This is my first ever Hunger games, but I've seen many others. This one is for all those users who want a realistic Hunger Games. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!.

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  • Do not get mad at me if your person dies. 23/24 do.
  • This will be a normal hunger games: Districts 1-12 (no capitol) and no Quarter Quell.
  • There should be no swearing or insulting.
  • You may give advice to your tribute. In fact, it is suggested.

Tribute Template


Disctrict (with a back up one):









Interview Angle:

Training Angle:

Bloodbath Angle:




Which district they will help the Chariot rides for:


Costume of that District (Say for both the male and Female)


District Gender Name Weapon(s) Weaknesses User
1 M Lynx Striker Steel Claws, Knives Swimming, Sense Hybrid Shadow
1 F Janna Cameron Bow+Arrow, Sword Romance Twilight Perry
2 M Ace Coles Sword, Strength Arrogant TehOnlyUmberon
2 F Lillian Trials Swords, Knives Lying district7ersz
3 M Microw Veritas Traps, Electricity Afraid of killing Junior ii
3 F Honoria May Borealis Technology, Dagger Only one weapon The Boy with the pikuchu tattoo
4 M Sebastian Sealock Sword, Trident Overthinks Things TehOnlyUmberon
4 F Chione Nereus Trident, Net Not Confident, Weak The Boy with the pikuchu tattoo
5 M Ben Furmann Slingshot, Hands Unattentive District7!
5 F Solaris Eurus Dagger, Seduction Speed The Boy with the pikuchu tattoo
6 M Rocco Daniels Throwing Knives Size District7!
6 F Olivia Tobias Knives, Blowguns Physical Strength Madgeical
7 M Cole Asher Knife, Sword (axe) Stitches TehOnlyUmberon
7 F Anna Toboso Swords, Seduction Size, Physical Strength Madgeical
8 M Philip Grant Throwing Spear Hand to hand Combat MasterofMutts
8 F Lavender Tone Knives, Spears Age (13) PumPumPumkin:3
9 M Henry Tonro Rocks, Hands Gets Hungry MasterofMutts
9 F Daisy Sugar Clubs, Maces Size Ladysi
10 M Weste Timer Sword Uneducated Type Writers Are Cool
10 F Addie Hanran Knife, Club Hyper, Overprotective Type Writers Are Cool
11 M Wolf Fang Mace, Knife Scared, Sense Hybrid Shadow
11 F Jenna Robertson Awl, Knives, Spear Range, Physical Strength District7!
12 M Bobby Junta Poison, Blowgun, Bow+Arrows Hand to hand COmbat MasterofMutts
12 F Mary Bloom Knife Scared, Swimming Ladysi


District Name Male Comstume Female Costume
1 Maroon Hollister See through skin tight suit with a pair of pink floral shorts increted with diamonds See through skin tight suit with a pink floral vest covering her brests, incrested with diamonds
2 Ron Demps Wearing light blue, white, and black. His Suit has a tool on it from cutting rocks. His hat has a mountain type thing showing the mountain in district 2. She wears a light blue dress, with a stone as her hat.
3 Norris Terming He is wearing bright green and yellow. He is wearing a hat with a lightning bolt on it, it bright yellow. He is wearing a gown and it has a picture of a tv on it. She is wearing bright pink dress. Her hat has a picture of a battery.
4 Desira Romana The boy have no shirts on, and there skin has been made a light bronze colour. They are wearing loose pale brown 3 quarter lengths, with no shoes. No makeup either and there hair has been dusted with sand. They are also wearing the same shell necklace, but instead of the occasianal purple or red shell, they have light blue and sea green shells. His eyes have been altered so they are the same colour as the sea, and he has a belt made of a piece of rope like on a boat. The girls are wearing plain brown dresses, light brown like sand. There hair is lose, down there back. Nothing in it all natural. They are bearfoot, and have no makeup at all. The only jewllery is a single seashell necklace, with mainly pale brown seashells, but the occasianal purple and red. They have a shoal which is a darker brown, it wraps around there shoulders and has wave pictures sewn into it, with the lighter brown string.
5 Roxanna Leto The boy is wearing something similar. He wears a pitch black suit jacket, with a dark shirt, black trousers with a white tie. He wears back wingtips with a white stripe down the middle, and his hair is similar to the girls. Spiked up, and dyed black with gel to give it a oily greased look. He wears the same black lipstick, and black eye liner trailing down his face, with his skin being dusted a pitch white. The girl is wearing a jet black dress, with torn rims, and frayed edges. Streams of fabric run down the end. Each of these represents dripping oil, and is coated in a thin paint, making it look thick and gooey, giving it a gothic look. Her hair has been dyed a pitch black, and has a shimmery appearence, while her make-up is all jet black, with gothic lipstick, and running eyeliner down her cheeks, with the rest of her face being pure white.
6 Sasha Felon He will be wearing a tight vest, with no arms. And only covering his torso, with skin tight trousers aswell. It is a pale gold colour, that glows in the dark as he moves. Producing patterns like wheat fields, blowing in the wind. He is bare footed, with his hair being coated in a golden dust, causing it to grow like the vest, where as the rest of his skin is coated in a pale brown, creating the contrast. She is wearing a long flowing silver metallic lookig dress, it has a detailed pattern so that when she spins you can see a birdseye view of a block of road, it also looks like little cars are driving on and of the roads. Half way through she withdraws a brush and starts to splatter her self with paint. Instead of staining the dress the paint combines with the silver to create different colours. She does this for a while till the map of cars and roads is now in detailed colour, And right at the end the colours come together to form the words 'We Love The Capitol', and after that appears all of the colour leaps out of the dress causing little bursts of colour and light, when all the colour dies down she is wearing a long flowing metallic gold dress, with a small crown repetitive pattern.
7 Chiron Winters They are dressed in pale green robes, with hoods covering there faces. Under them there is no make-up or anything. Just darkness. The robes are stitched in a light green patern of flowers and trees in a dark brown. Very calm and understated. They have no gimmicks and a light dust of dark green falls on them as they go around the place. They are carrying tall staffs wound round with elegant red flowers. With a glowing red plant at the top. The girls will wear something similar, they will have floorlength ballgowns coated in leaves. With a delicately stitched pattern. Its a darker green, but it gets paler as the chariot goes on. They are holding long green fans, with small emeralds in them. That catch the light and send shimmers into the crowd. They will also be throwing small greed ords, that burst in flowers. And entangle there feet.
8 Michelle DUnkin He is wearing a tuxedo made out of a colage of different clothes. She is wearing a dress made out of a colage of different clothes.
9 Relia Fers The boy is wearing a golden suit, which is tight fitting to his body, with a slightly darker top beneath the suit. He wears a pair of tight leather shoes that clamp to his feet, while hiding below the wide ended trousers. Again, the rim of his suit, and the left side of the body has been layered with detailed patterns resembling wheat blowing in the wind. His hair has been ruffled slightly, to make it look wind swept, and has some gold dust sprinkled onto his head. With similar make-up to the girl, but slightly lighter shading. The girl is wearing a golden dress, that goes down to her feet. Hidden beneath the fabric are a pair of timbering heels, that are about 4 inches, with silver straps attaching them to her feet. The dress is pretty basic, with some tiny intricite designs in a lighter coloured thread of wheat patterns. Her hair is braided down her side, with a golden thread, that trails down. Her make-up is very light, with a golden eye liner, and a flowery pattern along her face. Her cheeks have been dusted with gold, and she has a pale brown lipstick to finish the grain theme.
10 Fancy Frustlock a suit completely covered in feathers. Feathered shirt, feathered pants, and even feathers in his hair.  A white dress with little black flecks on it and a wreath that has two long, polished horns coming out of the sides.
11 Kenzon Retor He is dressed in a pale green shirt, that hangs from his body. His arms have been wrapped in thin dark green vines. The also wrap around his legs, which are on display as he is wearing short green shorts. That have finely stitched wheat patterns in a dark brown thread. He has light gold make-up, and his hair is dusted with a gold dust, the same dust that coats his skin. He is bearfoot. She is wearing a knee length flowing wispy dress, which floats around her. Its the same pale green as the guys shirt. She had the same vines wrapping her arms, and legs. She had basic golden make-up and has a wheat necklace on. Her hair has been braided with wheat, and has the same gold powder in it. She has no shoes, and has golden nail-polish and a single simple green ring on her middle finger of her left hand.
12 Angelica Butterfly A red Tuxedo A Dress with fiery dark gems

