Sign-ups open

Hello guys, here I am for another Games xD. Just wanting let you known that I won't start these fully before the end of the New Sperare Games, but I will open the sign-ups.

So, I was seeing my old Games and I decided, why can't I continue that series?

So here I am for the 55th Games. Check out the introduction to know more.

ANd again, welcome to the Games again!


The four victors of the 54th Hunger Games left the arena alive, and started to mentor the other tributes as well. President Josue managed to build a spatial project and started to explore Mars. Looking at the planet's ground and map, he had one idea. Send tributes to there.

Basically, the 55th Hunger Games will be simple. Well, in the Capitol eyes. There will be the double amount of people, as it means fifty-six tributes in total. Those tributes will be sent to Mars immediately after the reaping, to train and do the actual Games there. 


1. It is first come, first serve as usual. But please don't make bad-quality tributes or weakly written, or I will have to sadly reject them.

2. Sorry, but I will not go to profiles. You can copy it here or send me a link. Oh and by the way, reservations are going to close in 2 days.

3. You have to follow a template to join:







Appearance: (lunaii or typed or real pic)




Fear: (optional)

Interview Angle:

Bloodbath Strategy:

Token: (optional)

Alliance: (optional)

4. Don't be mad at me if your tribute dies or it was not selected.

5. You can have three tributes per now, but I may increase the number later, so watch out.

6. If I made any mistake, you can tell me anyway.

7. Be aware, maybe I will use some "adult" language.

8. There will be reapings, and then ride to Mars, group training and then, the Games. 


District Name Age Weapon User
Capitol Male Thekoth De Saint-Exupery 18 Sword EvilhariboMadness
Capitol Male X Timerunner 16 Nunchucks YoungGuy5
Capitol Female Kacey Rhode 14 Dagger, Bow FrostSnake
Capitol Female Sapphire Blackwood 16 Bow, Blowgun Blissfully Mine
District 1 Male Colton Thorne 17 Sword Leapkit
District 1 Male Dragon Lord 17 Katana, Spear Hybrid Shadow
District 1 Female Julianne Cardinal 17 Throwing Knives District1 Obsessed
District 1 Female Lucy Sister 16 Throwing Knives, Spear AxedFox
District 2 Male Pike Serpent 18 Axe, Sword TBWTPT
District 2 Male Lucifer Shivers 17 Bullwhips, Sword AxedFox
District 2 Female Metallix Gleam 16 Bow, Blowgun TBWTPT
District 2 Female Vera Shadows 18 Hammer, Whips AxedFox
District 3 Male Matthew Marks 16 Clubs Bolandcas
District 3 Male Asher Lairith 17 Spear, Dagger Hyta100
District 3 Female Seek Femine 16 Wire, Electricity Hybrid Shadow
District 3 Female Belladonna Saware 17 Bow, Dagger EHKnight
District 4 Male Andrew Prescott 16 Mace, Knife DrewlovesKuinn
District 4 Male Fume Hilltop 18 Macuahuitls, Zhua YoungGuy5
District 4 Female Victoria Innoncence 17 Whip, Spears Beautiful Mistake
District 4 Female Icelia Wintersmith 15 Knife, Traps Leapkit
District 5 Male Charlie Ryder 14 Explosives Beetee19
District 5 Male Buzzy Tee 12 Stinger, Awl Midget in a Bikini
District 5 Female Allison "Allie" Taylor 17 Knives, Bow Katniss992710
District 5 Female Melissa Crane 16 Mace EHKnight
District 6 Male Redlow Fexpo 18 Explosions, Mace Wesolini
District 6 Male Ari Malonet 13 Sword, Slingshot Hyta100
District 6 Female Luna Fern 14 Crossbow, Whip Misytmolla
District 6 Female Avala "Ava" Poppythorne 16 Mace, Throwing Axes Blissfully Mine
District 7 Male Sextus Aldjoy 14 Club, Darts Brynn1999
District 7 Male Simion Liit 18 Bow, Throwing Knives TBWTPT
District 7 Female Krystal Calcite 17 Throwing Knives, Throwing Axes District1 Obsessed
District 7 Female Echo Everbloom 14 Throwing Knives, Whip Beautiful Mistake
District 8 Male Kyle Rest 15 Spear, Blowgun Ougi-kun
District 8 Male Quientin Pointe "Phox Roxen" 12 Crossbow Brynn1999
District 8 Female Chloe Leventis 16 Knives Beetee19
District 8 Female Clair Kinsella 14 Axe, Throwing Knives EpicnezzEmily
District 9 Male Xavier Doron 18 Long-curved Knives Wesolini
District 9 Male Zealot "Z" Midnight 17 Traps, Knives UmbreonRocks11
District 9 Female Lanuria Rasputin 18 Nets, Trident YoungGuy5
District 9 Female Limber Annavense 18 Bow Andy1854
District 10 Male Gizele Abberdeen 18 Whip, Throwing Knives Hyta100
District 10 Male Tyson Brannon 18 Trident Leapkit
District 10 Female Alexandra Cassava 15 Kunai, Daggers Annarki
District 10 Female Mylene Valente 18 Whip, Throwing Knives Wesolini
District 11 Male Jamie Apple 17 Sword, Throwing Knives Misytmolla
District 11 Male Rory Jonsten 17 Knives, Swords Cherrybunny01
District 11 Female Harvest Orchid 16 Pitch Fork, Aim Misytmolla
District 11 Female Griffin Soar 16 Sword, Machete District1 Obsessed
District 12 Male Ashton "Ash" Cross 14 Kunai, Blowgun UmbreonRocks11
District 12 Male Roland Dub 16 Axe, Sword Ougi-kun
District 12 Female Crystal Valiance 16 Bow, Knife FrostSnake
District 12 Female Firethorn "Fire" Massey 16 Bow, Slingshot Blissfully Mine
District 13 Male Ice Hunts 17 Crossbow, War Scythe Hybrid Shadow
District 13 Male Shadow Titan 17 Gun Jabberjay78
District 13 Female Violet Despair 18 Throwing Axes, Sword EHKnight
District 13 Female Lilith Blitz 16 Golok Ninja~Toast

Pre-Games Alliances


Sapphire Blackwood (Cap), Dragon Lord (1), Colton Thorne (1), Julianne Cardinal (1), Lucy Sister (1), Pike Serpent (2), Lucifer Shivers (2), Vera Shadows (2), Fume Hilltop (4), Andrew Prescott (4), Victoria Innocence (4), Icelia Wintersmith (4), Xavier Doron (9).


Sextus Aldjoy (7), Tyson Brannon (10), Mylene Valente (10), Rory Jonsten (11), Griffin Soar (11), Shadow Titan (13).

District 5, 7 and 13 Alliance

Buzzy Tee (5), Krystal Calcite (7), Ice Hunts (13).

District 3, 6 and 13 Alliance

Asher Lairith (3), Belladonna Saware (3), Luna Fern (6), Violet Despair (13).

District 11 Alliance

Jamie Apple (11), Harvest Orchid (11).

Capitol, District 5 and 9 Alliance

Thekoth De Saint-Exupery (Cap), Allison Taylor (5), Melissa Crane (5), Lanuria Rasputin (9).

District 12 Alliance

Crystal Valiance (12), Firethorn Massey (12).

Capitol, District 7, 8, 9 and 12 Alliance

X Timerunner (Cap), Simion Liit (7), Kyle Rest (8), Zealot Midnight (9), Roland Dub (12).

Capitol, District 2, 6, 8 and 10 Alliance

Kacey Rhode (Cap), Metallix Gleam (2), Ari Malonet (6), Clair Kinsella (8), Gizele Abberdeen (10).

District 5 and 6 Alliance

Charlie Ryder (5), Redlow Fexpo (6), Avala "Ava" Poppythorne (6).

District 8 and 13 Alliance

Chloe Leventis (8), Lilith Blitz (13).


Matthew Marks (3), Echo Everbloom (7), Quientin Pointe (8), Limber Annavense (9), Alexandra Cassava (10), Ashton Cross (12).

Sponsoring Table

(the table was glitching, so I will add it when the Games begins).

