Opening Statement

President Cyrus Snow (a direct descendant of President Coriolanus Snow) steps up to the podium, as a small boy brings up a slip of paper. Snow takes the slip, and looks at the camera that is broadcasting this performance to the 13 districts of Panem. He says, "Hello, citizens. The Capitol has one the Capitol Rebellion. All descendants of Mrs. Katniss and Peeta Mellark have been executed. We are reinstating the Hunger Games! (cheers from Capitol audience) It's been exactly 2500 years since the first Hunger Games, so we are making the 2500 Hunger Games, the Quarter Quell of Quarter Quells." He pauses for affect. He unrolls the slip of paper and reads it. "This year, four tributes will be reaped from the districts, but only two will make it to the arena. The chariot rides and training scores will go as planned, but the tributes will be scored based on audience approval for the chariots, and training score. Then, four tributes will be placed in a small box-shaped room based on this. Gender not a factor. The best and second best against the worst and second worst, the third and fourth best against the third and fourth worst, and so on. The winners from that will go on to the arena, and the losers will be dead. Also, the Capitol citizens and escorts will be choosing a tribute from a past game to compete. The top 7 and last placed tribute will be placed in the arena. The others will be dead. Permanently. Then, the tributes will do the Hunger games as planned, but two tributes will win. They will then be attached with a lie detector, attached to a bomb, and do the last interview. If they lie, they blow up. The winner is the last one standing. Thank you." 'T'he Capitol and all the districts are speechless. What just happened?

Updates (Please Read this)

Chariot Rides are closed!

I'm sorry, but due to the lack of stylists, chariot rides are closed until further notice. Reapings and interviews will go as planned.

Dead Tributes

If your tribute dies, they may come back later...


The arena is here!

  • This is part one of the arena. It is beautiful and fresh, but crowded with mutts.
  • The desert is very deadly, with tiny mutts who eat your skin, and a sphinxmutt! But, there is an oasis!
  • This plateau is the cornucopia, with weapons at the top, and a ditch with weapons at the bottom!
  • This river is murky and has water monkey mutts! But, it also is safe to drink, and has rowboats!




(ie. Strengths: Swimming; Gymnastics; Climbing; Throwing; Catching; Agility; Speed; Coordination. Weaknesses: Loved ones getting hurt)


Reserves are open for 3 days max.

Only 4 tributes please!

Character Forms (Pictures are not needed)





Strengths (At least 3):

Weaknesses (At least 2):

Weapons (At least 2):




Alliance? If so who?:

All angles and strategies are optional

Training Session Angle:

Interview Angle:

Bloodbath Strategy:

Hunger Games Strategy:

Private Battle Strategy (Optional):


Gamemaker Name:




District Name/Age Strengths/Weapon Weaknesses Other User
1M Lion Scrapes (18) Plants; Swimming; Mace Daydreams; Can be Manipulated by Pretty Girls

Volunteered; Not shy

1M Dustin Henderson (18) A LOT OF THINGS! Spiders; loud; arrogant Will try and manipulate the careers Readwritelivenikki
1F Arianna Moon Smart, Sneaky; Bow and Arrows Shy, Sociality Alliance with 3, 5, 7, 8; token is small moonstone Polinarose
1F Brooke Xena (16) Speed; Athleticism; Accuracy; Bow and Arrow; Knife Swimming; Muttations Will join Careers HKTLovesGlimmer
2M Sam Flager (17) Swimming; Climbing; Hand-to-Hand; Knives; Sword Intellect; Plants Volunteered; Will ally with careers AsherMizzou
2M Zacharius Thorne (17) Athleticism; Strength; Sword; Knives and Spears Can be bullied Brother one previous games at 13. Living in his shadow Captainsv
2F Charlotte Messims Kill well; Intellect; Mace; Sword Small; Doubted Careers Polinarose
2F Tarelia Anderson (17) Bow and Arrow; Knives Arrogance; Selfishness

Volunteered; Father one previous games

3M Wren Hayes (18) Strength; Speed; Camouflage; Killing; Plants; Sword; Knife; Snares Short tempered; Swimming Is sadistic; sarcastic; and sweet PeetaPancakes
3M Dexter Volts (14) Technology; Memory; Sleuth; Wire Being alone; Sociality; Alliances A son of Beetee Zakel
3F Alice Williams (16) Technology; Stealth; Camouflage; Coil; Wire Trust; Sociality; Alliances Daughter of Wiress Zakel
3F Chickenhead Turkey (or Angel) (17) Swimming; Running; Spikeballs; Knives Mutts; Sociality Name a joke between her parents; abandoned at 7; lives with cousins and aunt Maxoconnelll
4M Thomas Quince (15) Trident and Net; Spear Lightning; Bugs Careers; He's very kind Robin040197
4M Kai Aneko (16) Climbing; Strength; Speed; Reflexes; Katana Sword; Knife

