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Chapter 1

I wake up to a beautiful sunrise. The reflection of the lake next to my house gleams up at me. I can smell the sweet district 1 smell of perfume and fresh leather. I slept so peacefully. I dreamed nothing. It seems like a perfect day. But it's not. It really isn't. Today is the Reaping. The day I will be forced to volunteer for the Hunger Games

I get up and see the streets empty. A good sign it's reaping. I see my dad reading the Capitol newspaper. It's talking about last year's ruins Hunger Games. How the guy won with a brick. It's terrifying!

"There's my big boy!" my mother says as she hugs me tight around the waist. Her being five foot and me being 6'3" Means she is way small. She has to look up to see me. My dad, meanwhile, is huge. Seven foot. The biggest guy from district 1. My dad stands up and pats me on the back. I loose my breath. He's that powerful. He is a very big Capitol celebrity. Won the 62nd Hunger Games.

"So, Gloss," my mother says. "What day is it today?"

"Why, I forgot!" he says with too much drama put into it. "Marvel, what day is today?"

I sigh. I would be damned before I sucked up to them, but today is the day to show everybody that I got what it takes to survive. "Today is the reaping."

"Yes! Thank you! I must of forgotten that you were going to volunteer." He says the word so dark that I shudder. I try not to stutter, and reply, "Yes."

My mom grins ear-to-ear. She attempts to hug me again, but I shoo her away. I walk out the door storming. How could they expect me to do this? I am the worst in my fighting class. I see someone looking at me across from the lake. It's my best friend and girlfriend. Azora. And her brother Leith. We found a path between district 1 and 4 so we could talk. We've known each other since we were young. I almost sprint over to the other side of the lake. I start to cry midway there. It must look frightening to a 12 year old boy with a distraught 17 year old hurling himself straight toward him, because Leith grasps onto Azora's hand. Azora calms him down, but she has started to cry as well. Azora and I embrace, then collapse on the soft moss growing on the side of Crystal Lake (what we named it). Leith joins us. He was never someone to not join in on the fun.

"So, the reaping, huh?" Azora askes.

"Yeah. It freaking sucks," I say.

"I wish I was never born."

"Me neither. How am I going to volunteer for something I don't want to do?"

"I don't know. I just don't know."

"I want to run away. Live out in the woods."

"They'd catch us."

"Oh, maybe not."

"Rip out our tongues. We wouldn't make it five miles."

"For some reason I think this is deja vu."


"Like it's been done before."

"You guys talk to much," Leith adds. Classic Leith. A little annoying, sarcastic, and sadistic. But funny. Azora and I laugh, then look at the sunrise.

"Just hope for the best. Maybe you'll win," Azora comforts.

'I don't know. I just don't know."

"Marvel?" Azora says. I reply yes. "Why don't we just enjoy each other's company. This may be the last time we'll ever be together."

"Oh. You want to enjoy this moment?"

"Maybe. Just a little?"

"Okay. Fine. Just..." I am interrupted by Azora's lips.

"EWWW!!!! GROSS!!! YOU GUYS ARE DISGUSTING! AZORA, YOU BROUGHT ME HERE FOR THIS?" We stop our kissing. Leith runs away, yelling something about kissing and gross. We shrug, and continue embracing. This is the last kiss we will share for a while. Things are about to get complicated.

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