• Do not get mad at me if your person dies. 23/24 do.
  • This will be a normal hunger games: Districts 1-12 (no capitol) and no Quarter Quell.
  • There should be no swearing or insulting.
  • You may give advice to your tribute. In fact, it is suggested.
  • No tributes used formerly in my games are accepted. Half muts aren't allowed either.
  • Other than the careers, if you want an alliance then you must make one.
  • No Reservations. I'm fine with links, not on my profile.
  • Each person may submit up to and 3 tributes.
  • Since nobody submitted stylists, I will not do chariots. Just games and Training.
  • JOIN::

Tribute Template


Disctrict (with a back up one):









Interview Angle:

Training Angle:

Bloodbath Angle:



# M/F Name Weapons Strengths Weaknesses
1 M Cole Harrison Mace, Club, Spear Strength, Animal ID Swimming
1 F

Victoriana Sylvester

Throwing Knives, Bow+Arrow Speed, Climbing Lying, water
2 M Evan King Bow+Arrow, Sword, Spear Strength, Speed, Swimming Climbing, girls
2 F Reya Isolfa Daggers, Throwing Axe Swimming Climbing
3 M Chip Parks Traps, Mines, Knives Smarts, Allies Overreacts
3 F Jessica Phyfier Throwing. knives, spear Luck Mutts
4 M Trident Bekke Trident, Net Swimming Climbing
4 F Viola Galdy Throwing Axe Swimming, Strategy Plant ID, Fishing
5 M Sebastian Hive Butchers knife, Hurlbat Manipulating, confidence Arrogance
5 F Llana Tina Axe, Traps, Sword, Bow+Arrow Climbing, Speed Smarts
6 M Asper Dell Mace, Blowgun Climbing, Speed Decisions
6 F Penny Spirits Knife, Spear, Poison Swimming, Hiding Lying
7 M James Blight Sword, Axe Speed, Survival, Strength Allies
7 F Annastia Bios Poison, Axe Plant ID, Speed Swimming, Strength
8 M Matte Shoof Knife Climbing, Speed Stamina, Swimming
8 F Cassie Bliss Knife, Mace Speed, Smarts Untrusting
9 M Pamline Falcone Axe, Mace Stength, Climbing, Calm, Stamina Swimming, others
9 F Candence Everlasting Spear, Blowgun Flowers Getting Trapped
10 M Alec Cohen Shuriken, Knife, Bow+Arrow Speed, Climbing, Smarts, Mutt ID Anti-Social
10 F Alecia Cohen Shuriken, Knife, Bow+Arrow Speed, Climbing, Smarts, Mutt ID Anti-Social
11 M Axel Jessuah Knives, Swords Speed, Climbing Swimming
11 F Bayleaf Magnolia Slingshot, Blowgun Smarts, Plant ID, Climbing Size, others
12 M Daniel Everette Bow, Knife Climbing Swimming, Speed
12 F Ariana Haunt Sword, Bow Smarts, Survival Bloodthirst


  • Careers: Cole Harrison (1), Evan King (2), Reya Isolfa (2), Trident Bekke (4), Viola Galdy (4), (Sebastian Hive (5))
  • Anti-Career Girls: Jessica Phyfier (3), Llana Tina (5), Penny Spirits (6), Candence Everlasting (9)
  • D10 Alliance: Alec Cohen (10), Alecia Cohen (10)

Training Day 1

Trident Bekke's (4) POV

I need to redeem my family. Brooke is dead, and I need to win as well as kill district 10 in revenge for killing my sister. I wake Viola early so that we can meet the careers. Hopefully better than last year. I come down to see the district two pair waiting. We introduce ourselves, and agree to form the careers. Reya seems a bit mean and rude. I don't really like her, but she is a bloodthirsty career, the perfect tribute. Evan seems cool. Then Cole from 1 comes down, and says that he's joining the careers but not his district partner. Well, that makes 5 trained careers. Maybe one or two more who try to join themselves. Either way, we have a decent career pack. People start coming in...

