Greetings, Rules, Templates


This is my second Games ever. Anna Toboso (Madgeical) won my first. This is set one year after the 106th, my first.


  • Anyone can sumbit 2 tributes. Also a third if they submit enough stylists. First come First Serve
  • I do not accept half mutts, nonhumans, or anything like that
  • There will be 24 tributes (Districts 1-12). This is not a Quell.
  • Anyone can submit up to 4 stylists.
  • No stylists or Tributes from my other games.
  • Do not get mad at me if your tribute dies. 23 out of 24 do.
  • No swearing, insulting, or promoting other games.
  • No Reservations

Tribute Templates










Training Angle:

Bloodbath Strategy:

Games Strategy:

Alliance (what is wanted):

Stylist Template




Male Costume:

Female Costume:


D G Name Strengths Weaknesses Weapons Alliance User
1 M Alric Gold Smarts Unconfident Sword Alone Beetee19
1 F Jules Vanity Manipulation, Speed Swimming, Confident Chained Beartrap Alone
2 M Clay Barines Speed, Strength Spiders, Swimming Khopesh, Knife, Spear Anti-Career Guys Tehblackdeath
2 F Minerva Den Strength Speed Blowgun, Boomerang Careers Pikachu Tattoo
3 M Vex Chopperten Smarts Sensitive Electricity None Typewritersarecool
3 F Petra Mines Speed, Survival Swimming Knife, Traps Romantic District3
4 M Scilla Karathress Speed, Swimming Climbing, Strength Throwing Knives, Axe Careers Pikachu Tattoo
4 F Brooke Bekke Smarts, Swimming Strength, Speed Knife Careers Junior ii
5 M Seedum Plant Speed, Survival Smarts Axe, Scythe, Hammer Careers Kman
5 F Allana Darkbloom Swimming, Smarts Strength, Climbing Knife Gloves None nommyzombies
6 M Marcus Beux Strength, Smarts Climbing, Survival Knife, Spear Careers District3
6 F Lia Mainwairing Running Doesn't want to kill Spear, Bow+Arrow Anti-Career Girls Annamissassa
7 M Amphion Laxus Physical Strength Fire Axe, Brass Knuckles Romantic Hybrid Shadow
7 F Eileen Shade Survival Social Knife None Annamissassa
8 M Vazin Feid Speed, Climbing Swimming, Insects Knife, axe, Katana Anti-Career Guys Jannie F
8 F Vanessa Black Helping Others Heights Throwing Spear Anti-Career GIrls Twilight Perry
9 M Hunther Hayes Strength, Animals Gullible Spear Anti-Career Guys Junior ii
9 F Lisanna Hart Speed, Smarts Fire Snares, Explosives Anti-Career GIrls Madgeical
10 M RJ Colbee Luck Gets Lost Sword None Typewritersarecool
10 F Aurora Mendoza Swimming, Smarts Strength, Lizards Bow+Arrow, Knife, Anti-Career GIrls Beetee19
11 M Trent Korey Strength, Appearance Lying, Dark Spear, Sword, Trident Careers Ms. Randomstuff
11 F Ally Mya Speed, Survival Spiders Poison, Knife Anti-Career GIrls Ms. Randomstuff
12 M Pik Hayes Speed, Strength Swimming, Allies Khopesh, Bow Anti-Career Guys Tehblackdeath
12 F Margie Pillar Bravery None Bow+arrow, sword, axe, knife, blowgun Anti-Career GIrls Twilight Perry


# Name Male Costume Female Costume
1 Leila Diamond A sparkling, All Diamond Pink Tuxedo A Pink Dress in A Sparkling, Diamond
2 Mettalix Gleam Clay will be wearing a roman gladiator outfit A small roman queen outfit.
3 Electra Wires Vex was wearing a suit with black and yellow lines- a black suit, a yellow line with sparks, and a white under shirt. He's wearing the same as the girl. The girl was wearing a small black dress with yellow lines of electric cords, her hair was standing up- making it look like she was being electrocuted, and small wires on her neck, wrist, ear, and her waist. A split second later, both tributes' clothes turned off for a second, before they turned back on having thousands of electric volts came from their wires, making them look like they were being electrocuted. 
4 Shell Star His hair is in a quiff. He is wearing a similar costume to hers, except for he wears shorts and the rest of his body is exposed. They both wore golden sandals that have long gold straps that wrap around their legs, up to their knees.  was wearing a tight blue dress. The top of the dress has lines of green material that fall to the floor. It looks like sea weed. The dress sparkles, as if representing the sea glistening under the sun. Her hair is in perfect curls and shining. They both wore golden sandals that have long gold straps that wrap around their legs, up to their knees. 
5 Shandra Mirtz A golden suit covered in golden cristals and some amber stones that shine when light enter in contact with them. This creates an optical ilusion that looks like atoms are hitting the golden suit. Finally she dyed the D5M's fringe edge with golden dye that matches the costume. A completly golden bailarina dress covered with golden cristals and some amber stones that do the same optical ilussion as in the male's suit. The hair haves golden californian wicks that also shine with the light. She also added a litle crown made out of gold and amber pieces to the female insisting it looked adorable.
6 Narcissus Pests A white suit with toy train tracks glued to it. They have toy trains going over them.  A white dress with toy train tracks glued to it. They have toy trains going over them. They are followed by toy helicopters that are controlled by Narcissus and his helpers from the distance.
7 Harry Mason He will be wearing a material that will be able to draw on like paper but it fits much more comfortably. The pants will have a scenic view of District seven and people cutting down trees, while he will be wearing a shirt that will have a scene that will show him standing among all the tributes victorious. Will have an elegant dress made out of the same material that will have a very beautiful scene of the capitol that will be in color.
8 Niky Mynaj Niky made him wear the top 3 most fashionable suits of the year in the capitol. She had timed the costumes to burn away one after the other until the male tribute is wearing the number 1 most suit.  Niky also dyed the male's hair since she had trouble deciding the colour she dyed over and over the hair and at the end it looked like a rainbow. She was happy with this since it showed all the colours that she likes. Niky made her wear the 3 most fashionable dresses that year at the capitol that will burn at the same time that the male's suits.

She also had the female's hair in many colours so it looked like a rainbow. She made the female wear 7 ribbons of different colours that match the raibow hair.

