We both turn tail and run for it! "Quick, climb!" Kaleb yells "Aahh HELLO! The branches are too high to climb!" I say "Ummmm... OK, find the thickest trunk and hide behind it, then when you think the careers are close enough, attack! OK?" he asks "Good plan!" I exclaim

So we both find the thickest trunks we can see, and we are clos together. Oh crap! I hear the careers pounding feet. I risk a glance behind my tree, and see the two male careers on my side, and the two female careers on Kaleb's side! Ok, I am ready to attack..... I step out from behind my tree- "hey bitches! Whats up?" And I swing my axe into one of the males belly- BOOM!, and throw a knife into the other ones head, but miss! He is on top of me, laying in the punches, so I have to shield my head to avoid major damage. I get my feet in under me, launch my feet upwards and kick him off! I finish off by lodging my other knife in his eye- BOOM. Kaleb is not going so well though. He has both girls on top of him, hitting, scratching, and trying to stab him in every place they can get, but they do not know that he has special chest clothing on. I run up and kick the one of the girls in the head, which knocks her out. The other girl launches herself at me, but I dodge and twist, hitting my knife home in the centre of her spine- BOOM! We both find out that the girl I kicked did not get knocked out, just dazed, and gets up, stabs me in the arm, and runs. I fall to the ground screaming, and Kaleb gives chase- "NO! Just leave her!" I shout "Alright, but she is mine if we meet her again! NO ONE hurts my Matty!" He yells

I stand up, and he runs over and hugs me- "OW!" I yell "Ooh! Sorry! Come over here, I'll fix you up good!" Kaleb says.


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