Leapkit = $100 additional for Icelia Wintersmith

AxedFox = $100 additional for Vera Shadows

Items List

If you want anything to be added, request me on the comments :3


  • Sword: 100
  • Knife: 50
  • Dagger: 80
  • Throwing Knives (x10): 100
  • Spear: 110
  • Mace: 85
  • Axe: 95
  • Throwing Axes (x4): 110
  • Crossbow: 160
  • Bow: 120
  • Quiver of Arrows (x12): 25
  • Trident: 125
  • Rocks (x12): 25
  • Blowgun: 50
  • Darts (x12): 25
  • Awl: 40
  • Machete: 80
  • Whip: 85
  • Rocks [for slingshot]: 25
  • Gun: 130
  • Shurikens: 250


  • Bread: 40
  • Dried Meat: 90
  • Raw Meat: 50
  • Chocolate Cookies: 75
  • Chocolate Cake: 95
  • Strawberry ice cream: 95
  • Pizza: 65
  • Hamburger: 65
  • Fruits 1 (Apple, banana, orange, pear, pineapple): 110
  • Fruits 2 (Strawberry, papaya, melon, peach): 100
  • Soup: 80


  • Water: 60
  • Milk: 40
  • Beer: 140
  • Juices 1 (Orange, pineapple, lemon, passion fruit): 110
  • Juices 2 (Papaya, grape, coconut): 100
  • Isotonic: 110


  • VDAHeal (Instant Relief): 400
  • Burn Cream: 95
  • Freeze Cream: 90
  • Bandages: 80
  • Pain Killer: 115
  • Antidote (for poison): 95
  • Band Aid (x10): 50
  • Sleep Spray: 95
  • Iodine: 25
  • Hallucination Medicine: 100

Warmth & Cold

  • Sleeping Bag: 170
  • Blanket: 160
  • Parka: 250
  • Cold Jacket: 250
  • Snowshoes: 130
  • Matches: 40

Special Items

  • Night-vision Glasses: 250
  • Lighter: 100
  • Wooden Shield: 110
  • Arrow Armor: 75
  • Map of Arena: 600
  • Tribute Localizator: 700
  • Letter From Family: 1000


  • Camouflage Paints: 100
  • Net: 50
  • Wire: 75
  • Backpack With Supplies: Small (100); Medium (200); Large (425)
  • Plastic of piece: 20
  • Rope: 30
  • Empty Backpack: 50
  • Raft: 275
  • Paddles: 100
  • Poison: 75

Tribute Gallery

Ride to Mars


Kacey Rhode's POV

I step onto the train and I look to behind. I catch a glimpse of Siena right away from me. I try to wave at her, but Sapphire (Cap) pushes me to inside the train. I cross eyes with her and she grins at my direction. I control myself to don't advance against her; but it may decrease my chances of getting friends with my other district partners. I nod to the side and the escort enters on the room.

"Oh my gosh, HELLO guys!" He screams in panic while he sees us again in the train. The escort is wearing a heavy red make-up that is covering his eyes a lot. His shirt is red and his pants are dark green. He uses some yellow and shiny gloves that keep moving while he speaks.

"My name is Hellow Plack. I think you already know from the reaping, but just remembering you four that I will follow your steps on the Capitol spatial rocket and when we arrive at Mars. Are you guys ready?" He finishes speaking and I cross eyes with my district partners.

"Whatever, baby." Thekoth (Cap) replies and I keep looking at them. For the first time, I can truly examinate the other Capitol tributes. Starting with Sapphire (Cap). She is nothing like me. She looks like so vain, and scary while I am more sweet and nice. When I put my eyes on her for the first time, I knew we would not be friends, even allies. And I was totally correct. Then, I watch X (Cap). He is quiet and shy, usually just staring at the dinner table or at the ground. He does not make eye contact with any of us, but I am asumming he wants at least one of us to be his ally. Then, I see Thekoth (Cap). His ennormous and spiky blue hair is cool, but his personality looks like bad. He looks mean, and somewhat deadly. He reminds me of Sapphire (Cap), somehow. And oh, I seriously think he says 'baby' and 'babe' all the time.

I sit at the dinner table with the other three tribute sitting on my right side. We eat silently and the escort tries to get our humor up.

"So, we are arriving at the Capitol spatial program in about ten minutes. This is exciting, isn't this?" He questions us and Thekoth (Cap) retorts again.

"No babe, just no." He says, breaking with the humor of the escort.

I finish of eating and the escort announces that we arrived at the spatial location. Some peacekeepers enter on the train room, putting us in a row with me on the front and the others behind me. We walk nervously to the rocket, where we can see benches.

This ride will be fun.

Thekoth De Saint-Exupery's POV

I stare at the high and dark blue benches and I sit in one of them. Then, four avox's enter on the rocket with black helmets. One of them puts the helmet over my hair, messing up with it. I take the helmet immediately and I start to argue with her.

"Excuse me baby. Are you trying to get me pissed of with you?" I question her and she just nods and calls a peacekeeper. He approaches me and takes the helmet off my hand. He ties my hand and legs on the chair and then, puts the helmet again at my head.

"I don't want to use it, babe!" I shout.

"If you do not, you will probably be blown up while the rocket flies," He comments, walking away. I look the girls staring at me and I just nod away.

Suddenly, we see the small television of the rocket shining and we all look at it. The face of a tall man, with black beard and dark skin appears. It is President Josue. "Alright, lucky tributes. This is what is going to happen. This rocket will be launched from here to Mars. The pression of the velocity that we will use may break your bones or some part of your body if you don't use the chair's equipments properly." All in the room stare at me, and I nod away to the television again. "Now, good luck in your trip and good entertainment to you all in Mars. For today, it is all. Goodbye."

Then, the television turns off and we all change looks with the escort. He smiles as the television starts a dramatic countdown. "5... 4... 3..." X (Cap) hugs himself in the chair, while Sapphire (Cap) and Kacey (Cap) cross eyes. "2..." I take a long breath, before it finally starts to happen. "1!" Suddenly, the rocket begins to move and I start to feel my heart beating out loud.

I close my eyes and the rocket is launched into the air. On the beginning of the journey, I breath a lot while the escort looks smiling and exciting all the time. But then, it starts to be harder. The velocity of the rocket in the atmosphere makes me go back to my chair, preshing my hands against it. The ride takes a long time and I do not hesitate to even open my eyes during it. Then, the rocket finally arrives at Mars. My body relaxes while slowly, the doors of the rocket open. Some avox's rush into our benches, taking our hands and legs off the rope of the chair. They take the helmet off my head and I start to brush my hair again. The other tributes rush out the rocket and I follow them forward.

We see an imense dome some meters away from our heads, sending oxygen to us. We see a huge building at my front and the escort pushes me to inside.

"Oh. My. Babe."

District 1

Colton Thorne's POV

Dragon (1) snapped a neck of a boy that tried to volunteer, hardly kiling that boy. That brave head peacekeeper girl Lucy (1) shot in the head of a girl who tried to volunteer. Jullianne (1) and I were the only ones who were normally volunteered, and the other two enter first on the train. I am the last to step onto the train, taking me all the rest of District 1 that was in my body.

The escort enters on the stage while Lucy (1) and Dragon (1) grin, crossing eyes. Julianne (1) looks a bit bored and sits on the dinner table. I head to the couch, but Dragon (1) gives a creepy look in my direction and I turn away to the dinner table. I take my sweaty shirt off, and I sit next to Julianne (1). She smiles at me and I reply the smile, just in time to start a discussion.

"That Taylor Slicer girl was so stupid, good thing she is long gone." Lucy (1) comments, cleaning up her peacekeeper gun. Dragon (1) gazes at her, thinking on something.

"Yeah, that boy was idiot thinking he could volunteer in my place," Dragon (1) retorts and I start to get worried. The escort enters in their conversation, asking them to stop talking about the deaths that happened during the reapings. They two smile and stand up.

"What are you going to do?" The escort that I think that is called Lucoas or something interrupts, and they encircle him. Julianne (1) gasps, as she already knows what is about to happen.

Dragon (1) kicks the escort at leg, making he get on knees. Dragon (1) does a hard punch on the escort's head, making the escort crumple to the floor. Lucy (1) rises the escort, and kicks hardly on his crotch. Then, Dragon (1)'s spanks the escort's eyes and nose, and to finish, Lucy (1) kicks the right cheek of the escort, making he bleed hardly. The escort faints immediately while they two smile. I cross eyes with Julianne (1) and she makes a sign with the eye, pointing out a kitchen knife. I grab it. If they two dare to try something against us, we will kill them right here and right now.

