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Hi. I have tried again and again to write a new version of the Hunger Games. Well, here it is guys:

5,4,3,2,1... BOOM!

Now, I must get there now! OK, I am there, and pick up the first thing I see. It's a... a... bag if Skittles? OOOOK. Well, I will need my sugar for later. Now I find a throwing knife and throw into 2's belly, that's one career down, I think. I pick up two small axes, a small blue pack, and six more throwing knives, and am now running towards a very large forest.

I am walking very slowly when I hear a rustle behind me, and swing around with the axe ready to penetrate my followers body, when he ducks and says:

"So you are the one who took my axes then!?"

"I guess I am. Who are you?" I say

" my name is Kaleb, and am from Dstrict Seven, hence my axes" Kaleb implies.


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