I realize that the book mash-up Games are really cool! I'll make my own Games with a mash-up of many films (of 2012).

I hope that you enjoy!

Just when the spaces are full, I'll post the pool's film.

You can participate in four pools.


Pool A (The Avengers)

Character User
Thor MySims
Captain America Jsm13athome
Iron Man Wesolini
Hulk Thena.airice14
Hawkeye PeetaPancakes
Black Widow Polinarose
Loki NerdDFTBA
Phil Coulson Maybell Rocks

Pool B (Ice Age 4: The Continental Drift)

Character User
Manny Wesolini
Sid Thena.airice14
Diego PeetaPancakes
Ellie Polinarose
Peaches Maybell Rocks
Shira Shadow Seer
Captain Grutt Nommyzombies
Granny (Sid's grandma) Prezziesnow9704

Pool C (Madagascar 3)

Character User
Alex (lion) MySims
Marty (zebra) Jsm13athome
Melman (giraffe) Polinarose
Gloria (hippo) NerdDFTBA
King Julien Maybell Rocks
Maurice Shadow Seer
Gia Prezziesnow9704
Mort IHeartHungerGames

Pool D (Amazing Spider-Man)

I'll put Spider-Man and Peter Parker different, don't judge. Some villains are from different Spider-Man movies.

Character User
Spider-Man MySims
Peter Parker PeetaPancakes
Gwen Stacy Polinarose
Lizard NerdDFTBA
Ben Parker Maybell Rocks
May Parker Shadow Seer
Green Goblin Nommyzombies
Venom Prezziesnow9704

Pool E (The Dark Knight Rises)

Some villains are from different Batman movies.

Character User
Bruce Wayne/Batman Jsm13athome
Bane Wesolini
Selina Kyle/Catwoman Thena.airice14
The Joker PeetaPancakes
James Gordon Shadow Seer
John Blake Nommyzombies
Two-Face District3forever
Penguin IHeartHungerGames

Pool F (Snow White and the Huntsman)

Character User
Snow White MySims
Queen Ravenna Jsm13athome
Eric/Huntsman Wesolini
Prince William NerdDFTBA
Black Knight Nommyzombies
Greta Prezziesnow9704
Beith (dwarf) District3forever
Muir (dwarf) IHeartHungerGames


Write in the comments the next template:

Name of character:


Ally with:

Name User Skills Target Allies
Thor MySims Hammer, Strenght Gloria Iron Man, Hulk,etc
Captain America Jsm13athome Discus, Strenght, Shield Loki Thor, Hulk, etc
Iron Man Wesolini Leading, Smartness Loki