Chariot Rides

Chariot Rides as announced by Caesar Flickerman and Claudius Templesmith.

Caesar: "Welcome to the first impressions by the tributes in these 106th annual Hunger Games."

Claudius: "Yes, that's right. Tonight, the tributes will enter the training center as they do each year by chariots."

Caesar: "Claudius, What are you most looking forward to?"

Claudius: "I'm looking forward to seeing the tributes. These amazing young adults with a lot ahead of them. What about You, Caesar?"

Caesar: "I can't wait to see how this group of 12 great stylists represent the districts. Well, let's welcome our 106th Tributes!"

Claudius: "Yes, They are now turning onto the Famous Avenue of the Tributes."

Caesar: "Here come the District 1 tributes. Maroon Hollister is their stylist."

Claudius: "Well, from here, it doesn't look like they're wearing much, just covering their parts in diamonds."

Caesar: "Interesting, sexy look there by Lynx and Janna."

Claudius: "I don't know if I really like it."

Caesar: "Well, here comes District 2. Ron Demps is their stylist."

Claudius: "Ace and Lillian are wearing Blue, white, and black. Ace's head is coverd by a peak and Lillian's by a stone."

Caesar: "Maybe they're showing the big mountain in District 2."

Claudius: "That's Unusual. Usually, Te districts show their work not geography. But I kinda Like it."

Caesar: "Well, Here comes D3 Worked by Norris Terming."

Claudius: "Microw seems to be wearing Bright green and yellow. He has a lightning bolt hat and a picture of a tv."

Caesar: "Honoria has a picture of a battery on her neon pink dress."

Claudius: "I'm not feeling these costumes. They're not memmorable."

Caesar: "Here's District 4! Sebastian seems to be waring no shoes or shirt, and his hair is covered in sand. His skin is a nice bronze color. He is wearing a brown bathing suit, and a rope belt."

Claudius: They both have necklaces with shells. Both of them have brown shells. But Sebastian also has some blue and green shells and Chione has some red and purple ones."

Caesar: "Chione is wearing a sandy dress with a darker brown shall with wave patterns. They both have eyes the color of the water."

Claudius: "This costume is great. Best So far. Good job by Desira Romana."

Caesar: "Now Roxanna Leto's District, 5. They are both wearing jet black costumes, with some frayed edges."

Claudius: "Some fabric runs down the side, acting like dripping oil."

Caesar: "Ben and Solaris both look great, but especially Solaris."

Claudius: "I agree. they both are made up to have darker hair and eyes."

Caesar: "Well, now here comes Rocco and Olivia of District 6."

Claudius: "Rocco's wearing skin tight golden trousers and a golden vest."

Caesar: "Olivia is spinning around in her silver dress. Wow, you can see some streets and cars on her extremely detailed dress."

Claudius: "What is she doing now? She is splattering paint onto herself, but instead of staining her dress, she is making colors appear on her dress. I can read 'We Love the Capitol'! Wow!"

Caesar: "Let's see if 7 can top that. Chiron Winters is the stylist for Cole and Anna."

Claudius: "Cole is wearing a light green robe, and a hood covering his face. This has trees as patterns. He also has a staff with red flowers all around it. What about Anna?"

Caesar: "She is wearing a similar gown but in a darker green, and it doesn't cover her face. They are both holding shimmering emerald fans, and throwing green ors which turn into flowers."

Claudius: "I like Anna's costume, especially because it is getting paler. But I still haven't seen Cole's face."

Caesar: "Well, here's the textile district. Worked by Michelle Dunkin."

Claudius: "Not the best look for them. Philip and Lavender are both weaing a weird, colage of clothes. There's not much else to say."

Caesar: "well, that's too bad. Now, our best stylist, Relia Fers, is this year working with Henry and Daisy of District 9."

Claudius: "Well, as usual, she is amazing. Henry is wearing a gold suit resembling wheat blowing in the wind. He also has light gold makeup. And he is a huge person. Wow."

Caesar: "Well, Daisy is wearing a golden dress with the same amazing designs. She has one golden thread of hair, and her makeup forms flowers on her face."

Claudius: "I think that that is in the running for the best outfit."

Caesar: "Well Fancy Frustlock and Weste and Addie from D10 are now coming."

Claudius: "Weste is dressed up as some good poultry, with feathers everywhere. I'm Hungry."

Caesar: "Addie is dressed up as some sort of beef, with two horns on her head and a white dress with black flecks."

Claudius: "I'm hungry, yet it's not particularly special."

Caesar: "Well, let's see if 11 can do better! Wolf and Jenna are galloping along."

Claudius: " Kenzon Retor has dressed Wolf in a pale green shirt, with vines wrapping all over him. He has shot green shorts with plant patterns. He also has golden makeup."

Caesar: "Jenna is wearing a pale green dress with vines and a wheat necklace. They both have gold dust coating their skin."

Claudius: "That looks pretty good."

Caesar: "And welcome to the final chariot ride, with Mary and Bobby of 12."

Claudius: "There really isn't much here to look at from Angelica Butterfly. Mary is wearing a dress with fiery red gems. The boy is wearing a red tuxedo. Nothing special or showing the district."

Caesar: "Well, welcome to the Capitol to the tributes. Get a good night's sleep as training awaits you tomorrow!"

Post Chariot Rides Betting


Odds do not mean you are going to win. It means that the capitol thinks you are going to win.

