Yeah, so I lost activity for a while after my first 3 games were hits, my fourth one wasn't, and I went on vacation. But I am back to see if I can restart my series. Writing was fun and multiple users said that they would want me to do another games, so here goes.

The 110th Hunger Games

In the past few games, we have seen victories by Anna Toboso (7), Seedum Plant, (5), Jessica Phyfier (3), and Tabby Ross (maybe would've won) (8). Now, the next brand of teens 12-18 are going to fight. The capitol has been happy with the last few games, but the expect a big one this time. They are now beginning to change their sponsoring and betting schemes without any victors from 1, 2, or 4. For all they know, each tribute has a one in twenty four chance of winning. Let the games begin.


  • Do not get mad at me if your person dies. 23/24 do.
  • This will be a normal hunger games: Districts 1-12 (no capitol) and no Quarter Quell.
  • There should be no swearing or insulting.
  • You may give advice to your tribute. In fact, it is suggested.
  • You may submit up to 2 tributes (Unless given special permission for three), and 4 stylists.
  • No using stylists or tributes used in my past games
  • No making tributes that are half mutts, have special powers, special weapons, etc.

Tribute Template


Disctrict (with a back up one):










Interview Angle:

Training Angle:

Bloodbath Strategy:

Games Strategy:


Stylist Templates




Male Chariot Costume:

Female Chariot Costume:


D M/F Name Weapon User
1 M Nitro Shifter Axe, Sword TBWTPT
1 F Mercury Shifter Whip, Lasso TBWTPT
2 M Halloween Smiley Knives, Sword, Hands, Awl Umbreon
2 F
3 M Astra Spark Mines, Wire, Coil JRussell01
3 F Ladoka Sickle, Dagger Madgeical
4 M
4 F Janela Pines Spear, knife, mace, club, axe TwilightPerry
5 M
5 F Elsa Snow Bow, Spear, Mace, Knife TwilightPerry
6 M
6 F Greta Maverick Machete, Meat Hook, Chain Midget+Bikini
7 M
7 F Anastasia Tree Axe, dagger, trap, bow, sword, knife TwilightPerry
8 M
8 F
9 M Silver Clockson Knives Umbreon
9 F Callie Rhineheart Axe, Knife Madgeical
10 M
10 F Sable Rose Throwing Axe, Whip TBWTPT
11 M Panthern Agrios Beartrap, Chain, Knife Midget+Bikini
11 F
12 M
12 F

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