Thor, Captain America,etc

Hulk Thena.airice14 Brutal Strenght Loki Thor, Captain America,etc
Hawkeye Peeta Pancakes Archery Loki Thor, Captain America,etc
Black Widow Polinarose Shooting, Hand-to-Hand Combat
Loki NerdDFTBA Smartness
Phil Coulson Maybell Rocks Shooting
Manny Wesolini Strenght, Leading Any Ellie, Sid, etc
Sid Thena.airice14 Silliness Any Manny, Ellie, etc
Diego Peeta Pancakes Speed, Fangs Captain Grutt Sid, Manny, etc
Ellie Polinarose Strenght, Help the others
Peaches Maybell Rocks Speed
Shira Shadow Seer Speed, Fangs
Captain Grutt Nommyzombies Leading, Brutal Manny None
Granny Prezziesnow 9704 Slow, Talking, Funny Sid None
Alex MySims Fangs, Urban Granny Marty, Gloria, etc
Marty Jsm13athome Paws, Friendship The Joker Alex, Gloria, etc
Melman Polinarose Paws, Heal
Gloria NerdDFTBA Fat, Strenght
King Julien Maybell Rocks Leading, Stingy
Maurice Shadow Seer Smartness
Gia Prezziesnow 9704 Flexibility, Balancing Captain Grutt Diego, Manny, etc
Mort IHeartHG Fluffy, Love
Spider-Man MySims Spider Powers Two-Face PeterParker, Gwen Stacy, etc
Peter Parker Peeta Pancakes Smartness Green Goblin Spider-Man, Gwen Stacy...
Gwen Stacy Polinarose Sweetness
Lizard NerdDFTBA Strenght, Lizard Powers
Ben Parker Maybell Rocks Smartness, Experience
May Parker Shadow Seer Smartness, Experience
Green Goblin Nommyzombies Smartness, Machine Powers Spider Man Venom, Lizard, etc
Venom Prezziesnow 9704 Dark Spider Powers Spider Man Green Goblin, Lizard
Batman Jsm13athome Bat Powers, Brutality The Joker Bane, Catwoman
Bane Wesolini Machine Powers, Strenght Batman Joker, Penguin, etc
Catwoman Thena.airice14 Hand-to-Hand, Flexibility The Joker Batman
The Joker Peeta Pancakes Smartness, Leading Batman None
James Gordon Shadow Seer Leading, Shooting
John Blake Nommyzombies Shooting Bane Batman
Two-Face District3forever Smartness
Penguin IHeartHG Penguin Style, Umbrella
Snow White MySims Sword, Smartness The Joker Beth and Muir
Queen Ravenna Jsm13athome Brutality, Leading Snow White None
Eric Huntsman Wesolini Axe, Hunting Any Snow White
Prince William NerdDFTBA Rich, Seducting
Black Knight Nommyzombies Sword None Queen Ravenna
Greta Prezziesnow 9704 Smartness Queen Ravenna Snow White, Eric
Beith (dwarf) District3forever Mining, Friendship
Muir (dwarf) IHeartHG Mining, Blind

Training Center

Black Widow's POV

I enter the training center and all tributes here look at me. I'm the last to arrive. My eyes are in a deep looking by the Avengers. Where are they? Oh! Now, I can see! Hawkeye is teaching the Iron Man to use a bow and arrow. I go at the archery section, and Iron Man look at me.

“Hi, you want to shake this training center?” He talks with a smile in the face.

Hawkeye and I We exchanged stares and then I speak with pleasure: “Of course.” He smiles and grabs a little chip.

“This is a hyper-super-max-ultra dj music listener.”


He puts the chip in his metallic clothes and begins to dance like crazy. I imitate, and I start to dance. Hulk looks at us and begins to laugh. A zebra and a little dwarf begin to dance with us.

A Gamemaker arrives and grabs Iron Man by the arm. Everybody stops, but the laughs are loud.


Training Scores

Name Training Score
Thor 11
Captain America 10
Iron Man 8
Hulk 10
Hawkeye 8
Black Widow 8
Loki 9
Phil Coulson 7
Manny 6
Sid 2
Diego 9
Ellie 4
Peaches 3
Shira 7
Captain Grutt 5
Granny 1
Alex 4
Marty 5
Melman 4
Gloria 6
King Julien 2
Maurice 2
Gia 5
Mort 12
Spider-Man 10
Peter Parker 6
Gwen Stacy 8
Lizard 8
Ben Parker 3
May Parker 2
Green Goblin 9
Venom 6
Batman 11
Bane 6
Catwoman 7
The Joker 7
James Gordon 4
John Blake 3
Two-Face 6
Penguin 6
Snow White 8
Queen Ravenna 8
Eric Huntsman 6
Prince William 3
Black Knight 8
Greta 1
Beith 5
Muir 5

