alcoholic, though his actor was 42. Maybe, Chaff won at 17, Brutus won the 46th Hunger Games at 18 and the District 5 male won the 44th Hunger Games at 16.

Mags was 80 during the 3rd Quarte Quell. Being 80, she won the 10th-13th Hunger Games, since the youngest victor besides Finnick was 15.

Woof was described to be very old, so he was not more of 10 years younger than Mags. Therefore, he was in his 70's and probably won around the 15th-20th Hunger Games.

Unfortunately, I didn't find anything about Blight's, the District 5 woman's and the Districts 9 and 10 victors' ages, so I considered actors' ages.

I still don't understand why the page says that the District 10 man won the 59th Hunger Games, while the woman won 8 years later... Jackson Spidell and Tiffany Waxler were both 26 and according to the District 10 podium, the male victor won after the female. After Finnick, there are "6 aviable Games": the 66th-69th, the 72nd and the 73rd Hunger Games. Between Finnick (65th) and Annie (70th), there was another District 4 male victor; After Johanna (71st), there was a District 7 male victor; after Cashmere (64th), there was another victor and after Enobaria (62nd), there were two victors. This means that the District 10 man won between the 66th and the 69th Hunger Games, not the woman! People thought that the District 10 woman was 24, but the District 10 man is more suitable to be 24, since Spidell was Sam Clafin's stunt double for Finnick, who was 24. The District 10 man most likely won the 69th Hunger Games, because the arena was a desert and coming from District 10, he likely had a knowledge about nature.

I think that the District 10 woman won the 60th Hunger Games, Cecelia won the 61st Hunger Games and Enobaria won the 62nd Hunger Games, since Enobaria supposedly killed both the Cecelia and the female victor from District 10.

It's possible (but not confirmed) that the District 5 woman won the 57th Hunger Games, because Ivette-Li Sanchez was 34, so she probably won the 55th-59th Hunger Games.

If Blight really had won the 43rd Hunger Games, he would have been around 50, but Bobby Jordan was 35. Blight most likely won around the District 5 woman's time.

At the end, if the District 9 tributes had won the 51st and the 53rd Hunger Games, they would have been around 40. However the District 9 man's actor was 47, so he probably won the 40th-44th Hunger Games. Instead the District 9 female's actress was 53, so she most likelu won the 36th-40th Hunger Games.

This is what I really think, but there aren't proofs for this. It is only my view.

Victor Hunger Games Age
Mags 11th 80
Woof 17th 75
Male Morphling 31st 59
Seeder 32nd 60
Female Morphling 33rd 58
District 9 woman 38th 53
Beetee 42nd 50
District 9 man 43rd 48
District 5 man 44th 47
Chaff 45th 47
Brutus 46th 47
Wiress 49th 42
Haymitch 50th 41
Lyme 51st 42
Blight 56th 35
District 5 woman 58th 34
District 10 woman 60th 32
Cecelia 61st 30
Enobaria 62nd 30
Gloss 63rd 29
Cashmere 64th 27
Finnick 65th 24
District 10 man 69th 24
Annie 70th 22
Johanna 71st 21
Katniss and Peeta 74th 17

I indeed hope you have enjoyed this blog, I used a lot of my time to write it.

Valerio Mariani (talk) 17:06, July 31, 2014 (UTC)

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