9 Magnolia Portus A suit made out of tightly woven wheat. He also wears angel wings made out of weat A long dress made out of tightly woven wheat. She wears a crown made out of wheat and wheat angel wings.
10 Condor Meta RJ was nearly all the way stripped naked, only wearing a small raw meat covering around his waist. He had a few butcher knives in his hand and a clever spray of meat was sprayed. He looked like a predator.   The girl was dressed in a pure white dress that went to her knees and had cotton stitched to the necklike and bottom of her dress, making her be the prey.
11 Meguri Paturi Dressed up as a farmer but the costume is made of textiles that resemble fruits. Dressed up as a farmer but the costume is made of textiles that resemble fruits.
12 Duran Logs an outfit of coal dusted on them, then synthetic fire will blaze away it and he will then be a miner, when the fire burns that off, he's finally a chunk of coal. The same, but at miner part she turns into a medic.


  • Careers*: Minerva (2), Scillia (4), Brooke (4), Seedum (5), Marcus (6), Trent (11)
  • Anti-Career Guys*: (Clay (2)),  Vazin (8) Hunther (9), Pik (12)
  • Anti-Career Girls: Lia (6), Vanessa (8) Lisanna (9), Aurora (10), Ally (11), Margie (12)
  • Romantic Alliance: Petra (3), Amphion (7)
  • Nommehzombies' Alliance: Jules (1), Allana (5)
  • Alone: Alric (1), Vex (3), Eileen (7), RJ (10)
  • Clay began in the anti-career guys then moved to careers.

Chariot Rides


Chariots as announced by Caesar Flickerman and Mikey Demetrius. M=Mikey, C=Caesar

Pre Chariot Conversation

C: Welcome to the Tribute Parade of the 107th Hunger Games! This year we are remembering the legendary Claudius Templesmith, whose voice I will remember forever.

M: Tonight the tributes begin their time in the trining center.

C: What are you looking forward to Mikey, in your first Tribute Parade?

M: I am looking forward to how these teens act under so much pressure and with so many eyes on them.

C: I believe that each year, I look forward to how this amazing group of stylists is. They will be showing off their best costumes tonight.

M: well let's get started!

District 1

C: Here comes the chariot of District 1. They are just now turning onto the Avenue of the Tributes.

M: Two words describe Leila Diamond's work: Pink and Diamonds.

C: Alric and Jules look good, but this costume isn't above and Beyond.

District 2

M: Metallix Gleam made the D2 costumes for Clay and Minerva.

C: He is dressed as a gladiator, her as a queen.

M: It looks good, but what does it have to do with district 2?

C: I don't know. But they look good.

M: And is Minerva better than Clay by being a queen?

C: Good question.

District 3

M: Welcome to Vex and Petra of District 3! They were styled by Electra Wires.

C: Vex is wearing  a black suit with yellow lines. Fits his hair!

M: Petra is wearing a dress with electric cords.

C: Wait, I can't see them. Power outage?

M: Oh wow! They are back and electified, with their hairs standing up.

District 4

C: Shell Star hs costumed up the swimmers: Scillia and Brooke.

M: She is wearing a light blue dress with green lines. It sparkles and her hair is perfect.

C: Scillia looks similar. His hair is in a quiff. He wears shorts only though.

M: And nice golden sandals. I really like this costume.

District 5

C: The chariots for district 5 will now be revealed. Shandra Mirtz is the stylist for Seedum and Allana.

M: They are wearing a golden suit and dress with amber crystals.

C: It shines in the light like tiny particles are hitting them!

M: And Allana also has an amber crown.

C: Wow. Amazing!

District 6

M: Now the transporters, Marcus and Lia, will be entering the avenue.

C: They both have toy trains going over them. Interesting.

M: Now, Narcissus Pests has brought toy helicopters to trail along behind them.

C: I kinda like this costume.

District 7

M: Amphion and Eileen seem to both have a paper type of product.

C: Amphion seems to have a view of district 7 and him as the victor! you know what that means for Eileen.

M: Well she seems to hav a view of my favorite place, the capitol.

C: Terrific job by Harry Mason.

District 8

M: Weird costume here. Vazin, the 8 male, seems to have rainbow hair and be wearing fashionable suits. They burn through one to the next.

C: Vanessa seems to have the same thing, and they change at the same time.

M: Interesting costume by Niky Mynaj.

District 9

C: Hunther and Lisanna seem to both have angel wings.

M: And brown dresses.

C: Wow, they are made out of wheat!

M: Magnolia Portus has done a decent job.

District 10

C: Welcome to RJ and Aurora of 10, and good luck to Condor Meta.

M: RJ looks fiesty and scary. He has a butcher's knife and is nearly naked other than meat around his waist.

C: The girl is dressed in white, and looks like the prey.

District 11

C: Here is district 11. Trent and Ally are the tributes, with Meguri Paturi as their stylist.

M: Trent is looking good. They are both wearing farmer costumes.

C: Yeah Wait, the cosumes are made of fruit.

District 12

M: The final district, with Pik and Margie, is riding.

C: They are coal dusted miners. Wow, fire.

M: The fire has burned out. It looks like Margie is a medic and Pik is a chunk of coal


C: Thanks for a good tribute parade.

Post Chariot Rides Betting

# Name Chariot Place Odds
1 Alric 18 19-1
1 Jules 17 18-1
2 Clay 20 21-1
2 Minerva 19 21-1
3 Vex 9 14-1
3 Petra 10 14-1
4 Scillia 7 11-1
4 Brooke 8 11-1
5 Seedum 2 7-1
5 Allana 4 8-1
6 Marcus 15 20-1
6 Lia 16 20-1
7 Amphion 1 6-1
7 Eileen 5 9-1
8 Vanessa 13 17-1
8 Vazin 14 17-1
9 Hunther 11 15-1
9 Lisanna 12 15-1
10 RJ 3 7-1
10 Aurora 6 12-1
11 Trent 23 38-1
11 Ally 24 40-1
12 Pik 22 29-1
12 Margie 21 29-1

Sponsor Money Gains:

  • Amphion: +250
  • Seedum: +225
  • RJ: +200
  • Allana: +175
  • Eilleen: +150
  • Scillia: +125
  • Brooke: +100
  • Aurora: +75
  • Hunther: +50
  • Lisanna: +25

Sponsor Money Losses:

  • Ally: -150
  • Trent: -125
  • Pik: -100
  • Margie: -75
  • Clay: -50
  • Minerva: -25

Training day 1

Minerva Den's (2) POV

I Get down early to the Training Room in order to arrange the career alliance. Everyone in 2 knows about this time period before hand, so I didn't even bother to ask Clay. I guess he doesn't want to join the careers. I get down there, only to see Scillia and Brooke from 4. "No boy from 2," I say, somewhat sad. One doesn't come. We talk about our weapons, abilities, strategies, and weaknesses. I do not mention speed, because I know that then when we're the only ones left, they might chase after me. One never comes, so we decide to look for other members.