Claustrophobia; Siblings in danger

Dad died of tsunami; Mother of games. Wants to win so life will be easier; Careers or anyone HKTLovesGlimmer
4F Emmi Fisher Nice; kind; mace; dagger gullible; Intellect Token a seashell bracelet Polinarose
4F Lily Yasmine (16) Climbing; Swimming; Eyesight; Mace; Bow and Arrow Blood; Cold Weather Careers; Locket with Picture of Dad, who died in the 14th Hunger Games HKTLovesGlimmer
5M Haroku Akio (18) Strength; Speed; Nunchuks; Katana Sword Climbing; Swimming; Plants No alliance HKTLovesGlimmer
5M Ezekiel Anderson (17) Speed; Accuracy; Resourcefulness; Spear; Bow and arrows Hand to hand; short range weapons; will win for 8 year old sister, gonna win for her Asfbn
5F Ellie Miller (15) Strength; Long-Distance Running; Bow and Arrow; Spear Clumsy; Afraid of Dark; Swimming Parents mistreated her; Only has one friend to go to if she wins Asfbn
5F Ariana Belle (14) Hiding, Indentifiying poision, Finding food; Bow and Arrows; Sword Swimming; Trust Normal girl from 5; Friend was reaped then volunteered for Clove the best
6M Brann Clatch (16) Strength; Intellect; Swords Swimming; Afraid of Dark Sister died in previous games; Wants revenge on Capitol Robin040197
6M Raven Emerald (15) Strength, Speed; Intellect; Katana Sword; Crossbow Half Blind Was found with an emerald when an infant; raised a fighter RavenRT
6F Redinda "Red" Pearl Jameson (16) Traps and Snares; Tools; Knives; Swords; Flexibility; Speed; Agility; Fast Hands; Intellect Cars; Too much pride; WIll not stoop low ever! Dad died in car accident; Runs a shop for parts for a living; Doesn't trust boys... Readwritelivenikki
6F Lacey Hill (15) Bow and Arrows; Knives; Sword; Speed; Strength; Survival Bugs; Snakes; Spiders; Snobby; Bossy Alliance #2 ~Meatballlover~
7M Darren Quinn (17) Chainsaw; Axe; Strength; Agility; Speed; Reflexes; Climber; Swimming; Plants; Knife Over-protectiveness; Love for Serina Lived in D7 entire life; In love with Serina Readwritelivenikki
7M Jason Neel (17) Axe, strong, climbing, fast, smart, anything to do with trees and plants, and ok swimmer; Stealthiness; Camouflage Lack of knowledge for weapons, loud, hiding, and hunting Lives with Aunt and mom (uncle and husband are dead); Alliance with Outlying district Nate777
7F Serina Comedor (16) Acrobatics; Agility; Speed; Sai; Spear Swimming; Camouflage Mother was killed by Peacekeeper. Knows martial arts Whatrbooks

Jasmine Greft (15)

Her knowledge of trees, plants, and animals. Snares & rope. She is a very good runner and hider since she is small for her age. She's very smart and sneaky as well Small for her age, not that strong, hand to hand combat, and Lack of knowledge for weapons Great with animals and nice too! She will try and befriend an animal. Nate777
8M Tyler Duncan (15) Intellect; Speed; Coordination; Mallet; Bow and Arrows Swimming; Has Asthma Will do flips for training session; In Alliance #1 TraftonYoung
8M Archane Webb (15)

Weaving; Sewing; Clothing; Blowgun; Knife

Trust; Sociality; Alliances Sows like spiders weave webs Zakel
8F Thalia Combe (16)