Death Chart

Name Day Killed how Killed by
48th Lizard 1 Finger in neck Alex
47th Peaches 1 Cutted Batman
46th Phil Coulson 1 Trampled Marty
45h Maurice 1 Knife in heart Catwoman
44th May Parker 1 Eaten alive Diego
43rd Penguin 1 Sword in neck Snow White
42nd Shira 1 Dead by knife Spider-Man
41st Ben Parker 1 Neck eaten Diego
40th Green Goblin 2 Knife in back Spider-Man
39th Gwen Stacy 2 Knife in chest Venom
38th Beith 2 -------------------- Black Widow
37th Black Widow 2 -------------------- Snow White
36th Eric Huntsman 2 Laser in face Iron Man
35th Melman 3 Explosion Gamemakers
34th Muir 3 Explosion Gamemakers
33rd James Gordon 3 Explosion Gamemakers
32nd John Blake 3 Explosion Gamemakers
31st Loki 3 Explosion Gamemakers
30th Two-Face 3 Explosion Gamemakers
29th Shira 3 Explosion Gamemakers
28th King Julien 3 Dead by knife Granny
27th Mort 3 Knife in back Granny
26th Granny 3 Sword in back Prince William
25th Prince William 3 Explosion Gamemakers
24th Ellie 3 Explosion Gamemakers
23rd Bane 3 Explosion Gamemakers
22nd Venom 3 Explosion Gamemakers
21st Gia 3 Explosion Gamemakers
20th Queen Ravenna 3 Explosion Gamemakers
19th Spider-Man 3 Abducted OVNI
18th Batman 3 Abducted OVNI
17th Alex 3 Burned Gamemakers
16th Hawkeye 3 Burned Gamemakers
15th Black Knight 3 Burned Gamemakers
14th Captain America 3 --------------------- Gamemakers
13rd Gloria 3 --------------------- Self
12nd Catwoman 3 --------------------- Gamemakers
11st Peter Parker 3 --------------------- Gamemakers
10th Hulk 3 Axe in body Gloria
9th The Joker 3 --------------------- Gamemakers
8th Marty 3 --------------------- Gamemakers
7th Captain Grutt 3 --------------------- Gamemakers
6th Snow White 3 --------------------- Gamemakers
5th Diego 3 --------------------- Gamemakers
4th Manny 3 --------------------- Gamemakers
3rd Greta 3 --------------------- Gamemakers
2nd Iron Man 3 --------------------- Gamemakers
1st Sid


May Parker’s POV

My Capitol partner, Russo, entered my launch room with something in his hands. He opens a little smile, and with pleasure in the voice he speaks:

“Here. Here is a letter from your husband and your nephew calling you for an alliance in the arena.”

He shows me the letter with little glitter on top. I raise my hand toward the letter, but he suddenly shouts:

“I was kidding. Capitol’s kidding. Ieh-ieh! Wah-wah!”

“Russo!” I yell, but a strange voice calls me for the launch tube. Russo is laughing, but he stops for a while, take a breath and: “You are dead!” What? I try to suffocate him, but my legs are sent to top. The sun invades my eyes, and I can't see anything. Just a big carousel at the top with various supplies.

Loki’s POV

Loki, adorable son of Odin, inside this damn arena with these stupid tributes. I can see a big hippo, an old elephant – I guess – and a bizarre guy dressed as penguin. 50… The clock invades my ears. I see a big hammer. My brother, Thor, loves a hammer. If I took this thing, he would die in here. This is my plan. I take the hammer from my dear brother. Hahaha! 34… 33… Damn, can someone shut up this guy? 30…

Beth’s POV

I’m so short. I can’t see anything, but the enormous carousel and many supplies around it. The grass is green. Light green. I can die in this grass. 18… 17… Muir is on Snow White’s left. She can save his life. Or not. 11… 10… I have to run. I got to go. I have to run. Wait, Beth. 6… 5… Ahhhh! I’m crazy. 3… 2… 1… BOOM! Now I’m ready!

Day 1: "Blood Diamond" - 2006

Alex’s POV

I start the running, but something pushes me down to the ground. A big lizard – I guess that his name is Lizard - climbs on top of me and begins to lick me. That disgusting! New York never allowing this animal in the zoo. I scratch his face, and his eyes begin to bleed. I push him down and I shove my fingernail on his neck. BOOM! I start to run again, but this time prepared to anything.