Vex Chopperten's (3) POV

I got down along with Petra 2 minutes before it started. Everyone else was already there. Then our head trainer, Maya, enters, and it falls silent. She begins to speak.

"Welcome, tributes in the 107th hunger games, to the training center. Now, the truth is that in two weeks, all but one of you will be dead. You want that one to be you. A big part of who that is depends on the next three days. You will be learning fighting and survival techniques. But you can absolutely not fight with other tributes. That's what the games are for. Instead, you can practice with an expert. But survival skills can be just as important as weaponry. Many will die from sickness, dehydration, infection, or hunger. Now, there are many stations. The following weapons each have stations: Sword, Axe, Spear, Knife, Bow and Arrow, Slingshots, Tridents, Poison, Spears, and Maces. Then there are survival stations. These include Knot tying, Fishing, hammock making, edible plants and animals, snares, camouflage, fire making, and shelter building. Next, there are skill stations. These are the weight lifting, track, swimming, and wrestling. Finally, there are obstacle courses which put all of these together. There is the Gauntlet, the Ropes Course, the dodge course, and more. Now, you must choose how you train yourself to survive."

And then we're off.

Amphion Laxus' (7) POV

I begin to look around. The district 4 people are hogging the gauntlet. I look to the survival stations, remembering what Maya said. I head towards a station already inhabitted by a tribute. I will need to survive, even though I won the chariots. I look to her. She has brown hair in a bun, green eyes, and a smooth face. "What's your name?" I ask. "I'm Petra. And I'm from 3." I smile. But I generally assume that she is dangerous. Before showing that she can manipulate me, I move to a different station. Not realizing, I am right where I want to be, at the axes station. I learn some techniques and prepare for the bloodbath.

Margie Pillar's (12) POV

I immediately evaluate the other tributes. I look at each tributes' skills, strengths, and weaknesses. And I decide that I'll run into the cornucopia and kill one person. At least. But then I see a career from district 2 looking for more careers. I want to impress them, so that they ask me, and I don't look desperate. I head over to the knife station. One knife thrown on target, and I notice the two girls next to me. Aurora from 10 and Ally from 11. I throw again. Then they stop working, start talking. I hear words like 12, she, allies, games, and knife. And before I draw attention from the careers, they ask me to be allies. I guess that they have already decided. I know that they'll help, but are easy to kill, so I agree. Then we go in for lunch.

Lia Mainwairing's (6) POV

I have the best lunch of my life. It is so different, yet so amazing, with flavors popping in my mouth. It is nothing like I have back home. I see two groups so far at lunch, so I strategically sat next to the non career group. It is three girls, and I here them talking about a big alliance. "If only we had more people, we could be stronger," says Aurora. I immediately chime in. "I want in," I say. They agree to having me join their alliance. Now we have more people than the careers. That is an important advantage. I know they want more people so that they can grow, which means that we also need more. But we all decide that we will have girls only. Looking around, I notice Petra, the girl from 3, only talking to Amphion. They are flirting, and I know it. I realize that they are therefore a deadly alliance, because they are driven by each other. I keep that in mind as I head back to training and recruiting.

Hunther Hayes' (9) POV

Very quickly, 3 alliances have formed. There are the lovers of 3 and 7, the Careers, and I guess now a few girls too. That just makes me mor vulnerable. I then look to the person next to me who is already looking at me. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" I then  take a bold move. I begin to speak. "If you are thinking that there are too many alliances walready which makes me too vulnerable so I need an ally, then yes." We then become allies. We decide to look for more boys to recruit. But just when I head over to the 6 boy, the careers accept him into their alliance. Great. Another career. Then I decide to check somewhere else. I see Alric from district 1. Why not get someone who has been training for a while? But when I ask him, it becomes awkward, and he says he wants to go solo. Now we both want to kill each other. Then, when I go to Clay to tell him, he has brought in an ally. It is Vazin from 8.

Trent Korey's (11) POV

I see the alliances forming rapidly. This day of training has been less about training and more about allies. I need some myself. I decidee that I'd try to impress Clay and Hunther, so that I could join them. But my skill at Spear, trident, and sword draws the careers instead. Then they ask me to join them. I know that I prefer the other alliance, but the careers provide great protection and resources. If I don't accept, though, they'll kill me. I accept. I am one of five careers. We get to work on weaponry and the gauntlet, and Scillia gets the highest for the gauntlet so far. The career mentality is getting to me, and I am beginning to be bloodthirsty.

Jules Vanity's (1) POV

I do not want to be in the Careers. I'm better than all of them, and they wouldn't let me be as good as I am. I need to kill alone. I just stay with the weapons. After at the beginning we requested stranger weapons to practice with, the chained beartrap arrived. I happily got to it and started impressing/scaring others with it. I know that the careers want me, but I can kill even better than that. I then see a district 4 person and think. Water. My hairs stand up, and I begin to be cold. But I do not shiver because that would make me look bad. I look around at all of the alliances. Everyone has basically settled in. The careers seems to have 5 people: 2 girl, 4 guy and girl, 6 guy, and Trent from 11. Weakest careers I've ever seen. A group of boys have formed with the boy from 2, 8, 9, and 12. That is at about the same danger level as the careers. The largest alliance is the girls. Six girls form one massive alliance. That's one in every 4 tributes. And then there's the couple. I deice that I will targetthe couple among others. We go upstairs to our rooms, and I get my plan. I'll kill Petra then get Amphion to love me. Yes.

