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I'm Vatonica. I used to be extremely active here, but I left for a couple months, then tried to return and those games failed. About a year has passed since then, and I'd like to make a new, successful, games. 


I want to return with a REALISTIC games. THis is the 19th Hunger Games, and I want it to be as similar to what it could have been as possible. This means no quell, no half mutts, no special powers, etc. Another exampleis that the forcefield will be the old type (bouncy), but it will not be allowed to use it to your advantage because Haymitch was the first. I want no swearing, and no complaining if your person dies. As a normal games, 23 out of 24 will die. If you want an alliance (other than careers), you must make it. However, I reserve the right to make to people become allies in the games (if you don't want this, say that you want your tribute to NEVER ally).

Signing up--Important

When signing up, I will only accept comments in my format. In this format, you must begin by typing: "Welcome back Vatonica". I will only accept tributes that say this. NO PERFECT TRIBUTES. Also, These are first come, first serve. No reservations. You must use a tribute that has not previously been used in one of my games. Maximum of 2 tributes per person (for now). Use this format:

Tribute Name:




Appearance Discription (Optional):

Weapon Of Choice:

Other Weapon(s):




Backstory (Optional):


Training Angle:

Interview Angle:

Bloodbath Strategy:

Games Startegy:

Alliance (Optional):

Mentors, Sylists

I have not yet decided if I want to have chariots. If you want to submit costumes for a district, say so.

If you submit the tribute, you are their mentor.

How the Games will be Narrated

I will have eight personalities who will walk you through the games:

Brandon Maddox--Announcer

Tom Jenkins--Master of Ceremonies

Ivan Jones--Interviewer

Kate Patterson--Celebrity, Capitol Personality, Sponsor

Michaela Carter--Past Victor (7th HG, District 2)

Alexis Warren--Reporter

Robert Smith--Games Prediction Specialist

Jeffrey Anderson--Odds Maker



# Male Tribute Female Tribute
1 Skylar Marinne Firebelle Vinicius
2 Michael Kaizer Elriva Raven
3 Janus Nion Mallory Presistance
4 Kalmah Reia Sunrise
5 Erik Norseman Irelia Birdhouse
6 Brendan Jack Kassidy Millor
7 Jayson Huff Clair Gravenstein
8 Connor Smitherson Cassie Wynn
9 David Johnson Dedenne Reunee
10 Eli Winersin Eliza Herader
11 Brock Olsen Lilly Gante
12 Cole Hogan Brenna Placidia

Scouting, Skills

D M/F Name Age Weapons Strengths Weaknesses Fears First Odds
1 M Skylar Marinne 17 Trident, Sword, Spear Fast, Strong, Agile Swimming, Climbing Firebelle's Baby Dying 8-1
1 F Firebelle Vinicius 16 Bow, iklwa, kama Seduction, Speed Reaction time, Emotion Skylar Dying 12-1
2 M Michael Kaizer 18 Sword, Knives, Brute Force Smarts, Survival, Strength Hunger Death 7-1
2 F Elriva Raven 14 Spear, Bow, Axe Manipulative, Strength, Speed Cruelty, Clumsy Death 10-1
3 M Janus Nion 16 Wires, Traps, Swords technology, Combat Swimming Death 17-1
3 F Mallory Presistance 15 Wires, Axe Smarts, Stealth Strength, Hand to Hand Losing Hair 16-1
4 M Kalmah 17 Trident, Machete, Spear Speead Strength, Hand to hand He's Weird Spiders 9-1
4 F Reia Sunrise 15 Bow Fishing, Water, Aim Climbing, Plants Heights 11-1
5 M Erik Norsemen 18 Sword, Axe Speed, Strength Climbing, overeactive Spiders 11-1
5 F Irelia Birdhouse 14 Blowgun, Dagger Accuracy, Speed Hand to Hand Losing Friend 20-1
6 M Brendan Jack 14 Kukri Deadly with Kukri Cares too much about sister Losing Sister 19-1
6 F Kassidy Millor 13 Slingshot, Claws Survival Weaponry Death 25-1
7 M Jayson Huff 17 Axe, Hatchet Stength, Health Smarts, Speed, Size Losing Axe 10-1
7 F Clair Gravenstein 18 Throwing Axes Climbing, Survival, Strength Speed, Swimming The Dark 15-1
8 M Connor Smitherson 14 Scythe, Spear Hand to hand, Distance Running Climbing Heights 17-1
8 F Cassie Wynn 13 Throwing Knives, Bow, Spear Stealth, Smart, Healing Stubborn, Rebellious, Weak Family 15-1
9 M David Johnson 16 Sword, Throwing Knives Strength, Smarts Speed, Climbing Wasps 13-1
9 F Dedenne Reunee 16 Katana Confident, Optimistic, Hunger Shy Needles 19-1
10 M Eli Winersin 14 Axe, Sword, Spear Strength, Speed, Swimming Arrogant, Annoying Being Short 14-1
10 F Eliza Herader 14 Axe, Bow, Knife Speed, Climbing, Swimming Cold, Hunting Centipedes 15-1
11 M Brock Olsen 17 Mace Stength, Endurance CHildish Small Spaces 11-1
11 F Lilly Gante 14 Blowgun Confident, Smart Overprotective Careers 18-1
12 M Cole Hogan 15 Machete, Dagger Strength, SPeed, Traps Climbing, Hunting Losing Family 15-1
12 F Brenna Placidia 12 Knife, Dagger, Net Net Making, Stealth, Speed Swimming, Strength, Size Losing Loved One 23-1