Daniel Everette's (12) POV

Everyone is now here as it is 10:00. A person who has no strange capitol makeup, looks, or outfit, our head trainer, enters. Her name is Maya. She starts to speak.

"Greetings, tributes in the 108th hunger games, to the training center. Now, the truth is that in two weeks, all but one of you will be dead. You want that one to be you. A big part of who that is depends on the next three days. You will be learning fighting and survival techniques. But you can absolutely not fight with other tributes. That's what the games are for. Instead, you can practice with an expert. But survival skills can be just as important as weaponry. Many will die from sickness, dehydration, infection, or hunger. Now, there are many stations. The following weapons each have stations: Sword, Axe, Spear, Knife, Bow and Arrow, Slingshots, Tridents, Poison, Spears, and Maces. Then there are survival stations. These include Knot tying, Fishing, hammock making, edible plants and animals, snares, camouflage, fire making, and shelter building. Next, there are skill stations. These are the weight lifting, track, swimming, and wrestling. Finally, there are obstacle courses which put all of these together. There is the Gauntlet, the Ropes Course, the dodge course, and more. If you want to practice with a weapon not present, tell me and we will get it to you after lunch. Now, you must choose how you train yourself to survive."

One second later, everybody rushes to their stations.

Bayleaf Magnolia's (11) POV

I try to go to a station that nobody else is at. The careers are right now trying to scare others with their weapon skills. I try not to look. Alec (10) and Alecia (10) are pretty obviously protecting one another and are both at the how to kill a mutt station. I see an empty snares station. I need some way to kill tributes without coming face to face. I learn of a trap which can suffocate whatever it catches. I learn how to make a place with a snare seem normal. Then I learn a district three style trap, which electrocutes the person. Well, then they blow a whistle and it's time for lunch.

Alec Cohen's (10) POV

After the most amazing lunch I've ever had, I go with Alecia to work on our Bow and Arrow skills. The careers see us coming over, so Victoriana (1) and Evan (2) quickly fill the two bows. Great. "Um when will you be done?" I ask, nervously. "Long after we kill you," andswers Reya (2) from behind me. It's so sad to think that probably both of us will die. We settle for a climbing course which is empty. We break the records for this year, then improve, breaking our own records.

Sebastian Hive's (5) POV

I try to impress the careers. my hurlbat comes and I show my obsession with bloodthirst to the careers. I see Evan (2) who puts down his bow to come over and look at me. Then he talks to some other careers. Then Trident (4) comes. After a few more minutes of watching, he says, "Join the careers. We want you as our newest recruit." I agree, as I am a career at heart. I am happy and ready to kill. I help them intimidate others, until it is time to go upstairs.

Training Day 2

Candence Everlasting's (9) POV

I see the careers. Five normal, and one recruit. Very strong. I need others to protect me. Pamline (9) is a bit strange, so I rule him out. I want an alliance of a couple of girls. Just like last year's. Well, I see Jessica (3) who is a quiet, yet very nice girl. I approach her. I start talking in a calming voice. "Could you please ally with me, I need some protection." We agree. Then we look for a few more people. We next get Penny (6). Llana (5), the witch girl, asks to join. She can be a bit mean at times, but is likely our best killer. We have an alliance brewing!

Ariana Haunt's (12) POV

I have been training for awhile, so I'm happy to learn about survival to help me in the games. I hope it isn't at all indoors, like the last two years were. But the last two years were very exciting, and had some great kills. I will have some great kills too, like my father. I decide that since I will be the last to go in training, I will work on all of my weapons, and show them off tomorrow.

Annastia Bios' (7) POV

I truly hope that the arena is completely an outdoors forest. In that case, I would survive in the trees, kill others with poisonous plants, and eat the good ones. I look around. I plan how, if in the arena I came across any one of them, how I would kill them. I am pretty sneaky and fast so I could easily climb a tree and throw poisonous foods into the careers' stockpile. Yes. And tomorrow, I will make a poisonous trap for the gamemakers with a plant I found out about, and kill some dummies with an axe. Great.

