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  • Vatonica

    The 19th Hunger Games

    April 20, 2014 by Vatonica

    I'm Vatonica. I used to be extremely active here, but I left for a couple months, then tried to return and those games failed. About a year has passed since then, and I'd like to make a new, successful, games. 

    I want to return with a REALISTIC games. THis is the 19th Hunger Games, and I want it to be as similar to what it could have been as possible. This means no quell, no half mutts, no special powers, etc. Another exampleis that the forcefield will be the old type (bouncy), but it will not be allowed to use it to your advantage because Haymitch was the first. I want no swearing, and no complaining if your person dies. As a normal games, 23 out of 24 will die. If you want an alliance (other than careers), you must make it. However, I res…

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  • Vatonica

    Hi. I'm Vatonica, and I'm back on the Hunger games Wiki. If you don't know me/remember me, I had a bunch of really successful and well liked games, but then I left. I recently remembered how fun it was and now I'm back. If you want to see my past games, then here:

    • This is the 34th Hunger games, and will be as authentic and realistic as possible. For example, this means that the forcefield will make things bounce back, but nobody will use it as a weapon until Haymitch.
    • Only Dirstricts 1-12 will be …

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  • Vatonica

    The Capture Games

    September 4, 2013 by Vatonica

    This is based on a TV series, Capture (AKA The Hunt), Which is based on the Hunger games. The only differences are that they will be chidren and eliminated teams will be killed, with no prize but life at the end. Please note that this will take place in present day, not Panem. There will be twelve teams each with matching color jackets (well, all black with a hint of their color). Each person may submit two teams.

    The Competition is divided into 2-day-long periods, with each of day having one, four hour hunt. At the start of each 2- day hunt cycle, one team is selected as the hunt team and the other teams are prey teams. Once the hunt team is selected, the prey teams are released into the wilderness and the hunt team is released a bit later…

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  • Vatonica

    Yeah, so I lost activity for a while after my first 3 games were hits, my fourth one wasn't, and I went on vacation. But I am back to see if I can restart my series. Writing was fun and multiple users said that they would want me to do another games, so here goes.

    In the past few games, we have seen victories by Anna Toboso (7), Seedum Plant, (5), Jessica Phyfier (3), and Tabby Ross (maybe would've won) (8). Now, the next brand of teens 12-18 are going to fight. The capitol has been happy with the last few games, but the expect a big one this time. They are now beginning to change their sponsoring and betting schemes without any victors from 1, 2, or 4. For all they know, each tribute has a one in twenty four chance of winning. Let the game…

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  • Vatonica

    I am finally back from camp, and I am now starting a new series. I will get rid of my 109th, and begin with the 14th.

    In this series, Woof from 11 had just won at age 15 with Mags who won at 16 2 years prior. This will be one of the earlier years, in which this will contain the first ever feast, first ever career pack, and first ever major gifts. Some of the better strategies have not yet been invented.

    So far, at this point, this is the order, by district, of the victors:

    2, 10, 4, 1, 2, 7, 6, 7, 6, 8, 4, 5, 11.












    Male Chariot:

    Female Chariot:

    # M/F Name Weapons User
    1 M

    1 F

    2 M

    2 F

    3 M

    3 F

    4 M

    4 F

    5 M

    5 F

    6 M

    6 F

    7 M

    7 F

    8 M

    8 F

    9 M

    9 F

    10 M

    10 F

    11 M

    11 F

    12 M

    12 F

    # Name Male Cahriot Fema…

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