"My blow was better," Dragon (1) comments and Lucy (1) laughs. Dragon (1) shows his fangs to her and she points a gun in his direction. 

"Should we interrupt their conversation? They will end up killing each others," Julianne (1) asks worried to me, whispering. I give a look on them.

"Not yet, but later though." I retort and she nods in agreement.

After a while, some peacekeepers enter on the train and they take off the escort's almost dead body to outside the train. Other peacekeepers take Dragon (1) by the arms, and Lucy (1) orders them to don't put their hands over her. Some of them take me and Julianne (1) as we enter forward to a rocket.

"Killing in Mars probably is fun." Dragon (1) comments.

"Sure." Lucy (1) answers.

Lucy Sister's POV

We hurry inside the rocket with me and Dragon (1) competing for the best bench. Julianne (1) goes straight to a bench and Colton (1) takes the other. Dragon (1) looks at me and opens an evil expression towards me. I grin wickedly, and I sit on the other chair. I would start another discussion with him, but I don't want to shoot in his face, because he is actually, the only tribute that I like here. Julianne (1) is okay for me, and Colton (1) must suck. Dragon (1) is the only really good option.

"So, do you know that I can kill someone and never get arrested?" I ask Dragon (1) and he smiles immediately. He looks to my gun and I continue. "I can kill any peacekeeper here and the people will not even blame me. Dare me?" I ask.

He nods in agreement and I call an avox quickly. The red-haired girl runs in my direction and I put my gun on her forehead and then, I grin.

"Why would you do that?" Colton (1) asks from the nowhere and I press the gun. The bullet lands on the avox's skull, making she collapse to the ground and dies. I look at Colton (1) and Julianne (1) facepalms herself. I extend my gun at him.

"I just don't kill you because I would been losing one bullet." I reply and Dragon (1) smiles quickly. Julianne (1) looks to the other side.

We look to the wall and suddenly, a small television appears shining with apparently a message for us. We see a man cleaning up his throat and I already know who that is. President Josue. "Alright, lucky tributes. This is what is going to happen. This rocket will be launched from here to Mars. The pression of the velocity that we will use may break your bones or some part of your body if you don't use the chair's equipments properly. Now, good luck in your trip and good entertainment to you all in Mars. For today, it is all. Goodbye." As his message disappears, I look again to my district partners.

"His meat seems so tasteful," I say and Dragon (1) nods in agreement.

"I think his blood is good to see pouring out the body," Dragon (1) comment and I high-five him.

"Should we not talk about him in this rocket? He may be seeing," Julianne (1) says to calm us down and I grab my peacekeeper gun again.

"Okay, if any of you try to shut me off one more time, we will probably have just one fucking tribute coming from District 1 in that damn arena!" I shout and everyone shuts up.

Then, the trip begins. We take a pression of the velocity rushing against our bodies, but the trip is short and we arrive in pratically no time.

We exit the rocket slowly, and I take the lead of the row. Dragon (1) is right behind me and I point out to him the red sand in our foots. I get on my knees and I start to touch the red sand.

"The color. It reminds me of blood," I comment and Dragon (1) feels it too.

"I know right, it is so good." He replies.

"I hope there will be tributes with good blood that pours out easily and are tasteful. Or I will be really disappointed." I shrug.

District 2

Metallix Gleam's POV

I enter the train quickly, being the first one out of the district 2 tributes to step onto it. Behind me, Vera (2) appears with Pike (2) and Lucifer (2). All of them with closed faces. They slowly choose their places to sit and stay. Lucifer (2) sits by the dinner table, while Pike (2) and I sit on the couch. Vera (2) keeps standing, staring at the window of the train.

We remain silent for a long while. No one hesitates to start a conversation with the other tributes, so we just wait for the bizarre escort to come and show the Capitol technology to us. Instead of it, a tall male peacekeeper arrives and stares at us.

"Where is the escort?" Pike (2) asks as Vera (2) rolls her eyes. Lucifer (2) stays silent and the peacekeeper turns to Pike (2).

"Well, personal problems. Now, just pretend that I am your escort and be quiet for the rest of the train ride," he says calmly and I lay my body on the couch.

As I lay my head on a pillow, I see Pike (2) cleaning up his fingernails. He is so tall that when he is next to me, I feel like I am just a normal dwarf. Also, he seems like one of those few boys in District 2 that do not have a career personality look-a-like, since looks like he is focused and not arrogant and cocky. Well, none of the district 2 tributes do have that personality in my opinion. Well everybody, but Vera (2). I slightly know her from the magazines around district, she is a very well known model. But now that I know her more properly, I seriously think she is cold-hearted.

"So, guys time to eat something very fast. You will probably be launched to Mars in thirty minutes or so. It is better you get prepared," the peacekeeper comes back stomping and we hurry to the dinner table, each one taking a place quickly.

As we eat the meal quickly, the peacekeeper throws everything in the table to the floor and orders us to go to the rocket in no time. "GO GO GO GO! HURRY UP, HURRY UP!" He continues while all the tributes run, except for Vera (2) who is walking.

The peacekeepers take the tributes to the spatial project, and I am amazed by the technology inside it. I see some benches around and I head for one of them.


Lucifer Shivers' POV

"BANG!" I turn around and see the peacekeeper being shot in the head by the escort, who is full with bloody scars around her face and cheeks. We see the death of the peacekeeper through the glass windows and we all cross eyes. What just happened!?

Then, the escort starts to cry and enters on the rocket sobbing. Vera (2) and I sit on the benches, Pike (2) keeps standing up and Metallix (2) helps the escort. She is full with scars and her clothes are pratically ripped off. Her cheeks and forehead are bloody and her eyes are full with wet make-up. She has no shoes and her foots are shaking like she is about to collapse.

"What happened there?" Metallix (2) questions the escort while she ends up with the sobbing. The escort sits on the floor and begins to explain.

"Well, let me explain to you." She starts the conversation while Pike (2) and Mettalix (2) sit on their respective benches. Then, the escort continues. "I was preparing myself for the train ride right after the reapings, on the make-up room. My lipstick was so beautiful and I used some things for my eyes to look like they are pink and purple, and my dress..."

"We don't want to know what the hell you were using for your make-up, we just want to know what happened between you and that peacekeeper." Vera (2) replies, being cold with the escort. The escort gives a cold stare to Vera (2) and continues.

"Anyway, when I was about to finish my make-up, a crazy man entered on my room and killed the avox's who were taking care of me. He also killed one peacekeeper next to my room and was using their oufit." All the tributes cross eyes. We were in the hands of a serial killer for all that time and we did not even know about it. "He kidnapped me and wrapped my arms and legs under the stage and then, he went to the train. I managed to cut the rope using my small mirror and then, I entered on one of the last parts of the train and I ran to the spatial project to tell everything to you guys. He pointed his gun to me, but I slapped him and I took the gun. I shot at him quickly and the rest you know."

As she finishes the story, I look straight to Pike (2). He seems surprised, in shock. Metallix (2) looks even more surprised, opening her mouth and whispering. However, Vera (2) looks surprisingly normal. No reaction on her face makes me scared.

Then, we look to the side and we watch President Josue entering on the screen. "Alright, lucky tributes. This is what is going to happen. This rocket will be launched from here to Mars. The pression of the velocity that we will use may break your bones or some part of your body if you don't use the chair's equipments properly. Now, good luck in your trip and good entertainment to you all in Mars. For today, it is all. Goodbye." As he goes away, I make sure to tie me into the chair while the escort keeps crying and sobbing far away from us, alone in a dark corner of the rocket.

Then, the trip to Mars begins. In the start, it makes me go to behind and the pression rushes me against the chair. The ride takes sometime to finish and while the rocket finally arrives at the ground of Mars, I slowly open my eyes to see the door opening.

As the escort releases us from the chairs, the tributes slowly let me alone inside the rocket. I take a look on the television and I remember of what is going to happen.

"Good luck to myself," I whisper.

District 3

Asher Lairith's POV

I take a look on my looks on the mirror of the glass of the train, and Belladonna (3) pushes me to inside. I groan and take off the small mirror that I always walk with off my pocket. I see myself on the mirror, as the same time as I comb my hair to the side. My blue eyes seem nice with the shadow of my hair illuminating it. I look to behind and I see my three district partners spreading themselves through the train room. Matthew (3) moves slowly to the couch and I follow him.