Training Day 2

Brooke Bekke's (4) POV

I get down stairs for day 2. The alliance rush is over, now we all are focusing on tomorrow, and even further, the day after that. My goal today is to teach Marcus and Trent how to be in the correct career mindset. "Trent, Marcus. First of all, I don't care what kind of person you are. You absolutely must go into the cornucopia for the bloodbath. If you don't reach it on time, one of us will get you a weapon. Then you must kill. If you do not kill, then we might kill you. Kill anyone even with the thought of killing you, but never turn on a career. Then all of the careers will be there." I am pretty sure they get the idea. I watch them in order to evaluate them. Trent is very flexible with different weapons, and decently skilled. Marcus, however, is better at one weapon, but less flexible. It doesn't matter, because usually you use one weapon at a time. Either way, they're good additions.

Vanessa Black's (8) POV

I was very happy to be in this alliance. It is the biggest non career alliance I've ever seen. But right now, we are arguing over what to do at the bloodbath. "What if everybody does what they want, but we all meat at a certain place?" A few others like this idea, especially Lisanna who wants to take one thing quickly. I actually want to run in and get a spear. I prefer risking my life if I have a weapon to protect myself, especially against others in this alliance...

We decide that Margie will be our leader and she will signal to the others where to go. I along with Lia and Lisanna will be going in for a weapon. I hope our strategy works.

RJ Colbee's (10) POV

I have been the only one truly only training for the past day and a half. I seem to have the highest odds, be the best with a sword, and to top it all off, the careers suck this year. There are only 5 of them, 2 of which are untrained recruits. Even though an untrained recruit won last year, I will kill all of them. All I need is to stay at the bloodbath, never fleeing. Then they will fight me, and one after another they'll die. Then I'll camp out in the cornucopia, a great landmark and shelter, and retrieve all of the leftover food and weapons. I'll win. No career is better than me. I need to win. Return home to my friends and family. And Then, I realize what I need to do in training. Show off. We then head in for lunch.

Pik Hayes' (12) POV

I really like my alliance of 4 guys. We have someone who was trained as a career, and knows how they act. Hunther is really strong and good at survival. Vazin can use all sorts of weapons. And I have the speed and range. We are the dream team, and we know that we will need weapons. I say that I'll run in for whatever weapons I can get. Clay agrees to also. Then we will meat up off somewhere else, and camp out with whatever we have. We decide to learn survival, so that we know how to live when nobody is coming.

Petra Mines' (3) POV

Amphi and I have our plan. We will hide out near the cornucopia, and when the careers leave, we'll steal what we can. Then we'll camp out somewhere else, and I'll set traps all around, with the only way to get out or in being to climb a tree within our camp, go on the branches and then get down. So after lunch, we learn some more traps and knots at well as tree climbing and plant identification. We will be set.

Allana Darkbloom's (5) POV

As my last day of training nears the end, I decide to try a new weapon in case I can't get to knife gloves. I try a knife. It is weird for me to hold, so I try something more similar to knife gloves: Brass Knuckles. I know that I'll be killing around the perimeter of the bloodbath, but not get in the careers' way. The brass knuckles are pretty similar to my knife gloves, so I decide that now I have a back up plan. Then, As I take my final look around, I notice that Seedum, my district partner, has joined the careers. And I thought that he had some decency. We then go upstairs and get some rest before our private sessions tomorrow.

Training Day 3: Private Sessions

Alric Gold's POV

I enter the training room. I must set the bar high for the others, as I am first. All of the Gamemakers' eyes are on me. I need a good score for some sponsors, as I'm not in the careers. But nobody is in the careers. So I begin with what I know best, my sword. I do very well and give an impressive showing of experience. They ask me to leave and I did well.

Jules Vanity's POV

I first run a sprint to show my speed. I am pretty fast. Then I show my beartrap strategy, using it as well as a knife. I successfully use my tactic, then move to an axe. The judges seem to like my variety and technique. I am dismissed. I truly hope that there is a chained beartrap in the arena.

Clay Barines' POV

I know I'm really young, but I'm still good. I've been training for a while. I enter and show off my weaponry. I first use a spear, then a khopesh, then I finish with a knife. I prove to be quite good at killing for my size. The gamemakers dismiss me.

Minerva Den's POV

I enter the room. I have some pressure as the first career. I first show my aim with a spiked boomerang, one of the obscure weapons I ordered. Then I again show aim with my blowgun.  I prove to be a perfect new career. Ruthless. Deadly. Bloodthirsty. Yet I don't use a spear or sword. I am a bit boring, yet thy are speechless. I'm dismissed.

Vex Chopperten's POV

I don't want abybody to notice me. I want a four or five. So I just decide to do the thing I can do best, which is make an electrical current. They seem bored which is good, and even though I'm doing ok, I'm happy when they dismiss me.

Petra Mines' POV

I am ready to show that I can kill. The gamemakers are a bit bored, so I start off by Making a trtap that makes a loud noise when used. Then I show off my knife abilities. I love using the knife. I definitely did better than most people from district 3 would.

Scillia Karathress' POV

I enter and want to build up what I am doing. I start with running. Good. Then swimming. Still good. Then throwing axe. Great. The gamemakers seem to be liking me more and more. Then I throw one knife from very far away. And it goes inside the dummy's head. I got this.

Brooke Bekke's POV

I enter the room. It is big, bright, and different than I know it. I need to do well. For my sister. I take a knife. I turn one way, then suddenly turn back toward the judges throwing it at a dummy near them. It hits. They are a bit startled. I get a couple more hits then they dismiss me.

Seedum Plant's POV

The hammer is the first thing I see. I grab it, and kill dummies. Then I do the same with an axe. Then a scythe. I look up at the judges. They seem impressed but bored. They then dismiss me.

Allana Darkbloom's POV

I grab the special weapon, the knife gloves, when I enter. I see the gamemakers a bit bored. So I kill with this weapon. Nobody has ever even seen this weapon, and they are a bit surprised that I'm this good. I'm not.

Marcus Beux's POV

I enter the room. I will be a career, but I need to do things my way. And if anybody bullies me, they'll be dead. I first take a knife. I throw it and knock down the dummy. I then run up and apply much more force by stabbing it. I then do the same with a spear. They dismiss me.

Lia Mainwairing's POV

I enter and first go to the track. I get a good time. Then I climb a fake tree, taking a bow. I pull an arrow ou of my quiver, aiming at a bird. The bird falls down. I jump to another tree. I aim down this time, at a dummy. I don't hit that one, but a different one instead, making me look good. They dismiss me.