Matte Shoof's (8) POV

I practice throwing knives. I know that soon it will be lunch. As I'm throwing one, Asper (6) walks by me, narrowly skimming my back. This causes my knife to be quite off target, slipping from my hand. As I grab the next one, I look down to a hand oozing in blood. I quickly run to Maya. She says that she can get it repaired but she is only allowed to stitch it up, not use the repairing used by the capitol on the victor. This hand, and Asper (6), have caused my likely death. The whistle is blown for lunch, but I can't have it until I'm done with my stitches.

Chip Park's (3) POV

I have one of the most amazing lunches ever, yet again. Halfway through, Matte returns with a bandage on his hand. The careers immediately discuss his newfound weekness. But all lunch he just looks at Asper, barely able to eat. After lunch, Matte goes straight back to the knives. The careers are all at the gauntlet, not noticing that Matte's cut has done no damage. Matte is now underrated, therefore much more dangerous. I decide to return to my training to have a family of two victorious children. Imagine that.

Asper Dell's (6) POV

I am now really scared of Matte, who thinks that me walking caused him to lose. It was an accident, and he would lose anyways. But he still will have me first on his kill list, so I need to practise weaponry. I work on my aim with a blowgun. Then I look at poisonous plants to poison my darts with. I'll be in good shape. We are called for dinner. Tomorrow is our private sessions.

Day 3: Private Training Sessions

Cole Harrison's POV

I start with my most impressive weapon. I need to set the bar high and give a good first impression. I first kill some dummies with some spears. Then I wack them with maces and clubs. Then finally, I run and tackle a dummy, which impresses the judges. They dismiss me.

Victoriana Sylvester's POV

I start with the bows. The gamemakers think I am doing well. Then I use my throwing knives. Still good. Then the ropes course, which I've been improving at all week. Then the gauntlet, which I get a very good time at. They dismiss me.

Evan King's POV

I go to a bow, grabbing a quiver. I shoot a bullseye. I load each team very quickly. I shoot another 3 bullseyes. But before they can dismiss me, I move to spears. I do very well, then just as I move to swords they dismiss me. I did well.

Reya Isolfa's POV

I will kill anybody who gets a higher training score than I do. I want the highest. I throw some axes at dummies, with perfect power and aim. Then I use my Sai daggers at close range. Killer. Then I look at them, Axe in hand, and I do my throwing motion without letting go. The gamemakers are scared, and let me go.

Chip Parks' POV

I keep on thinking about Kinsey. It is somewhat important how you do now, but the games are the most important. I start with knives to show that even though I'm not great at it, I can maneuver a career style weapon. Then I make a trap which electrocutes the dummy, and the dummy just slices in half. That works too.

Jessica Phyfier's POV

I'm the youngest here. Luckily, I have allies. I HATE the careers and hope they all die quickly. I start with my inferior weapon, throwing spears. It's similar to throwing knives but heavier, so harder. Then I do throwing knives. I throw better than any careers will, always hitting the target perfectly. They dismiss me.

Trident Bekke's POV

I look at my token. I'll win this for my family. I go underwater, holding my breath for a while. Then I go up, and swim very quickly. I then use my trident and net to kill dummies. The gamemakers dismiss me.

Viola Galdy's POV

I enter, and prove that I'm a deadly career. I use my throwing axes. Then I scramble for my slingshot. Then finally, my knives. They dismiss me impressed.

Sebastian Hive's POV

I have tough shoes to fill. I'm the only career recruit. More importantly, last year's 5 male won. When I enter, the judges are luckily still paying attention. I first show my skills with the knife. I do pretty well. Then I get my hurlbat which I requested. I impress the gamemakers with such skill with an infrequent weapon. They dismiss me.

Llana Tina's POV

I enter the room, remembering my parents. Then, I start with a smiple trap. I see the gamemakers start to lose interest, so I move to a bow. I am only decent, so I go to my best weapon, the axe. This redraws all but one of the gamemakers, and that one dismisses me.

Asper Dell's POV

I need a good training score, so that sponsors can help me defend against Matte. So I enter the room, and first throw some axes. Llana probably used axes, but I do very well, likely better than her. Then, I show good aim with a blowgun, and finish with a mace. The gamemakers dismiss me, satisfied.