District Gender Name Chariot Place Odds
1 M


14 20-1
1 F Janna 13 20-1
2 M Ace 15 20-1
2 F Lillian 16 20-1
3 M Microw 19 44-1
3 F Honoria 20 45-1
4 M Sebastian 8 15-1
4 F Chione 7 14-1
5 M Ben 5 10-1
5 F Solaris 4 8-1
6 M Rocco 12 21-1
6 F Olivia 1 4-1
7 M Cole 11 19-1
7 F Anna 7 13-1
8 M Philip 21 60-1
8 F Lavender 22 60-1
9 M Henry 2 5-1
9 F Daisy 3 7-1
10 M Weste 18 56-1
10 F Addie 17 55-1
11 M Wolf 10 19-1
11 F Jenna 9 18-1
12 M Bobby 24 65-1
12 F Marry 23 64-1

Gift Money

The Money Change

  1. Olivia:+$250
  2. Henry:+$225
  3. Daisy:+$225
  4. Solaris:+$200
  5. Ben:+$200
  6. Anna:+$175
  7. Chione:+$150
  8. Sebastian:+$150
  9. Jenna:+$125
  10. Wolf:+$125
  11. Cole:+$75
  12. Rocco:+$25
  13. Janna:No Change
  14. Lynx:No Change
  15. Ace:-$25
  16. Lillian:-$25
  17. Addie:-$75
  18. Weste:-$75
  19. Microw:-$125
  20. Honoria:-$125
  21. Philip:-$150
  22. Lavender:-$150
  23. Mary:-$200
  24. Bobby:-$200

Further Look Odds

After new information about each of the tributes is out, some of them have gained in the odds (But still not in the Gift Money). People who have Changed:

Addie Hanran: From 55-1 to 39-1 (Daughter of a Victor)

Cole Asher: From 19-1 to 22-1 (Stitches)

Solaris Eurus: From 8-1 to 6-1 (Born in D1)

Lavender Tone: From 60-1 to 65-1 (13 Years Old)

Henry Tonro: From 5-1 to 3-1 (Son of a Victor)


Careers: Janna Cameron (1), Lynx Striker (1) Lillian Trials (2), Chione Nereus (4), (Sebastian Sealock (4)), Anna Toboso (7), (Addie Hanran (10))

Non-Career Girls (And Ace): (Ace Coles (2)), Honoria May Borealis (3), Oivia Tobias (6), Daisy Sugar (9), Mary Bloom (12)

The later district Alliance: Henry Torno (9), Weste Timer (10) Jenna Robertson (11), Bobby Junta (12)

Alone: Microw Veritas (3), Ben Furmann (5), Solaris Eurus (5), Rocco Daniels (6), Cole Asher (7), Philip Grant (8), Lavender Tone (8), Wolf Fang (11)

Training Day 1

Sebastian Sealock's POV

I woke up at 9:00. Chione woke up at 9:15. We need to go, because we want to catch our briefing, while still talking to the other careers. I want as many careers as possible, so long as they are all very talented. "Chione, we have to go!" We run down the hall, into the elevator. I get in first, and press the button that says training center. We go down five floors. As the door opens, I'm am shocked with the vast options of stations and courses. I stare up to the viewing booth, where I see the head gamemaker, Vatonica Gordon. He looks young, like in his late 20's. He has gold hair, and it is tied back in a tiny ponytail. He is tan, and has no facial hair.

I look back down. I spot the district one people, the district 10 people, and the district 7 people. "Come on, let's talk with 1," I tell Chione.

Janna Cameron's POV

There's 4. I think that they are about to form an alliance. "Hello District 4" is all I can manage to get out. I want their protection. I know that we all want to kill, and it works better in a team. Sebastian starts to spaek. "Hi, Janna?" I nod. "I think that the four of us should start the careers. I'm pretty sure we're all good enough." Then, before I can say anything, Lynx speaks: "What are your weapons?" This question seems to go over well, and Chione talks. "We both use tridents. I also use a net, Sebastian is fine with the sword, too. How about you guys?" I decide to speak. "Bow and arrow, and sword. Lynx here is very fond of cats, and hunts like one. He uses steel claws. But he'll use a knife if needed." Now that I think about it, I realize that steel claws probably won't be in the arena. Which makes him look week. Which makes the careers look week. which makes me look week.

Lillian Trials' POV

I come down, not bothering to wait for Ace. He probably would prefer to be in an alliance only with girls than the careers. When I get to the Training center, it's 9:50. 1 and 4 are talking. I decide to join. "Well, Well. It seems to be 2," says Sebastian. I just get right to the point. "Ace isn't gonna be a career. I'm the only career from district 2." The district 4 girl opens her mouth. "What are your weapons?" I smile. "Swords and Knives. I'm really good." More and more people trickle in. then, our head trainer, Maya, enters the room. We all assemble. Maya looks pretty normal compared to the other Capitol people.

Henry Tonro's POV

I listen to Maya attentively. I need to keep my position as the favorite.

"Welcome, tributes in the 106th hunger games, to the training center. Now, the truth is that in two weeks, all but one of you will be dead. You want that won to be you. A big part of who that is depends on the next three days. You will be learning fighting and survival techniques. But you can absolutely not fight with other tributes. That's what the games are for. Instead, you can practice with an expert. But survival skills can be just as important as weaponry. Many will die from sickness, dehydration, infection, or hunger. Now, there are many stations. The following weapons each have stations: Sword, Axe, Spear, Knife, Bow and Arrow, Slingshots, Tridents, Poison, Spears, and Maces. Then there are survival stations. These include Knot tying, Fishing, hammock making, edible plants and animals, snares, camouflage, fire making, and shelter building. Next, there are skill stations. These are the weight lifting, track, swimming, and wrestling. Finally, there are obstacle courses which put all of these together. There is the Gauntlet, the Ropes Course, the dodge course, and more. Now, you must choose how you train yourself to survive."

And just like that, We're off.

Mary Bloom's POV

I wnat to make sure that I'm fine with the knife. But when I get to that station, two tributes are already there. so then I check the Gauntlet, because I heard it's important. But that is packed with 7 people. I run away from that and find a small station for identifying edible plants and animals. I learn about many different plants and insects. I learn about some deadly purple berries, which kill instantly. After about three solid hours there, I have learned a good amount. Then a whistle is blown, and it is time for lunch. We all go into a dining room and are served more amazing food. We get bread with cheese and tomatoin it, we get some very juicy and tender chicken, and then we get some warm, chocolate cake with some cold, delicious, stuff on top. I don't know what to call any of it, but it's great. I also see the career pack forming.  They have both tributes from 1 and 4, the girl from 2, and it seems that they have also accepted the girl from 10. Maybe she's good with some weapons. But their alliance makes me realise that I need other to help protect me.

Olivia Tobias' POV

I still am happy that I had a great chariot ride. but I realize that I need to focus. I go over to the knives section. 5 of the 6 careers are here. and then there's this one little girl, from 12 who seems shy and scared. she is practicing next to people who will kill her. I can't let this happen. I go over. "What's your name?" I ssk sweetly. "Mary," she says. "Need any help? Wanna practice together?" Mary looks at me with a grin. "If you're asking me to be allies, then yes." I smile and nod. We both practice our knife skills, which seem superior to at least some of the tributes. Then another girl comes. "Hi, are you from district 3?" She backs of, thinking that I might be a career. "Yeah," she says, going pale. "It's all right. We'll help protect you if you're not a career." She becomes excited. "Deal!" We practice our knives for a bit longer. Honoria then decides that we should work on some other stuff. "Let's all go to seperate stations so we can cover the most ground. Let's learn some survival!" I am happy to brag. "I already know edible plants and animals. How about I go the fire building, Honoria, you go to shelter building, and and Mary goes to knot tying." We go off to gain knowledge. I'm happy that I have two allies.