Pre Training Predictions


Brandon Maddox: D2 Male Michael Kaizer

Tom Jenkins: D2 Female Elriva Raven

Ivan Jones: D1 Male Skylar Marinne

Kate Patterson: D2 Female Elriva Raven

Michaela Carter: D7 Male Jayson Huff

Alexis Warren: D5 Male Erik Norseman

Robert Smith: D9 Male David Johnson

Jeffrey Anderson: D2 Male Michael Kaizer

Michaela Carter about this Year's Tributes

This year brings an interesting crop of tributes. Ten out of the 24 tributes are 14 or younger. This means that there is an interesting clash between these 10 youngsters and the 7 tributes 17 or older. I won a month before y 18th bithday, and I seriously think that amongst those who have trained, age contributes to likelihood of winning. I think that there are three older tributes to watch. First is my current pick, Jayson Huff. He is a whopping 6'7, which will make him feared by every other tribute. If he loses, it would be from a range weapon (such as bow or blowgun) and poison due to the fact that he is a huge target. Apparently his scar comes from a fight he had with a bear, and he managed to kill the bear.. at age 6. Next, watch out for Skylar Marinne of district one. He is here with his girlfriend, Firebelle, and if he dies it would likely be to protect her. But he is very skillful with weapons. Finally, Michael Kaizer. Kaizer is amazing when it comes to hand to hand combat, especially when neither person is armed. The one youngster to watch out for is Elriva Raven, the 14 year old who is projected by two of our 8 predictors to win it all. She is considered the most pretty of all of the tributes and grabs some extra support (and popularity among tributes) for it.


Training Scores

District Name Score Odds
1 Skylar Marinne 10 7-1
1 Firebelle Vinicius 8 13-1
2 Michael Kaizer 10 5-1
2 Elriva Raven 11 8-1
3 Janus Nion 7 17-1
3 Mallory Presistance 5 19-1
4 Kalmah 9 9-1
4 Reia Sunrise 8 11-1
5 Erik Norsemen 9 10-1
5 Irelia Birdhouse 5 21-1
6 Brendan Jack 5 20-1
6 Kassidy Millor 4 27-1
7 Jayson Huff 9 11-1
7 Clair Gravenstein 7 15-1
8 Connor Smitherson 7 17-1
8 Cassie Wynn 8 14-1
9 David Johnson 9 12-1
9 Dedenne Reunne 5 22-1
10 Eli Winersin 6 16-1
10 Eliza Herader 6 17-1
11 Brock Olsen 6 13-1
11 Lilly Gante 5 20-1
12 Cole Hogan 7 16-1
12 Brenna Placidia 6 21-1