Knife Throwing; Archery; Strength; Speed; Manipulation

Short-Tempered; Family Has dark hair, blue eyes, and porclean skin PeetaPancakes
8F Charisma Marcano (16) Knives; Sword; Crossbow; Accuracy; Climbing; Swimming; Speed; Intellect; Healing Small; Strength; Hand-to-Hand; Lying Called Cary; best friend died in games Readwritelivenikki
9M Rye Skylark (12) Trust; Speed; Flexibility; Sleuth; Plants; Swimming, Climbing; Mace; Knife Tough spaces; heights; killing Born in a family of 3; stif with Dimitrism Ryw
9F Selphy Brywood (14) Speed; Bravery; Intellect; Bow and Arrows; Throwing Knives Lazy, weak with close-range weapons, weak with fist fights, not social She's mysterious. Suddenly appeared in district 9 fashionable. TheOneandOnlyDistrict3
9F Dimitrian Rye (13) Running; Climbing; Axe; Spear Trust Parents Died; Brother gave her a bracelet as a remembrance AW3SOM3 S4MU3L
10M Clay Jones (16) Strong; swords; Mace; Speed climbing, swimming father killed by cattle; beat for killing man who tried to kill him Whatrbooks
10F Yesenia Pelt (14) Speed; Intellect; Beauty; Climbing; Axe; hand to Hand; Knives Arms; Youth; Loyalty Swimming Mother died when young; accidentally put name in to many times for tesserae; Alliance with Daveforeva
10M Neil Stronghold Speed; Swimming; Accuracy; Scythe; Bow and arrow Heights and Snakes Has paranoia because of a failed pregnancy; mother has depression Whatrbooks
10F Sylvester Fite (13) Navigation; Hiding; Swimming; Agility; Sword; Knives; Slingshot Strength; Thunderstorms; Plant Knowledge dad missing; brother killed by lightning Aquastar4infinity
11F Kendall Mulikow (14) Aim, Speed, Hiding,Climbing; Poison Blow Darts; Throwing Knives Swimming; Trust; Sleeping Parents are Avoxes; Has friends in district 12 because found a path into district 12 Clove the best
11F Leaf Mandelious (14) Speed; Healing; Knives Emotions; Hiding them Token is a flower pedal AW3SOM3 S4MU3L
12F Pollin Graffite (12) Climbing; Speed; Agility; Plant Knowledge; Disguised Medicine; Intellect Blood; Swimming; Won't kill even if necessary; Can be untrustable Lived in district 12 entire life with brother; Brother was killed in Capitol Rebellion VarinEgo
12F Crimson Gorsmith (16) Camouflage; Knife; Sword; Bow and Arrows; Strength Heights; Accuracy; Sociality Isn't a good "people person" doesn't understand friendship SlappingSquirrels
13M Kelvin Stark (13) Resourceful; Traps; Climbing; Strength; Knife; Intellect Speed; Berries and Plants Sister was killed in games; will avenge her death William Leonard
13F River Alisson (16) Strength; Accuracy; Swimming; Kickboxing; Sword; Spikeballs Heights; Rarely-Prepared Normal; Good at kickboxing; No happiness left when reaped Whatrbooks
13F Kendra Fallino (16) high stamina, pain endurance, experience, climbing, swimming, hunting, plants, healing, stealthy, strong Speed; Swimming Was whipped many times for speaking against Capitol and for poaching Readwritelivenikki


Name Age Speciality User
Ethan 25 Twists/Bloodbath VarinEgo
Racious ? Twists/Arena AW3SOM3 S4MU3L
Heith ? Arena Daveforeva
Tori 44 Mutts/Arena Polinarose


Sponsors are going to be easy. What you do is request an item, and I will think of a cost. Sponsoring tributes will start immediately.

Weapons List

Bow & Arrows
Spikeballs (2)
Katana Sword
Sharp-Edged Boomerang
Trident and Net
Poisonous Blow Darts
Disguised Medicine (Says Pain Killer, actually Kills)
Knockout Darts
Traps, Snares, and Tools

Mystery Tributes (From 74th Hunger Games Book Version Only)


Tributes in: Marvel (1); Cato (2); Azora (4); Rye (9); Justin (10); Rue (11); Garrett (3)


Careers: Lion Scrapes (1); Dustin Henderson (1); Brooke Xena (1); Sam Flager (2); Zacharius Thorne (2); Charlotte Messims (2); Tarelia Anderson (2); Thomas Quince (4); Kai Aneko (4); Lily Yasmine (4); Cato (2)

Alliance #2: Arianna Moon (1); Emmi Fisher (4); Lacey Hill (6); Trafton Young (8); Dimitrian Rie (9); Rye (9); Yesenia Pelt (10); Leaf Mandelious (11); Pollin Graffite (12)

Alliance #3: Marvel (1); Azora (4); Justin (10)


District 1

Lion Scrapes: I wake up in the morning, and I fly out of bed, and land on my feet, excited for the new day. Today is the day I will volunteer for the reaping! I gallop into the front room, where my dad and mom are waiting for me. I see them beaming, and my mom made eggs benedict. I squeal with joy, and jump onto a stool, and devour the eggs. "Where did you find this?" I ask. "Oh, your father got some from the Capitol. You like it sweetie?" I pause, not knowing how to put this. "IT'S FREAKING AMAZING!" We then dance on the floor excitedly.