Amphion Laxus' POV

I enter the room, thinking about Petra and what will come tomorrow. I start with an axe. I do pretty well, but then I get the brass knuckles which I requested. The added metal helps so much, and I punch a tribute whic was bolted down, ripping it off.

Eileen Shade's POV

I first show off my knife skills, and unlike most from the later districts, I've been training. I do pretty well at close combat and throwing knife. Then I make a trap, which hurls whatever it catches high into the air. I roll a medicine ball into the trap, and it goes up 20 feet before falling back down on a dummy, which then falls over, with a hole through it. Great job.

Vazin Feid's POV

Before I walked in, I heard a giant thud. I have no idea what that Eileen girl did, but the judges seem excited. I enter and run around the track. Then I show off my skills with a knife, axe, and a katana which I ordered. This goes very well and then they let me go.

Vanessa Black's POV

I enter, and take my spear. I throw it at the dummies, like I hope to during the games at the careers. I'm decent at spear throwing, but only decent. The gamemakers seem bored, and they dismiss me.

Hunther Hayes' POV

I enter remembering my alliance, and hoping that we all get good scores. The judges seem bored, so I just do what I know how to do, throw spears. I do well, but they remain quite bored. They dismiss me.

Lisanna Hart's POV

I enter and start be making an explosive snare. I get a dummy inside thenn roll a ball at it, triggering the snare. The dummy explodes into several pieces, catching on fire. I did very well.

RJ Colbee's POV

I will be having a career mentality but without the career alliance. I am by far the best killer here. I take my sword and just show off everything I can do with it, ending by looking at the gamemakers and pointing at them. I leave.

Aurora Mendoza's POV

I look at my token. A picture of my father. I enter the room. I run around the track first and I run quickly especially for the size of my steps. Then I try the knife and the sword, and I am ok at them. But then I shoot my bow and get a bullseye from far away. I am dismissed.

Trent Korey's POV

I am happy that I am in the careers, but I need a good score so that they'll trust me. Entering, I put on a fierce, focused face. I show off the trident, even though I'm not officially from 4. Then I go for the spear. Then the sword. I fight with ferocity and force. I am dismissed.

Ally Mya's POV

I am happy about my alliance, because it is giant and only girls, and we are all capable of winning. I think of Jacob as I enter. Win to see him grow up. I make a poison trap i learned and use it against a dummy, then kill with a knife. I do pretty well.

Pik Hayes' POV

I am so surprised that Hunther is in the games. he is so different than I am, and I am not sure whether I'll ever be able to turn on my allies, or if it will even be easier because of Hunther. But when I enter, I leave just Margie. The Judges are not at all paying attention. I decide to run around the track then show off my strength. Then I shoot my bow. They dismiss me without paying much attention.

Margie Pillar's POV

I am last. I need to win. I show off all of my weapons. The gamemakers are surprised that a girl from 12 could know so many weapons. They seem to write this down, and I hear, "Check 12." Whatever. I use all of them, and then they dismiss me. The private training sessions are over.

Training Scores and Odds

# Name Score $+/- Odds
1 Alric 7 None 19-1
1 Jules 8 +50 17-1
2 Clay 7 None 21-1
2 Minerva 8 +25 18-1
3 Vex 4 -150 26-1
3 Petra 6 None 17-1
4 Scillia 9 +100 8-1
4 Brooke 9 +100 8-1
5 Seedum 7 None 12-1
5 Allana 7 None 13-1
6 Marcus 6 None 21-1
6 Lia 6 None 21-1
7 Amphion 7 None 10-1
7 Eilleen 9 +125 7-1
8 Vazin 6 None 18-1
8 Vanessa 5 -75 21-1
9 Hunther 5 -50 19-1
9 Lisanna 9 +75 12-1
10 RJ 10 +150 4-1
10 Aurora 6 None 15-1
11 Trent 7 None 37-1
11 Ally 5 -75 50-1
12 Pik 5 -100 42-1
12 Margie 6 -25 39-1



The arena is an arena. Yes, an indoor basketball arena. The whole building is the arena, with the cornucopia in the center of the court. The consession stands have about one meal total per store, so they quickly run out. The merchandise stores provide good clothing but not much of it. There are no great places to sleep, but a lot of great places to hide. There are multiple floors. The dead are shown from the scoreboard and TVs throughout the stadium.

Cornucopia Arrangement

This is the order of the arrangement of the tribute plates:

Minerva (2), Hunther (9), Lia (6), Alric (1), Seedum (5), Petra (3), Ally (11), RJ (10), Scillia (4), Pik (12), Vanessa (8), Amphion (7), Jules (1), Trent (11), Aurora (10), Clay (2), Vex (3), Allana (5), Brooke (4), Lisanna (9), Vazin (8), Eileen (7) Marcus (6), Margie (12)

Day 1: The Bloodbath at the Arena

The Bloodbath

Margie Pillar's (12) POV

I stand next to Minerva on one side and Marcus on the other. I look around. Thousands of seats, so many lights. This will be crazy. "Ladies and Gentlemen, let the 107th Hunger Games begin!" This will be tough. I look around, seeing all sorts of weapons. I even spot some stranger ones. I see a chained beartrap near Brooke (4) and Allana (5), and a Hammer in front of Lisanna (9). The clock is at 50...

Jules Vanity's (1) POV

I am pissed. Right in front of me is the knife gloves that Allana (5) uses. Right in front of her is the Chained beartrap I need. The gamemakers want us to battle. I have a better idea. I have the advantage, because the knife gloves are easier to use without experience. So I will ask to be allies, and if she says no, I'll kill her. I look over to Aurora (10), 2 away from me. She is looking in the same dirrection as Vanessa (8) is. Towards Margie. She points towards a tunnel. One of the two tunnels that don't lead up, but rather stay level. At least I know where they're going. 32, 31, 30...

RJ Colbee's (10) POV

I look next to me. Great setup for me to kill. I see in front of me, maybe 15 feet away, a sword. I begin to take in my surroundings. All sorts of seats. I will hide behind one of them, with my sword, then go after the careers with the sword I got from the bloodbath. 15, 14, 13...

Petra Mines' (3) POV

I spot Amphion and point up, to the balcony. He understands. I know that I will grab something quickly from the outskirts. I see a backpack not very far from me. But it would be tough. I glance up. 3, 2, 1, GONG! I sprint off for the backpack. but Pik (12) wants it also. Then Amphi comes and punches him down, as we run away with the backpack and another one which he got. We run up into the shops.