Pre-Games Predictions


Brandon Maddox: D4 Male Kalmah

Tom Jenkins: D2 Female Elriva Raven

Ivan Jones: D1 Male Skylar Marinne

Kate Patterson: D2 Female Elriva Raven

Michaela Carter: D1 Male Skylar Marinne

Alexis Warren: D2 Male Michael Kaizer

Robert Smith: D9 Male David Johnson

Jeffrey Anderson: D2 Male Michael Kaizer

Surprise Tribute

Brandon Maddox: D7 Female Clair Gravenstein

Tom Jenkins: D8 Male Connor Smitherson

Ivan Jones: D11 Female Lilly Gante

Kate Patterson: D10 Female Eliza Herader

Michaela Carter: D7 Female Clair Gravenstein

Alexis Warren: D8 Male Connor Smitherson

Robert Smith: D10 Male Eli Winersin

Jeffrey Anderson: D3 Male Janus Nion

The Games Day 1


Tom: I'm Tom Jenkins, with Brandon Maddox, and Michaela Carter in the Capitol. We are minutes away from the 19th Hunger games!

Brandon: Yes, and What do you think of this year? What is the biggest storyline in this year's games?

Michaela: I wrote an article about the really young tributes. There is a deent chance that somene fourten or under wins.

Tom: I'm gonna have to go with the careers, especially district one and their relationship and Firebelle being pregnant. This is gonna weigh down the careers in my opinion. Let's go to Alexis about the District nine Female, Deddenne.

Alexis: Thanks, Tom. Yeah, Dedenne apparently has a new disadvantage. She was very scared of the needle that they use to inject the tracking device, and now has a decent cut in her arm. This could be pretty bad for Dedenne. Back to you, Tom.

Tom: Thanks, Alexis. Now let's go to the arena, as all eyes are on Tyson Price, our head gamemaker.

Arena Discription

The arena is a very rocky terrain filed with boulders. It is very hot, but also somewhat humid. There are a lot of shorter trees closer to the lower ground. The cornucopia is very close to the lowest point, which is a saltwater, dirty, and mutt infested river. However, on the other side is a tiny freshwater oasis, which has not clean but drinkable water. However, this is home to many predators.


Mosquito Mutts, mostly near the river

Crocodile Mutts, mostly near river

Tracker Jackers, mostly in upper boulders

Snake Mutts, Everywhere

Rhino Mutts, In flatter, lower grounds, especially near oasis

Mountain Lion/Cheetah Blend Mutts, Located in higher boulders

Attacking Ostrich Mutts, Located in lower boulders

Poisonous Plankton, Located in Oasis


Tom: And the tributes are up on their plates, they have one minute.

Brandon: They look around, I bet a lot of them will end up near the oasis and river. 

Michaela: The cornucopia seems to have everything, with smaller weapons on the outside and bigger weapons on the inside, espacially a lot of spears.

Tom: And now to see how will die first.

Michaela: Five seconds, three, two, GONG!

Tom: And they're off. And Kalmah Grabs a Spear and quickly stabs Cassie.

Brandon: And Brandon Jack runs stright into the cornucopia, but looks around in there for so long that Skylar is there with a sword, slashing his head off.

Michaela: And Erik scares off Eli to run away, and he is now separated from his district partner, Eliza.

Brandon: Janus grabs a coil, then a sword, then turns around before being shot in the back by Reia's arrow.

Tom: Dedenne sees the only Katana in the cornucopia, and makes a run for it. When she grabs it, however, when she goes down to grab it, careers Kalmah and Elriva are there with spears. Dedenne quickly jolts to the side, causing Elriva's spear to hit Kalmah instead, right in the stomach!

Michaela: And David throws a knife at his district partner, Dedenne, as she tries to flee. It hits her right in between her neck and shoulder, but she is not dead yet. David's Second knife hits her hip, and she quickly limps away, with blood oozing out.

Brandon: And Eliza and Brenna run directly into each other. Brenna takes her knife, and tries to throw it at Eliza, but it hits her at the handle of the knife. Eliza Grabs the Axe she got from the Cornupoia and chops Brenna right in the center of her torso. 

Tom: Mallory and Clair both run for thee same axe. Firebelle Shoots that way, and it hits Mallory in the leg. Clair quickly takes a slash at Mallory, cutting her arm off, and Clair runs off with the axe.

Brandon: And it looks like there will only be one more showdown. Jayson and Cole engage in a battle, Jayson with axe and Cole with machete. They each have knives in their pockets. Jayson dodges two slashes, backing off. He then grabs a knife and throws it right at Cole's chest. 

Michaela: And it appears as though the bloodbath is over. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

Tom: Six Deaths so far. I also think that there could be two more coming today, with Mallory and Dedenne.

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