Penny Spirits' POV

I am happy to be one of the oldest and to have allies. I start with the spear. I'm a bit excited to be using it on real people tomorrow in the bloodbath. Once I've shown off with the spear, I throw some knives. The gamemakers look like they're impressed that there is someone decent from 6. They dismiss me.

James Blight's POV

I want to look bland yet show off. I want like a 6 to avoid suspicion. So I enter the room and make three different traps, setting off each one. The gamemakers are bored until I set them off, then they are a bit surprised as they dismiss me.

Annastia Bios' POV

I enter the room. I decide to first do some plant ID, which bores the gamemakers out of their minds, which is so annoying because it will win it for me. But then I meet their needs and show off with an axe. They dismiss me.

Matte Shoof's POV

My only goal in training is to prove that I can still throw knives even with stitches. The great thing about this is that now everybody will doubt me and underestimate me, even though it actually doesn't affect me at all. I am going to kill Asper for the cameras though. I am dismissed after great aim.

Cassie Bliss' POV

I first run around the track. I then proceed to work with maces and then Knives. They gamemakers are not really paying attention, but there's not much I can do about it, so I let them dismiss me.

Pamline Falcone's POV

I enter, and I first do the ropes course. I think of my sister, a bit mad at district 1. I focus again on my training. I show my skills at mace and axe. The judges are talking to each other, and one dismisses me.

Candence Everlasting's POV

I can't believe that I have a huge chance of dying on my birthday, day 2. Luckily, my allies are good so I can stay alive to 17. I enter, and see the gamemakers talking to each other. I take a club, and throw it at a stack of weapons, making loud clonking noises. That should get their attention. Then I show my skills at spear and blowgun.

Alec Cohen's POV

I say goodbye to Alecia and enter. The judges seem like their bored but have an awkward silence to break. I'll break it. I start with the ropes course. Best of the year, second best in the past 3. Then I show my aim with a bow. But when I reach for the shurikens I ordered, I do well and they're watching. I feel good when I'm dismissed.

Alecia Cohen's POV

I do whatever my brother did. He told me beforehand. I am slightly batter than him at bow and arrow and he is slightly better than me at climbing. We are similar with shurikens. The gamemakers get somewhat bored of the same thing twice in a row, that they dismiss me.

Axel Jessuah's POV

I enter, and see the gamemakers bored. I hate them for that. I get mad, and start taking my anger out with a sword against dummies. The judges begin watching. Then I throw some knives, but get worse by the end once I calm down. They dismiss me.

Bayleaf Magnolia's POV

I enter, and go into a fake forest. I climb some trees quickly and jump from tree to tree. Then I break the all time record on the ropes course. They dismiss me, stunned.

Daniel Everette's POV

Last boy of the day. I start with climbing in the ropes course. Third best today. Then I show my weaponry, to the gamemakers who are barely paying attention. They dismiss me before I even get to bow and arrow.

Arianna Haunt's POV

I'm the last one. The gamemakers seem ready to be done. They'll eventually see my deadliness. But as I start with my bow, they don't They're in my way of winning, so they deserve to die. I shoot an arrow towards their booth. Instead of hitting a person, it shatters a framed picture. Of the last gamemaker. I leave.

Training scores, Odds

# Name Score Odds
1 Cole 9 6-1
1 Victoriana 8 8-1
2 Evan 8 8-1
2 Reya 10 5-1
3 Chip 6 29-1
3 Jessica 6 39-1
4 Trident 8 8-1
4 Viola 8 8-1
5 Sebastian 7 18-1
5 Llana 6 28-1
6 Asper 5 38-1
6 Penny 6 35-1
7 James 6 35-1
7 Annastia 5 37-1
8 Matte 8 14-1
8 Cassie 5 40-1
9 Pamline 4 48-1
9 Candence 6 35-1
10 Alec 6 32-1
10 Alecia 5 38-1
11 Axel 6 30-1
11 Bayleaf 9 10-1
12 Daniel 5 42-1
12 Arianna 9 10-1



The tributes are in a scorching hot savanna. This is basically a giant field with low grass, and a few trees and bushes but less than normal. There is a river right near the cornucopia, and the river comes from a mountain nd empties into a lake. The lake has fresh but unclean water, as well as predators. If you go in the other dirrection from the cornucopia, you hit a desert.


