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Misteries In the Book

Hey. I'm re-reading the books and I finally see the movie. Some things in the film is different. Here I post these misteries and the possible solutions.

Cornucopia Bloodbath

Simple. The Cornucopia Bloodbath in the film, for sure, is different.

District 9 Male's death

In the book, he was killed by Clove. In the film, he was killed by Cato. But the ranking is not changed.

District 7 Male's death

For sure, her death is different in the book. He portrays the district 9 male's role in the film. Possibly, he was killed by Thresh or the Careers in the novel.

District 4 Male's death

In the film, he was killed by Cato. This is impossible in the book. In the book, he was a Career and for sure, Cato can't kill him. Possibly, he was killed by Thresh in the novel.

More misteries...

Send me your misteries in the book!

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