Anna Toboso's POV

It's now after lunch, and I just finished some rope practice. Now I need to work on my weapon, the sword. I think that I have a better shot at winning if I get into the career pack, so I need to impress with my weapon. I first decide to have a fencing match with an expert. I do very well and draw some attention from two careers. Sebastian Sealock and Chione Neurus of 4 are seeing if I have what it takes. Then I decide to go against some dummies. I deliver a swift, quick, fatal swing of my sword to a dummy while on the run. The head of the dummy comes right up. I then decide to impress even more by showing off my speed. But then Chione leaves. I now have one shot, and it's at what I do best. I go up to Sebastian. "How was I?" I see he's already starting to flirt. "Um yeah. Good. Real good." I then ask immediately. "Could you do me a favor and let me into your group. It would be a shame to be against you." He then sprints over to his group. He comes back and says that they'll let me in. I am happy until I learn about lynx. I hate cats, and he nearly is one.

Philip Grant's POV

My day has not had much action. I waited in line for an hour while the careers did the gauntlet over and over. I came in second to last. Then I learned some knots which seemed pretty useful. Then I had the most delicious lunch ever. Then I lifted for a little longer. But now, as the day is winding down, I decide to work on my spear. My first spear gets on the line of the bullseye. By my second one, I notice two others at the station. Jenna of 11 is here, and Chione seems to be trying it out. I guess it's similar to a trident. My scond one is also on target. My third one, which goes at a dummy, hits them in the chest and knocks them down. The fourth one I throw is so fast that I can't control it. It whizzes by Jenna and misses her by about an inch. Her har blows in the wind it created. Just then, Maya comes over to me. "Were you trying to kill a tribute?" I am shocked and scared. I never lie. "No. I missed," I say with a shaky voice. "Well this is a warning." I leave that station and learn about traps. Then the training is over and I head to bed.

Training Day 2

Ace Coles' POV

I have decided that I will not be a career, because I can't kill a girl. But now I need to find a way to be protected. My district partner is already a career, so that won't work. I need a group of girls. I get back down to training at 10:00. Then I wait to go to any stations to see if any alliances have formed. Upon first look, I only see the careers. But then, out of nowhere, three girls who were all at different stations all meat in the same place. I'm off. "You must be Honoria." Yes I am. "Why are you not in the careers?" she asks. "I can't kill certain people. I like certain people more than others. I understand certain people more than others." She stands up. "Who might those people be?" I smile. She knows what I'm saying. "You three. Girls. I will protect you from any guy. Just let me into your alliance." They all decide to let me in.

Jenna Robertson's POV

I have not gone to a single survival station since I was nearly killed. I have decided that my main goal in the arena will be to kill Philip Grant. I hate that name. Ever since, I have also been a bit meaner. But after Philip is dead, how will I survive? I need an ally, but only one person. I look around. I need sopmebody who is really good, but also is caring. Someone who will make me look good. I've got it. I approach him, open my mouth, and have no idea what to say. He looks at me, looking at everything about my build. He just immediately says it. "Allies? I am so happy. the favorite in the games has asked me to be my ally. "Definitely!" We talk for some time, and show each other our skills.

Bobby Junta's POV

I look around. I notice the careers, who already have seven deadly tributes. Then an alliance of three girls and a guy, who I watch accept the district 9 girl. I realize that everybody is getting allies, which means that I also need some allies. I have already talked to Henry and we liked each other. I go over to him, at hand to hand combat. I see the girl from 11 with him. Oh no. Now it'll be much harder. I go up to Herny. "Henry?" He stares at me for a painful two minutes. Then he smiles. "Allies?" he asks. I am very happy and agree to this triumvrate. Before we know it, it's lunch. By now, two thirds of the tributes have allies. To me, all that means is that the careers will eventually need to break up alliances to get kills. I need another ally just in case our alliance needs to split up. I can't be let alone. I scan. I immediately rule out Philip, because he's the only one on our to kill list. I decide to first try Weste, because I like the later districts most. During our once again splendid lunch, I talk with Weste. I tell him, "If you want to join our alliance, I can ask the others." He thinks about it for a bit. "I would if you are sure you want to." Well, I'm sure. I ask Henry. He examines Weste. But Henry frowns. "I don't know. You're sure this is good?" I nod. "Then, I guess it's alright to have one more ally. But just one."

Solaris Eurus' POV

By now, There are only a few hours left of training. Then tomorrow are the private sessions then the interviews. Then the games. I'm not looking for an ally. I know what my plan is in the games. But I need to run through what I'll do in my private session. I practice my knives. Throwing, stabbing, cutting, killing. But just then I get another idea: to be in full makeup for the private sessions, and look great. Then, horrible ideas come through my mind. What if I get a 1? What if the careers hate me. Ah, the careers hate everyone. What if I die? What if I don't see my family. Then the lightbulb goes off. Family. I'm from one. I'm a career. I'll kill anybody that I can. And win. No questions. The whistle blows for dinner and bed. I'm stoked.

Training Day 3: Private Sessions

Private Sessions

Lynx Striker's POV

I am called to enter. This is a bit nervewracking because I am first, but then I just remember to kill. I enter the rooms, and see all of the gamemakers. I get my hands on the steel claws. then, the dummies are al lined up. I show speed an deadliness by decapitating all of them while sprinting. Then, knowing that there's a chance that there won't be steel claws in the arena, I decide to use my second best weapon, a knife. I throw a knife at the dummy, and it is slightly off target, but the dummy falls over. thenn I stabb another in a swift, spin motion. Then they say, "Dismissed," and I leave.

Janna Cameron's POV

Nerves. I am the first girl. I want an eight or higher. I enter the room, to see dummies lined up. I decide to first shoot some arrows. I have been great at them all week. The first one hits the dummy in the forehead. the next is in the chest, at the bullseye. The next is very close to the bullseye, but more powerful, making it tilt. I then fire another at the same one, giving little time in between. It knocks over. I then have a plan for my final one. I hit it in the chest, bullseye. Then I run towrds it with a spear, decapitating it. They dismiss me.

Ace Coles' POV

I enter the training center, but it feels different now. I know I'll get a good score, I just must secure it. The first thing I do is go around slashing heads. The gamemakers are watching. Then there is one dummy that is pinned down to the floor. I kick it, then punch it, then tackle it, and part of the dummy tears off from the rest. The gamemakers are shocked. The gamemaker does not say dismissed, he says "Leave".

Lillian Trials' POV

I decide to make everything more and more impressive. So I start with a quick ropes course, then a rock climb. Then I run some track. Then, out of nowhere, I take a sword and slash a dummy. I slash at least 20. Then I am facing their backs, and throw knives at each of their backs. I am dismissed.

Microw Veritas' POV

At first I feel no pressure because 4 people have gone. But then I remember that I don't have a traditional weapon and I'm the first to go from a non career district. I know that I'll be making deadly traps. I entrer, and set a trap, then push a dummy into it. The dummy gets pulled up, electroctued, and then catches on fire. They frantically say that I'm dismissed, but I'm scared because I see the fire spreading.