Arianna Moon: I wish those people would shut up. I'm trying to get some shut eye! But, that won't happen, as the horn signifying the reaping has rung, like a horn to start a whipping. Or a hanging. I walk over, and stop at the sign-in desk. I flinch when she takes my blood, then go over to the 18 year old girls. I'm super nervous, as the escort walks onto the stage.

Brooke Xena: "Welcome! Welcome! To the seventy-fourth annual...HUNGER GAMES!!!" She starts clapping uncontrollably. Some other people, like that Lion Scrapes, clap with her. Some groan in agony for the stupid escort's unmatchable enthusiasm. I do nothing. Better to be neutral. "Now, I will skip all the nonsense about the Capitol because we don't have a video yet!" A couple people do mock "AAAAAH"s. She claps in approval. Stupid escort. Now, I will reap the first boy!"

Dustin Henderson: I yell aloud, "Wait, there are more than one?" The escort replies back, "It is the Hunger Games, you know." She picks out a name from the first Reaping Bowl. "Garrett Crowe." A small boy comes up to the stage. I feel so sorry for him, I almost volunteer, but I'm interrupted, as someone else does. He karaokes onto the stage, and says, "HELLO PANEM! I AM LION SCRAPES!" The escort bathes in his enthusiasm, as she reaps the second boy. "Dustin Henderson!" I freeze, as a million faces turn to me. I slowly shimmy onto the stage, as Peacekeepers surround me. I then walk over to the stage, and stand there quietly.

Arianna Moon: "Now for the girls!" I think, Please don't be me. Please don't be me. Please don't be..."ARIANNA MOON!" That didn't work. As Dustin did before, I slowly shimmy onto the stage. But, to prove I'm not a wuss, I tell the Peacekeepers to get lost, and skip onto the stage. I put on a mock friendly smile, and say, "Thanks for the enthusiasm!" to the escort. She almost screams in enthusiastic cheer. Now, the last girl..."FIONA SCARLETT!" A 15 year old is happy to be reaped, but then an, "I volunteer!" comes from the crowd. Fiona cries on the way back to her place. "I'm Brooke Xena, and I will win!" The crowd cheers. The escort leads us to the tribute train as we mock smile the way to our certain deaths.

District 2

Zacharius Thorne: I wake up to my brother bouncing on my bed. "Come on, little buddy! It's reaping day!" I groan, and slowly get out of bed in luxury. My brother won a games before this. And I'm sick of it! I'm always little buddy this and little buddy that! I'm not a little buddy. My brother is one year older than me. And I'm 17, for crying out loud! I hate living like this. Even though I have pancakes every morning, I usually don't eat them. I give them to a little homeless family down the street when I say I'm going to training. I'm the worst in my class cause I'm bullied. I hear the reaping bell, and decide to go outside. I wonder if anyone is in the mood to run today, screaming at the top of there lungs, acting so excited they can hardly wait, because I'm not. But maybe...

Sam Flager: "I'M RUNNING TO THE REAPING! AND NOBODY CAN STOP ME!" I'm so siked right now! The reaping. I'm 17. Best in my class! It's so amazing how I actually am 17, best in the class, and am going to volunteer to bring pride to my district! I see the career reject Zacharius sulking slowly to the reaping. So I hit him upside the head. He deserves it for being such a loser! I see him fall on the floor. I didn't hit him that hard, did I? I run over, pick him up, and say, "Dude, didn't mean to hurt you. Just wanted you to lighten up!" With that, I run away.

Charlotte Messims: I see most people talking to friends and such, but I walk alone. Everything is stupid right now. The reaping. I might as well join the careers. The escort starts talking. But he's new. And not can you say this...exotic. "Welcome to the 2500th Annual Hunger Games!" I'm liking this new escort. He's super cool! But I recognize him for some reason... "Now, since the Capitol is working on a new video, I can't show you that stupid video anymore. Now we'll just have to wait for a new one!" A couple groans and cheers. "Okay, the first tribute is..." I dread for the answer. "Charlotte Messims." I smile, squeal, and happily skip onto the stage, mocking my excitement. I hear somebody yell, "COME ON!! CAN'T DISTRICT GIVE ANY BETTER??" It's that victor, the Thorne guy. I yell back, "SHUT UP OR I'LL KILL YOU IN YOUR SLEEP WHEN I WIN THE GAMES, YOU LOSER!" This shuts him up.

