"Your axes, just because your from district Seven does not mean-"

I stop ranting because Kaleb is now laughing so hard that he falls over and roll around.

"WHAT?!" I yell.

"You are so CUTE, when you are angry! Oh my god!" He gufgaws

"Ugh, OK, so what if I say you are cute aswell, will you be my ally?" I ask

This is like me asking somebody out (dating), so tis is really hard for me.

"Yeah sure,Matty" he says the last word like it is my permanent nickname.

We start walking throught the forest, and he too, notices that the branches are too high from the ground to climb. By the time it takes him to figure out a way we could climb, (make a crappy ladder!), we find ourselves on a grassy plain, where the careers are now running at us!


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