Allana Darkbloom's (5) POV

I quickly pick up the beartrap. Then I run towards Jules with caution. Nearby, I see Scillia (4) take a knife and throw it at Pik (12), who was already on the ground. I brace for a fight against Jules, when a word changes the game. "Allies?" She asks. I agree, and we quickly switch weapons, grab a bag, and leave. As I look back, I see RJ (10) slash Ally's (11) head off.

Hunther Hayes' (9) POV

Just like that, my brother is dead. The others know what to do. We head towards Scillia. Only Clay (2) and Vazin (8) have weapons, each with a knife. Scillia turns and throws his axe at Vazin, but he misses and instead it hits Marcus. He is in shock that he has killed her ally, and just then Clay takes his knife and stabs him in the back. We leave with his axe and knife.

Lia Mainwairing's (6) POV

I got a knife and a spear. I then saw Vex (3) looking for some wire. As I headed towards him, I saw Eileen (7) and Aurora (10) in a battle with one knife each. I just threw my knife at Vex, and it missed. Then I sprinted up to him and stabbed him with my spear. Eileen and Aurora are still battling it out, and I rush towards Aurora, my ally. Then I see Alric (1) appear with a sword in hand. I grab Aurora, as eileen cuts her shin. But we manage to get away as Alric kills Eileen.

Minerva Den's (2) POV

I am a bit mad that Scillia (4) and Marcus (6) are dead. But I need a kill. Only a few people remain trying to get stuff and kill others. It is all of the careers, Alric (1), RJ (10), Margie (12), and nobody else. RJ seems very deadly so I stay away from him. But I see Trent inching towards him... I know Trent will die. I can do nothing, kill Trent, tell him, or kill RJ. I tell Seedum who goes toward RJ as well, while Alric runs away and I go after Margie. Margie turns to us with just a knife in hand. I step back. I throw my boomerang but she doesn't see me do it. And just as it's turning, it hits something and falls, making a loud noise. RJ runs toward the noise, while the careers all go towards Margie. She is panicking, and debating something in her head. that's when Brooke (4) throws the knife at her and misses. She sprints into action, running away from us. We start to chase her, but looking back I see RJ taking stuff. "Guys, head back!" I command. RJ then runs away.

The Fallout

Lisanna Hart's (9) POV

Our whole alliance went through the tunnel. There are so many special rooms here and I see nobody else nearby. There is one room with multiple lockers and seats. we decide to stay here. I then get a gift--4 snares, bread, and a canteen of water. We check our situation. We are down to 5 people. Aurora needs a bandage and antibiotics soon or she'll get infected. We have three backpacks. In one, there is an empty canteen, a first-Aid kit, and a blanket. In another, there is a tent and an awl. And in the last one, there is a flashlight, crackers, matches, and wire. I immediately start to work on a trap of my own that electrocutes someone. That's when I realize that there is no food to catch here...

RJ Colbee's (10) POV

I am staying behind some chairs. all of a sudden, a silver parachute comes down to me with something huge inside. I open it. Armor. Large, full body armor. I see the careers setting up. Minerva (2)  and Brooke (4) seem to be in charge of Seedum (5) and Trent (11) who seem almost like slaves. For now, I need to aim for one, but not all. The careers have everything settled and have decided that for the first shift of killing, Brooke will stay back. It will be hard, but I can do it. I was hoping for Minerva, because she can't do anything in hand to hand combat. I watch as the careers leave. Then I hear a nois from above. In the balcony, I see Petra (3) and Amphion (7). They'll be next. I begin to go towards Brooke, sword in hand, armor on.

Minerva Den's (2) POV

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Six dead in the bloodbath. We decide that we will look around first to clear all of the food from the stores. BOOM! Another cannon goes off, meaning that somebody else just died. We take our first load back. Our tent is torn up, Brooke is dead, and some of our supplies are gone. Why did we leave Brooke? Now I am all that is left of the true careers. I decide that we should gather up more food then always stay at our camp. Others will starve to death or at least we can kill them when they come near us.

The Faces

Vex Chopperten-3

Scillia Karathress-4

Brooke Bekke-4

Marcus Beux-6

Eileen Shade-7

Ally Mya-11

Pik Hayes-12

Odds After Day 1

District Name Kills Odds
1 Alric Eileen 13-1
1 Jules 18-1
2 Clay Scillia 16-1
2 Minerva 18-1
3 Petra 18-1
5 Seedum 13-1
5 Allana 14-1
6 Lia Vex 16-1
7 Amphion *Pik 9-1
8 Vazin 19-1
8 Vanessa 22-1
9 Hunther 20-1
9 Lisanna 13-1
10 RJ Ally, Brooke 2-1
10 Aurora 16-1
11 Trent 30-1
12 Margie 35-1

Day 2: Traps, Allies and Battles


Amphion Laxus' (7) POV

We are a bit upset that both of our district partners are dead, but we have each other. We have two backpacks and a tiny bit of food we salvaged from the stores. Inside of backpack one is wire, a flashlight, a loaf of bread, matches, and a canteen filled with water. Petra's kind of backpack. Inside of mine is string, Tweezers, a small pillow, sleeping syrup, and a bag of chips. I check one more time to see if anything is in there... and I touch something cold. Brass knuckles! Petra starts to make some traps with the string, wire, batteries from the flashlight, and even the tweezers. We are keeping camp in the balconies and blocking all entrances to us. We can also see everything that the careers do. Only three remain.

Alric Gold's (1) POV

I was going to go kill the careers, until I saw that they only had three tributes left. Instead, I snuck into the cornucopia. Inside I find a pack of four snares. I still have my sword, but I need these snares. I learned how to use them during training so they should help. Now nobody can enter the cornucopia. I have everything I need in here. That is until I see Allana and Jules coming. I know how dedly they can be when people underestimate their weapons. They see me, and start running. But then the noise catches the careers' attention and they sprint into action...

Trent Korey's (11) POV

It seems to be a 3 vs. 2 vs. 1 battle. Allana (5) sees us and backs up, towards Alric (1). Then, within a blink of an eye, we hear a snap and she is hanging in the air because of a snare. Alric has booby trapped the cornucopia. Then, suddenly, something shocking happens. Seedum stands next to Allana, his district partner. "I win 5" he says, and axes her to death. 'BOOM! 'BOOM! Why two cannons?