"Hi," I say to him. He opens an awkward smile and sits on the couch. I groan and turns away. He is not my type of friends, and probably never will be.

I walk towards Seek (3). She seems cooler than Matthew (3), but I do not have total sure. I approach her by behind and she gets scared when I touch her shoulder. I wave at her and she looks to the side, I touch on the shoulder again and try to start a conversation.

"Hi, how are you?" I question her calmly and she slowly nods in my direction. She quickly breathes twice and replies me.

"I don't know. Can I be here alone?" She asks and I groan one more time. What the hell!! All my district partners are not cool as me! So, I think that the other cool tributes are probably on the other districts. Damnit, I so want to meet them.

Then, when I am turning around, I see Belladonna (3). She is with the usual smile on the face, but it is not a happy one, but neither a confident one. It is more like... I do not know... she has something on her eyes that... I am not sure... it is like she is hiding something under that smile. Something I can't feel or know now, so... I seriously do not know.

But something on her attracts me too. It is like she has an imam on that smile that attracts me anytime I see that. I am pretty sure she knows she has that thing and she will probably use on the arena as an advantage. I should approach her and ask what is that.

I slowly walk in her direction and as she sees me coming, she closes the smile, returning to her old and usual face. For some reason, I stop. She does not attract me anymore, what the hell...

"Hello Belladonna," I start a conversation, but as she opens her mouth to talk, some peacekeepers enter on the train room and take us, Matthew (3) and Seek (3) by the arms. The thing is: I have not even eat right now, but I guess there will be food on Mars.

I see the rocket some steps away and I am amazed by the looks of it.

Seek Femine's POV

As we slowly step onto the rocket, we stare at the Capitol technology all around it. The walls are dark blue with some light blue stripes around it, and when we touch it, it changes the theme to green or bloody red in a blink of an eye. Interesting...

The escort enters on the rocket, telling us to take our benches to sit down. I get away from the wall, going directly to the tallest bench, some steps away from me. The other tall bench is currently being used by Asher (3). I approach the bench, the same time as Belladonna (3) does. She smiles at me, but I keep on the same place, staring deeply at her. She stops from smiling and groans quickly and starts to complain.

"Hello, Seek (3). How about you go out of here and take that bench?" She questions me, pointing out to a normal bench besides Matthew (3). I turn my head at her, staring again at her. She starts to smile again, but I stay the same and she continues.

"Why not? There is a good place to stay," she complains.

"If it is, why do not you sit there instead of me?" I ask her and she stays wordless for some minutes. Then, Asher (3) gets up from his bench and marchs in our direction.

"Why are you two discussing?" He asks us.

"She does not want to let me take this bench," Belladonna (3) says, looking innocent to him. She opens a sexy smile in his direction and he wraps his arms around her shoulders. Ugh... I can't believe someone actually fell in love with Belladonna (3).

"Can't you just go to another bench?" Asher (3) asks calmly to me and I roll my eyes. What is he thinking that he is? He will not change my opinion.

"Two words." I begin "No. Way."

"Belladonna, you can sit in my place. I will take that one." He says innocently, kissing her cheek. She opens a smile again and whispers in his ear. Ugh again.

"Okay, Asher. I will, but just because you are asking me to," She says while he takes the small bench and he takes his. I finally sit on the bench, as the trip begins to happen.

It takes few minutes to leave the Earth and start the worst part of the ride, that is the velocity against my body. Then, we relax as the rocket arrives at Mars. I leave the bench and while we exit the rocket, I look again Asher (3) and Belladonna (3) hugging each other.

I just know one thing. I will end up killing one of them.

District 4

Andrew Prescott's POV

I am the first one to step onto the train. The other tributes join me slowly, as Fume (4) comes on the train. He is smiling and goes straight for a seat on the dinner table, I turn away again to see Victoria (4) coming on the train. She stops and looks around, examinating the place where she will stay for a while. She gasps and enters stomping on the train. Then, I approach the door and I realize that Icelia (4) is missing. I extend my head off the door and look to the two sides, searching for the missing district partner. I do not see any sign of her red and long hair so I panic immediately. Where she is!? Did she get killed by the peacekeepers? Or she tried to escape? Anything is possible.

I turn away and Victoria (4) and Fume (4) are sitting side-by-side, but they are not talking with each other. I think they still do not know that Icelia is not here, so I decided to warn them. "Guys, where is Icelia!?" I ask worried and a voice comes from the nowhere.

"I am here, right behind you." She creeps out behind me and I jump, getting scared. I slowly see her shrugging the shoulders and staring directly at me. 

"How... how... how did you do that..." I stammer slowly and she opens a grin. She creeply walks out the room, going forward to her room. I take a look on my other two district partners, and they somehow do not seem to care at all about what just happened.

Seeing them properly, I can assume that Fume (4) is arrogant and cocky. Something on the way he talks and moves, makes me feel like he is not a good boy to live with. He seems overconfident about his "upcoming" victory and I do not like people who do that at all. And Victoria (4). She does not seem cocky, she seems just... cruel, mean, vicious. She is like the opposite of happy and people that help kids and old people, and I do not like this type of people too.

So, it leaves me with Icelia (4). Well, she is very mysterious, but seems like that she would get angry very easily. Well, after all, I think I am by myself in these Games, well at least if I count just the people in my district. But I really hope there will be someone happy and not mean on the other districts to ally with me during these Games. I hope a lot.

As I am about to head to the couch to seat, the escort enters on the train with some peacekeepers. They take me by the arms and slowly take all of us to the spatial project, where there is a big rocket some steps away. I go to the rocket, not looking back.

I have to do a good performance for my survival, more especially for Pheobe.

Icelia Wintersmith's POV

While the tributes enter forward to the rocket, I see my district partners looking already for places on the benches to sit. They fill all of the benches that I was thinking on getting, so I have to slowly walk towards the last bench. I sit on it slowly and then, I properly adjust myself sitting down, taking some warning on some sharp things beside my chair.

I see a conduit straight above my chair, none of the tributes are taking attention on me, so I remain examinating there. It has not many space to support any of my district partners, but me. I am sly and nimble enough to creep out through that conduit and cross the rocket to see where it goes, so I should try it right now. I look behind and as I previously though, no one is paying attention at me, so no one will really miss me. So I stand up on my seat and wrap my hands on the pipe, connecting the fingers on the steel. I push myself to above and then, I crawl through the entrance of the pipe.

"Let's hope that this will end up well," I whisper to myself while I keep crawling through the pipe. My hands are strongly wrapped on the steel, having sure I will not take any risk doing this. As I check the security, I remain creeping out, never stopping or looking behind, knowing that this may lead me to the death or something. I keep on the pipe until the time that I look something away, a light away. My wild instint screams on my body to continue, find that light.

And I do it.

I keep crawling, now heading on the light on the end of the conduit. The curiosity for what is there makes me continue more and more, never stopping. Just when I extend my hand and I see the light closer. I put my head off the pipe through that hole and I see what is in my front. A somewhat big room with some electronic walls and an imense glass window where we can see the space. The stars and the comets are flying around and I admire the paisage in the front of my eyes. This is very good.

As I admire the paisage, I realize that we arriving at Mars. I try to come back, but the pipe is now closed by some steel piece that is blocking it. I punch the steel thing and I hear screams and yells coming from the main part of the rocket.

I think I will spend a good time here.

District 5

Melissa Crane's POV

The tributes rush onto the train, walking with quick steps towards the couch and dinner table. The boys let me pass through the entrance first, so I proudly choose the best spot on the couch to sit. Then, Charlie (5) comes and heads for the dinner table and Allison (5) stays looking through the window. There is a bee or something called Buzzy (5) that keeps making a strange noise around and he is making me crazy. I am almost going up to him and kicking him in the face.

I breath deeply to try to ignore the noises that Buzzy (5) is doing on the train, but it is impossible to do not hear it. Charlie (5) does not mind, since he is just staring at the food over the dinner table. I look to the side to see the train window. Allison (5) stares to outside the train, paying attention to every single moviment that the birds and animals do. I, for some reason, am thinking that she is doing it to ignore the rest of her district partners. But I can't blame her, I would totally ignore Buzzy (5) too if I could, but his noises are driving me crazy. I may have to shout with him for it.

