This is based on a TV series, Capture (AKA The Hunt), Which is based on the Hunger games. The only differences are that they will be chidren and eliminated teams will be killed, with no prize but life at the end. Please note that this will take place in present day, not Panem. There will be twelve teams each with matching color jackets (well, all black with a hint of their color). Each person may submit two teams.

The Competition is divided into 2-day-long periods, with each of day having one, four hour hunt. At the start of each 2- day hunt cycle, one team is selected as the hunt team and the other teams are prey teams. Once the hunt team is selected, the prey teams are released into the wilderness and the hunt team is released a bit later. If they capture a team, by sticking a talon (A small, metal circle) onto a prey member's back. This will cause the hunt of that day to end, and that prey team to stay in jail instead of their normal tents. Jail has no shelter at all and their normal camps are at least tents. The hunt team, and one other team of their choice, are able to stay the night in between hunts in the lodge, a section of the camp with better food and shelter. If after the two day hunt cycle the hunt team has not caught a team, then they are eliminated. If the hunt team captures one prey team, then the hunt team and captured prey team are up for elimination, meaning the other teams vote on who they want to be eliminated (or in this case, killed). If the hunt team captures a prey team in both hunt days, then those two teams are up for elimination. Special events may occur, but we'll see once we get there.

Team Templates

Team color (with two backups):

Player 1:

Player 2:


How they met (if friends or in romantic relationship):

Player 1 Birthplace:

Player two Birthplace:

The Next section is about their skills. You are giving them skill points on a scale of one to ten, with ten being the highest. You can only give 35 total skill points per person.


Sprinting 1-10:

Climbing 1-10:

Survival 1-10:

Sight 1-10:

Hearing 1-10:

Endurance 1-10:

Strategy 1-10:


Sprinting 1-10:

Climbing 1-10:

Survival 1-10:

Sight 1-10:

Hearing 1-10:

Endurance 1-10:

Strategy 1-10:


Player Team Born Relationship Sprinting Climbing Survival Sight Hearing Endurance Strategy
Elle Sirus White NY Sister of Titan 5 2 10 3 3 7 5
Titan Sirus White LA Brother of Elle 7 5 7 4 4 7 1
Zaphire Beux Blue London Friend of Xenia 7 7 5 3 5 6 2
Xenia Bloodhound Blue Oxford Friend Of Zaphire 7 2 9 3 3 4 8
Seraphine Teal Manchester Twin of Seraphina 6 6 5 1 3 8 6
Seraphina Teal Manchester Twin of Seraphine 7 7 3 2 4 9 5
Joelle Osaias Pink Adelaide Sister of Hannah 7 3 4 7 5 2 7
Hannah Osaias Pink Adelaide Sister of Joelle 8 3 1 6 8 6 3

Kane Tophyn


Denver Boyfriend? of Annabel 4 3 5 8 3 7 5
Annabel Kacy Gold Boulder Girlfriend? of Kane 7 5 3 3 8 4 5
Richendra Aqua Violet Seattle Sister of Tiffany 3 5 5 5 9 4 2
Tiffany Aqua Violet Seattle Sister of Richendra 4 3 7 9 1 3 8
Byron King Green Toronto

Brother of Chloe

7 4 4 4 4 7 5
Chloe King Green Toronto Sister of Byron 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
Taro Noda Black Japan Dating Keita 9 2 6 3 1 7 7
Keita Oda Black Japan Dating Taro 9 1 8 4 1 7 5
Adira Shine Yellow Essex Friend of Nikita 7 4 3 5 4 6 6
Nikita Johnson Yellow Essex Friend of Adira 7 5 3 4 4 6 6
Colton True Silver LA Dating Paul 9 3 5 3 3 5 7
Paul Trust Silver Oxford Dating Colton 7 2 7 2 2 9 6
Jonathan Hepher Orange Lethbridge Friend of Blake 7 9 3 6 10 9 7
Blake Thiessen Orange Calgary Friend of Jonathan 8 5 10 8 2 9 6
Mist Scorchil Red Portland Friend of Shade 5 5 4 5 6 2 8
Shade Spectrus Red Stalingrad Friend of Mist 8 3 10 5 5 2 2