Honoria May Borealis' POV

I enter after waiting twenty minutes since Microw went in. I feel sort of bad for him. He is probably going to lose, has no friends, and I made no effort to help him. But I want to win. I enter, and show of my knife skills. I throw, stab, and kill. I do very well, close to the careers I've seen on TV in the past. Then they dismiss me. When I leave I realize the difference in smell...

Sebastian Sealock's POV

I'm a career. I enter, but it smells weird and I start to cough. This makes it a bit harder for me to do well at running, but I can still kill. I just use tridents, killing every dummy the eye can imagine. I then grab a sword, and do the same. with the last kill, I throw my sword like a frisbee for a few feet away, and it severs the dummy's head. Great!

Chione Neurus' POV

I enter, realizing that Sebastian just used trident. But if I use trident as well, it might end up in the cornucopia. I throw my tridents. From farther away than ever before. The gamemakers seem amazed. But I have no plans for the finale. And then, it hits me. First, I need to swim. There is a pool from which I swim speedily, and then I swim again with trident in hand. I throw the trident while swimming, without looking. I hear shocked voices then silence, and am dismissed. I nailed it.

Ben Furmann's POV

I go in very scared. I do not know what will happen. What if I miss? I grabbb a slingshot and a rock, knocking over many dummies by hitting them on the head. Then for another one, I pick it up with my hands and throw it at the gamemakers. It lands right in front of the booth, broken in three. I am dismissed, happy.

Solaris Eurus' POV

I see the daggers. I never noticed how many. I try to look sexy for the gamemakers while still showing off. I do my normal routine of the knives. Then I remembered that I'm a career. I throw a knife from farther away than anyone during training, and get the bullseye. I am asked to leave.

Rocco Daniels' POV

I enter. I blandly throw some knives. I want to show my skill, but not be a target for the careers. So I remain just throwing knives, often hitting their head or bullseye. I get dismissed after a while.

Olivia Tobias' POV

I enter, a bit concerned about killing people. But I need to survive. I first get a blowgun, and I get so much distance on my darts. They are also pretty much on target and deadly with poison. Then, I go to knives, and I get more aggressive, stabbing everything I can see until they dismiss me.

Cole Asher's POV

I use the knife. But knowing that the past few people have been using knives, I decide to switch to the axe so that I end with the sword, which I'm better at. I show some signs of potential with the axe, having power but not aim. Then I show off my agility, and I do very well. Then, I end by going on a dummy killing spree with a sword.

Anna Toboso's POV

I go in, just remembering that I am from district 1. I first run around the track, getting a good sprinting speed. Then I use my swords. I am amazing with a sword. And I show that to the gamemakers. After a few decapitations they dismiss me.

Philip Grant's POV

I need to impress, but not too much. I already have tributes after me from the incident. And I can't do anything to defy the Capitol or even scare the gamemakers, because I have been warned. I go in, try to be bland but impressive. I just keep on throwing spears over and over again, with skill, but lacking excitement. Then I'm dismissed.

Lavender Tone's POV

I show off. And I see that they didn't start off interested but begin to watch. I kill. I'm young, and have the worst odds, but I can kill. then, I decide to slash one dummy down the middle, cutting it in two. They dismiss me.

Henry Tonro's POV

I am the favorite. I must remain that way. I can't lose. My mom didn't. I throw rocks at dummies, knocking each one over and sometimes breaking the dummies into half. I then go half of the length of the room away, and throw it. It hits the dummy's shoulder, pushing it back, knocking his arm off, and his head. They are shocked. Silence. Then they dismiss me. Still silence as I leave the room...

Daisy Sugar's POV

I enter the room. Panem. Games. Capital. I hate them all. I want to win, but more importantly, I hate the games. I decide to show off my killing skills. And since there is no rule against killing gamemakers...

I take a club, and hit some dummies around. They aren't paying attention, other than to the food. So I get a spiked mace and throw it at them. It hits somebody in the leg, and I leave, not caring about the screaming. I don't know what my alliance will think, but I don't care about them. Just more people.

Weste Timer's POV

I have to wait a while to go into the room. I notice that none of the gamemakers care, and all are focused on one gamemaker who I can't hear at all. Without ability to see very well, I decide to just swing my sword, and let them forget about me. The already forgot about me, so I just leave, a bit sad.

Addie Hanran's POV

I first use the club. But the gamemakers are cheering for somebody else just standing up with help, not me. So I decide to throw the club at some metal, making a really loud noise. They turn, a bit confused about why I am up. But then I show off my skills, and I do a good job.

Wolf Fang's POV

I have been trouble finding my weapons, such as Shuriken or Kunai, but I have been settling on more common weapons, such as mace and knives. So I use those to kill some dummies. The gamemakers start off paying attention but then loose interest. When they hear me stop, they dismiss me.

Jenna Robertson's POV

I enter the room and hope for the best. But how could I be better than the careers? At least I have good allies. I go for the target practice, not the dummies. I throw my knives at bullseye. Then I go to the dummies and stab them with spears. Though it's not the most creative, I did well.

Bobby Junta's POV

I leave the waiting room, just leaving Mary. I am somewhat happy that I'm one of only two people using a bow. But first, I go to the targets and get a blowgun. I am very on target today. Then, I shoot with a bit less aim but much more power. I am happy as they dismiss me.

Mary Bloom's POV

I go to my knives. I am last up. The gamemakers seem to be counting down until they are done with the "boring" sessions. So I stay "boring" in order to be not very noticed. I just stab some dummies with knives. After not very long at all, they ask me to leave. They are done.

Training Scores and Odds

Alliances, background, chariots, and more are factored into odds.

District Gender Name Training Score Odds
1 M Lynx 8 9-1
1 F Janna 9 7-1
2 M Ace 9 9-1
2 F Lillian 8 9-1
3 M Microw 10 9-1
3 F Honoria 7 45-1
4 M Sebastian 8 8-1
4 F Chione 10 5-1
5 M Ben 6 19-1
5 F Solaris 8 11-1
6 M Rocco 5 30-1
6 F Olivia 7 11-1
7 M Cole 7 45-1
7 F Anna 7 38-1
8 M Philip 5 60-1
8 F Lavender 6 55-1
9 M Henry 10 3-1
9 F Daisy 12 16-1
10 M Weste 4 72-1
10 F Addie 7 55-1
11 M Wolf 5 32-1
11 F Jenna 5 32-1
12 M Bobby 6 45-1
12 F Mary 4 75-1

Mary: -$50






Daisy: No Change (great score, defiance)






Everyone else has no change in money.


The arena is a giant castle. This includes a giant garden and courtyard in the middle, where the cornucopia is located. There are many bedrooms, four towers in the corner of the castle, and each has its own armory. There is also a hall next to each tower where food is located.

DAY 1: Bloodbath in the Gardens

The Bloodbath

Philip Grant's (8) POV

The sun warms me as I ascend. "Ladies and Gentlemen, let the 106th annual Hunger Games begin!" Gardens, with walls all around us. My first thought is how the hovercraft will recover the bodies inside of the castle. I decide to focus on my strategy. I want to grab something. There is a backpack somewhat nearby, and I decide that I'll go for it. The clock is down to 45.