Captain America’s POV

BOOM! A little mammoth is killed by a man disguised as a bat. This game is very humbling! 70 years ago, this never happen. Phil Coulson calls me to the carousel. I grab a little discus on the ground. This is my weapon now. He tells me to fight with a zebra. “Are you afraid of this zebra?” I ask. He smiles and grabs a blowgun. “See!” He shoots, but the dart hits the ground. The zebra, called Marty, runs in our direction. Phil falls to the ground and the zebra begins to trample on him. BOOM! I throw my discus and it hits his head. He runs.

Catwoman’s POV

Many tributes left here with nothing in their hands. But I need supplies. I’m in a search for Batman or John Blake. I grab a little dark backpack with many throwing knives in it. I grab one and I throw in a tree. Someone looks at me. It’s Maurice! My luck: he is very slow. Julien, a king or something like that, grabs a pineapple and throws at Maurice’s direction. It’s my chance! I grab another knife and suddenly: BOOM! The knife invades Maurice’s heart. Julien laughs and runs with Mort. Batman looks at me with a surprised face. Well, I’m good at all.

Ben Parker’s POV

May calls me for a quick alliance. Obvious, I agree. We need water and food, the basic. When I’m running with her, something calls our attention. Penguin and Snow White are fighting for a sword. She is stronger and pushes him to the ground. May shouts and she coughs blood. BOOM! A tiger is eating her abdomen. I yell and I hear another cannon: BOOM! Snow White takes her sword back of Penguin’s neck.

Shira’s POV

I run towards Diego. He needs help. An old man is crawling back, and Diego is with a smile in his face. Peter Parker runs towards him, trying and helping his uncle. Diego growls, and jumps into the neck of Ben. I run towards Peter, but when I see: a strange web leads me to a knife. BOOM! BOOM!

Thor’s POV

A female tiger and an old man are dead. My focus in this moment is a big hammer, but Loki grabs it few seconds ago. Hawkeye and Iron Man calls me and I go. I need to rest.


The Fallen

48th Lizard 1 Finger in neck Alex
47th Peaches 1 Cutted Batman
46th Phil Coulson 1 Trampled Marty
45h Maurice 1 Knife in heart Catwoman
44th May Parker 1 Eaten alive Diego
43rd Penguin 1 Sword in neck Snow White
42nd Shira 1 Dead by knife Spider-Man
41st Ben Parker 1 Neck eaten Diego


The Avengers: Thor; Captain America; Iron Man; Hulk; Hawkeye; Black Widow

Localization: Near the Cornucopia (carousel)

Status: Thor: Nice; Captain America: Nice; Iron Man: Normal; Hulk: Nice; Hawkeye: Nice; Black Widow: Nice

Old Animals: Manny; Sid; Diego; Ellie

Localization: Inside the forest

Status: Manny: Sad; Sid: Normal: Diego: Great; Ellie: Sad

Newers Animals: Alex; Marty; Melman; Gloria; Gia

Localization: Near the mudpit

Status: Alex: Nice; Marty: Nice; Melman: Nice; Gloria: Dancing; Gia: Nice

Spider Friends: Spider-Man; Peter Parker; Gwen Stacy

Localization: Forest

Status: Spider-Man: Nice; Peter Parker: Sad; Gwen Stacy: Normal

Spider Enemies: Green Goblin; Venom

Localization: Forest

Status: Green Goblin: Nice; Venom: Normal

Bat’s: Batman; Catwoman; James Gordon; John Blake

Localization: They keep walking

Status: Batman: Nice; Catwoman: Great; James Gordon: Tired; John Blake: Nice

Dwarveys: Snow White; Eric Huntsman; Greta; Beith; Muir

Localization: Near the mountains

Status: Snow White: Nice; Eric: Nice; Greta: Tired; Beith and Muir: Normal

Villains: Loki; Captain Grutt; Bane; Two-Face; Penguin; Queen Ravenna; Black Knight; The Joker

Localization: Near the big lake

Status: Loki: Nice; Grutt: Normal; Bane: Normal; Two-Face: Laughing; Penguin: Sad; Ravenna: Normal; Black Knight: Happy; The Joker: Laughing

Alternatives: Granny; King Julien; Mort; Prince William

Localization: Unknown

Day 2: "Death Race" - 2008

Gwen Stacy’s POV

I wake up and I see that Peter is already awake. Seeing around. I sit on his side and he smiles.