  • A Liger mutt: A cross between a lion and a tiger. This means that it is a tiger with a mane.It has the size of the tiger and the speed and agression of a lion. Quite deadly.
  • Giraffe Mutts: Deadly due to their kicking abilities.
  • Gray Giant Mutts: A cross between a  hippo, rhino, and elephant. The size of an elephant, horn of a rhino, and mouth of a hippo. Speed of a hippo too.

Day 1

The Bloodbath

Axel Jessuah's (11) POV

I am raised up. I am next to Annastia (7) on my right and Evan (2) on my left. I see a giant desert in front of me, and a stream, with a mountain, behind me. The clock is ticking. I look in the cornucopia. I see one small knife just a couple of yards in front of me, closer to Annastia. I'll get that and leave. GONG!

Arianna Haunt's (12) POV

I run for a backpack near me. I see Matte (8) take a knife and throw it in Asper's (6) back. I saw that coming. Then, I am shocked to see Sebastian (5) slit Trident's (4) throat. Trident is dead. I start to make a run for it. I look inside my backpack as I'm running. An awl. A small canteen of water. a bag of chips. And a coil. The games have begun.

Alec Cohen's (10) POV

I get a backpack. Alecia (10) aready has a bow and a quiver. I grab a knife. We start to leave. I see Llana (5) and throw a knife at her. She falls over. I take her axe, In case I'll need it. Then Candence (9) starts to chase after us but I hold out my knife threatening to kill her, and she runs away, aong with her allies.

Viola Galdy's (4) POV

I look arond to see who's left to kill. Everyone else is chasing after Sebastian (5). I should be doing that, but I want a killof my own. I see Daniel (12), and fire an arrow quickly. This hits him just as I yel ad he turns around, and he falls down beeding. But now only two people are left near the cornucopia, Axel (11) and Chip (3), and they're out of reach. When I inch closer, I see Chip (3) throw a knife remarkably well for 3, and Axel fall. Chip (3) then runs away. Then the careers return. "We got someone, but not Sebastian!" Evan yells. "I got Daniel!" I say. "I think it was Cassie from 8," says Reya. "And I killed her with my axe," she adds. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! 6 dead. the bloodbath is over. We're one quarter of the way there. We set up camp in the cornucopia. He put everything not alrady there inside. It provides us shelter and rids us of a need to move things. And nobody will realize that we're here. The anthem sounds, and we mourn for my district partner.

The Faces

Trident Bekke-4

Llana Tina-5

Asper Dell-6

Cassie Bliss-8

Axel Jessuah-11

Daniel Everette-12

Odds after day 1

District Name Kills Odds
1 Cole 7-1
1 Victoriana 9-1
2 Evan 9-1
2 Reya Cassie 4-1
3 Chip Axel 24-1
3 Jessica 40-1
4 Viola Daniel 6-1
5 Sebastian Trident 16-1
6 Penny 37-1
7 James 37-1
7 Annastia 37-1
8 Matte Asper 12-1
9 Pamline 50-1
9 Candence 37-1
10 Alec Llana 25-1
10 Alecia 40-1
11 Bayleaf 11-1
12 Arianna 11-1

Day 2

Thieves and Stockpiles

Candence Everlasting's (9) POV

It's my birthday today. I am now 17. I see two parachutes come down. What would a birthday be without presents? I open the first. Camouflage paint. Interesting. I give that to Jessica (3). Then, I open the second. Darts. I am thrilled, because the only weapon we got was a blowgun. Then we decide to finally open our two backpacks. The first one has a knife, a blanket, a first aid kit, and a roll of crackers. The second one has a canteen of water, a flashlight, a box of matches, and a little bottle. Poison! I am so happy, because now I have every element to a deadly blowgun. We take our stuff, and deicde that we'll try to find a good place to make a shelter.