Honoria May Borealis' (3) POV

I take one last look at the cornucopia. I only have a week to live if I'm lucky. But I have decided to run away. I tell Ace (2), who is right next to me, to go to the tower closest to us. I signal this to Mary (12), Olivia (6), and Daisy (9), and we all know where to meat. The Clock is at 30...

Bobby Junta's (12) POV

I see that the closest weapon to me is a blowgun without any darts. The darts are a few yards to the side of it. Before I know it, it's at 5. The stage is set, and the gong goes off, as I sprint off of my plate.

Lynx Striker's (1) POV

I pounce at the cornucopia. I grab a spear along the way and murder the 7 boy with my spear, while still running. I see Weste, who is playing dead, get killed by Lillian (2) who is Standing next to him. But then our career, Addie (10), takes a knife and stabs Lillian (2) in the shoulder. Lillian (2) is about to be stabbed again, When Addie (10) runs away from Jenna (11) who is coming at her, then kills Jenna (11) with her knife. Addie (10) runs off. I get into the cornucopia and grasp the steal claws. Time to kill.

Henry Tonro's (9) POV

While I was extremely mad about Jenna (11), I see Philip (8). In honor of Jenna (11), I run up to him, take him by the neck, and then choke him. I then snap Lillian's (2) neck for killing Weste (10). I run off with Bobby (12), mad that half of our alliance is dead.

Sebastian Sealock's (4) POV

I get a sword to defend myself, with Chione (4) getting the only trident. I gather up everything I can, guarding it. I get 8 backpacks, 1 tent, 2 blankets, and 1 knife. Surprisingly, nobody tries to attack me. I just wait for nobody to be left at the cornucopia other than the careers.

Anna Toboso's (7) POV

With Lillian (2) dead and Addie no longer in the careers, I am one of five remaining. I see a tribute going for some knives, and pounce at Rocco (6). I swing my sword, but as he dodges, his hand full of knives gets skimmed by my sword, and he falls on the ground, dropping all of his knifes, with a finger cut off. But when I'm about to kill him, I turn around to see his district partner, Olivia (6), with a knife in her belt and a blowgun. Just as she is about to blow it I dive to the side, and Rocco (6) is hit with it, dying. I then chase her until she, along with everyone, is gone.

Beyond the Blood

Addie Hanran's (10) POV

I am no longer a career, and I lack the supplies that I would have, because I killed Lillian (2). As I am now hiding in the corner of the gardens behind a bush, a huge package comes down by silver parachute. I look inside. I see twelve darts, a bottle of poison, a loaf of bread, and a first aid kit. This will help me. I then investigate the backpack which I picked up. Inside there is a knife, some matches, a canteen with water, and a pillow. I am off to a fine start.

Microw Veritas' (3) POV

I got a coil in the arena, as it was luckily the closest thing to my plate. I also got a flashlight. I don't need that flashlight, just its batteries. I was the first one to get to the western hall, but when people begin to get hungry, they'll come here. I set traps all alround the entrance to the hall. Two of them electrocute the person when they are caught. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Bloodbath is over. I decide to camp out right next to the wall where the traps are, so that they can't see me.

Mary Bloom's (12) POV

The group all ran to our tower, and met at the top. We are lucky to get away without any deaths. But soon we get hungry, and we decide to get food. First, we stop at the armory next to the tower. Everything is bolted to the wall. we manage to get two knives, but that's it. We decide to send Ace (2) and Olivia (6) into the hall so that we can cover for them. They go in because they are the best at fighting. Then I hear a loud scream, and a buzz. We go to investigate. They are both hanging in a trap and Olivia (6) seems to be shaking, and silent. Ace manages to slip me a knife, saying one word: Microw. I see him, and throw the knife, hitting him an the stomach. BOOM! He is dead, and Olivia is nearing closer towards death. We get them down, Ace injured, and get food. Then we camp for the night.

The Faces

Lillian Trials-2

Microw Veritas-3

Rocco Daniels-6

Cole Asher-7

Philip Grant-8

Weste Timer-10

Jenna Robertson-11

Odds After Day 1

  • Kill is Shared with somebody else

Lillian Trials killed Weste Timer but has been killed

District Name Kills Odds
1 Lynx Cole 7-1
1 Janna 9-1
2 Ace 40-1
3 Honoria 19-1
4 Sebastian 10-1
4 Chione 8-1
5 Ben 20-1
5 Solaris 21-1
6 Olivia *Rocco 70-1
7 Anna *Rocco 15-1
8 Lavender 20-1
9 Henry Philip, *Lillian 3-1
9 Daisy 20-1
10 Addie Jenna, *Lillian 10-1
11 Wolf 17-1
12 Bobby 25-1
12 Mary Microw 15-1

Day Two: The Fallout

The Reformation of Allies

Daisy Sugar's (9) POV

I happen to have an antidote in my one backpack for Ace (2) to use. He must have a broken rib, because he grimaces in pain when it is touched. Olivia (6), on the other hand, cannot move below her waist, and when concious cannot pay attention. She will probably die, and it would be too much trouble to bring her along. "Let's go," I say. The others are shocked, and say that we need to help Olivia. "This is the Hunger Games. Chances are that we'll all die. our goal is for one of us to survive, and without her, we have a better chance." They still are shocked, until they remember why I got a 12. They are torn, and have no idea what to do. Then, I get another idea. "How about instead of abandoning her, we get her sponsor money and save her pain by killing her." They are all scared of me now. Too late. I have a knife, which I normally don't use, and I stab her in the chest. BOOM!

Ace Coles' (2) POV

I can't believe that a girl could kill her own friend. I am shocked, and decide to run away with some of our supplies. I run to the gardens, hiding behind a bush. From here, the careers are not visible but I can hear them. Then, a voice scares me. "You're from a career district. I was a career. Allies?" What do I say? I just ran from people who killed each other, and now I must be in an alliance with Addie (10), a former career? I don't know about this... "Sure, I guess." She smiles. "Ooh. I have so much stuff for you. even some medicine."

The Clash

Chione Nereus' (4) POV

I heard noises from the side of the gardens. We have been pretty unsuccessful so far, but I think that I have the chance for a kill. Looking, I see a glimpse of red hair in the wind, and I approach. I stealthily see Solaris (5) poised and with a knife. Then I notice Ace (2) and Addie (10), in the direction Solaris is looking. I return to Career Camp, and bring back Lynx (1) and Janna (1) to help me. This is going to be interesting.

Solaris Eurus' (5) POV

I am staring at Ace (2) and Addie (10), ready to pounce. I run towards them, but when I am about five feet away, a blur shoots in front of me and Ace (2) falls on the ground, with an arrow in his back. BOOM! I turn back, noticing the Careers. As Addie (10) runs towards them, I take my chance to run into the castle and watch from there. They chase Addie (10), but then Wolf (11), appears and slashes Janna's (1) right hand, as Anna (7) slashes his head off with her sword. BOOM! Addie (10) is by now long gone.