“Are you afraid?” Spider-Man says.

“You are also awake?" Peter asks. Spider-Man moves his head, his way of saying "Yes".

“Okay.” Spider-Man speaks. “Let’s hunt.”

Peter gets up and holds my hand. We took our stuff and we join in a tree. Spider-Man is with a knife in his hand and testing his powers in another tree. He stops for a while, and examines the tree. Peter launches an apple in my direction.

“Come on… They are waiting for us.”

Venom’s POV

I wake with steps sounds coming in our direction. Green Goblin grabs an axe and I grab our backpack.

“Wait… I know who it is.” Green Goblin says. “Spider-M…”

He can’t finish the sentence. Spider-Man comes behind him with a knife. Green Goblin coughs blood. BOOM! I can face it, but not get. They are three, and I'm a. But I can try. I grab a knife and I jump in Peter Parker. He yells and tries to push me. A girl jumps on me and starts to punch my face. “Stop, damn girl.” I lost my peace. I push her on the ground and immediately, I throw the knife in her chest. BOOM! I start to run, but Peter throws a knife in my feet. I’m still running, but very slow.

Granny’s POV

What you're seeing here? See the POV of another person.

Hawkeye’s POV

I grab my bow and arrow and I put in my backpack. We heard two cannons. Who was? Nobody knows. We only know that today is the day of hunting. Let’s search for any tribute around the Cornucopia. Black Widow will be here to take care of things.

We walked for about thirty minutes into the woods/forest.

BOOM! A cannon! Who was? Maybe Black Widow. BOOM! We need to go back. While we run, we see two brilliants helicopters taking Black Widow and a dwarf. When we arrive at the Cornucopia, the huntsman and a princess are taking our supplies. The huntsman tries to throw his axe, but Hulk diverts. Thor calls a thunder. The two fall on the ground. Iron-Man shoots a strange laser. It hits the huntsman’s face. BOOM! Snow White and an old lady flee, but they leave another dwarf - I guess that his name is Muir - behind. We hold him in a small cage. The night falls. We sleep.


The Fallen

40th Green Goblin 2 Knife in back Spider-Man
39th Gwen Stacy 2 Knife in chest Venom
38th Beith 2 -------------------- Black Widow
37th Black Widow 2 -------------------- Snow White
36th Eric Huntsman 2 Laser in face Iron Man

Day 3: "Crazy"

Granny’s POV

The others in my alliance and I are sitting waiting for something. Invasion, mutts… But nothing happens. Julien is a crazy, Maurice is a rebel, and the prince is boring… Oh, If at least an explosion happens… Kaboom! A big explosion in the forest happens and I hear seven cannons. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! The prince starts to run and Julian don’t care about the explosion. I grab two knives and I throw one in Julien. He falls down. BOOM! Maurice tries to run, but I throw the other knife in his back. BOOM! I start to celebrate, I’m in top 26, but I feel a blade entering in my back. It’s the prince! BOOM!

Queen Ravenna’s POV

Villains are dead, and I’m blind. I can’t see anything. I hear a little Kaboom! And happens again. Another explosion. I hear five cannons: BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! And everything goes black. BOOM!

Alex’s POV

BOOM! A cannon. BOOM! Other cannon. I see OVNI’s on the sky. And suddenly, a fireball enters in my body. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

Hulk’s POV

Cap America!? Iron Man? Hawkeye? BOOM! I start to run, but an axe flies in my chest. BOOM! Wait, it’ not me. The axe is in my body, but the person who throws are dead. It’s Gloria! BOOM! BOOM! Now, my cannon: BOOM!

Sid’ POV

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! All the tributes are dead. I’m the winner!


Sid is the winner! Congrats: Thena.airice14

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