So, I decided to do it. I would stay silent, but I can't help it. And if I do not shout at him, my ears will stay being bothered by these horrible noises.

"Buzzy (5)?" I say, trying to be kind at least once. He does not listen at all and remains flying around the train, doing louder noises. Well, I tried to be kind. But seems like I have to go back to my normal mood, I can't wait to do this again.

I approach him again and give a strong slap on his shoulder. 

"Argh," he groans as I slap his shoulder. He starts to rub the injury on his shoulder that I made, so I grab him by the wings and push him to the ground.

"STOP DOING THOSE HORRIBLE NOISES, THEY MAKE ME SICK MAN!" I exclaim at him and he opens a cold expression on his face. He pushes me and stands up. I can feel the rage on his yellow eyes, but I do not care. I will have to kill him sooner than I thought.

"No! I do what I want! You will not command me!" He shouts back as I advance on him. I push him to the ground and I start to punch him on the cheeks. Charlie (5) stands up and tries to abord the fight, but Buzzy (5) elbows me and I start to attack him again.

Then, the peacekeepers come fast and take me off Buzzy (5). I start to scream, but they do not set me free. They drag me and Buzzy (5) off the train, directly to the rocket.

This fucking bee!

Buzzy Tee's POV

This fucking bitch! She advanced me from nowhere, exclaiming that I make weird and loud "noises" around. She tried to spank me, but I did not let her do it with me. Why the hell she suddenly decided to beat me up!? I know I make noises louder than necessary, but it is not fault and she does not deserve to spank me just because I was born half-human, half-mutt.

The peacekeepers take Melissa (5) and I to the rocket while she stares at me for all the walk ride to the rocket, as the other district partners watch we two being followed by the peacekeepers, trying to avoid any discussion or fight that may happen again between we two.

As we step onto the rocket, the peacekeepers release Melissa (5) and I in different sides, trying to avoid conflicts. I go over a bench that no one is interested on, flying. I think I made the noises again, because Melissa (5) starts to roar in the other side of the rocket.

I sit on my bench, but my bee wings remain moving. The noise from them stay on the same tune, but Melissa (5) seems impatient. However, Charlie (5) and Allison (5) do not seem to care anyway. I think they prefer to stay quiet instead of entering in our discussion. As the time goes, the noises become louder because of some problem in the wings, so Melissa (5) starts to stress more and more.

"Alright, this is the worst noise I have ever heard in my life!" She exclaims, but the peacekeepers control her and do not let her escape from her bench. Suddenly, the screen goes white and some tall figure appears on the television clearing his throat.

President Josue. I would know him from any place.

"Alright, lucky tributes. This is what is going to happen. This rocket will be launched from here to Mars. The pression of the velocity that we will use may break your bones or some part of your body if you don't use the chair's equipments properly. Now, good luck in your trip and good entertainment to you all in Mars. For today, it is all. Goodbye." He finishes talking and the trip begins to happen. The rocket flies in a high velocity, forcing my body against the bench. As the trip goes, my noises can't be heard by anyone, since they are not moving and the noises of the space are louder than them.

As we arrive at Mars, the noises start to happen again and Melissa (5) howls of agony. She advances in my direction, already slapping me.

As I turn my face in her direction, I let it all out: "This is... war!"

District 6

Redlow Fexpo's POV

I stare at the train, as the other tributes start to enter on the train room. Ari (6) walks slowly onto the train, and I give a quick push on him. I enter on the train and I stare at the technology inside the train and around the walls. For some reason, I am not surprised with it. I think I expected so much better than this, I mean, I was waiting something with invisible chairs or something like this.

"Redlow," I hear some voice calling me by behind and I spin around. I see Avala (6) looking at me and she continues talking. "You are Redlow, don't you?"

"Yes, I am Redlow. And you are Avala, right?" I question her and she opens a quiet smile, I think surprised that I payed attention on her name.

"Yeah, but you can call me Ava. I prefer to be called as Ava," she retorts and I nod positively. She points to the dinner table and I follow her towards it. We sit on the chairs near the table and I stare at my other district partners, Ari (6) and Luna (6).

As I previously thought, my district partners have not career look-a-like, and apparently did not train for the Games. Ava (6) seems trustworthy enough for an alliance, but I do not have sure if I should ally with her though. Then, we have Luna (6). She certainly seems the weakest one among we four. She is quiet and shy, and does not like to stay with her district partners. Looks like she is going to cry if anything bad happens to her. And the other one is Ari (6). He looks timid and shy too, but a bit less stressed. He is just watching through the windows of the train, trying to avoid any sign of eye contact with us.

They all look cool to be friends with, but I have no time to make any new friends on the arena. I need a trustworthy ally that will know how to survive on Mars, and just this. I do not want to get real friends with them, and then, have to see their deaths, that would be tragic.

As I keep thinking about my district partners, we see some tall figure using a weird purple face make-up and an enormous dress coloured as dark green entering on the room. He is wearing a girl's hair wig, althought he is male. He is our escort this year. 

"Okay tributes, time to go to the rocket. I don't think any of you will try to escape, so just follow a row towards the rocket. No peacekeepers were called," he says calmly. He is the total opposite of what I thought.

As we get on a row and go to the rocket, I take a last look on the train and I feel even more away from my house. All I want is come back to my house and see my sister again. All.

Luna Fern's POV

We all board the rocket, and quickly the tributes spread around. I take a long breath before I get to decide my bench. The benches look tall and this rocket seems awesome in my opinion. I wish I could stay here forever, away from home, away from Mars and the Capitol. But I can't. I have to win, not just for me, but for my mother. She helped me when my father was about to kill me, I think I owe my life to her.

The other tributes sit on the benches and I take the only one that has not been used by any of them. While I sit, I cross eyes with Redlow (6). He is with some Capitol things on his hands, while his quick hands are creating something with those materials. Seems like he is great making things, I just hope that the thing that he is creating will not end up killing or exploding me.

"Guys, do you think that we will have major threats in the arena?" Ari (6) asks us, kinda worried. We have not see the other reapings, so we have no idea of who was reaped and who was not. We can only guess about it.

"Probably," I begin to say. "Every year, there is always some very skilled tributes like the career tributes or other ones, and there is always weaklings..."

All of them, including Redlow (6) that was paying attention at his things, look straight at me. What!? Do they think that I am a weakling!? If yes, then great. It was my plan since the beginning, be smart and pretend that I am very weak and timid, and the other tributes will not aim on my death. I get happy inside, but I have to continue with my weakling thing.

"What... what do you mean!?" I shout, sounding worried. The others nod away, but Ari (6) is not scared to say what he thinks about it.

"That means that we think that you are the weakest ones among we four," He says calmly and I facepalm myself. I force my crying, making loud noises of a kid crying. The tributes cross eyes between each other, looking overall sad. I get happy once again. I managed to make them feel bad, better than I imagined. I remain crying, until the time that the television screen beside the room gets white suddenly and starts to glow.

"Who is that?" Avala (6) questions while a man with a tall figure emerges from the nowhere and clears his own throat. How can she do not recognize him?

"It is clearly President Josue," I reply sobbing while the video starts to roll. "Alright, lucky tributes. This is what is going to happen. This rocket will be launched from here to Mars. The pression of the velocity that we will use may break your bones or some part of your body if you don't use the chair's equipments properly. Now, good luck in your trip and good entertainment to you all in Mars. For today, it is all. Goodbye." The video ends, and we have no time to rant about it. While I begin to breath, the rocket starts its trip. The velocity is strong and it forces me against the bench. The trip takes a bit of time, but not very long as I thought that was going to happen. After few minutes, we arrive at Mars.

The tributes hurry up to leave and I see what Redlow (6) was doing. There is a box in the size of an explosive at his hand. He starts to leave the rocket, but he leaves the explosive fall by mistake.

All of us immediately push ourselves to the side, while the explosive explodes.

"I am so sorry!" exclaims Redlow (6), worried.

District 7

Echo Everbloom's POV

The rest of District 7 air disappears while all the tributes hurry inside the train. Well, I guess, I will not miss here. I have been nothing but avoided and kinda bullied for these last years. Being at the Games will not have any difference with my old life, so I volunteered. I guess no one will miss me anyway, so no reasons why I should worry about my life in the arena.