Bobby Junta's (12) POV

We remain camped out in a guest bedroom in the Eastern wall of the palace. Three people have died today, as the night begins to settle in. I am surprised that I have made it this far. Henry takes the first shift of watch, and he is complaining of hunger. They are the Hunger Games after all. The anthem sounds and I look at the faces.

The Faces

Ace Coles-2

Olivia Tobias-6

Wolf Fang-11

Odds After Day 2

  • Kill is Shared with somebody else

Some people with kills are dead.

District Name Kills Odds
1 Lynx Cole 6-1
1 Janna *Ace 25-1
3 Honoria 18-1
4 Sebastian 9-1
4 Chione 8-1
5 Ben 20-1
5 Solaris 20-1
7 Anna *Rocco, Wolf 11-1
8 Lavender 19-1
9 Henry Philip, *Lillian 4-1
9 Daisy *Olivia 16-1
10 Addie Jenna, *Lillian 11-1
12 Bobby 26-1
12 Mary Microw 11-1

Day 3: The Feast

The Preparations

Henry Tonro's (9) POV

As I am on watch, a gift comes down, and the aroma fills my body. I wake Bobby, and we feast. I have some bread and meat and he has some stew. We have some good energy and I ask to go to sleep.

Sebastian Sealock's (4) POV

I try to heal Janna (1). Without her left hand, how can she shoot? She is dying anyways from infection. I think about killing her, or letting her die, but I realize that then Chione (4), Lynx (1), and Anna (7) will be after me. Then, horns sound, as Claudius Templesmith's voice sounds. "I invite all tributes of the 106th Hunger Games to a feast tonight at the at the cornucopia at the moment when the sun goes down. I'll see you then. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor." A feast. To me that means a second bloodbath. Careers own the bloodbath. Janna (1) is fine, she says, and she tries out her sword one handed. She has bandages, stiches, and antibiotics all to keep her safe from infection. The careers decide to let Janna (1) guard camp, while I accompany Lynx, Chione, and Anna in the feast. Anna then gets some poison as a gift. Here goes nothing.

Honoria May Borealis' (3) POV

Knowing that we just need one of the three of us to live, we decide to go all in on the feast. Along the way, however, we spot Solaris (5). I get an idea. "Solaris," I say, with a knife right next to her throat. "Join us for the feast. Help protect us, and we'll let you go." She agrees. So now we have four, only one less than the careers. We prepare for sundown. All four in position, with our weapons set, with every last bit of food eaten. Others are definitely camping out nearby, awaiting the feast. But then out of nowhere, a tiny girl with purple hair sprints by. She grabs a knife and a backpack that wasn't taken from the cornucopia and runs away. Untouched. Nobody esle wants to risk it, because the sun is descending...

The Second Bloodbath

Addie Hanran's (10) POV

I already have everything, and would be targeted by the careers, so I decide to watch the feast from a tower. Out of nowhere, Three tables rise up from the ground. One has medicine, one has food, and the last one has weapons. Every weapon imaginable. I see Ben (5) be the first one to sprint, as he heads straight for the food. Then, as he is stockpiling, everyone else comes out. Careers, Girls, and boys. Ben turns around to see Lynx with his steel claws. But then Lynx turns aside, as he has just nearly been hit by Henry's rock. Chaos. Fighting. Blood. BOOM! I see Ben, bloody, and Chione with a bloody trident. Then, Sebastian gets a second trident as well as some medicine. But He misses with his trident when aiming at Daisy. Bobby Has acquired a blowgun, darts, and sleep syrup, and he steps back. He then goes to the career camp, shoot Janna, and as she is asleep he loots the camp. Henry realizes and leaves to go to the meating point. Lynx now focuses on his next target, Daisy, and claws into her chest, as she misses with her knife. BOOM! Then Solaris plunges for some goodies, but is met by Sebastian's trident, killing her. BOOM! There are four careers left plus one asleep, two girls left, two boys left, me, and Lavender. Then, just as Mary and Honoria seem to be leaving, Honoria throws a knife at Lynx, and he lets out a purring sound as he bleeds. BOOM! The girls then run away.

Henry Tonro's (9) POV

We have heard four cannons today. only ten remain. 14 are dead. I am alive. I celebrate with some of the food Bobby looted, and then the faces show. He takes cover as I sleep.

The Faces

Lynx Striker-1

Ben Furmann-5

Solaris Eurus-5

Daisy Sugar-9

Post Day 3 Odds

  • Kill is shared with another tributes

Some dead tributes killed other tributes.

District Name Kills Odds
1 Janna *Ace 15-1
3 Honoria Lynx 9-1
4 Sebastian Solaris 7-1
4 Chione Ben 5-1
7 Anna *Rocco, Wolf 7-1
8 Lavender 20-1
9 Henry Philip, *Lillian 5-1
10 Addie Jenna, *Lillian 9-1
12 Bobby 18-1
12 Mary Microw 10-1

Day 4: The Countdown

The Mutts

Lavender Tone's (8) POV

I had a good sleep last night with a blanket, some bread, and a knife. I have a chance. I get up and prepare my two knives in case of battle, I eat my remaining food, and prepare. I then decide to go downstairs. I then hear a strange noise from behind me. Clicking. I turn back, to see a slowly moving cloud of bugs. Not wanting to see what they do, I Sprint to the gardens. They stop at the wall. Far in the distance, I see Bobby (12) and Henry (9). They seem energized. Then Addie (10) also makes an appearance to the other side of me. I assume that Honoria and Mary are also here. The gamemakers want a fight.

Anna Toboso's (7) POV

Janna (1) is crippled and sleeping, leaving just me, Sebastian (4), and Chione (4). I begin to feel a strange kind of fear, as though everybody is coming for me, and I hear noises. Some sound like clicks, some like roars, some like hisses, some like claws, and some like humans. The answer to the why and where questions are hard until I look at Janna. Now she has a major cut in her throat, and is bleeding. I see Lavender (8) running away, and signal to Chione to accompany me. When we just out of sight of Sebastian (4), BOOM! I wonder who died, especially if it was Janna. But then I chase Lavender to the cornucopia, and everyone comes out into fight. Everyone but Sebastian and Janna.

The War

Sebastian Sealock's (4) POV

Lavender gave me the perfect time to kill Janna (1), Steal all of our stuff, and turn on the careers. We'll be downsized today anyways. I stand off to the corner, climb a tree, and watch. I see Anna (7) skim somebody's arm with her sword, but the person, Mary (12), falls and doesn't move, as Bobby (12) stands right next to her. BOOM! She must be dead. Lavender (8) has now run away and is hiding. I hear Honoria shout, and stab Chione. BOOM! I am a bit sad, but then she also kills Bobby (12). BOOM! She Screams, "For not saving her!"

Addie Hanran's (10) POV

I ran away. It's getting pretty bad, but I climb a tree to see what is happening. Off in the distance, I see Sebastian on a different tree. I then turn the other way and see a speck of gray float down to Lavender who is also in a tree. A small container is what she gets. BOOM! I turn back to the war. Henry was about to kill Honoria, but Anna's sword hit him before. He buckled over, dead. Honoria runs away, and five remain. Only one boy. I have a 1 in 5 chance of winning.

The Faces

Janna Cameron-1

Chione Nereus-4

Henry Tonro-9

Bobby Junta-12

Mary Bloom-12

Odds After Day 4

Congratulations final 5!