Annastia Bios' (7) POV

I found a giant acacia tree last night, which I had never seen and only read about. I climbed it and found a small, edible shoot, which is very fruitlike and tasty. I have one sleeping bag that I grabbed at the cornucopia, which helped last night because it was a bit chilly. I look out. Off in the distance, I see a tribute. It is Arianna. She is laying down, moving but barely, with a canteen on her head. I climb down. I see that she seems dehydrated, and feverish. I think I even see a bit of puke. She has no chance against me, and I need her stuff. I get there. BOOM! I feel her pulse. It is not yet Arianna. But she is asleep, and near dead. I do not want to kill her. It would raise suspision. I just take what she has. The empty canteen. An awl. A coil. An empty bag of chips. And a backpack to put it all in. I return to my tree, to notice that my sleeping bag is gone. Then I notice James (7) off in the distance, with the blue bag. My district partner stole my sleeping bag.

Victoriana Sylvester's (1) POV

I'm happy that I killed Sebastian. I retrieve my arrow. I have my bow and 6 arrows. But I wanted a kill and needed some food and water. 5 will not be victorious again. I steal Sebastian's (5) canteen, which is still halfway full, along with his small loaf of bread and apple. I also take his two knives, his box of matches, and rope, and put it all in his backpack. I manage to tie my quiver around the backpack and I hold on to my bow, putting my knives in my coat. I continue to try to find water without going to the stream or lake.

James Blight's (7) POV

I see a giant mutt way behind me. It is heading in a parralel direction to the line of Arianna (12) to the tree to me. I hear a shriek. BOOM! It problaly stepped on Arianna. I still see Annastia, so Arianna has been killed. The pretty slow gray giant stays away from me, so I'm fine. Especially because now I have a sleeping bag. I prepare for the night as only a few hours remain.

Cole Harrison's POV

We need more kills. I agree to hold down our camp while Evan, (2), Reya (2), and Viola (4) kill others. I keep waiting. BOOM! About an hour later, two hours after they left and one before sunset, they return. "I killed that boy from 7!" Evan says. "And we brought back his sleeping bag," says Viola. "How did you do it?" I ask. They tell me that he shot an arrow and it hit him in the leg, then he killed him with a knife. We talk about the day, and the anthem sounds.

The Faces

Sebastian Hive-5

James Blight-7

Arianna Haunt-12

Odds After day 2

District Name Kills Odds
1 Cole 9-1
1 Victoriana Sebastian 6-1
2 Evan James 7-1
2 Reya Cassie 5-1
3 Chip Axel 26-1
3 Jessica 40-1
4 Viola Daniel 7-1
6 Penny 40-1
7 Annastia 40-1
8 Matte Asper 13-1
9 Pamline 50-1
9 Candence 40-1
10 Alec Llana 26-1
10 Alecia 40-1
11 Bayleaf 13-1

Day 3

The Allies, the Siblings, the Careers, and the Loners

Alecia Cohen's (10) POV

A silver parachute descends on Alec, waking us up. We have a lot of weapons, and slept near a couple of rocks and trees. But we are running out of food and water. We open up the gift. A half loaf of bread. And a canteen full of water. That should hold us for a day or two. We see a really tall orange mutt walk by. It has a giant neck and pretty tall legs. It does not come towards us, though. We decide to start looking for food and water.

Bayleaf Magnolia's (11) POV

I found a big patch of trees and a couple of rocks below. I see Alec (10) and Alecia (10) leave the scene. Then I see the girls come. They seem to be looking for something to eat. Candence (9) thinks that her darts will kill a mutt, but the others tell her not to try. Then I look to the other side. I see Evan (2) and Cole (1) looking for tributes to kill. They wont kill me, because I'm way too high up. The girls realize they're there. Jessica leaves, and begins to paint herself with camouflage and cover herself in dead grass. Penny (6) has her knife in hand, and hides behing a rock. Candence (9), hides behind the same rock, showing her head, blowgun at the ready. She shoots a dart and it hits Cole (1) in the arm. He takes it out, then starts to look limp, then faints. BOOM!