But I will not give up easily. By the contrary; I am looking forward to the action and blood happening on the arena. I will have no mercy during killing someone in Mars, because no one had a mercy before criticizing me. Anyway, I think that I have to live with these three district partners that I still have to meet more properly now. I step onto the train and head for the dinner table, where Simion (7) is eating some meal like he is going to die soon. I think Simion (7) volunteered, but I don't remember why.

"Hello," he greets me while I sit on the chair. He extends his hand, and I ignore it. Is he already thinking that I am his friend or something like this?

"Ehm... seems like we two were the only ones of District 7 this year who had volunteer. So, if I may ask; do you like torturing or what?" I question him, putting my legs over the table. He stares at me, almost terrified. I gaze at his mouth, starting to talk again.

"Excuse me, but I volunteered just to save the only person that I currently love in the entire district. It was more personal, not because I trained or something like this," he replies and I stand up again. I can't believe, the only volunteer is a weakling too. Seems like District 7's only hope is me.

"Ok, good to know. Bye!" I say, stomping away. I am so angry! All my district partners apparently do not stand any chance on the arena. Oh great. 

I see Krystal (7) sitting on the couch alone, and I think on going there to talk to her. But is better not, I may end up hating my district partners even more.

"Time to go to the rocket," the shining escort shouts as she enters on the room. Her clothes shine so bright that I can't even look at it without the pain on my eyes. Some peacekeepers come later and take all the tributes by the arms. I walk following one of them until I see the rocket in my front. I turn to behind and I whisper to myself as the train fades away:

"I can't wait for the bloodbath."

Sextus Aldjoy's POV

I see Echo (7) whispering something in a distance, but I can't recognize what she is talking. Seems like Echo (7) is a bit crazy and vicious, while my other district partners are totally different. Simion (7) seems nice to talk with, but he also appears to be protective. Very protective, by the way. Then, we have Krystal (7). She is certainly the friendly one out of us.

As we arrive at the rocket, I can see some dark blue benches around, and I think in one of them to sit in. I pick my place to seat and I slowly move towards it. My token, the pic of the 8 years old Aurelia, falls on the ground and I get on my knees to catch it. As I get down, my hands goes over the pic, covering her hair. Oh Aurelia; I would do anything to stay one more day with you.

Simion (7) comes and he asks me if I am alright. I nod positively, and Simion (7) just comes back to his seat. I get up again, this time, focused on doing something for my sister. Win these Games. I promise to you Aurelia. You did not die in vain.

"Do anyone of you know if the escort is delaying or something?" Krystal (7) questions the tributes while I sit on my bench. I nod and shrug my shoulders.

"I do not know, but probably yes, since she is taking forever to enter in the rocket," Simion (7) comments and Krystal (7) moves her head in agreement. I gaze at the other tribute, almost hiding from us in that other bench. Echo (7). I can see in her eyes something I can't feel, but I can see. It is like does not matter what you do, she will hate you. She does not seem one of those girls that are adorable and sweet.

The minutes go and go, and the escort does not appear in the rocket. Simion (7), Krystal (7) and I start to get worried, but Echo (7) just ignores and plays with her own foot. How adorable.

"Look what is happening on the television?" I ask while the television glows and a figure of a man appears on the screen. That for sure is President Josue.

"Alright, lucky tributes. This is what is going to happen. This rocket will be launched from here to Mars. The pression of the velocity that we will use may break your bones or some part of your body if you don't use the chair's equipments properly. Now, good luck in your trip and good entertainment to you all in Mars. For today, it is all. Goodbye." He comments on the screen and the video ends, then we see some peacekeepers arriving at the rocket as it is about to fly.

"Where is the escort?" Simion (7) asks.

"Nowhere to be found," one of them coldly says. I cross eyes with my district partners and the ride to Mars begins. I can't even open my eyes because of the impact of the velocity against my face. I hold up for some minutes until the time that we arrive at Mars.

We quickly exit the rocket, and I look at Aurelia's pic once again. I will win for you, it is a promise.

District 8

Kyle Rest's POV

While the four district 8 tributes enter in the train, each one of us gaze at the few details inside the train. I realize that some electronic devices around the room, but none of the tributes try to do something there. We know that it may kill us, we never know what the Capitol thinks.

"I should advice you all to do not get close of that, it seems like just skilled people in technology can work with that," Clair (8) comments while she slowly extends a loaf of bread in the path to her mouth. My district partners and me cross eyes quickly and we turn away at her.

"How do you know about that?" Phox (8) asks her back while she looks at us. She shrugs her shoulders and replies calmly.

"I just felt it, do not judge." As she goes away, I walk towards Phox (8).

"Why were you screaming that you were not a Phox?" I whisper to him and his face immediately goes red, I don't know if it is embarassing or anger.

"I am not Phox Roxen! My name is Quientin Pointe!" He yells through the room and the tributes look at us conversating. I nod my head and shrug, why would he lie about his own name? I mean, he was already reaped, he does not need to keep lying to us.

"It is serious, dude! People confused me with that boy, but I am not him. I swear," He keeps shouting, this time a bit lower than the first time.

"I believe in you, but I have one doubt. Why would them confuse you with him?" I question him back and he turns away, nodding like he has no answer.

"I sincerely have no idea, maybe... he was similar to me or something," He speaks and I extend my hand. He looks and shakes it, knowing that he has no other options.

Suddenly, the escort comes with some peacekeepers from the nowhere and noises happen on the room. Two of them take me by the arms and slowly take me out of the train. I keep walking calmly until I see the rocket at the spatial project place. It looks extremely amazing! I can't wait to ride on that! I hurry up to the rocket just when I hear a scream coming from behind.

Chloe Leventis' POV

Phox (8) starts to scream loud while the peacekeepers drag him and call him many times as Phox. He says that is not his name for some odd reason, but the peacekeepers do not listen and keep dragging him until the time that we board onto the Capitol rocket. Kyle (8) and Clair (8) are the first ones to enter in the train, and I enter immediately after them. Phox (8) is the last.

"I am not Phox, I promise." He yells to the peacekeepers behind him, but they do not listen again anyway. I spin around and my other district partners took two benches on the right side of the wall. Seems like I am going to sit besides Phox (8), or Quientin as he calls himself.

I walk towards my bench and I quickly sit on it, as Phox (8) comes and sits besides me. He looks at me and turns his head away. Ok...

"Chloe," Clair (8) calls me.

"What? Any problem?" I ask back. She examinates my bench, from the top to the bottom part. Seems like she is feeling something.

"Leave that bench," She says, clearly. I hear no joke or sarcasm on her voice, so I do not think she may be lying. "Or you will die."

"But where will I sit? There is just these four benches, I have no other place to sit besides this," I tell her back. I am trying to trust on her, but this is a bit illogical.

"Hmm... you can sit with me in this bench. The bench is large enough for we both," She speaks to me and I think. I have nothing to lose, so I will give a try on her. I get up from my bench and enter on hers. She locks both of our hands and legs, just as the television of the rocket begins to get white slowly. Some images start to appear and a figure of a man comes in the screen.

That is for sure President Josue. "Alright, lucky tributes. This is what is going to happen. This rocket will be launched from here to Mars. The pression of the velocity that we will use may break your bones or some part of your body if you don't use the chair's equipments properly. Now, good luck in your trip and good entertainment to you all in Mars. For today, it is all. Goodbye." As he finishes his speech, I close my eyes and the ride to Mars finally begins. The strenght of the velocity of the air is pushed against my body, and I can hear some murmurs of my district partners.

As we arrive at Mars, I start to smell some smoke. I turn around and see nothing on fire, but as I slowly look at my old bench, I see the flames reaching the roof of the rocket and burning the entire bench. "Oh my gosh," I gasp and Clair (8) takes us from the bench. Some exit door opens besides my bench and Clair (8) pushes out of the rocket. She... saved my life.

"Are you okay?" She asks me.

"Sure, I think." I retort.

District 9

Lanuria Rasputin's POV

The tributes walk into the train, and I immadiately get impressed by how the Capitol can do fantastic things. The train is amazing, full with every type of device that anyone would imagine. I rush to an electronic mirror, where there are many buttons with different options. As I previously imagined, I look amazing. I always look amazing, and it hopefully never will change.

As I am finishing the preparation of my special hair look, I watch my counterpart walking in my direction, apparently with a smile in the face. What the hell does she want?

