Rules & Twist

The twist: Each district will have 3 tributes between the ages of 8 and 20. Someone from any age can volunteer for the tribute that is Reaped. Both genders will be mixed.


No cussing!

No insulting!

You may do a little spam

Don't hate me if your tribute dies.

There will be multiple pages on here and a lot of writing. There will be a page for the Reapings, a page for Training and Chariot Rides, a page for Training Scores and Interviews, and a Page for the Hunger Games and Reunion to Home. It will be formatted like a story from different point of views, and the person's name that the point of view is coming from will be next to that text.

You may make 4 tributes, 4 escorts, 3 stylists, 3 mentors, and 1 Gamemaker! Good luck! =D


District Tribute Age Strengths Weaknesses Made by
1 Caleb Stoll (Male) 12 Flexibility (Flips); Friendliness

Will not Kill a Friend

Wikia Contributor A

Esorellia Snow (Female)

17 Is Caring; Good with most Weapons; Manipulation Loved Ones Being Hurt katelyn.danita
1 Emerald Silvers (Female) 15 Bow and Arrow Camouflage Hoopsgirl29
2 Trafton Porter (Male) 19 Good with Weapons Untrustable VarinEgo
2 Excells Grave (Male) 19 Most Weapons; Hand-to-Hand; Speed; Intellect Afraid of Dark; Heavy Nate777
2 Marielle Benson 17 A Sleuth; Intelligence; Speed; Throwing Knives; Spears Impatience; Can be Manipulated Easily AshtonMoioLover
3 Aria Camelliston (Female) 16 Great Throwing Arm; Manipulation; Strong Swimmer; Flexibility Tight Spaces; Heights; family Being hurt katelyn.danita
3 Preston Emery (Male) 17 Strong; Climbing; Intellect; Electronics

Naive; Swimming

4 Maysilea (Maci) Parcels 17 Manipulation (Using Beauty); Tridents; Fire katelyn.danita
4 Nicholas Davenport 17 Speed; Climbing; Smart; Hand-to-Hand Has problems (can be crazy) FinnickForever
4 Mistalia "Misty" Calidean (Female) 17 Anything Water Related; Healing; Will kill at all costs; accuracy Annoyed Easily; Loved Ones or people that are close being hurt Readwriteandlivewiki
5 Lyann Hover (Female) 11 Intellect Lack of Knowledge for Weapons Nate777
5 Anna Wilder (Female) 14 Speed; Bow and Arrow Climbing Hoopsgirl29
6 Golden Hawbrook (Male) 18 Good with Weapons and Hand-to Hand Combat In love with Pema Alderweel Rockman117
6 Pema Alderweel (Female) 17 Speed; Good with Plants Not the best at weapons Rockman117
7 Brooklyn Willow (Female) 16 Throwing Things; Camouflage; Climbing; Intellect Swimming KatnissRox24
9 Jayson Willows (Male) 10 Coordination; Spear-Throwing Will Not Kill a Friend; Swimming; Past VarinEgo
9 Harper Jackson (Female) 15 Smarts; Scythes; Strength; Speed WIll Not Kill a friend even if life is in danger. Will protect no matter what Harperjackson9
9 Ash Bracken (Male) 17 Very agile, good with weapons, quick and smart ; knife, scythe too trustworthy, not all that confident when it comes to TV and the Capitol, won't get into combat and so being handy this way doesn't help much Harperjackson9
10 Amber Huntley (Female) 15 Climbing; Knife Throwing; Swimming Too sweet to kill anything; Hand-to-Hand Galeismywife
10 Fallon Marsop 14 climbing, quick, agile, blowgun, wooden pole noisy, untrustworthy( except to allies), swimming, always goes for bloodbath IHeartHungerGames

Kelvin Minco (Male)

17 Climbing; Trustful; Arm (Can throw anything); Swimming Will be Manipulated easily; not very fast VarinEgo

Pepper Silverblade Minco (Female)

12 Climbing; Trustful; Knots; Tridents; Bow and Arrow; Speed Will protect brother at all costs; Can't Swim. VarinEgo
12 Candace Rellini (Female) 18 Smart; Quick; Climbing; Healing Swimming; Is Impulsive Readwriteandlivewiki
Stylist District Boy Costume Girl Costume Chariot User
Amethyst Jade 1 Black Sparkly Tee Shirt,Silver Sparkly High Tops,Black Skinny Pants,White Feathery Boa,White Headpiece Silver Sparkly Tunic,Silver Leggings,Black High Heels,Black Feathery Boa,Black Headpiece,Lots of Jewelry Spray-Painted Pink with Rhinestones all over it Hoopsgirl29
Trinity Wradclean 6 He will be wearing a bikers jacket, made of tire, leather, and spikes, loose jeans, and a motorcycle helmet. He is carrying a steering wheel, attached to mechanical horses, steering them on She will be wearing a black dress made of really thin tire strips. She will also have a biker helmet on, but only a bike helmet, no motorcycle. She will be waving to the crowd

The chariot will be shaped like a race car, with an open top. The tributes

will be sitting on leather chairs: one sandy brown, and one black


Amanda Pops 9 Dress made of wheat woven together Brown Tux with piece of wheat pinned to heart like a corsage Sky Blue with white spaces & pieces of wheat painted on it Everdeen7000


Ethan Ramier - VarinEgo

Orion Trimslee - Harperjackson9

Sarah Books - Everdeen7000

Gravel Smith - Robin040197


You may sponsor a tribute, if you like. Each sponsor will be given $500, and may choose one of these items.

(from least $ to most $)

$10 - A paper and pen (maybe to write a letter home or a threat for a tribute or something like that)

$50 - a bag of rocks for slingshot

$100 - A wire for electrocution

$150 - A small saw

$150 - A bag of beef jerky, a canister of water, and a bag of dried fruit.

$200 - A new sleeve of arrows (5 arrows)

$200 - Some pain reliever cream

$250- Some nightlock with a note that says *use this for another tribute*

$350 - Trident

$375 - A bow and arrow

$375 - Fresh fruit, and water

$400 - A sleeping bag, and a backpack full of food, water, and a weapon (any weapon I will choose)

$550 (you may have to borrow money) - A sleeping bag, a backpack, a bow and arrow, a set of throwing knives, and some instant pain reliever.

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