Jessica Phyfier's (3) POV

I get myself painted, and watch. Evan starts heading towards the rock. Then, Candence (9) takes off. Evan doesn't notice. And when he reaches the rock, I hear a scream and see the blood. Evan (2) leaves. I meat back up with Candence a bit mad at her for betraying Penny (6) and not trying to kill Evan (2). "We are all gonna die at some point," she says. Then, in the distance, I hear a rustling of grass. I take Penny's knife. I see Matte (8) strolling along. I nod to Candence. She will prove her bravery, and face Matte (8). I have her back. Matte sees her, and throws the knife just as Candence fires. I decide to throw my knife as well. Matte and Candence (9) both fall down. BOOM! BOOM!

Pamline Falcone's (9) POV

I've just been looking on the side of the river past the cornucopia. I still can't find Victoriana (1), who I will kill because the 1 Female killed my sister and caused my mom to commit suicide. I have an axe which should help me, but I bet she has her throwing knives or a bow and arrow. I hear someone, coming nearby. I climb a tree. I see her. Victoriana, ready to pounce. Once she passes, I quietly climb down and follow her. I have one axe, but she probably has multiple knives. I throw the axe. BOOM! She falls down, bleeding, and dead. I've done it.

The Faces






Odds After Day 3

District Name Kills Odds
2 Evan Penny, James 5-1
2 Reya Cassie 4-1
3 Chip Axel 21-1
3 Jessica 33-1
4 Viola Daniel 6-1
7 Annastia 33-1
9 Pamline Victoriana 30-1
10 Alec Llana 24-1
10 Alecia 33-1
11 Bayleaf 10-1

Day 4

The Feast

Chip Park's (3) POV

We're down to 10 tributes. Unlik last year, there's no true favorite. I am camping out as far away from the stream as I'm willing to go. I have two knives, a trap set, and some bread. But I need some water. Thye horns sound. "Greetings final 10. Today at noon, there is going to ba a feast at the cornucopia. Most of you need something, and everything that is needed will be there. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor." I'm stunned. I realize that there's a better idea than going in. I will kill a tribute camping out near the cornucopia, and steal whatever they have on them.

Reya Isolfa's (2) POV

We're going in. Nobody can camp out inside of the cornucopia for this feast, because we're already there. BOOM! I wonder who that was. I don't care. I figure that everyone else will be going in. We prepare ourselves right outside of the cornucopia. It's getting lighter and lighter out. Thats when the table turns up. Nine abgs labeled with the name of the tribute. Nine bags without any label. We begin. People start coming, but we already have four bags. BOOM! I look next to me, to see Viola with an arrow in her chest. Then I see Alec (10) poised to shoot again. I throw my axe. BOOM! It hits Alecia in the neck. Alec takes his own bag and one other, and runs off. I see Annastia (7) leaving with her own bag. I notice that only Pamline (9) hasn't come, meaning that he died. Then, I see Jessica (3) throw a knife killing Annastia (7). BOOM! Jessica (3) reaches the cornucopia , takes a bag, and throws a spear at me. It misses.  BOOM! I turn around, to see that it hit Evan. I'm the lone career.

Jessica Phyfier's (3) POV

I can win. I have five bags, the most other than Reya (2) with 7. Bayleaf (11) got three, Alec (10) has two, and Chip (3) who ran in at the end has one. That's the final five. I check my bags. First, Annastia's (7) bag has a sleeping bag. Chip's (3) bag (he got an unlabeled one) has a canteen full of water. My bag has poison. I guess there wasn't much I need. The first random bag has a knife. And the second has a trap. I set up camp in a tree, and put a trap under it. The anthem sounds.