District Name Kills Odds
3 Honoria Lynx, Chione, Bobby 6-1
4 Sebastian Solaris, *Janna 4-1
7 Anna *Rocco, Wolf, Mary, Henry 1-1
8 Lavender *Janna 19-1
10 Addie Jenna, *Lillian 9-1

Day Five: The Finale

The Hunt

Anna Toboso's (7) POV

I am the only career left, which is funny because I wasn't originally a career. I have the most kills, and am most proud of killing Henry. But now I want to unite with Honoria and kill. If she doesn't accept, then I'll just kill her. I notice that all of those mutts are gone, and check from a tower to see who's where. Just then, I feel searing pain in my leg. I fall. Then I see the purple hair once again. I have a cut in my leg which is bleeding badly. She turns away, and then back to me. She says, "Why not?" Then she takes out her spear...

Honoria May Borealis' (3) POV

I have been pretty mad. Nobody remains from our alliance, and even Microw is dead. I'm alone. I have four knives, and not much food left. BOOM! I wonder who that was. I don't care, because now I'm down to the final four. Sebastian is no longer a career, but is probably looking for a kill. Lavender has been interestingly sneaky. I decide to walk down to the dining hall to get food. But on the way, I see Lavender, dead, and Anna bloody, trying to stich up a cut. I get to the dining hall.

Sebastian Sealock's (4) POV

I was in the dining hall when I heard noises from nearby. A struggle. then the cannon. Then moans. But then I heard someone coming downstairs. I braced for a fight. Then I saw Honoria, She is mad, but pretty innocent and quiet. She can kill, so I take caution. I throw the trident. She turns, looking at me in one last, calming, innocent glance. I feel a bit bad for her, but as it hits her, I remember that it's down to three careers. BOOM!

Addie Hanran's (10) POV

It's down to three. I don't know who the other two are, but I hope for the worst: Sebastian and Anna. They hate me now. I am hiding in a bush, when I see a leg right in front of me. Poison. Dart. Blowgun. Blow. Hit. It's Sebastian. BOOM! Welcome to the final two.

A Victor is Crowned

Anna Toboso's (7) POV

It takes two to tango. I want this to be over, will I win or lose? I hear a scream. I sense a trap by whoever it is. It's not Lavender, I killed her. It's not Sebastian, I hear a girl. It's not me. That leaves either Addie or Honoria. Here goes nothing. I show myself. Then I retreat, anter the palace, go behind her, seeing that it's Addie. She sees me too, though, and jumps at me. As I jump back in instinct, my poisonous, bloody sword goes into her chest. I'm going home. BOOM! Claudius Templesmith's voice accompany the horns. "Ladies and gentleman, the district 7 girl, your victor of the 106th annual hunger games!"

Death Chart

Place Dead District Killer-District Weapon/Cause
24 Cole Asher 7 Lynx Striker-1 Spear
23 Weste Timer 10 Lillian Trials-2 Knife
22 Jenna Robertson 11 Addie Hanran-10 Knife
21 Philip Grant 8 Henry Tonro-9 Hands/Choking
20 Lillian Trials 2 Henry Tonro-9, Addie Hanran-10 Hands/Choking, Knife
19 Rocco Daniels 6 Anna Toboso-7, Olivia Tobias-6 Sword, Blowgun
18 Microw Veritas 3 Mary Bloom-12 Knife
17 Olivia Tobias 6 Microw Veritas-3, Daisy Sugar-9 Electricity, Knife
16 Ace Coles 2

Microw Veritas-3, Janna Cameron-1

Trap, Bow+Arrow
15 Wolf Fang 11 Anna Toboso-7 Sword
14 Ben Furmann 5 Chione Nereus-4 Trident
13 Daisy Sugar 9 Lynx Striker-1 Steel Claws
12 Solaris Eurus 5 Sebastian Sealock-4 Trident
11 Lynx Striker 1 Honoria May Borealis-3 Knife
10 Janna Cameron 1 SEE BOTTOM Knife, Trident, Blowgun, Sword
9 Mary Bloom 12 Anna Toboso-7 Sword
8 Chione Nereus 4 Honoria May Borealis-3 Knife
7 Bobby Junta 12 Honoria May Borealis-3 Knife
6 Henry Tonro 9 Anna Toboso-7 Sword
5 Lavender Tone 8 Anna Toboso-7 Sword
4 Honoria May Borealis 3 Sebastian Sealock-4 Trident
3 Sebastian Sealock 4 Addie Hanran-10 Blowgun
2 Addie Hanran 10 Anna Toboso-7 Sword
Victor Anna Toboso 7 Nobody Nobody

Killers of Janna Cameron:

Wolf Fang-11

Bobby Junta-12

Lavender Tone-8

Sebastian Sealock-4



  • Whichever user donated a tribute, may regulate their gifts.
  • Each tribute starts off with $250
  • Certain things can make you gain or lose money.
  • If somebody dies, their money goes to whoever killed them.
  • Every day, everything goes up in cost by $25
  • If there is something unmentioned, tell me in the comments and I'll add it.

Money Per Person

0 XX-Dead

If two people get credited with the kill, it is generally split as close to half as possible. If the person dies after their killer, the money goes to the killer of the killer.

District Name Status Money Gifts so far
1 Lynx Dead 0 XX 0XX
1 Janna Dead 0 XX 0XX
2 Ace Dead 0 XX 0XX
2 Lillian Dead 0 XX 0XX
3 Microw Dead 0 XX 0XX
3 Honoria Dead 0 XX 0XX
4 Sebastian Dead 0 XX 0XX
4 Chione Dead 0 XX 0XX
5 Ben Dead 0 XX 0XX
5 Solaris Dead 0 XX 0XX
6 Rocco Dead 0 XX 0XX
6 Olivia Dead 0 XX 0XX
7 Cole Dead 0 XX 0XX
7 Anna Alive 2125 Poison
8 Philip Dead 0 XX 0XX
8 Lavender Dead 0 XX Empty Canteen-0XX
9 Henry Dead 0 XX Meat, Bread, Stew-0XX
9 Daisy Dead 0 XX 0XX
10 Weste Dead 0 XX 0XX
10 Addie Alive 3775 Bread, Poison, Darts, First Aid Kit
11 Wolf Dead 0 XX 0XX
11 Jenna Dead 0 XX 0XX
12 Bobby Dead 0 XX 0XX
12 Mary Dead 0 XX 0XX




Pain Killer: $50

Burn Creme: $75

Sleep Syrup: $25

First aid Kit: $100

Antibiotics: $75

Food, Drink, Survival

Sleeping Bag: $125

Tent: $125

Blanket: $75

Soup: $50

Bread: $25

Canteen (With water): $50

Canteen (without water): $25

Lemonade: $75

Stew: $100

Meat: $75

Matches: $75

Weapons, Armor, Skills

Axe: $375

Armor: $450

Blowgun: $225

Darts (12): $150

Poison: $125

Bow: $350

Arrows (12): $175

Knives (6): $275

Sword: $350

Spear: $325

Awl: $125

Trident: $425

Net: $200

Camouflage Paint: $125


GOod job!

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