Allies and Battles

Vanessa Black's (8) POV

I hear two cannons. Thinking that a battle just occured, I take out my spear. But then a tiny block in the floor opens up and Aurora (10) falls in. I guess that's the replacement for a hovercraft. That means that Aurora is dead. Our alliance is down to four. Eileen had cut her shin and it had been infected, and Aurora had a fever all last night. When the others return from exploring, I tell them what happened. They are a bit mad that we are getting weaker and weaker, but they tell me what happened with the other cannon. "Allana got caught in a trap set by Alric. Then Seedum killed her, while Jules ran away. The careers were scared to enter the cornucopia where Alric was, so Minerva threw a boomerang, but it missed. Alric then made shelter against her attacks, and now they're watching him to make sure he doesn't move" Margie tells me. Lisanna decides to use some string we got in the backpack and make just one more trap because of Alric's success.

Clay Barines' (2) POV

I have been the leader of our group. We slept in the highest floor in some very high luxury rooms with great seating. As I look outside, I notice that five sections to the right and one floor lower is Petra and Amphion. We have decided that we will go in for the kill. I have my knife, Hunther his spear, and Vazin his knife. We saw Petra place some traps so we remain careful, and I take both of our extra knives. We all come from different sections. Both lovers will go down together. When I get within sight, they dont notice me. I throw a knife. It hits Petra in the shoulder, and she screams. That is when I throw another to silence her. BOOM! Amphion turns noticing Vazin before me. He punches Vazin with his brass knuckles. That will be tough to recover from. And Hunther gets caught in a snare but it breaks and he gets out. That's when RJ arrives. Amphion takes Petra's knife and stabs Vazin. BOOM! Then I watch from a distance, separating myself. Amphion runs away with RJ chasing after him. Then RJ slashes Hunther. BOOM! I run away, not paying attention to the chase.

The Faces

Petra Mines-3

Allana Darkbloom-5

Vazin Feid-8

Hunther Hayes-9

Aurora Mendoza-10

Odds after day 2

District Name Kills Odds
1 Alric Eileen, *Allana 11-1
1 Jules 17-1
2 Clay Scillia, Petra 11-1
2 Minerva 17-1
5 Seedum *Allana 12-1
6 Lia Vex 15-1
7 Amphion *Pik, Vazin 8-1
8 Vanessa 20-1
9 Lisanna 13-1
10 RJ Hunther, Ally, Brooke Even
11 Trent 30-1
12 Margie 34-1

Day Three: The Hunt

The Chase

Amphion Laxus' (7) POV

RJ already has 3 kills. Soon it will be four. He is chasing after me with his sword. I already lost Petra, so why not have us both go down together? But I can't stop running. Then, all of a sudden, he stops running. I look back, noticing that he got a gift. Matches, a pack of knives, a mace, and some stew. I get a head start and he is already slowed down with the extra load, but he has knives, which he could throw. He does just that. One misses. Then one hits my hand which starts to bleed. I take it and throw it at him. I keep moving, but eventually, he stops.

Trent Korey's POV

We heard a brawl in the upper sections. Minerva and I decide to investigate. We then see Clay (2) from a distance. He then sees us. In a panic, he says, "Can I join the careers?" We allow his amazing talent. Once that was settled, we all decided that we needed rest. I offered to take first watch. Onced everybody was asleep, I woke Seedum. Plan is in effect. I take two spears. Then, I stab a spear dirrectly though Clay's stomach, and another at his heart. Seedum chops off Minerva's head with an axe. The careers are done. BOOM! BOOM!

The Feast

Lisanna Hart's (9) POV

We are still in these tunnels. So many tributes have died recently and quickly. It could be five days like last year. That's when the trumpets sound, and Mikey Demetrius' voice starts to speak, "Greetings, remaining tributes of the 107th hunger games. I would like to invite everyone to a feast at sundown tonight, three hours before the anthem sounds." We are shocked, and unsure of what to do. We are running out of food, and don't know who is left. We agree that the best two killers should go in. We decide that these are Margie and Vanessa. I will hold down fort, with Lia watching what happens from a distance. 

Amphion Laxus' (7) POV

I have decided that I'm going in. I need medication, or a weapon. I'll die anyways if I don't get it. I enter the court and look around. I see RJ ready to kill. Margie and Vanessa hoping to both survive. Alric also poised to kill. Seedum and Trent together, with career camp seeming to be empty. Then, I see Jules. The stage is set. Nobody really knows when the feast will be. But just then, RJ sprints forward. The table comes up two seconds later, and the rush begins. RJ grabs a bunch of knives, a bottle of poison, and another sword from the table, which is divided into three parts--weapons, food, and medicine. I sprint toward medicine. Luckily, nobody else needs it, so I get a bandage and antibiotics. Then I sprint away. I see Alric slash Vanessa in her torso. BOOM! Then Margie does what she thinks is payback by landing an arrow in Alric's district partner's chest. Jules lies died on the ground. BOOM! Then, as Margie runs away with some food and a bow and quiver, RJ comes after her, through a tunnel. Seedum and Trent, and Alric, are the only ones remaining at the feast. When Alric sees Trent and Seedum, he runs away as they both have weapons ready to kill him. The feast is over. BOOM! Margie?

Lia Mainwairing's (6) POV

The minute I see RJ chase into the tunnels, I run in behind him. But he doesn't notice me. The stage is set for me to kill him, But then, Margie gets caught in one of Lisanna's Traps which electrocutes the person. I back up, with him still not noticing me. BOOM! That must be Lisanna. I am the only girl left.

The Faces

Jules Vanity-1

Clay Barines-2

Minerva Den-2

Vanessa Black-8

Lisanna Hart-9

Margie Pillar-12

Odds After Day 3

District Name Kills Odds
1 Alric Eileen, *Allana, Vanessa 8-1
5 Seedum *Allana, Minerva 10-1
6 Lia Vex 16-1
7 Amphion *Pik, Vazin 9-1
10 RJ Ally, Brooke, Hunther, Lisanna 3/5
11 Trent Clay 18-1

Day Four: The Buildup

The Gifts

RJ Colbee's (10) POV

I have been amazing so far. Four kills. Great odds. And I have a lot of stuff still. But then, I get a silver parachute with a giant package. Armor. A spear. Great. I will look for more to kill, as only 5 others remain.