The Faces






Odds After Day 4

District Name Kills Odds
2 Reya Cassie, Alecia 2-1
3 Jessica Annastia, Evan 14-1
3 Chip Axel, Pamline 13-1
10 Alec Llana, Viola 16-1
11 Bayleaf 10-1

Day 5

The Finale

Bayleaf Magnolia's (11) POV

I have my blowgun, a knife, and enough food and water. I'm so close to winning. From my tree, I hear repeated thuds. They keep getting louder. Then I see the mutt. I climb down, and begin to run towards the cornucopia. The mutt stays behind me. When I get within sight of the cornucopia, I see the this mutt has stopped. Then I notice the four others, who have all realized what just happened. We were brought towards each other for the final fight. I load my blowgun. I shoot at the closest tribute to me. Reya. She falls on the ground. The poison should get her soon. I examine the others. Jessica, Alec, and Chip are all pretty far away. BOOM! Reya is dead. Nobody makes any further move. Then, the miraculous happens.

Chip Parks' (3) POV

A little pouch. It has fallen from the sky into the middle of us. Alec (10) goes for it. But then, he realizes that there's no where to hide. He begins to run away, but sees the mutts and is forced to turn back. I go towards him. I throw my knife, he shoots his arrow. I jump to the side, and feel a searing pain in my leg. BOOM! Am I dead? No, Alec is. I just am bleeding badly.

Jessica Phyfier's (3) POV

Three remain. With Chip (3) being the easy target not being able to walk, I wait for Bayleaf to attack him, and I sneak up behind her. She stabs Chip (3). BOOM! And then I stab her in the back with my spear. BOOM! I have won. I have won!

Death Chart

Rank Dead # Killer # Weapon
24 Asper Dell 6 Matte Shoof 8 Knife
23 Trident Bekke 4 Sebastian Hive 5 Knife
22 Llana Tina 5 Alec Cohen 10 Knife
21 Daniel Everette 12 Viola Galdy 4 Bow
20 Axel Jessuah 11 Chip Parks 3 Knife
19 Cassie Bliss 8 Reya Isolfa 2 Axe
18 Sebastian Hive 5 Victoriana Sylvester 1 Bow
17 Arianna Haunt 12 Gray Giant Mutt - Trampling
16 James Blight 7 Evan King 2 Knife, Bow
15 Cole Harrison 1 Candence Everlasting 9 Blowgun
14 Penny Spirits 6 Evan King 2 Sword
13 Matte Shoof 8 Candence Everlasting 9 Blowgun
12 Candence Everlasting 9 Matte Shoof 8 Knife
11 Victoriana Sylvester 1 Pamline Falcone 9 Axe
10 Pamline Falcone 9 Chip Parks 3 Knife
9 Viola Galdy 4 Alec Cohen 10 Bow
8 Alecia Cohen 10 Reya Isolfa 2 Axe
7 Annastia Bios 7 Jessica Phyfier 3 Knife
6 Evan King 2 Jessica Phyfier 3 Spear
5 Reya Isolfa 2 Bayleaf Magnolia 11 Blowgun
4 Alec Cohen 10 Chip Parks 3 Knife
3 Chip Parks 3 Bayleaf Magnolia 11 Knife
2 Bayleaf Magnolia 11 Jessica Phyfier 3 Spear
Victor Jessica Phyfier 3 - - -



  • Whichever user donated a tribute, may regulate their gifts.
  • Each tribute starts off with $250
  • If somebody dies, their money goes to whoever killed them.
  • Every day, everything goes up in cost by $25
  • If there is something unmentioned, tell me in the comments and I'll add it




Mystery Backpack: $500


Pain Killer: $50

Burn Creme: $75

Sleep Syrup: $25

First aid Kit: $100

Antibiotics: $75

Food, Drink, Survival

Sleeping Bag: $125

Tent: $125

Blanket: $75

Soup: $50

Bread: $25

Canteen (With water): $50

Canteen (without water): $25

Lemonade: $75

Stew: $100

Meat: $75

Matches: $75

Weapons, Armor, Skills

Axe: $375

Armor: $450

Blowgun: $225

Darts (12): $150

Poison: $125

Bow: $350

Arrows (12): $175

Knives (6): $275

Sword: $350

Spear: $325

Awl: $125

Trident: $425

Net: $200

Camouflage Paint: $125


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