Hunt Cycle 1: Welcome to the Village

Day 1

The twelve teams all gather round, each hoping for the money they came for. The white, blue, teal, pink, violet, green, black, Yellow, Silver, Orange, red, and gold teams gather around. "Welcome to Capture," Luke says. We are very happy to have teams from nearby, to Canada, UK, Russia, Australia and Japan. I wish all of you good luck. This hunt cycle, the hunt team will be..." The Orange Team is selected. "Orange, you are the hunt team. As for the prey teams, all 22 players must carry these giant cans of paint. This will slow you down. However, I will set up a mystery box. When a team reaches this point, all prey teams will be allowed to pour out their paint. That team will receive a gamechanging advantage. You will want it. But let's start the hunt. The prey teams will receive a slight time advantage. Prey teams, grab a can of paint, then go to your stations. The hunt begins in 3, 2, 1." They prey teams are off. "What's your strategy orange?" Luke asks. "We want to go for a team that looks scary. At this point, there is no knowledge of how good each team is." Luke begins to speak:"Well, you will be released in 3, 2, 1." The hunt team escapes. All of the prey teams struggle running while carrying a can of paint. The loudspeakers begin to make sound. "Teams. the location of Mystery box will show up on your armbands in two minutes. It shows up. Yellow, Black, and gold are all pretty close. Gold decides to sprint. Black proceeds cautiously. Yellow jogs. Since yellow was in a flatter terrain, and are faster, they arrive first. "All teams, you may empty your paint cans, then drop them." A tiny screen in the mystery box shows Luke. "Yellow team. You have received two extra votes in elimination. Even if you get captured, you get two votes instead of zero."  Meanwhile, the orange team is nearby, and hears then sees yellow. Orange goes into some bushes, talons in hand. Yellow doesn't notice, and runs toward them. But Orange misjudges them, and ends up behind them chasing them. Orange is slightly faster, and eventually puts the talon on the back. Then they escort Yellow to jail.

Day 2

After Orange feasts, yellow is in jail, and the remaining 10 teams get their first night in a tent, "The Hunt day will begin in 5 minutes. Get your gear on." Teams begin to come in. "Teams, I have set up an advantage point, somewhere in the hunting grounds. The team that reaches this advantage point will get to sabotage another team. That sabotaged team will have their alarms go off when they are within 100 meters of the hunt team. Prey teams, go to your gates. The countdown begins now. 3, 2, 1, Begin." The teams go off. "Hunt team, you may leave in 3, 2, 1, go." The orange team runs into the forest, now ready to pounce. "Prey teams, the advantage point will be revealed in 3, 2, 1." The location appears on the armbands. Black, Gold, teal, and white are all pretty close. But this time, black learns and sprints. Orange is off far away, close to Violet. Teal and Black appear almost simultaneously, but teal beats black. Teal's armbands have a screen showing the remaining 9 teams. Teal is unsure. Just then, Black, Gold, white and Silver all realize what has happened. Teal has narrowed their choice to Silver, Black, and White. "Black was so close, but silver seems scary." The other teams leave. Luke appears on the screen of the Black team. "Black team, you have been selected. Whenever you are within 100 meters of orange, your alarms will sound." Black is mad, but meanwhile, Violet and Orange are both stopped due to hearing each other. Violet sees Orange, and quickly but quietly jogs away. At the same time, Red comes near. But, Red decides to turn off before Orange notices. Instead, Silver runs toward Orange, and then turns around when orange begins to chase. Silver outruns orange, but they run within sight of Black, whose alarm sounds. Black does the unthinkable, and physically stops Silver, pushing them to the ground, alarms sounding. "The hunt team is in pursuit." The orange team arrives, and puts the talons on silver, escorting them to jail.


The teams gather round. "Silver, Yellow, teams, welcome to elimination. Each team will get a talon and be able to vote for one team to eliminate. A team needs 6 votes to be eliminated. Silver or yellow, do you have anything to say? Paul of Silver goes first. "We may look big and tough, but we are not so amazing at any one thing. We are decent at everything, but we are actually very nice people. We know that if we stay, some allies will be made." Yellow team goes next. Nikita begins. "We were the first caught. Nobody is bad as us. We ran right at the orange team."

The voting begins.

White votes against Yellow

Blue votes against Yellow

Teal votes against Silver

Pink votes against Silver

Gold votes against Yellow

Violet votes against Silver

Green votes against Yellow

Black votes against Yellow

Orange votes against Silver

Red Votes against Yellow


Hunt Cycle 2: The Sight Test

Day 1

The teams each wake up, awaiting their first 11 team hunt. "Welcome to Hunt 2. I have set up an advantage point. The team that gets to it will receive a looking glass, allowing them to see every team including the hunt team for the REST of the day. Now, about that hunt team..." The green Talon rises. Byron and Chloe grab their talons, as the other teams are off.

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