aka Varin

  • I live in District 6
  • I was born on May 5
  • My occupation is Tribute; Engine Manufacturer
  • I am Male
  • VarinEgo

    The 18th Hunger Games

    September 29, 2012 by VarinEgo

    Hey guys! My 2500th Hunger Games I'm cancelling because I kinda failed on editing and it's a lot of work. This will be a regular games (just the games). I'm hoping to fill these games up so I can actually do something on the Hunger Games Wiki again. goes.





    Strengths/Weapons: (Must include 3)

    Weaknesses/Fears: (Must include 2)

    Alliance? If so, who?:

    Token/Family & Friends:

    District/Gender Name/Age Strengths/Weapons Weaknesses/Fears Alliance/Token/Family























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  • VarinEgo

    I am leaving.

    September 17, 2012 by VarinEgo

    Hello everybody

    I have been on this wiki for 3 months

    I made good friends

    I made enemies

    But I've gotten sidetracked

    I started zoning out on everything, spending hours on end on the wiki.

    My parents are fed up with this wiki

    I am getting fed up with all the nonsense cyber bullying and fighting.

    So I am thinking of leaving

    But before I do

    I want your opinion

    Tell me exactly what you think about me


    If you hate me, tell me

    I will be on the pain games sometime

    Cause that's the reason I started the wiki

    So goodbye

    I'll miss you guys!

    I'm marvelous and I know it 05:09, September 17, 2012 (UTC)

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  • VarinEgo

    When I First Came...

    September 1, 2012 by VarinEgo

    When I first came, I was happy to be here. I was a 13 year old boy obsessed with the Hunger Games. I thought meeting new people would be a cool practice for me. But I didn't realize how much tension there is on this wiki. There are chat fights breaking out around the clock, and I hate how people just keep it going or stick on it, like a tangent. People have been fighting in chat, the comments of blogs, or even on admin chat pages! I saw that a lot of Necterine411's talk page. I'm sick of the fact that we can't all just get along! People get a lot more vocal when they aren't talking to you face-to-face. You don't even know what the other's faces are (unless they have a picture on their profile)! You live thousands of miles apart and you are…

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  • VarinEgo

    Hey, so it's Varin again, with my newest blog. This blog is about North America, before the dystopian land of Panem even existed. It will include characters that you, the people of Wikia, will create. This is not a Hunger Games. This is a story. This story will contain 30 characters. 24 of them you will make. You must follow the character form given below, and don't make them perfect, as they are not tributes that have been trained all there lives. It will also include 6 characters that people who do not go on the wiki have made, including NommyZombies, katelyn.danita, and AshtonMoioLover.

    The Rebellion wars took place only 30 years after 2011. The chaos started when terrorists destroyed the World Trade Centers on September 11, 2001. Tensio…

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  • VarinEgo

    Hello! I know I'm doing the 2500th Hunger Games, but I thought I'd give these games a try! This is a trilogy of games that I will! So it will be in third-person narrative with no reapings. There will be chariot rides, training, interviews, and, of course, the games! I will take tributes (24 of them), stylists (12 of them) and gamemakers (4 of them). Please join my games.

    Please sign up right now and fill up that chart!

    I absolutely despize cussing and will not tolerate it in any way! Any cussing from anyone means one of your tributes dies in the bloodbath

    These are just games! Cyber games! Don't take anything personally, please~

    I've seen a bunch of insulting on the HG Chat and Wiki and I am fed up with it. So, if this is a problem..…

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