So, guys, what's up? I've seen some clips from Hunger Games and some fan stories all over the internet, as I've been obsessed with it again after the release after the first movie of Mockingjay. Reviving all of this nostalgia brought me back to this wiki, where I started to see my first contributions and the feeling of nostalgia is just... insane. It makes you happy but sad at the same time, as you know that this time has passed and it will never return. I first joined back in 2012 and all of this Hunger Games universe simply obssessed me through a whole year.

During this period, this wiki became my second house. I literally arrived at home and turned on PC just to check out this wiki, and I stayed like one week watching around and then decided to create a page for the song Eyes Open by Taylor Swift, which was my favorite song at the time and this wiki didn't have a page so I decided that I should create it. After that, I joined Mysims' Mentor Games, mentoring Enobaria. I sponsored her something I don't remember, so she survived through Day 1. Unfornately, I didn't comment before Day 2 but I read, but as a newbie, I thought that I should only comment if my tributes were needing, and Enobaria perished the following day.

Reading other Mysims' (now his username is Drewloveskuin, I think) fan Hunger Games got me obsessed to these roleplaying Games, so I decided to write one of mine. The grammar and spelling of it really sucked, as I didn't know much about english, but I really like the ideas I had back then. I was so much creative than I am now, being honest. 

Coming next to the end of the year, I joined Cloveismywife's 225th Hunger Games and then, my popularity in this wiki started to increase. Cloveismywife's Games were such a huge fever in this wiki (I mean, in the Vengeance Games, there were more than 250 comments in the first hour, and NONE was his), and when I got two spots at the 225th one, where he himself was picking up the tributes, I got happy for some unknown reason, as it was not so important. I managed to become friends with Anna, and we together created awesome and crazy plans and managed to win.

Anna. Oh, how much I miss you girl. You were my best virtual friend for a long time, but how Scooby-Doo quoted in one of his movies, "Best friends never go away". You still live here, in my virtual heart. You were the first one I really felt I could trust, the first one I showed a picture of mine, the first one I invited to my Games and you were simply awesome. You were loved by everyone, and you managed to be nice even when you were banning a troll, and how you always treated me worse than Ryan. Sadly you will probably never read this, but I don't know, if you somehow manage to come back to this wiki and read this, know that I am graceful for the amazing friend that you were to me. ANNA WE WON!

Oh Ryan. Hey Ryan, you could still read this. We never were that close, but I guess we were 'friends' for a long time, didn't we? Since the first Games I won that were yours since the day I entered here in the beginning of 2014 to discuss how the wiki had changed. And it really did, but I will not blame it on the new generation of users over here.

There are a lot of users I want to mention here too, they were part of my story here. So let's begin:

John (Poptart): I miss your madness and your tributes. We will always be CIMW buddies. :p

Savannah: Oh Savannah, the little dreamer that thought we could be united again. We are also CIMW buddies, sis.

TAP: Oh, how much I miss TagAlongPam, or simply TAP as we called her back in chat. She was awesome and so bad-ass that I admired her for it. She could handle with this wiki even when she had other two wikis to hang out and man, 2012 here was intense. Trolls and sockpuppets, and dramas, etc 

CloveIsMyWife: His Games meant a lot to me. I mean, if I haven't joined the 225th Games, then I would never be so as popular as I became here. He said he was coming back in the summer of 2013, and I'm still waiting...

Drew (MySims): You were my inspiration to do what I love most right now, write. Thanks, a lot.

Caylin: Oh, sweet Caylin. I'm sorry if I don't manage to make you feel important to me, but you were. Always screaming out 'VINNY' when I came on chat. P.S.: I love your depressed queen style ;)

Dani: Danibear. I wish to know where she is now, though. When I came back, she was already gone but I remember how she spent the whole time on chat back in 2012.

Kiki: Oh, Kiki. You're the only fan of Finn and Jack Harries I've ever met, apart from Oli of course... I miss your kindness.

Nommyzombies: Is it bad I just forgot your name? o.o Anyway, I thought you ended up assuming you're a boy, but I don't care.

AxedFox: Your Games were always so quick, when you finihed these. Anyway, I love your style of being a bad-ass girl, just don't kill me.

Beetee19: Oh, hey Beetee or Colin, Idk. You were so classy tho.

Ninja~Toast: YOUR GAMES ARE FREAKING AWESOME, THANKS FOR WRITING THEM. I wish you become an important writer, you deserve it.

Alice and Callam: Best couple of 2012 in the chat <3 Callice forever

Kekai and Erlend: You two have the best sexual fics and best bloody tributes and games I've ever seen, thanks for creeping me out successfully.

Summer, Julia and Jackie: You were the Taylor trio, and I was like the special guest xD I really miss watching new Taylor Swift videos then run to the chat where we would talk about her for hours while the people on chat kept talking bad about her. Swifties4ever

Jade: I miss the times when you would keep talking about the actor who plays Marvel, I think his name is Jack Quaid... 

Iluvgale (Annie): Annie, you were the funniest person ever in chat. lol. I still have that video of you talking that the new chat mod was me. <3

Emma: I have to say I hated people who talked about your wrong 'grammer' everytime. They should like you by the way you are (incredibly funny) and not the way you spell.

Huntah (HTKHungerGames): I didn't forget you Hunter... ok I did but I remembered about you now and you were incredibly awesome

Pippycat: Hi Bee, I know you the shortest, but I've always appreciated your work. Keep it up! You have everything to be the most popular person in the wiki as now, if you aren't already...

Dedejacob: I like your blue hair.

66mc (Mia): Miaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I didn't even talk to you but I remember you since you were ALWAYS online on chat.

Wesley, Oli and Lily: Just decided to put you three together, enough said.

Grimreaper: You were my first friend in the wiki, thanks for that.

Anyway, I wrote this whole pathetic blogspot to give my official goodbye and salutes to you all, even the ones who don't know me. I'm never gonna to log in my account again (to make sure I put up a random password and I hope I forget it), due to a personal decision that I made.

I would love to see how this wiki will go after the last movie, but while the franchise was still living, it was the best place ever to stay in the internet. Fan stories, dramas, invasions at Victorious wiki, music discussion etc. It was once my favorite place to stay, and I'll never forget it.

This whole blogspot is not that important, and it can be excluded if people think it is not related to the Hunger Games, I just wanted to give my official goodbye to this wiki.

"May these memories live on forever...

Bye, my friends"

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