"Hello Lanuria, my name is Limber. Nice to meet you," She says, touching my shoulder. I spin around and she extends her hand. Ugh, I hate moments like this, friendship ones. Trying to not be mean with the girl for now, I just shake her hand and she opens a bigger smile.

"What are you doing, friend?" She speaks and my nerves are about to explode. I control myself as she keeps smiling. I glare at her.

"Erm... two things, "friend". First of all, I am NOT your friend, so call me Lanuria or Miss Rasputin if you like. Second, you do not have to know what I am doing, so walk off." I reply, with the sweetest voice I can do in the moment. Her eyes shiver and she covers them. Limber (9) runs away, trying to do not cry in the front of the other tributes' eyes. But everyone knows that she is weak.

Xavier (9) stands up and watches Limber (9) running to her dorm room, almost crying. He stares at me, and I turn my head back to the mirror.

"What you did to her!?" He exclaims.

"Nothing, the problem is that she is too whiny." I reply, being cold. He silences himself and sits back in the dinner table. He is stupid as Limber (9).

As I am about to combe my hair once again, some peacekeepers enter in the train and slowly take one per one of the tributes out of the train, towards the spatial project place. All I can see behind me is Limber (9) still crying, Zealot (9) adjusting his glasses and Xavier (9) staring at his own hand. Well, seems like District 9 will have a hard year this time.

Zealot Midnight's POV

Limber (9) keeps crying in our way towards the rocket. She covers her face and lays back on my shoulder, and I comfort her. She may have a very soft heart to drown in tears because of a simple fight, or Lanuria (9) severely hurt her poor feelings.

"Do not worry, you will forget that," I whisper while we two reach the rocket. As she enters gasping, I enter following her. Xavier (9) and Lanuria (9) are the last ones to join us. We immediately rush to take seats, and I take the last one standing.

As I sit on the chair, I realize that the ceiling of the rocket has an incredible black and white portrait of someone from the Capitol. The tall figure mixed with the eyes position reminds me of someone. Someone I would never forgive for doing that with us. President Josue. While I pay attention to every single small detail of the portrait, I can find something in his mouth. It is a smile. Well, almost a smile; seems like it is forming a smile, and the smile is for me. Seems like he knows how much I hate him for putting fourty-eight tributes inside an arena to kill each other and just few will remain. That is insane.

As he would been reading my mind, Xavier (9) looks up to the ceiling and shrugs. He looks around and asks us: "What do you expect to be in Mars? I mean, do you expect Capitol luxury and technology, maybe avoxes or just a normal place?"

"Hmm..." Lanuria (9) begins to comment. "I did not think of this actually. I don't know, I have almost sure that it will not be normal, though."

"Nothing made by the Capitol is normal," I say with a brave and confident voice. I have no more problems on criticizing the Capitol anymore. What they can do against me? Kill me? They are already doing this, exactly right now. I still have one hope, though. Winning these Games, or another thing. Escaping from it. I have seen rumours around District 9 that tributes did escape from the Games through forcefields in other editions. Is this really possible? May I get to escape?

"Alright, lucky tributes. This is what is going to happen. This rocket will be launched from here to Mars. The pression of the velocity that we will use may break your bones or some part of your body if you don't use the chair's equipments properly. Now, good luck in your trip and good entertainment to you all in Mars. For today, it is all. Goodbye." The old man who appeared on the television says. We all know it is President Josue. As his speech ends, the rocket begins to move. The trip takes less than I thought.

As we arrive at Mars, the tributes slowly leave the rocket and I stare at the other tributes from other districts already around.

I will have some competition.

District 10

Mylene Valente's POV

As we leave the reaping plaza, we see the train station few meters away. Seems like the train is very large and it looks like thirteen times bigger than my own house. The other tributes stare, surprised and amazed, acting like a small kid in the first time at a playground. Alexandra (10) is the first one of us who enter at the train, followed by me. The boys come right after.

As we enter, my eyes find amazing food over the table. The boys stare at it, as Alexandra (10) gets a little shy and just walks up towards the couch. I change looks with the hungry boys, but Gizele (10) gasps and walks to where Alexandra (10) is sitting.

I move myself to next to the dinner table, where Tyson (10) is sitting and looking at an apple. I take some banana and start to eat it slowly. I forgot to eat breakfast early this morning, so I am kinda hungry right now, and if there is a food, it needs to be eatean.

Tyson (10) takes a bite on his dark red apple, and I look behind. Gizele (10) and Alexandra (10) are sitting on the couch, trying to remember how the reaping was going.

"Mylene," Tyson (10) calls me and he looks bad. His face is more pale than the usual and his eyes are getting red and the eyelips of him start to shiver. He looks scared, and he slowly tries to talk with me. "I think that.... those fruits were poisonous."

I try to get him up, and I reply to him: "Sorry, but I do not think so. I just ate that banana and I am not feeling bad, I think maybe just that apple was."

"Okay, but help me, please. My stomach is burning inside, and my lungs are about to explode." He whispers in my ear and I turn around again.

"Gizele and Alexandra! Please help me, Tyson is almost dying." I smutter as Tyson (10) is guiding himself on my arms. Gizele (10) hurries and takes Tyson (10) on his shoulders. Damn, he is very strong. Alexandra (10) comes with a bottle of water and hands it to Tyson (10).

As the peacekeepers enter in the train, we tell them that Tyson (10) is feeling bad, but they simply ignore us and drag us, including Tyson (10), to the rocket which is some steps away. Poor Tyson (10)!

Gizele Abberdeen's POV

As the peacekeeepers take Tyson (10) out of my shoulders, they take him and start to drag him towards the rocket in the spatial project, which is not very far away, but it is enough since Tyson (10) is almost dying since he ate that apple.

"Be careful with him, he is near death!" Mylene (10) shouts and Alexandra (10) follows her forward. When we see the rocket, all of the tributes, except Tyson (10), gasp. We know that after we step onto that rocket, we are oficially into the Hunger Games.

As we board onto the rocket, the tributes quickly spread around and the peacekeepers throw Tyson (10) inside the floor of the rocket. He slowly gets up, his left hand on his temple and his right one above his stomach. He lets a growl come out of his mouth as the pain penetrates more on his stomach. Mylene (10) and Alexandra (10) are about to stand up and help him out, but as they get up, the head peacekeeper comes in the rocket and does not let them help him.

"Why are you doing this?" I ask him and he silently gives a quick grin to me. I look around and see Alexandra (10) and Mylene (10) sitting back in their benches.

"Boy, I will advice you quickly." The head peacekeeper speaks, walking forward in my direction. He seems a bit malicious and he does not seem of those guys who help out the others. Well, I think he learned it from being a head peacekeeper. "You guys will be alone in that arena, every one by themselves. You can claim alliances, but if the worst happens, they will not be around to help you. This guy is learning how to be brave and escape from this situation without help. This is what I am trying to learn you."

"But if he dies before the Games, you are going to get the blame!" Mylene (10) says, pointing out her finger to the head peacekeeper.

"Well, the president allowed it, he said it would be a great idea." The peacekeeper comments calmly and Mylene (10) sits back again.

As we talk about him, the head peacekeeper said there was going to have a speach about the president, but a problem happened in the television or whatever, I honestly don't care. The trip begins and the rocket sends us to behind, forcing us against the benches. I am strong, I know, but I can't even open my eyes, because I will not risk losing them right now.

As we arrive at Mars, the head peacekeeper is the first to leave and Tyson (10) asks me to go in my back for now. I agree and Mylene (10) helps me putting him in my back. We leave the train and come towards our district room.

District 11

Griffin Soar's POV

"Please, stay! Don't go, I am really really sorry Griffin! Do not leave me!" My aunt yells out loud while the peacekeepers try to take her out of my knees. She keeps trying to follow me and do not let me go to the Hunger Games, but it is too late to turn back now. I have volunteered and nothing that she tries to do will make my words return to my mouth.

"I apologize for all I did to you, but please, I have no one besides you. I really need you, Griffin, don't go!" Her words become more and more sad, as the peacekeepers start to push her to behind. She extends her hand, and I recuse it. She shouts and the peacekeepers start to drag her out.

"Griffin!" She exclaims.

"Too late," I reply as the peacekeepers finally manage to take her out and her tears cover the wet ground and I turn around, heading for the train where the tributes were paying attention to everything that was happening through the window of the train.

