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  • Vegivampa

    The Slender Games

    November 27, 2012 by Vegivampa

    Welcome welcome to the first ever Slender Games. In the Slender Games we will release a crazy maniatic that will kill everyone in sight. Every ten years we will add another crazy man. And the district will be reaped for 2. But when there is a handfull of tributes we will fly them to an maze arena.Happy Slender Games. Maybe the killers are never behing you. 

    Name:District: Age:Weapon:Skills:Personality: Weakness: Apperence: ==Sponosoring== You get 200 dollar

    Sword: 120 dollars

    Spear: 100 dollars

    Bow and 12 Arrow:120 dollars

    Throwing knife pack(12 knives): 100 dollars

    Axe: 80 dollars

    Throwing axe pack(4 axes):100

    Trident: 120 dollars

    Dagger: 80 dollars

    Mace: 80 dollars

    Slingshot: 50 dollars

    Machete: 60 dollars

    Blowgun (12 darts): 60 dollars


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  • Vegivampa

    The 25th Hunger Games

    November 13, 2012 by Vegivampa

    Since my last Games were a total faliur I want to do something

    President Anounment

    Welcome, welcome ladies and gentleman. This year is our first Quartell Quell. *Then some girl appears and gives her a yellowed envoloped.* In this quartell quell, to remember the districts from how many people died in the ar. The district will select their own tributes. Now:

    Tribute Entry Form



    District :


    Back Ground:

    Name District Weponds


    Coming soon!!

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  • Vegivampa

    Ginny and Harry Potter: District 1*Boy and Girl*

    District 7 Those kids moved there

    Hermione and Ronald Weasley: District 2*Boy and Girl*

    District 8 Those kids moved there

    Bill and Fleur Weasley: District 3*Boy and Girl*

    District 9 Those kids moved there

    George and Angelina Weasley: District 4*Boy and Girl*

    District 10 Those kids moved there

    Astoria and Draco Malfoy: District 5*Boy and Girl

    Effie and Haymitch Abernathy: District 6*Boy and Girl*

    Delly and Gale Hawthore: District 11*Boy and Girl*

    Katniss and Peeta Malark: District 12*Boy and Girl*

    Name District Parents

    1 Ginny and Harry Potter
    2 Hermione and Ronald Weasley
    2 Hermione and Ronald Weasley
    3 Bill and Fleur Weasley
    3 Bill and Fleur Weasley
    4 Angelina and George Weasley
    4 Angelina and G…

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