Zacharius Thorne: I nudge my brother and say, "Dude, she's totally serious." With that, he thrusts me to the ground as the escort says my name. The crowd gasps. "Yeah, yeah, shocker." I just walk calmly to the stage and stand quietly, not daring to move or speak as the escort (who reminds me of somebody...but I don't know who) reads off the second girl's name. "Yolanda Rondez." A small girl around 12 shimmies to the stage, when I hear a booming voice. "I VOLUNTEER AS A TRIBUTE-A..." a large girl screams as loud as possible. She storms off to the stage, pushes me to the ground, and says, "SEE? WHAT YOU GONNA DO, THORNE? NOTHING! I WILL WIN THE GAMES!" Cheers from the crowd.

Sam Flager: Next comes the boys, as I slowly wait for the time. But I can't stand it! "Har..." "I VOLUNTEER!" The escort looks pleased, but I see a glimpse of his mouth, saying, "Don't go there." I look oddly at him, and shrug as I gallop onto the stage. Then, the escort makes us shake hands, and we walk to the tribute train.

Cato: We are in the train, and I start talking. "I'm here to do whatever you need and help you in any way." he states. Another tribute, Charlotte, I think, replies, "But you are just a stupid Capitol escort?" I reply, "No, I'm not." That's when I see Sam looking at me, puzzlingly. "What's that mark on your forehead?" I can't stand to keep my secret any longer. "Ok, I'm...Cato." The tributes gasp as we move 200 miles an hour to our death.

District 3

Alice Williams: I wake up next to Dexter. We are sleeping in the same twin bed, cause that's all we have. I push him off the bed playfully, and he jumps up, thrashing his hands like he's carrying a knife in the Hunger Games. Well, what can we say? Beetee taught us well! Dexter yells, "What did you do that for?" I reply, "I heard you having nightmares. Well, it's not over yet. The nightmare's just begun!" Dexter laughs.

Dexter Volts: I laugh at my friend Alice's play on words. It's a miracle to be standing next to her. Nobody knew Wiress was pregnant. Everybody was paying attention to Katniss. But she and Beetee had a child together. But she was killed before. So, when Wiress's body was brought home, the baby was right next to her. It's Alice! I'm so happy. But I hear a scream coming from my grandpa Beetee's room. We charge over to see he is gone.

Angel Turkey: "Hey Chicken Turkey Girl, wake up!" My parents harass me until I wake up. What horrible excuses for parents. Name me Chickenhead Turkey and everything! I wake up and run outside like I usually do, but the door is bolted shut. "You know what day it is?" I shrug as if I don't know. But who doesn't? "The day we finally get the satisfaction of knowing you are dead!" My parents dance around the room, and I can't stand it anymore! I walk up to my dad, and slap him. Then I crash threw the window to go to the reaping.

Wren Hayes: I see everybody running. Nuts and Volts running around saying Beetee! Haven't they known he died yesterday? Because a Peacekeeper tazered him? That was the rumor, but it's not true I walk over to them and tell them, as a joke. Then they faint. I'm not the nicest person in the world (more sadistic), as the escort (who is the 102 year old Beetee) walks over to the stage. "W-w-welcome t-to the 2-25-5-500 a-annual..." A more eccentric escort walks up. "Thank you for that sweetie, but I will take over now. "Welcome to the 2500th annual...HUNGER GAMES!!!" Groans.

Dexter Volts: I hear the escort talking, but I'm so mad at Wren for doing that! Which is why I'm fake volunteering for Wren. So he will get a taste of his own medicine. She reaps the boys name, and it says, "Wren Hayes!" I'm about to push him, when I stop. He was just reaped! Take that Wren! That's when I hear my name being called up as well. Crap! I slowly shimmy up with Wren, and we shake hands. That's when she reaps the girls. "Alice Williams!" No. This can't be happening. She's too nice and sweet and...whatever. I hang my head down as Beetee weaps. Then she tries to reap the last one. She looks at it for what seems like forever, when she asks me for the answer. What I see is a Chicken's head on a turkey's body. And I know exactly who it is.

Angel Turkey: "Chickenhead Turkey!" The entire crowd erupts in laughter, as I hang my head at my name. My parents are the most noticable among the crowd, as they holler and shout and scream and do Irish jigs. I yell out," Hey mom! Dad!" My face is fuming with tears. "Is this what you wanted? IS IT? I DON'T SEEM HOW ANY RATIONAL PARENTS WOULD DO THIS TO A CHILD!" With that, my parents stop laughing, and look at me oddly. I walk over storming and say to the escort, "Let me see that reaping bowl." The escort denies but I insist. She finally lets me look. And I see dozens of chickenheaded turkey's. Literally! I cry at my parents, curse, and I am lead to the tribute train.