Seedum Plant's (5) POV

Two parachutes come down on us. Trent gets armor. I get camouflage paint and some lemonade. I drink the lemonade to get some more boost and energy. I feel great. We decide that since our goal is to survive, we'll let others fight it out.

Amphion Laxus' (7) POV

I see a silver parachute with a giant box. I open it. Full body armor. Perfect. I now have better proction from the others. Especially RJ, who scares me, with his sword and 4 kills. That's when I see Lia. And RJ, too. This will be a tough fight. I decide to hide and watch, as RJ, who has a spear, knives, mace, armor and a sword, faces off against Lia. She fires an arrow. I hold my breath, hoping for it to hit RJ. It does, but it bounces right off his armor.

The Final Countdown

Lia Mainwairing's (6) POV

RJ throws a sword, and I duck. I hear a moan. BOOM! I turn quickly, seeing Amphion, with a spear through his head. Then he goes into the ground. I turn back, seeing Alric creeping up behind RJ, looking at me. I nod. I shoot the arrow to the left, drawing RJ's attention. But RJ turns and sees Alric, and Alric begins to run towards the big room with the cornucopia.

Trent Korey's (11) POV

We heard the boom. Seedum quickly painted himself and camouflaged. I stood ready, spear and trident in hand. Then I see RJ Chasing Alric. Seedum does too, and he understands that one of us must die anyways, so he joins me, taking his axe and scythe. We run towards them. Not expecting us, Alric falls back towards RJ. RJ then takes his Sword, and decapitates Alric. BOOM! Then Lia Comes. Seedum makes a bold move chasing after her. But that leaves RJ to me.

Seedum Plant's (5) POV

Neither of us have armor. She only has her bow and about 7 arrows. She shoots an arrow, missing. I run towards her. She shoots another arrow, skimming my shoulder, but luckily missing. Then the scythe is upon her. BOOM! Welcome to the final three. I run back, to see the other two still against each other. I run in, ready for the fight to the death.

The Faces

Alric Gold-1

Lia Mainwairing-6

Amphion Laxus-7

Odds after Day 4

District Name Kills Odds
5 Seedum Lia, Minerva, *Allana 4-1
10 RJ Alric, Amphion, Lisanna, Hunther, Brooke, Ally 2/5
11 Trent Clay 8-1

Day 5:The Finale

Seedum Plant's POV

As the other two are fighting, before I reach them, I get a silver parachute. Armor. I put it on, Axe in hand, scythe in the other one. Just as Trent is about to stab RJ with a trident, I see my perfect chance to turn on him. The axe hits him before he lets go, and he falls to the ground, not throwing the trident. BOOM! RJ swings his sword. As I duck, I swing my axe at him. It goes right into the stomach, as he falls to the ground. I have won! BOOM! I have Won!

Death Chart

Rank Deceased # Killer # Weapon
24 Pik Hayes 12 Scillia Karathress, Amphion Laxus 4, 7 Knife, Fist
23 Ally Mya 11 RJ Colbee 10 Sword
22 Marcus Beux 6 Scillia Karathress 4 Axe
21 Scillia Karathress 4 Clay Barines 2 Knife
20 Vex Chopperten 3 Lia Mainwairing 6 Spear
19 Eileen Shade 7 Alric Gold 1 Sword
18 Brooke Bekke 4 RJ Colbee 10 Sword
17 Allana Darkbloom 5 Seedum Plant, Alric Gold 5, 1 Axe, Snare
16 Aurora Mendoza 10 Eileen Shade 7 Knife
15 Petra Mines 3 Clay Barines 2 Knife
14 Vazin Feid 8 Amphion Laxus 7 Knife
13 Hunther Hayes 9 RJ Colbee 10 Sword
12 Clay Barines 2 Trent Korey 11 Spear
11 Minerva Den 2 Seedum Plant 5 Axe
10 Vanessa Black 8 Alric Gold 1 Sword
9 Jules Vanity 1 Margie Pillar 12 Bow+Arrow
8 Margie Pillar 12 Lisanna Hart 9 Trap
7 Lisanna Hart 9 RJ Colbee 10 Sword
6 Amphion Laxus 7 RJ Colbee 10 Spear
5 Alric Gold 1 RJ Colbee 10 Sword
4 Lia Mainwairing 6 Seedum Plant 5 Scythe
3 Trent Korey 11 Seedum Plant 5 Axe
2 RJ Colbee 10 Seedum Plant 5 Axe
1 Seedum Plant 5 None None None



  • Whichever user donated a tribute, may regulate their gifts.
  • Each tribute starts off with $250
  • Certain things can make you gain or lose money.
  • If somebody dies, their money goes to whoever killed them.
  • Every day, everything goes up in cost by $25
  • If there is something unmentioned, tell me in the comments and I'll add it

Money Per Person

# Name Status Money
1 Alric Dead 0XX
1 Jules Dead 0XX
2 Clay Dead 0XX
2 Minerva Dead 0XX
3 Vex Dead 0XX
3 Petra Dead 0XX
4 Scillia Dead 0XX
4 Brooke Dead 0XX
5 Allana Dead 0XX
6 Marcus Dead 0XX
6 Lia Dead 0XX
7 Amphion Dead 0XX
7 Eileen Dead 0XX
8 Vazin Dead 0XX
8 Vanessa Dead 0XX
9 Hunther Dead 0XX
9 Lisanna Dead 0XX
10 RJ Dead 0XX
10 Aurora Dead 0XX
11 Trent Dead 0XX
11 Ally Dead 0XX
12 Pik Dead 0XX
12 Margie Dead 0XX




Pain Killer: $50

Burn Creme: $75

Sleep Syrup: $25

First aid Kit: $100

Antibiotics: $75

Food, Drink, Survival

Sleeping Bag: $125

Tent: $125

Blanket: $75

Soup: $50

Bread: $25

Canteen (With water): $50

Canteen (without water): $25

Lemonade: $75

Stew: $100

Meat: $75

Matches: $75

Weapons, Armor, Skills

Axe: $375

Armor: $450

Blowgun: $225

Darts (12): $150

Poison: $125

Bow: $350

Arrows (12): $175

Knives (6): $275

Sword: $350

Spear: $325

Awl: $125

Trident: $425

Net: $200

Camouflage Paint: $125

Mace: $175

Congratulations to KMAN528 and Seedum Plant!!

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