I enter onto the train, as I take a long breath. It is the beginning of a long journey, and I may or may not end up alive when the journey finishes. But I have to forget it for a while if I want to win these Games, I have to keep my head in the center, focused.

"Hello," I hear someone murmuring from behind. I turn away to see one of the district 11 male tributes, Rory, smiling at me with a funny looks. 

"Hi..." I reply, a bit confused of why he is here.

"Can you rant with me for a while? Please, the other two district 11 tributes only have time to kiss and hug each other. I am getting tired of it," He asks nicely and I take a long breath once again. He seems very friendly and nice, and I don't want to be very rude with him.

"Sorry... but no." I reply, trying to be as nice as he is with me.

"That is alright. See you then!" He says, apparently very sad and mad at the same time. He stomps away just as the peacekeepers come again at the train.

Jamie Apple's POV

As I kiss Harvest (11) on the cheek for one more time, I hear some heavy footsteps coming from one of the doors of the train. We see some peacekeepers, I think there is nine of them, entering in the train and ordering us to leave the train as soon as possible.

One of the peacekeepers come towards me and Harvest (11) while we keep kissing and talking. He takes me by the arm and leads me off her. 

The other tributes stare at the head peacekeepers come at the train, and holds my arm. He starts to push me towards the exit of the train, as the other peacekeepers follow the other tributes. I try to release myself from the head peacekeeper, but he keeps pushing me until we reach the spatial station. He pushes me one more time, this time stronger, and makes me go to the front.

"It is not time to be kissing that girl," he shouts, pointing out to Harvest (11). The other tributes walk awkwardly into the rocket as the head peacekeeper continues with his speech. "You are going to a Hunger Games, not into a relationship project. Try to be polite." The head peacekeeper finishes as I stare at Harvest (11). She is half serious, half smiling.

I open a quick smile, but it crashes quickly. As Harvest (11) approachs me, other peacekeepers come and break us apart. They force us to enter in the rocket quickly and Harvest (11) heads into the rocket first, as the other peacekeepers drag me into this somewhat small place. 

Griffin (11) and Rory (11) are both already in their benches, waiting for us. I sit in the first bench I found, and as soon as I sit for complete in my bench, the side television of our rocket room starts to shine. We nod and the image of a tall and old man wearing suit appears from the nowhere. All of us know who that is, since we know he hates District 11.

He clears his throat and begins the speech. "Alright, lucky tributes. This is what is going to happen. This rocket will be launched from here to Mars. The pression of the velocity that we will use may break your bones or some part of your body if you don't use the chair's equipments properly. Now, good luck in your trip and good entertainment to you all in Mars. For today, it is all. Goodbye." As soon as he ends up talking, we start our ride to Mars, and the end starts to begin.

The trip goes faster than I thought and in few minutes, we are already over Mars' ground. The peacekeepers leave the rocket first, followed by Rory (11) and then, Griffin (11). Harvest (11) looks at me with her incredible brown eyes and she runs at me, as we hug each other and fall on the ground. 

Training Scores/Odds of Winning

Name District Score Odds
Thekoth De Saint-Exupery Capitol 7 29-1
X Timerunner Capitol 6 34-1
Kacey Rhode Capitol 8 13-1
Sapphire Blackwood Capitol 10 4-1
Colton Thorne District 1 8 10-1
Dragon Lord District 1 11 3-1
Julianne Cardinal District 1 10 5-1
Lucy Sister District 1 11 3-1
Pike Serpent District 2 9 6-1
Lucifer Shivers District 2 9 6-1
Metallix Gleam District 2 7 22-1
Vera Shadows District 2 10 5-1
Matthew Marks District 3 5 42-1
Asher Lairith District 3 7 26-1
Seek Femine District 3 8 13-1
Belladonna Saware District 3 10 7-1
Andrew Prescott District 4 8 10-1
Fume Hilltop District 4 9 7-1
Victoria Innoncence District 4 9 6-1
Icelia Wintersmith District 4 7 22-1
Charlie Ryder District 5 7 26-1
Buzzy Tee District 5 2 80-1
Allison "Allie" Taylor District 5 7 27-1
Melissa Crane District 5 8 13-1
Redlow Fexpo District 6 7 26-1
Ari Malonet District 6 5 43-1
Luna Fern District 6 4 48-1
Avala "Ava" Poppythorne District 6 7 25-1
Sextus Aldjoy District 7 8 14-1
Simion Liit District 7 6 36-1
Krystal Calcite District 7 7 25-1
Echo Everbloom District 7 9 9-1
Kyle Rest District 8 7 29-1
Quientin Pointe District 8 7 30-1
Chloe Leventis District 8 7 29-1
Clair Kinsella District 8 8 13-1
Xavier Doron District 9 9 11-1
Zealot "Z" Midnight District 9 7 31-1
Lanuria Rasputin District 9 9 10-1
Limber Annavense District 9 6 36-1
Gizele Abberdeen District 10 9 11-1
Tyson Brannon District 10 7 24-1
Alexandra Cassava District 10 8 12-1
Mylene Valente District 10 8 13-1
Jamie Apple District 11 6 35-1
Rory Jonsten District 11 6 35-1
Harvest Orchid District 11 7 31-1
Griffin Soar District 11 9 10-1
Ashton "Ash" Cross District 12 7 31-1
Roland Dub District 12 8 14-1
Crystal Valiance District 12 9 10-1
Firethorn "Fire" Massey District 12 9 10-1
Ice Hunts District 13 10 6-1
Shadow Titan District 13 8 14-1
Violet Despair District 13 7 28-1
Lilith Blitz District 13 10 6-1

The 55th Hunger Games


Clair Kinsella (D8)'s POV

As Lilith (13) leaves the stage of the interviews, there is a quick buzz and the Panem anthem plays. Then, we hear some disorder happening in the Capitol crowd. There is some Peacekeepers wielding a gun and pointing it to the head of some small girl in the crowd. The Peacekeepers are quick in the scene, and pushes me to behind, leading me to the row of tributes leaving the area.

I have lost my senses because a Peacekeeper pushed me to the wall, collapsing my head against the hard concrete. A hand of a tribute comes from the nowhere and guides me through the chaos of the tributes to the elevator. As the hand releases me, I fall in the ground, my vision still blurred.

The moment the elevator stops, I begin to drag myself to out of the elevator. I force my hands, sending me to the front. As soon as I leave the elevator, I roll to the couch and lay my head on the pillow.

I try to see what is in my front, but I can’t see anything but a blurred scene of the mysterious person who saved me leaving the district floor. I catch a brief vision of the hair of the person who saved me, it is white. Completely white as snow.

Sincerely, I have no option but staying here in the couch waiting for my district partners and my mentor. I try to make an image in my mind of the man or woman who took me here, but the only thing I can remember is its white hair.

I hear a sound coming from the elevator and four people come from it. Bellaline, my mentor who won the Fifty-first Hunger Games, and my three district partners. They all see me lying at the couch, but only Bellaline comes in my direction. Her hands start to examine my lips, which presumably are pale. She moves her hand to my neck, and then, to my forehead. She gasps of relief.

“Are you alright, Clair?” She asks me, her hand still over my forehead.

“I think so… I am not sure, though.” I reply, my head still confused and hurting from that accident at the interviews.

Bellaline leaves the couch, and calls the other district 8 tributes to the main room. We must enter the arena really soon, tomorrow at morning to be exact. It is the last time Bellaline will be able to give us advice for the arena, for our survival. She is responsible for all three of us. Four of us dying must be really hard for her.

None of us is allying with each other; each one has their own alliance or is going solo. Bellaline tried to ally us out, saying that we would work out better as a team. But our minds did not change that easily.

“Alright, I should give you all some last advice. First of all, remember to don’t try to catch up a lot of supplies, food and weapon in the initial bloodbath. The chances of not getting killed by the career tributes are very low. So, I must tell you guys to keep low at the bloodbath, don’t try to be the protagonist of it. The other advice you guys will not understand in the start, but remember: the longer the climb, the harder the fall.” Bellaline comments, before simply getting into her dorm room and closing the door.

We cross eyes, none of us knowing exactly what to say or what to think. But all of us stand up and head for our dorm rooms.

I try to close my eyes and sleep, but it is impossible. I am starting to sense danger again, like I do usually at District 8, but this time the danger is bigger. It is the biggest danger that a Panem citizen could feel.

The Hunger Games.

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