District 4

Thomas Quince: I wake up alone in bed. Of course, my two brothers, Wes and Kevin, are already at the reaping. I sigh, and slowly crawl out of the bed and into my reaping clothes, already ironed, waiting for me. Wes and Kevin have been busy. They are awesome brothers, and I wouldn't' do anything without them. But, then again, it's the Reaping. One of us may get chosen! I am certain it probably won't be one of us, but, if it is, then I will be ready.

Emmi Fisher: I slowly walk with my parents to the reaping, with the escort already in uniform. But she seems...different. Like she's normal. But, whatever. Just another pawn of the capitol, right? I reassure myself once more I won't get picked, and then walk up to the registration booth. My name is in there only 5 times. I won't get chosen. I reassure myself that many times before going to stand anxiously with the other 17 year olds. The escort starts frowning, and talks in a blank voice. It's a little raspy, but still young.

Kai Aneko: The escort is weird for some reason. It sounds like she is injured, and still trying to recover. And she looks young! But, I think whatever as she starts to speak. "Welcome to the reaping, district 4! It's the 25 hundredth Hunger Games! Happiness for all!" She says this in a sarcastic voice, and I snicker. She's funny! "So, happy Hunger Pains...I mean games. And may the odds be ever in your favor...I hope." Laughs from the crowd. "Now, I will reap the unlucky girl and boy tributes. Girls first!" She walks over and says the name, "Lily Yasmine!"

Lily Yasmine: I happily prance onto the stage, sticking my tongue out at all the girls who I gallop by. I walk over, pose, and beam to the escort, trying to make me her favorite, "I AM GONNA WIN THE GAMES, Y'ALL!" She replies in a monotone voice, "Good luck with that." The crowd bursts with laughter. I start to frown, then have a pouty face as another girl is chosen. "Emmi Fisher!" A 17 year old girl slowly emerges from the on-edge crowd. She is walking slower, and people start to boo. The escort yells, "Hey! It's the Hunger Games! Give the girl some time!"

Emmi Fisher: I love this escort! She winks at me, and I walk with a little more bounce in my step to the stage. And, I hug the escort. She looks startled, but hugs back. "Thanks," I say when we depart from each other. "No problem." She replies. "I gotta reap the boys now. I hate this job. Thank goodness it is only for one year. I'm confused, but let it slide as she reaps, "Kai Aneko!" A boy jumps at the sound of his name, and slowly makes his way to the stage. When he comes over, he is smiling. Career boys. Gotta love them!

Thomas Quince: It's almost over. This anxiety is almost over. But, suddenly, the crowd is looking at me. Me! I realize that she is holding a paper, and the big screen shows my face. I just got reaped. I slowly walk over to the stage, but my brothers walk over as well, yelling my name! I watch the peacekeepers block them, but my bros fight back. I want to scream, but the words choke my mouth. I look, in horror, as my brothers are taken away from me to the stocks. As I walk over to the tribute train with the escort (who happens to be a fellow tribute from a past games), I see my brothers, bloody. Suddenly, I hear a gunshot, and my brothers are on the floor. In the back of my mind, I can hear a cannon in the games going Boom. And I collapse. Hoping for it to be forever.

District 5

Ellie Miller: I wake up curled in a ball at my powerplant station. I can only remember the reaping, cannons, and death. I hate district 5. It smells like burned toast and it almost always sends shocks through your body. A horn blows, and I realize I'm late. I'm never late! I bounce up and make my way, keeping a fast pace. You never know what can happen, so always be at the place you are going on time.

Bella Anderson: My brother, Ezekiel, is gone. I squeal! He's gone to the reaping! I charge out of my room, to meet my brother and my parents at the reaping. I charge with tears in my eyes. Ezekiel will not be reaped. Not on my watch. As soon as I see my brother, I charge towards him and give him a hug/tackle. He falls, but laughs as I hug him. "It's okay! It's not like I'm dead or anything! The reaping is just starting. Go to mom and dad. Don't worry. I'll be fine.

Ezekiel Anderson: Bella, my 8 year old sister, walks away sadly to my mom and dad as I take my place with the 17 year olds. My little sister deserves to be somewhere else. Not in Panem. I hate this place. A zany green-wigged escort bounces onto the stage happily. "WELCOMMME TO THE REEEAPING!" she over-exaggerates. "TODAY I WILL REAP THE BOOOYYS FIIRRRST!" she walks over and I hear a name. It's not mine. Thank gosh.

