Hello! I know I'm doing the 2500th Hunger Games, but I thought I'd give these games a try! This is a trilogy of games that I will! So it will be in third-person narrative with no reapings. There will be chariot rides, training, interviews, and, of course, the games! I will take tributes (24 of them), stylists (12 of them) and gamemakers (4 of them). Please join my games.


The sign-ups are empty!

Please sign up right now and fill up that chart!

The Rules and Criteria

No Cussing

I absolutely despize cussing and will not tolerate it in any way! Any cussing from anyone means one of your tributes dies in the bloodbath

Don't get mad at me if your tribute dies!

These are just games! Cyber games! Don't take anything personally, please~

No Insulting

I've seen a bunch of insulting on the HG Chat and Wiki and I am fed up with it. So, if this is a problem...NO INSULTING!

I will take spam

I like joining other people's games a lot, so I will allow spamming, but only if a tribute is in these games.

I take "On My Profiles"

I know everybody hates "On my profiles!" but I don't. I don't' see why you should hate them. It takes a while to make tributes, so why not just make them on one thing and get it over with. So yeah.

There will be three pages!

One page will be the Tributes

Another the Set-Ups

Another the Games

Please put "I'm Marvelous and I know it" on your comment if you have read these rules


District 1 Male

District 1 Female

District 2 Male

District 2 Female

District 3 Male

District 3 Female

District 4 Male

District 4 Female

District 5 Male

District 5 Female

District 6 Male

District 6 Female

District 7 Male

Yesenia Root

Yesenia is a 14 year old district 7 female. When her mother died when she was 9, she started taking care of her father, brother, and herself using the tesserae. She was the reaped her third Reaping. She is fond of using Small Knives, Using Axes, and throwing them too. She has beautiful blue crystal eyes, and long strawberry blonde hair. She is very shy and smart, and can be vicious as well. She is good at running, climbing, and Hand to hand combat. She hates blood and has a weakness of being too loyal to friends. Her token is a necklace of a stone tree.

District 8 Male

District 8 Female

District 9 Male

Dimitria Pod

Dimitria is a 13 year old district 9 female. She was born to Mary Jane and Kyle Pod, and lived a happy, normal life with her family (which includes a brother). But when her parents died of food poisoning, Dimitria resided to the streets, where she remained homeless till the reaping. She's a pretty, dirty girl with a height of 5'9" (tall for her age). She is fond of running and climbing, but can be suspicious of others; she has to prove your trust; and emotion sometimes takes a hold of her. She is very kind, nice, sweet, and shy. Her alliance will include District 7 and 9

District 10 Male

District 10 Female

District 11 Male

District 11 Female

District 12 Male

District 12 Female

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