Haroku Akio: I walk slowly on the stage with camera's turned on me. I just got reaped! I hate the world. I have tears in my eyes, not afraid to hide them. It would make my seem like an easy target. Just my luck. The escort walks like a duck with me to the microphone as I stare off to my house, where my parents are waiting. Waiting for me to come home. The thought makes me bawl, as the escort turns away and reaps the next boy. "EZEEEKIEL ANDDEERSON!"

Bella Anderson: "NO!" I charge to my brother, through the crowd, as he cautiously makes his way to the stage. I cry and cry, hoping the escort is wrong! But my dad takes my by the stomach, and carries me. I pound on his back as hard as I can. It feels as if I am watching my brother being beheaded by a mace. It might as well be like that. I may never see Ezekiel again.

Ariana Belle: What a girl! Trying to save her brother like that! She's got guts. And I feel sorry for both of them. And I'm not someone to feel sorry for anybody. So...yeah. The escort calls out the girls name, and I keep my fingers crossed behind my back. She picks out two names at the same time. "Ellie Miller!" I uncross my fingers, breathing a sigh of relief until..."Ariana Belle!" And that feeling of safety is gone.

Ellie Miller: I am speechless, but mock-smiling. It's better to look good than show how you are actually feeling. I skip happily onto the stage, looking for sponsors. Hoping I get sponsors. I might as well just try. It may help me get back home. The other girl is bawling her eyes out, so I'm thinking she won't get sponsors. So I yell out to the Capitol, "HEY! IT'S ME! ELLIE MILLER! AND I WILL WIN!" I can imagine cheering from the extraordinary capitol crowd as I am lead to the tribute trains.

Training Scores (These are based off of from score 3-11)


Name Score Private Battle Place
Lion Scrapes (1) 11 Sam; Charlotte; Kai 1
Sam Flager (2) 11 Lion; Charlotte; Kai 2
Wren Hayes (3) 11 Ariana; Archane; Sylvester 3
Ariana Belle (5) 11 Wren; Archane; Sylvester 4
Neil Stronghold (10) 11 Brooke; Angel; Darren 5
Brooke Xena (1) 10 Neil; Angel; Darren 6
Jason Neel (7) 10 Charisma; Thalia 7
Charisma Marcano (8) 10 Jason; Thalia 8
Yesenia Pelt (10) 10 Leaf; Arianna; Thomas 9
Leaf Mandelious (11) 10 Yesenia; Arianna; Thomas 10
Crimson Gorsmith (12) 10 Dustin; Jasmine 11
Dustin Henderson (1) 9 Crimson; Jasmine 12
Dimitrian Rye (9) 9 Rye; Kelvin; Zacharius 13
Rye Skylark (9) 9 Dimitrian; Kelvin; Zacharius 14
Redina "Red" Pearl Jameson (6) 9 Kendra; Emmi; Pollin 15
Kendra Fallino (13) 9 Red; Emmi; Pollin 16
Tarelia Anderson (2) 8 Dexter; River; Alice 17
Dexter Volts (3) 8 Tarelia; River; Alice 18
Lily Yasmine (4) 8

Ezekiel; Raven; Clay

Ezekiel Anderson (5) 8 Lily; Raven; Clay 20
Raven Emerald (6) 8 Lily; Ezekiel; Clay 21
Clay Jones (8) 8 Lily; Ezekiel; Raven 22
River Allison (13) 8 Tarelia; Dexter; Alice 23
Alice Williams (3) 7 Tarelia; Dexter; River 24
Emmi Fisher (4) 7 Red; Kendra; Pollin 25
Pollin Graffite (12) 7 Red; Kendra; Emmi 26
Kelvin Stark (13) 7 Dimitrian; Rye; Zacharius 27
Zacharius Thorne (2) 6 Dimitrian; Rye; Kelvin 28
Jasmine Greft (7) 6 Crimson; Dustin; 29

Arianna Moon (1)

5 Leaf; Yesenia; Thomas 30
Thomas Quince (4) 5 Leaf; Yesenia; Arianna 31
Thalia Combe (8) 5 Jason; Charisma; 32
Chickenhead "Angel" Turkey (3) 4 Neil; Brooke; Darren 33
Darren Quinn (7) 4 Neil; Brooke; Angel 34
Archane Webb (8) 4 Wren; Ariana; Sylvester 35
Sylvester Fite (10) 4 Wren; Ariana; Archane 36
Charlotte Messims (2) 3 Sam; Lion; Kai 37
Kai Aneko (4) 3 Sam; Lion; Charlotte 38
Haroku Akio (5) 3 Lacey; Tyler; Selphy; Serina 39
Lacey Hill (6) 3 Haroku; Tyler; Selphy; Serina 40
Tyler Duncan (8) 3

Lacey; Haroku; Selphy; Serina

Selphy Brywood (9) 3 Lacey; Haroku; Tyler; Serina 42
Serina Comedor (7) 3 Lacey; Haroku; Tyler; Selphy 43

Private Battles

The First

Lion Scrapes: So, after my amazing training score of 11, I am placed with my buddy Sam, Charlotte, and Kai. This seems weird to me, as we are all in the careers. But I must take out who is strong We are placed on pedestals, and we see about a 200 foot arena, just for the battle. So, this may take a while. The countdown starts at 30, and it goes down fast. I don't see any weapons in sight, and no cornucopia. The must've hid the weapons and survival things. The cannon booms, and I go right for Kai. I know this is my chance to kick some butt. I immediately go for the face, but he sees it coming. He dodges, and runs away before I can get him. I curse, thinking he was gone, but that was before Charlotte throws a knife at him. He collapses. BOOM! Charlotte was underestimated in my standards. But she must go too. I charge at her, but I feel a deep pain in my side. Sam, my buddy, who I stuck with throughout all of training, threw a spear in my side. I look up at him, feeling fuzzy, as he says, "Sorry Lion. You're too big of a threat." With that he takes my neck, and twists it, and the world turns to black.

Deceased: Lion Scrapes; Kai Aneko

Living: Sam Flager; Charlotte Messims

The Second

Archane Webb: I'm frightened as we are lead to the mini-arena. I see weapons surrounding everything, and one area with a cave. The cave is where I will hide. I see the two with 11 scores. They seem so intimidating to me! Even though they are from outlying districts like me. One of them is laughing. It's Wren. He is stretching out thinking this will be easy. Not on my watch. The cannon booms the start. I sprint faster than ever before to Wren, and he is just jogging toward a sword. I reach him right before he gets the sword, and I tackle him. He struggles under my weight, and screams for help. Sylvester comes to him. Seriously? How can Sylvester be that dumb! I see something like a shaker, and I shake it. It produces a lightning-like noise. Rain clouds roll in, and Sylvester freaks! Suddenly, lightning comes out of nowhere and hits Sylvester. He falls, still alive, but barely. That is when I take a sword, and stab Wren repeatedly in the chest. I see Ariana gasping, then running away. I then leave the sword in Wren's chest, and run over to her. She then trips over Sylvester, which cracks his neck. BOOM! BOOM! I yell out gleefully, "WE WON!" I run over to Ariana and hug her. She breathes for air, and I apologize. We look at each other, then, as we go to the hovercraft, we hold hands...

Deceased: Wren Hayes; Sylvester Fite

Living: Archane Webb; Ariana Belle

The Third

Brooke Xena: The mimi-arena is bare. Nothing in sight. No anything. I don't see any weapons or supplies. But I do see mutts. Millions of mutts. One mutt looks like me! I freak! The cannon booms. The mutts run toward me. Muttations aren't exactly my favorite Hunger Games quality. In face, I'm scared to death of them. My thoughts had paralyzed me, as my tributes were already running away. I follow in pursuit. I look at Darren, and he looks at me. Alliance time! We kick into action. Like, we literally kick the mutts that are trying to kill us. It's working. But Angel isn't so lucky. A chicken mutt attaches itself to the head of her. She screams as the mutt sucks the blood from her body. I guess Angel was called Chickenhead for something! Ha...I'm a bad jokester. Then Darren calls out. I run over to him, as a tribute mutt has an axe, and starts cutting his neck. He should have died immediately, but he doesn't, as the mutt slowly decapitates him. But suddenly, Neil calls out! He was just killed by a dog muttation! But wait...the dog looks like...Lion! I cry out to the gamemakers. WHY LION? WHY? But I'm the only one left. Both Darren and Neil are dead. The hovercraft picks me up, and also picks up Darren and his head. They attach his head! There are two private battle victors! Me and Darren!

Deceased: Chickenhead "Angel" Turkey; Neil Stronghold

Living: Brooke Xena; Darren Quinn

The Fourth

Thalia Combe: For some reason, there are only three in this group because of a screw up of some sort. But I know it's me and Charisma till the end. We will kill the district 7 male! Cause he is evil! The cannon booms, and we both go straight for Jason. And it's over like that! Jason didn't stand a chance, as we both spear him in the chest. Easiest battle ever! But I feel sorry for Jason. He seemed nice. But no room for remorsefullness now. I'm in the Hunger Games.

Deceased: Jason Neel

Living: Charisma Marcano; Thalia Combe

The Games

Death Order (Please skip this till you read the Games!

After the Games (The Final Interview)

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